Lady Cultivator - Chapter 332 - Gained The Magic Weapons

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Chapter 332: Gained The Magic Weapons

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The petite and charming Young Lady Yaoqing. Mo Tiange remembered this piece of praise from Yuan Bao. Indeed, with such an appearance, Mo Yaoqing deserved to be described as petite and charming.

Her etiquette was very dignified, and her face didn’t have a trace of frivolity. Mo Tiange couldn’t help witnessing the amorous feelings that came out of her bones.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but imagine that if Mo Yaoqing were alive, how uncommonly beautiful would she be? Perhaps a single smile would captivate all men in the world. Zhong Muling was really a lucky dog. No wonder he didn’t get angry even when he had been manipulated like that.

Thinking for a while, Mo Tiange lifted her clothes and kneeled. “Under your senior, Great Ancestor, kneeling here is Mo Tiange from a later generation, who has received your teachings and the The Art of Sunu when I was very young. Since then, I’ve entered the road to immortality. Now, I’ve made some small achievements in my cultivation and followed Great Ancestor’s traces to arrive here. I didn’t expect to see Great Ancestor’s real body. If I’ve offended you in anyway, please forgive me.” Then she kowtowed three times respectfully before standing up.

The reason why Mo Yaoqing’s body was preserved for five thousand years and hadn’t decayed was perhaps because there was something valuable on her body. But of course, Mo Tiange wouldn’t remove whatever it was because that would disrespect her ancestor, and Mo Tiange herself also didn’t want to see such a beautiful body ruined.

After that, Mo Tiange looked around for things she might need.

The floor was full of materials, but these didn’t interest her. When it came to assets, Mo Tiange was inferior to the Nascent Soul cultivator Mo Yaoqing, but she also owned a lot of treasures, so Mo Tiange’s main motive was to find cultivation techniques and experience left behind by Mo Yaoqing.

After searching through the clutter for a while, Mo Tiange found none of these carelessly-scattered books and Jade Slips were what she was looking for, but among them were also invaluable records of accomplishments and cultivation techniques. Mo Tiange picked them up and put them aside, preparing to make copies to take away.

After searching for a while, Mo Tiange still didn’t find what she wanted and was very confused. Mo Yaoqing had made it very clear on the Jade Slip that there were resources here; it was impossible that there was nothing she needed here. Mo Tiange then thought about things in a different way—since magic weapons and books weren’t among the piled materials on the floor, would they have been placed somewhere else?

Mo Tiange went through the narrow and small Cultivation Room and checked Mo Yaoqing’s Jade Slip, confirming that there weren’t any Treasury Houses in there. Then, after a miraculous brightness flashed in her head, Mo Tiange turned her eyes to Mo Yaoqing.

She had searched through everywhere else, but here…

“Great Ancestor, please forgive me. I mean no offense.” Mo Tiange saluted again then reached out to fumble under the praying mat Mo Yaoqing was sitting on. Sure enough, she found a Qiankun Bag there.

She took the Qiankun Bag out with joy and probed into it, then she was surprised again.

There were too many magic weapons there!

Judging from the materials piled up in the room, Mo Yaoqing’s wealth was already extraordinary. But compared to the things in the Qiankun Bag, those were nothing at all!

Mo Tiange took these magic weapons out, displaying them on the ground one by one. There were a total of more than thirty things!

Besides, these were all high-level magic weapons. Considering Mo Yaoqing’s attainments in refining tools, the magic weapons worthy of being taken with her in her Qiankun Bag to the place of her death obviously wouldn’t be some ordinary things.

Mo Tiange didn’t know how to pick which items to take. Her Master Lord Daoist Jinghe was very generous to her all the time and would give her a lot of good quality magic weapons as rewards, but compared to Mo Yaoqing’s these magic weapons, they were nothing. It wasn’t that Lord Daoist Jinghe was inferior to Mo Yaoqing, but the magic weapons Lord Daoist Jinghe gave his disciples were general magic weapons, while Mo Yaoqing’s magic weapons were a Nascent Soul cultivator’s most precious treasures. Those two types of magic weapons couldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence.

Mo Tiange thought for a long time yet still couldn’t make her decision, so she simply put them aside and continued to search in the Qiankun Bag. She found many Jade Slips then probed them with her divine sense, one by one, and was immediately overjoyed.

There it was! There was some cultivation experience left by Mo Yaoqing among these Jade Slips, a biographical record, and a note for her descendants, whoever found this place.

“To the cultivator who arrives here, I don’t know if you’re someone of a later generation from my Mo family or a disciple from Bixuan Court. If you’re not either of the above, it’s still a fated chance that you broke my Seven Extremes Formation and came here, so you shall take one fifth of the treasures in the cave, and you can also take five of the magic weapons in my Qiankun Bag. But remember, do not take too many. Otherwise, the restrictions in the cave will start immediately and kill you!”

After reading this note, Mo Tiange feel a cold sweat all over her. She believed Mo Yaoqing meant what she said because she was skilled in array formations. The restrictions in this cave had concealed the entire valley. If one just flew past it in the sky, he wouldn’t notice any signs of it, so you could deduce how powerful the restrictions were.

Fortunately, Mo Tiange wasn’t greedy. If she entered the cave and couldn’t wait to stuff these materials into her own Qiankun Bag immediately, the restrictions might’ve been triggered, or if she had taken all the magic weapons when she saw them just now, she would’ve turned into a corpse by now.

Mo Tiange calmed herself and continued. She read the introduction to these magic weapons carefully and compared that with the actual weapons, picking through them slowly.

The first magic weapon she chose was the Spirit Guiding Bead, which couldn’t be used in fights of magical power directly. The Spirit Guiding Bead could store spiritual aura and could be used like a spirit stone when fighting, and it could store a lot more spiritual aura than spirit stones. Because of the Art of the Origin, Mo Tiange would consume more spiritual aura than normal cultivators in fights of magical power, but with this Spirit Guiding Bead, she wouldn’t need to worry about this in the future.

The second one she chose was the Eight Diagrams Pattern of Tai Chi. This pattern was an Eight Diagrams of Tai Chi, which was all-comprehensive in its use and had the effect of automatically sorting spiritual aura and balancing Yin and Yang. Its effects were much like the Star Positioning Compass Mo Tiange had refined before, but it was much stronger. With this, it would’ve been easier to break the Seven Extremes Formation and it wouldn’t have cost so much spiritual aura.

The third one was the Lotus Bloom Umbrella. This umbrella was very beautiful, painted with many pink budding lotuses. From this, you could tell Mo Yaoqing was also a woman who loved beautiful things. Mo Yaoqing said that when you opened this umbrella, it would form a protective shield all around you and it could attack enemies automatically, which made it the best magic weapon when fighting against devilish things.

The fourth one was the Spirit Clouds Ruyi, which was a magic weapon for offense. The former ones Mo Tiange chose were all used as aids in fighting. Her Heaven and Earth Fan was also the same and provided more defense than offense. So now, she chose an attack magic weapon. This magic weapon contained rich spiritual aura, so as long as it was released, it would cause spiritual aura explosions all around, having tremendous impacts on the enemy.

For the last one, Mo Tiange thought for a long time and finally chose a magic weapon that had instant moves, which was called the Land Drilling Ruler. In those days after escaping from Mount Yunwu, Qin Xi once gave her a magic tool called Land-Fleeing Ruler which he “stole” from Yunwu Sect. When she was in the Foundation Building realm, this magic tool was useful when running for your life, but ever since she entered the Core Formation realm, this magic tool wasn’t that useful for handling enemies with stronger divine senses and abilities. Now, she had this Land Drilling Ruler, which not only allowed her to move instantly, but it also enhanced her speed and could be used along with her Cloud-Treading Boots. It was a very good tool to use for escape.

She had ceased to place all her hopes on her Virtual Sky World. The experience with Ren Yufeng made Mo Tiange realize that her Virtual Sky World would occasionally be ineffective. Besides, it would take several breaths of time to enter the Virtual Sky World, which could directly determine life or death in a battle between high-level cultivators.

After finishing her selection process, Mo Tiange copied all of Mo Yaoqing’s books and Jade Slips, no matter useful or not, and put the copies into her Qiankun Bag. So she only copied them and didn’t take away the originals—that was no problem, right?

As for the materials piled on the floor, she chose a couple rare ones. Fortunately, she had a lot of materials on her, so she didn’t need too much.

After finishing all that, Mo Tiange put the remaining magic weapons and jade slips back into Mo Yaoqing’s Qiankun Bag, then stuffed the bag under the praying mat and restored its original look. In that case, if disciples from Bixuan Court came in the future, they would also be tested.

Then Mo Tiange kneeled before Mo Yaoqing’s body again. “Kneeling here is Mo Tiange from a later generation. I feel so grateful for Great Ancestor’s gifts and am keeling to thank you.”

After that, Mo Tiange stepped out of Mo Yaoqing’s Cultivation Room carefully. However, as soon as she left the Cultivation Room, a restriction suddenly appeared at its entrance and sealed the room.

Mo Tiange was stunned. She immediately realized it was because the Seven Extremes Formation outside was broken that the restriction on this cultivation room was temporarily removed, but now that she had left the room, the restriction was automatically restored.

She felt a mixture of surprise and regret in her heart. Her surprise was because she knew a lot about formation arts, and she knew it wasn’t difficult to set up a powerful formation, but it was quite difficult to make the formation recover automatically after being broken. In this way, the so-called formation was only a test for the younger generation. Mo Yaoqing’s attainments in formation were far more powerful than hers. Fortunately, she had copied all of Mo Yaoqing’s jade slips and books. When she returned, she would study them slowly and should be able to learn a lot.

What she regretted was that she hadn’t prepared to leave this island immediately. The reason why she left the Cultivation Room was because she knew Mo Yaoqing’s body was resting in it and it would be a little disrespectful if she studied there directly. She didn’t expect that when she left, the restrictions would be restored. If she wanted to go in, she’d have to break the formation again.

But that would take a lot of effort even though she had the Eight Diagrams Pattern of Tai Chi now. Since she had achieved her main purpose and didn’t have anything else she had to take, there was no need to go back a second time.

Mo Tiange faced the restriction at the entrance of the Cultivation Room and sighed. She decided not to go in again. The only things left were just some materials, and she was in no shortage of them.

Upon thinking this, she sat down cross-legged in the valley outside the Cultivation Room and began to study the Jade Slips she just obtained.

The first one she took out was Mo Yaoqing’s life records. She poured her divine sense into it and began to read.

“I, Mo Yaoqing, was originally a cultivator in Yunzhong. Because of my Pure Yin constitution and two spiritual roots, I was accepted by the righteous Danxia Sect when I was little…” The following contents were details of some of her experiences at the sect.

The more Mo Tiange read, the more surprised she was. According to Mo Yaoqing, Yunzhong and the Celestial Pole were totally different. Aside from Dao cultivators, there were only a few Confucian cultivators in the cultivation world in the Celestial Pole. Meanwhile, after the Great War Between Righteous and Devil Cultivators, the Devil Cultivators were solely suppressed in the small place to the north of Demonic Mountain, and Demonic spirit cultivators only lived in the forest south of Kunwu. However, in Yunzhong, Dao, Devil, Buddha, Confucian, and Demonic spirit cultivators all lived together. It was still Dao cultivators who occupied the absolute majority, but all groups would occasionally have disputes or lived peacefully during ordinary times.

Yunzhong was a big place with lots of spirit veins, unlike the Celestial Pole, which mostly had spirit veins in Kunwu. Accordingly, Yunzhong also had more cultivators than in the Celestial Pole…