Lady Cultivator - Chapter 330 - Looking for the Island

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Chapter 330: Looking for the Island

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After thinking for a while, Mo Tiange shook her head and put the question behind her. Regardless of which one was right, she’d just take a look as this was the only way to pass.

Mo Tiange was about to put away the Jade Slip and regulate her breath for a while when she suddenly felt Xiaohuo’s spiritual aura wavering. She looked up hurriedly to see that Xiaohuo was running further and further, quite a distance from her already.

Xiaohuo was fighting a very large vine at the moment. Theoretically speaking, Xiaohuo was a fifth rank spiritual beast. Even though the vine was empowered with demonic spirits, it was just a plant; Xiaohuo had gone through a mutation and received Sun Real Fire, so it couldn’t easily be defeated by common demonic beasts or plants. But the vine didn’t seem afraid of Sun Real Fire; it just avoided the fire then rushed toward Xiaohuo fiercely.

Noticing that the situation wasn’t looking good, Mo Tiange stood up.


Upon hearing her voice, Xiaohuo puffed some Sun Real Fire to force back the vine then turned to run back to her.

Mo Tiange spread her hand. A cloud of white light circled around, and the Heaven and Earth Fan appeared on her palm. She held it and walked to the vine carefully.

The vine was very thick—several times thicker than anything she had seen. At first glance, you couldn’t find its roots. Its branches and leaves flourished, layer upon layer, like a towering tree.

Sun Real Fire was an excellent real fire that could be used to refine tools and pills, and it could melt many hard objects. This vine was just a plant with spiritual aura that ate demonic beasts, so why didn’t it fear the fire?

Mo Tiange thought for a moment then released her flying sword to cut the vine’s branches.

Before the flying sword arrived, the vine moved and the branches danced to avoid it. Mo Tiange shook her sleeves and pushed spiritual aura forward, and the flying sword stabbed straight into the vine this time. But the only result was it left a shallow sword mark on the vine.

Upon seeing this, Mo Tiange frowned slightly. She wasn’t good at using the flying sword, but this flying sword was a magic weapon given by Lord Daoist Jinghe and it was very sharp. Why couldn’t it cut the vine?

“Xiaohuo, burn it with magic art!”

Upon hearing this, Xiaohuo jumped forward obediently and puffed some Sun Real Fire again.

The vine moved more fiercely this time, branches and leaves dancing violently, sweeping out a few strong gusts of wind and blocking the Real Fire.

However, Mo Tiange noticed the burn marks on the ends of its branches and leaves.

Sun Real Fire did work, but it just didn’t work that well, so it wouldn’t be possible to fight this vine with Sun Real Fire.

Mo Tiange thought for a moment and came up with an idea.

She took out the stone sculpture puppets from her Qiankun Bag. Since she received these two puppets, she seldom used them to fight enemies, which was mostly because she had advanced very fast. But these two puppets had supreme strength, and in some cases, they could be very useful.

Mo Tiange controlled the two puppets to walk toward the vine. The vine then seemed to sense their spiritual aura and curled its branches over. Meanwhile, the two puppets stopped and swung their swords at the branches. However, the swords only left two shallow marks on the vine, and the soft branches then rolled up the two puppets.

Xiaohuo was a little anxious and cried. The two puppets had been in the Virtual Sky World with it this whole time, and it had already become affectionate with them.

Mo Tiange smiled and comforted it. “Don’t worry.”

The stone sculpture puppets were strong and were very hard, but the vine was also very tough and its branches were flexible enough to hold them, so it was impossible for the puppets to cut the vine off.

However, Mo Tiange didn’t take the puppets out for this purpose.

The vine caught the two puppets until they couldn’t move then threw them back. At this time, Mo Tiange saw a huge pocket, like a big mouth, between the tangled and knotted branches.

When the branches curled over with the two puppets, the big mouth opened, and the branches threw the two puppets into it. The big mouth then closed, starting to chew, like it was actually swallowing food.

Upon seeing this scene, Mo Tiange smiled slightly. She used her divine sense then a piece protruded from the huge pocket. The vines began to shake as if in pain.

Suddenly, with a “Cila” noise, a hole appeared in the big pocket. The stone sculpture puppets poked their stone swords out from within, streaming out green liquid.

“Xiaohuo, use magic art!”

Xiaohuo jumped up upon hearing this shout and puffed Sun Real Fire. At the same time, Mo Tiange struck forward with her flying sword and aimed at the big pocket in the back directly through the gaps, taking advantage of the vines that were trying to block Sun Real Fire with its branches.

The flying sword thrust itself into the body this time, causing more green liquid to spill out. Then the two stone sculpture puppets broke the big pocket and came out of it.

The huge pocket didn’t seem to look like a pocket any more; it was torn with many holes in it.

More and more of the green liquid flowed out of it, and the vine moved more and more slowly until it finally hung down and stopped moving.

Xiaohuo shouted with excitement and rushed over, beginning to bite the pocket.

Mo Tiange also walked over to study this special vine.

If these vines were all demonic spirits, this vine was obviously higher than the others in terms of cultivation level because even Sun Real Fire could hardly burn through its branches.

Mo Tiange thought for a moment then used her flying sword to cut the branches. Although these branches couldn’t be cut off immediately, continual cutting still managed to cut off some branches.

At this time, Xiaohuo had finished biting the big pocket and looked at the green, withered vine which had lost its life. Xiaohuo then shifted its black eyes and couldn’t help but bite into the vine again. However, it almost broke its teeth this time. It immediately jumped up with a “Wu” scream, covering its mouth with its two front paws and jumping around on the ground.

Mo Tiange was teased by Xiaohuo’s movements and caught it in her hand at one go. “You greedy little thing!”

Xiaohuo moaned for a long time before blinking its eyes and putting down its paws. Then it lowered its head like a wronged child.

Mo Tiange touched its head and said, “This thing is too hard to bite off. It’ll take a lot of time to carry it away. Let’s wait until we come back then we’ll figure out how to do it.” She was right. It had taken her so long to cut off just two branches, and if they wanted to carry all of the vines back, it would take them days. The purpose of her trip was to find Mo Yaoqing this time, so they’d better accomplish their goal first.

Mo Tiange entered Virtual Sky World with Xiaohuo to take a rest, then came out and continued on her way.

She flew southeast for another two days, but the sea was vast, and there was no sign of any islands.

Mo Tiange searched for half a day and figured out her position by compass then she finally confirmed that the sea map Wei Haolan gave her was correct. There was indeed no big island here. Perhaps during the past five thousand years, the big island had disappeared in the vast sea. Mo Tiange had no choice but to keep looking for the next sign.

She flew like this for months, on and off. When she got tired, she’d enter the Virtual Sky World and played with her two spiritual beasts. After she was re-energized, she’d come out and continue flying. On her way forward, she took several wrong paths and also encountered some demonic beasts in the sea.

A few islands on Mo Yaoqing’s route map had disappeared. She also lost her way on the sea map given to her by Wei Haolan. Mo Tiange could only figure out her direction bit by bit, relying on the compass and finding the right way.

After a few months, Mo Tiange began to feel anxious. Although she didn’t need to find islands to rest and her spiritual aura was full the whole time, she kept flying every day and the only thing she could see was sea. She had no one to talk to, which increased her mental load significantly. It was easy to feel anxious in a constant state, even if she was a cultivator.

Just as she was reaching her limit, her divine sense jumped and she finally sensed the wave of spiritual aura in the distance.

Upon discovering this, Mo Tiange was overjoyed. She had been circling the sea for months and was already going mad. If she continued to do this, she could only give up temporarily and enter the Virtual Sky World. Fortunately, she finally sensed something.

According to Mo Yaoqing’s map, this was the final stop.

The wave of spiritual aura became stronger and stronger, and an island finally appeared in her sight. Mo Tiange was a little wild with joy. Thankfully, this island didn’t sink like the other islands; otherwise, her trip would’ve been in vain this time.

But she was more cautious now. Because Mo Yaoqing said very clearly on the Jade Slip that the cave where she sat waiting for her death had powerful formations and restrictions. Mo Yaoqing was talented, and Mo Tiange had learned a lot from the formations described in the notes Mo Yaoqing conveniently wrote down, so Mo Tiange didn’t dare to take it easy and face the deathly cave Mo Yaoqing had set by herself, even if Mo Tiange had a map in her hands.

Upon flying closer, Mo Tiange hovered above the top of the island a few times.

This was a small island with a radius of ten miles or so. Clouds, glowing light, and spiritual aura made it look very immortal. Mo Tiange saw that there was a medium spirit vein on the island, but most of the spiritual aura was restricted and only a little spilled out.

Such spiritual aura didn’t attract the attention of high-level demonic beasts but attracted some low-level sea beasts that appeared around the island.

The island was circular with a sandy beach on the exterior and small hills on the interior. When viewed from above, within the blue sea, dotted green was surrounded by a layer of white sand, which was very beautiful. On the highest peak in the middle, Mo Tiange found a trace of a formation which was exactly the same as what Mo Yaoqing had recorded in the Jade Slip.

After making sure she was in the right place, Mo Tiange spread her hands and the White Silk Handkerchief immediately flew out, turning into a thin mist to surround her. Then she held onto the Heaven and Earth Fan tightly and began to descend slowly.

Although she had found the place, it was difficult to say whether there was any danger present. After all, it had been five thousand years. It would be understandable if some changes had happened during that period of time.

Finally, Mo Tiange stepped onto land. She spread her divine sense first. Aside from the place where Mo Yaoqing’s cave was, there was no danger anywhere else on the island. Mo Tiange breathed a sigh of relief and began to walk toward the cave.

According to Mo Yaoqing, she had set a Seven Extremes Formation which she created by herself outside the cave. As for how to break the formation, Mo Yaoqing didn’t reveal it on the Jade Slip, so later generations could view it as a mini test.

Coincidentally, Mo Tiange once read Mo Yaoqing’s notes which had fragmentarily recorded this Seven Extremes Formation. Plus Mo Tiange herself was also skilled in array formations, so she was quite confident she could break the formation.

The so-called Seven Extremes Formation actually consisted of five elements, Yin and Yang. Each one of the extremes was one pass, and the Formation included seven passes. Mo Yaoqing named the formation “Seven Extremes” because she was quite arrogant. She believed that with her current cultivation level, it was extreme to combine the five elements and Yin and Yang, so she chose the name “Seven Extremes.”

In this formation, five elements changed swiftly, sometimes crushing each other, sometimes growing out of each other. It appeared to be gold, but it could be either water or fire or Yin and Yang mixed with each other. If you weren’t extremely proficient in array formations, it would be very difficult to distinguish whether it was Yin or Yang.

Therefore, the secret of breaking this formation centered around one word, which was “identify.” As long as you could identify what was what, it would be easy to break the formation.