Lady Cultivator - Chapter 333 - Mo Yaoqing

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Chapter 333: Mo Yaoqing

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Yunzhong lay to the south of the Celestial Pole. One needed to pass Kunwu Mountain, go through the forests to the south, and cross the South Sea before arriving in Yunzhong.

Because there were many demonic beasts in the southern forest and the Eastern Sea was cut off by Demonic Mountain, only a few cultivators in the Celestial Pole knew the situation in Yunzhong. Even well-informed ones only knew that there was a piece of land to the south of the sea. As time went by, they just called it Shannan, meaning “south of Kunwu Mountain.”

Yunzhong was only separated from the Celestial Pole by the South Sea, but since ancient times, only a few cultivators could reach this other piece of land since in the South Sea, there were a lot of high-level sea beasts, including many eighth to ninth-rank ones. Usually, the sea beasts above the fifth rank could fly. An eighth to ninth rank sea beast was equal to a Nascent Soul cultivator in the early or middle stage. Once people were blocked by these high-level sea beasts in the sea, it would be very difficult and impossible to escape for even a Nascent Soul cultivator with great power. Plus, the weather in the South Sea was changeable. Gales and tsunamis were frequent, which added extra risks to cross the South Sea.

According to Mo Yaoqing, Yunzhong was more extensive than the Celestial Pole. More importantly, Yunzhong had a lot of spirit veins distributed everywhere, so there were also many cultivators there. Cultivation was very common in Yunzhong, and even mortals were also very keen on it, although most of them could only cultivate a little spiritual aura and couldn’t even reach the first layer of the Aura Refining realm.

This was different from the Celestial Pole, where Kunwu had the most spirit veins. There were only weak and small spirit veins in the secular world. Therefore, most of the cultivators gathered on Kunwu Mountain. Most mortals in the secular world only heard about the legends of immortals, not knowing about cultivation very well.

On the contrary, Yunzhong had many high-level cultivators because of the popularization of cultivation. There may be one or two Nascent Soul cultivators in a normal, small sect, while over ten could be in a big one.

Mo Tiange was very surprised to learn this. Tiandao Sect was the number one sect in the Celestial Pole, but even at its peak, it only had six to seven Nascent Soul cultivators, never exceeding ten. If a sect could have more than ten Nascent Soul cultivators, it would be a very large sect with tens of thousands of disciples. Such a scale was inconceivable in Celestial Pole.

The resources and materials for cultivation were also very rich in Yunzhong because Yunzhong extended in all directions—the Returning Ruins Sea was to the south, Yuanzhou Continent was to the east, and Xiaoyang was to the west. Aside from the Celestial Pole in the north which was separated from a dangerous sea and too risky to cross, the people of Yunzhong had friendly interactions with all the other continents nearby.

Upon reading this, Mo Tiange felt her horizons had been greatly widened. Living in the Celestial Pole, she thought that other places were just like the Celestial Pole and could hardly communicate with the outside world, but it turned out that there were places like Yunzhong, which could extend in all directions and allow people to come and go as they pleased.

The sect Mo Yaoqing was accepted into was Danxia Sect, which was also a Dao-cultivating sect. Even in Yunzhong, the Dao cultivators were the most numerous of all the cultivators, who were called the “Righteous cultivators” along with the Buddha and Confucian cultivators.

Danxia Sect could be regarded as a big sect in Yunzhong. When Mo Yaoqing was cultivating in it, there were a total of nine Nascent Soul cultivators, more than eighty Core Formation cultivators, and over ten thousand disciples…

After explaining the general situation of Yunzhong, Mo Yaoqing began to describe things she had experienced herself.

Mo Tiange read through it as she sighed. For female cultivators, astonishing beauty wasn’t indeed a good thing.

Originally, Mo Yaoqing had good spiritual roots in addition to her Pure Yin constitution, so she was accepted as a disciple by Master Daoist Qixia, a Nascent Soul cultivator. Actually, titles were very arbitrary in Yunzhong, unlike in the Celestial Pole where Core Formation cultivators were usually called Master Daoists, while Nascent Soul cultivators were usually called Lord Daoists.

Master Daoist Qixia was also a female cultivator who valued Mo Yaoqing very much after accepting her as her disciple. During the first hundred years or so, Mo Yaoqing had always been God’s favored one. She had good qualifications, a high-ranking identity, and a beautiful appearance, all of which earned her a reputation not only within Danxia Sect but also throughout the cultivation world. Some even named her the Fairy of Yaotai.

But Mo Yaoqing was dismissive of her reputation. Under her brilliant name, no one could notice her real talent. She was quick to learn magic arts and had a unique understanding of Daoism. Usually, she could modify magic arts and make them more powerful, and she was also even talented in pill-refining, tool-refining, array formations, and talisman-drawing…

But others only saw her astonishing beauty while paying little attention to her good qualifications. Many young cultivators fell at her feet, including many high-level cultivators who wanted to marry her and be her Dual Cultivation companion. But for Mo Yaoqing, all this would do nothing but bring her trouble.

Because she was born beautiful, whenever she looked around, it seemed she was attracting others. A lot of cultivators were foolishly sentimental to believe that she loved them when she only said a few words to them or smiled at them. These male cultivators then came to badger with her when in fact, Mo Yaoqing didn’t show any interest at all, so she treated them seriously and coldly. This made those male cultivators think she was such a bad person who seduced them first then later denied it. Gradually, Mo Yaoqing’s reputation as the Fairy of Yaotai got worse and worse. People began to judge her and said she played with people’s feelings and went with her instincts.

As time passed, Mo Yaoqing was so annoyed and hated male cultivators very deeply. She put all her energy into cultivation and seldom left her cave, then the rumors died down gradually.

Upon reading this, Mo Tiange felt quite angry. She had seen Mo Yaoqing’s body. Although her body wore a dignified and serious expression, she still looked amorous, so the notes in Mo Yaoqing’s book shouldn’t be exaggerated. Even though Mo Yaoqing clearly had no intentions of seducing anyone, others still believed she was deliberately showing it. With a Fairy’s beautiful appearance, as well as a demonic spirit’s flirtatious charm, it was no wonder those male cultivators were crazy about conquering her.

Mo Yaoqing was very self-conceited in her heart, though. With good qualifications and astonishing intelligence, she often had a unique understanding of magic arts and was superior to cultivators in the same realm as her. However, these cultivators judged her for playing with people’s affections and was skittish, which made Mo Yaoqing hate them even more. In Mo Yaoqing’s mind, these cultivators were as stupid as pigs and they loved to stir up conflict—not worth a second glance at all.

Mo Tiange sensed the contempt between the lines and thoughts; no wonder Mo Yaoqing didn’t fall in love with any man her whole life. Zhong Muling was her husband, but even so, Mo Yaoqing only had a good impression of him because the wariness she had against men was truly deep-rooted in her heart.

Mo Yaoqing formed her Gold Core when she was over a hundred years old. At that point, she originally thought those rumors about her should be gone. Since she had reached a high cultivation level, who would dare to gossip about a high-level cultivator? But unexpectedly, her great crisis came at this moment.

Mo Yaoqing was hostile to male cultivators and didn’t think about Dual Cultivation at all, so she had long forgotten that she had a Pure Yin constitution. Her sect wouldn’t reveal this to the public, of course, and no one else knew the secret except several Martial Uncles and the disciple who led her into the sect.

However, right at that time, the Grand Supreme Elder in the sect proposed that she should perform Dual Cultivation with his blood-related junior.

The Grand Supreme Elder’s blood-related junior was also a Core Formation cultivator and had quite good qualifications. However, Mo Yaoqing’s arrogance and her contempt toward male cultivators hindered her from agreeing. In that case, the Grand Supreme Elder didn’t force her at first and just asked her Master to work hard to persuade her.

Mo Yaoqing this: “Master has been kind to me and I also understand her dilemma, but it’s impossible for me to perform Dual Cultivation with others. Most men in the world harbor lust in their hearts yet won’t dare to admit it and only make women take the blame. Hatefully, I don’t understand what a Pure Yin constitution has meant until now.”

The Grand Supreme Elder’s patience gradually reduced. Upon seeing through this, Mo Yaoqing pretended that she was unreconciled and she came up with a lot of requests. The Grand Supreme Elder thought she had changed her mind so he was happy to satisfy all her needs. Afterwards, Mo Yaoqing took advantage of their negligence and escaped Danxia Sect.

Danxia Sect was a big sect on the Righteous Path, and Mo Yaoqing had just reached the Core Formation realm not long ago—how could she possibly escape from Danxia Sect? Mo Yaoqing then made a tough decision to destroy her own cultivation progress. She changed her clothes and disguised her face, blending into the secular world.

In Yunzhong, even mortals loved to work on cultivation. Therefore, there were many people who had very little spiritual aura, just like her. It was easy for her to avoid the hunt in the secular world.

Mo Yaoqing drove herself into the ground and she lived. She successfully avoided Danxia Sect’s pursuit and left Danxia Sect’s turf. After that, Mo Yaoqing found a small place to hide and began to cultivate again.

Mo Tiange was shocked to read this. What kind of perseverance would it take for a cultivator to abandon their cultivation progress? It required them to almost destroy all their meridian vessels and dantian. If someone who wasn’t determined enough tried to do this, it might cause them to die from pain! However, Mo Yaoqing did it by herself. How many people in this world would be willing to abandon their cultivation progress that they attained with great efforts to achieve? If the cultivator tried to cultivate again, it would be twice as difficult as it was originally, maybe even ten times harder! However, Mo Yaoqing only mentioned that experience in her Jade Slip very lightly.

Now, Mo Tiange was overwhelmed with admiration toward her ancestor. She was originally thinking that she herself was superior among female cultivators, but compared to Mo Yaoqing, she was nothing.

Mo Yaoqing destroyed her own cultivation level, but her treasures were still with her. When she was a disciple under the Nascent Soul cultivator in Danxia Sect, Mo Yaoqing received offerings, and before leaving, she also asked that Grand Supreme Elder for many treasures, all of which had been taken away by her.

Relying on these treasures and spirit stones, Mo Yaoqing hid herself in the secular world as an individual cultivator. She nourished her Dantian and meridian vessels well and began to cultivate again, progressing bit by bit, reaching the Foundation Building realm, Core Formation realm…

Even though she had cultivated her mental state thoroughly, it still took her another two hundred years to reach the Core Formation realm again.

This time, she practiced the Breath-Concealing Technique very hard and reached an extremely high level before going outside. She didn’t dare to show her true face, so she painted her face with heavy makeup and made herself vulgar and coquettish.

She originally had a very firm personality. Now, after almost being forced to accept Dual Cultivation, she became even more cruel. Whoever offended her would be killed. If anyone dared to covet her beauty, she would even absorb his cultivation progress with secret techniques. Gradually, because she often used a magic weapon called the Soul-Frightening Bell, she was given the name “Gold Bell Succuba.”

Relying on her good qualifications and intelligence, Mo Yaoqing successfully formed her Gold Core and began to progress toward the Nascent Soul realm.

However, because she once destroyed all her cultivation progress, her Dantian and meridian vessels were weaker than normal people. It was very hard for her to cultivate her Nascent Soul. But she wasn’t young any more, so if she delayed any longer, the chances of her reaching the Nascent Soul realm would slowly decrease.

Mo Yaoqing hated Danxia Sect’s guts and she had vowed to take revenge on the Grand Supreme Elder and his descendants, so how would she be willing to wait for death like this? It was just at this time that she met Zhong Muling and found he had Spiritual Roots of the Origin.