Lady Cultivator - Chapter 331 - Broke The Formation and Saw The Real Body

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Chapter 331: Broke The Formation and Saw The Real Body

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Mo Tiange didn’t enter the Formation immediately. She already had an idea of how to break the Seven Extremes Formation, and she had also been preparing these past few months. Now, she used her two stone sculpture puppets to enter the formation and made them trigger the formation tricks consecutively with her divine sense.

These two puppets weren’t living and were made of special materials, so they wouldn’t be affected by the formation. Mo Tiange manipulated them through her divine sense, which allowed her to sense changes in the formation clearly.

She manipulated them carefully, using the puppets repeatedly to test every aspect of the formation until she worked out the changes of the five elements and Yin and Yang in the formation.

The process took two full days because the Seven Extremes Formation was too big and complex.

Two days afterward, Mo Tiange made the two stone sculpture puppets exit the Seven Extremes Formation.

She roughly understood the changes of the five elements and Yin and Yang in the Seven Extremes Formation and came up with an idea to deal with it all.

She still didn’t enter the Seven Extremes Formation but directly entered the Virtual Sky World and began to concentrate on refining a magic weapon.

She was still clumsy in refining tools, but this time, she wasn’t refining a typical magic weapon—she was refining the tools for an array formation. Formations and magic weapons were completely different domains normally, but in certain cases, they could also be interlinked. Mo Tiange was very comfortable with making formation tools, and even if one wasn’t proficient in refining tools, the odds of successfully refining a magic weapon weren’t too low.

Mo Tiange got inspiration from Qin Xi for this method of breaking this formation. Qin Xi had a magic weapon, the Peak-Determining Lamp, which had miraculous effects on breaking restrictions. Originally, restrictions and formations were interlinked, so it wasn’t very common to break a formation with a magic weapon, but it could also work.

Of course, magic weapons used to break array formations were very rare. One reason was because different formations required different methods of breaking them, the other reason was because such magic weapons would require the producers to be highly skilled in formations. There were very few Masters of Formations in the cultivation world. Those who were proficient in formations were mostly Nascent Soul cultivators who had lived long enough and were tired of doing nothing, but those same cultivators with extremely high cultivation levels could just break formations on the spot, so very few of them would be bored enough to produce so-called formation-breaking magic weapons.

The reason why Mo Tiange wanted to refine this magic weapon was because the Seven Extremes Formation was too formidable. Mo Yaoqing hid the Jade Slip so deep that she originally intended to only make it visible to Nascent Soul cultivators. However, Mo Tiange was only in the Core Formation realm now, so she realized that if she entered the formation by herself, she’d get injured. She confirmed it when she used the stone sculpture puppets to test it just now. Therefore, she’d rather use a safer method.

As Mo Tiange refined the magic weapon she needed, another month passed.

The art of formations, if put bluntly, was an understanding of the five elements and Yin and Yang combined with precise calculations. This Seven Extremes Formation was a meticulous piece of Mo Yaoqing’s work which involved a huge amount of data, so it was a very tiring to do the calculations.

If not having read Mo Yaoqing’s notes, Mo Tiange admitted that even if she had completely understood and mastered the Xuanji Formation Book, it would take her at least a few months to fully deduce the Seven Extremes Formation, but with the help of the fragmentary records about this formation in Mo Yaoqing’s notes, Mo Tiange thoroughly understood the formation data within a month.

As long as the data of the five elements and Yin and Yang was clear, the production of formation-breaking tools would be very simple.

A few days later, the magic weapon was finally finished.

Mo Tiange named this magic weapon the Star Positioning Compass, which was similar to a compass but more sensitive to Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

After she finished the Star Positioning Compass, Mo Tiange rested in the Virtual Sky World for one more day then came out in full spirits to face the Seven Extremes Formation again.

She still let the two stone sculpture puppets enter first this time.

After the two puppets entered the formation, the Seven Extremes Formation suddenly burst out in bright gold, green, blue, red, and yellow colors of light at the same time, with black shadows and white lights continually flashing.

Meanwhile, the moment the Seven Extremes Formation started, the spiritual aura on the entire island went into disorder.

After she waited until the formation was completely triggered, Mo Tiange released the Star Positioning Compass which flew into the Seven Extremes Formation and emitted a bright white light, under which the surrounding Five Elements slowly stabilized.

Of course, it wasn’t so easy to break the Seven Extremes Formation. Upon discovering this force, the Five Elements around the Star Positioning Compass twisted a little and suddenly became another combination of Five Elements.

The Star Positioning Compass emitted white lights continuously, combining the surrounding Five Elements one by one. Meanwhile, Mo Tiange had set a small Spirit Gathering Formation outside. She sat down with her legs crossed and began to run the Taiyuan Record.

With the help of Yang spiritual aura, Mo Tiange had formed a complete Origin in her body, so there would be no problem for her to cultivate the Taiyuan Record now.

The Star Positioning Compass could combine the Five Elements, while there was a more convenient way to balance Yin and Yang, which was to use the Taiyuan Record to drive up the surrounding Yin and Yang spiritual aura, forming an Origin. In that case, Yin and Yang would be under her control and there wouldn’t be any confusion.

Time went by bit by bit. No matter how the Seven Extremes Formation changed, the Star Positioning Compass was always emitting stable white light, reversing the Five Elements all around. While led by Mo Tiange, the Yin and Yang poles had formed a cycle.

After a stalemate, the Seven Extremes Formation gathered its great strength and rushed toward the Star Positioning Compass in the middle.

Mo Tiange straightened her face. She cast spells with a gesture and gathered spiritual aura in her palm, striking the Star Positioning Compass.

She used a few pieces of high-level spirit stones as the source of spiritual aura within the Star Positioning Compass, but they weren’t enough to take on the Seven Extremes Formation yet.

The Seven Extremes Formation had been here for so many years, but it was still functioning. It was probably a similar situation to Wanderer Ziwei’s formation, which had used spirit veins directly, so unless the spirit veins dissipated after a long lapse of time, the formation would stay intact.

It clearly wasn’t yet time for the formation to lose its power. Mo Tiange could only transmit her own spiritual aura to the Star Positioning Compass continuously, while she herself recovered her spiritual aura by the spirit gathering formation, spirit stones, and spirit pills.

This was actually a battle of spiritual aura. As long as she had enough spiritual aura, she would break the formation sooner or later.

The spiritual power stalemate lasted a full three days. Three days later, in the Seven Extremes Formation, a bang burst out. The Star Positioning Compass had absorbed a lot of spiritual aura in a short time and exploded!

At the same time, the power of Seven Extremes Formation finally dispersed.

Mo Tiange sat on the ground cross-legged for a long time and didn’t move. After three days of continuous spiritual aura output, she was exhausted.

After a half-day’s rest, she finally recovered her spirit. She stood up, took back the puppets, entered the broken Seven Extremes Formation, picked up the Star Positioning Compass on the ground, and sighed.

The Star Positioning Compass cost a lot of rare materials but was still destroyed in the end. If she entered the formation herself, she didn’t know how dangerous it would’ve been.

After passing the broken Seven Extremes Formation, Mo Tiange saw a narrow entrance.

The entrance seemed to only be a crack between the rocks, and through the crack was only a tiny valley as far as the eye could see, nothing more.

Mo Tiange took out the Jade Slip and checked. She confirmed it was the right position then walked in.

Upon entering the valley, deep into the depths, she cast a spell and hit the mountain wall, which opened at the sound and revealed a cave of human height. She then stepped in.

It was very dark in the cave with almost no light. Even if there was a Moonstone, it must’ve lost its light after thousands of years in there.

Mo Tiange took a Mother Moonstone out of her Qiankun Bag and hung it around her waist, walking forward slowly.

The ensuing journey was very smooth. There were occasionally a few tests which were left by Mo Yaoqing, but Mo Tiange made preparations ahead of time, so she passed them all.

Finally, after walking through a stone road, the scenery in the front suddenly opened up. Mo Tiange looked all around. This was a circular valley with green grass and beautiful sunshine.

Mo Tiange found it a little strange. When she came down from the sky, she hadn’t seen the valley at all. It seemed it had been hidden by the restrictions, but she found no sign of any restrictions. It seemed like her smooth journey was simply because Mo Yaoqing didn’t want to embarrass the descendants. Otherwise, Mo Tiange didn’t know how long it would’ve taken her to find the entrance just because of this restriction.

The valley, though green and full of life, was full of weeds and had long been abandoned. There were a few spiritual herbs but Mo Tiange wasn’t interested at all. After all, the spiritual aura here wasn’t good, so the spiritual herbs grown here were very thin. Even if they were well-aged, they were incomparable to those in the Virtual Sky World.

On the walls surrounding the valley, a number of caves were opened. Mo Tiange took out Mo Yaoqing’s Jade Slip carefully and compared them to the contents of the slip. After learning the uses of each cave, she entered them one by one.

These caves were a Cultivation Room, Pill-Concocting Room, Spiritual Beasts’ Room, etc. There was nothing in the Spiritual Beasts’ Room, because when Mo Yaoqing was waiting here for her death, she released her spirit beasts. As for the Pill-Concocting Room and Tools-Refining Room, Mo Tiange went in and found several strange props, so she chose a couple of them and put them into her Qiankun Bag. Mo Yaoqing left the Jade Slip to later generations of the Mo family and disciples of Bixuan Court, so if Mo Tiange took all the things, there would be nothing left for Nascent Soul disciples from Bixuan Court in the future. Thus, Mo Tiange wasn’t greedy and didn’t intend on taking everything.

Finally, she went into the Cultivation Room.

The Cultivation Room consisted of a winding narrow space, with all sorts of objects, materials, books, jade slips, and strange things scattered around that had no use at all.

Mo Tiange checked them all one by one and felt a little incredulous. It wasn’t because of the rarity of the materials but because of the clutter. With a Qiankun Bag, these things didn’t need to be piled up in this cave, but they were all in such random piles which could only mean one thing—Mo Yaoqing was too lazy. She used her items then left them everywhere, too lazy to tidy up.

She sighed as she went on. The cave left by Young Lady Yaoqing, who had a gentle voice and was called an unparalleled, charming woman by Yuan Bao, would’ve acted like this? This…

Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange turned a corner and went in the Cultivation Room. When she saw the jade platform in the innermost corner, she became completely speechless.

On the jade platform sat a woman who was sitting cross-legged with a square manner, with her eyes closed and face still. The woman’s brows were like remote mountains, her face like the autumn moon, her skin like snow, and her hair like clouds. She just sat there so casually, but she gave off the sense of ethereal beauty.

Ever since setting foot onto the road to immortality, Mo Tiange had seen a lot of beautiful women. Even herself, although she didn’t have a face with astonishing beauty, she was still beautiful and refined. But none of these beautiful women gave her the impression of “beauty which overthrows states and cities”.

This woman’s beauty was indeed the most awe-striking she had ever seen.

After a long while, Mo Tiange snapped out of her daze and breathed a sigh.

Although the woman was so lifelike like a living being, she knew it was only a dead skeleton.

In this cave, a dead skeleton sitting cross-legged could naturally be no one else but Mo Yaoqing.

Upon thinking so, Mo Tiange felt very incredulous. Her ancestor, a female cultivator who lived more than five thousand years ago, with a Pure Yin constitution and amazing talent, was unexpectedly such an astonishing woman of beauty?