Lady Cultivator - Chapter 328 - Preparing to Go to the Sea

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Chapter 328: Preparing to Go to the Sea

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The white light from the Transporting Formation faded. Mo Tiange finally lifted her head and looked around.

“Elder Ye, we meet again!” Wei Haolan stood beaming in front of her.

Forty years had gone by, but her cultivation level hadn’t changed. There also wasn’t much difference in her appearance. That year, Wei Haolan was also only about a hundred years old. Even if she really ended up unable to make a realm-breakthrough in this life, she could still live for more than two hundred years. Judging by how she looked right now, she seemed to be faring pretty well.

At that time, she got along with Wei Haolan rather well, so Mo Tiange also smiled. “Sect Head Wei, long time no see. I trust you’ve been well since we last met?”

“Thanks to Elder Ye’s blessings, I’ve been doing really well these years.”

As their eyes met, they couldn’t help but start to laugh.

As she watched the two people walking out of the Transporting Formation, Wei Haolan stared at Tang Shen with a reproachful gaze. “Junior Martial Brother Tang, how could you be so careless? You were missing for such a long time that we almost thought you’d fallen.”

Tang Shen lowered his head, saying regretfully, “Senior Martial Sister Sect Head, I’m sorry. I overestimated myself and didn’t handle the matter well.”

Wei Haolan didn’t continue to rebuke him. She just said, “Since you’re back and you contacted Elder Ye, I’ll let this matter pass. Junior Martial Brother Tang, these years must’ve also been hard on you. We can talk about everything slowly later on; you should go and get some rest first.”

“Yes,” Tang Shen answered. He then put his hands into his Qiankun Bag and took out all the medicine. “Senior Martial Sister Sect Head, “These are the medicinal pills for core-formation that Elder Ye helped us buy. Furthermore, Elder Ye also helped me buy a high-level breath-concealing technique manual. She helped us pay for these all with her spirit stones first.”

Wei Haolan took over the conversation. With a smile, she thanked Mo Tiange: “Elder Ye, it’s thanks to you this time,”

Mo Tiange smiled and waved her hand. “Since I’m Bixuan Court’s guest elder and I also receive your offerings, I ought to handle things for Bixuan Court when needed.”

Upon hearing what she said, Wei Haolan no longer expressed her gratitude. She then said warmly to Tang Shen: “Junior Martial Brother Tang, you don’t need to worry. You lost these spirit stones when you handled things for the group, so the group will handle this for you—rest assured.”

Tang Shen felt a bit relieved. In order to buy the medicinal pills used for core-formation, he brought a huge amount of spirit stones. Losing those spirit stones filled him with self-blame. Now that he heard those consoling words from Wei Haolan, he finally felt a bit better.

“Thank you, Senior Martial Sister Sect Head. Then… I’ll head back first.”


Seeing Tang Shen lowering his head and leaving through the tunnel, both Wei Haolan and Mo Tiange once again smiled at each other.

Wei Haolan made a “please” gesture and also left the place with Mo Tiange. As they walked, she said, “In fact, I originally didn’t allow Junior Martial Brother Tang to go, but he always yearned for Kunwu. Seeing as he had become more and more mature in handling things, I took the risk and let him go, yet incidents still occurred.”

Mo Tiange showed a faint smile and said, “This matter can’t be blamed on him. He just went to Kunwu at the wrong time.”

“I know.” Wei Haolan heaved a sigh. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said nothing about it. All these years, Junior Martial Brother Tang has indeed been much more careful in handling things, but his constitution… in the end, is a calamity. If he goes out, it’s really hard to guarantee that there won’t be any incidents.”

Still with a shallow smile, Mo Tiange said, “This problem… is unsolvable. Unless he succeeds in forming his Gold Core and succeeds in practicing the Breath-Concealing Technique one day.”

“It’s easy to say but hard to carry out!” Wei Haolan kneaded the space between her eyebrows. “These past few years, Junior Martial Brother Tang’s cultivation has progressed smoothly, but despite being a breath away from the late stage of the Foundation Building realm, he’s never been able to advance.”

“This kind of thing can’t be rushed.” Mo Tiange said consolingly, “Some people achieve enlightenment in one day, while some people make no progress for dozens of years. At the end of the day, making a realm-breakthrough depends on each person’s understanding.”

Wei Haolan smiled. “Since Elder Ye’s returned, we’ll definitely have to ask you for advice.”

Mo Tiange only chuckled. “Regarding realm-breakthroughs, I can only provide a few suggestions. I can’t give too many pointers—after all, every person’s situation is different.”

“En, I understand what Elder Ye is saying.”

After walking for some time, Wei Haolan suddenly turned to look at Mo Tiange. She laughed and said, “Look at my brain—I actually forgot such an important matter! Elder Ye, I still haven’t congratulated you for advancing to the Core Formation realm. Less than a hundred years old but already a Core Formation cultivator… You could be considered a genius that rarely appears in a millennium!”

The name “genius”… Mo Tiange had heard too often in Kunwu. Mo Tiange smiled but shook her head. “Sect Head Wei shouldn’t praise me. Not to mention in a millennium, but even in the last few hundred years, Xuanqing School has already come up with three Core Formation cultivators who are less than a hundred years old. I really can’t afford to carry that title.”

“Oh, right.” Wei Haolan nodded as she stared enviously at Mo Tiange. “It’s indeed because geniuses have repeatedly appeared in Xuanqing School in these last few hundred years.”

Mo Tiange only smiled, but she actually felt very proud inside. These last few hundred years, Xuanqing School had indeed come up with many outstanding cultivators, while for other cultivation groups, it would already be considered good if they could have one or two every thousand years.

Wei Haolan’s gaze shifted, and she continued on: “This is only the first thing. Not long ago, the manager of the guildhall in Mount Yuheng reported to us and said that Elder Ye already performed Dual Cultivation and her husband was Xuanqing School’s new Nascent Soul cultivator, Lord Daoist Shoujing—an even greater reason to congratulate Elder Ye.”

Mo Tiange chuckled. “Thank you. News to Sect Head Wei really gets around quickly.”

Wei Haolan shook her head. “Elder Ye has been bound in Dual Cultivation since two years ago, but I only just found out about it recently. Our Bixuan Court’s guildhall in Kunwu hasn’t done well enough. This matter isn’t any secret; they should’ve reported it long ago.”

This subject already bordered Bixuan Court’s specific affairs. Mo Tiange was only a nominal guest elder, so she only smiled but said nothing.

The two of them left the tunnel quickly and arrived at the conference hall.

Wei Haolan asked Mo Tiange to sit, asked a disciple serve them tea, then proceeded to mention another matter. “Elder Ye, although it was me who asked Elder Ye to escort Junior Martial Brother Tang back, you didn’t necessarily have to be transported together. Presumably, Elder Ye also doesn’t lack this bit of spirit stones that you came in a hurry to get them back, right?”

Mo Tiange laughed upon hearing what she said. “Good or bad, I’m also Bixuan Court’s guest elder. After so many years of not seeing the place, can’t I come and take a look?”

“Of course, you can. However, my intuition has always been accurate.”

Confronted with the half-smile on Wei Haolan’s face, Mo Tiange could only sigh. “Alright, I actually had some matters to take care of…”

Wei Haolan asked, “Is there anything you need help with?”

“For the time being, there isn’t.” Mo Tiange contemplated. There was still no progress on this matter, so she shouldn’t talk about it in detail for now. After all, this matter was rather troublesome and Bixuan Court currently didn’t even have a single Core Formation cultivator.

Wei Haolan was a smart person, so she didn’t continue pursuing the matter. She just said: “If there’s anything you need us to help you with, Elder Ye shouldn’t hesitate to say it.”

“Thank you.”

After that, Mo Tiange started to ask about Bixuan Court’s situation these past dozen years, and Wei Haolan answered her questions one after another. That year, after Bixuan Court almost became exterminated, they actually encountered an opportunity. The discovery of a spirit stone vein in the Eastern Sea and the changes in the group’s regulation allowed Bixuan Court to recover their strength quickly. After a few dozen years, the number of Aura Refining and Foundation Building disciples they had now already surpassed their original number. What they lacked now was simply Core Formation cultivators.

Mo Tiange then asked: “Elder Tang is still only in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. Does the group have cultivators who can try forming their Gold Core soon?” That year, Tang Shen was chosen as a temporary elder because his ability in fights of magical power improved greatly, but if they considered cultivation level, the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm also wasn’t bad.

With a sigh, Wei Haolan said, “How could they be so quick? Right now, there’s a senior martial sister and a senior martial brother who have reached the late stage of the Foundation Building realm in the group, but they haven’t reached the peak stage. I’m just preparing for the unexpected. After all, medicinal pills used for core-formation aren’t easy to find and might not be found even after dozens of years.”

Mo Tiange nodded silently. Back then, Shangguan Yunhao was an example. If it wasn’t because they were unable to find medicinal pills for core-formation, thus leading to him having no chance whatsoever of forming his Gold Core, maybe he wouldn’t have entered a demonic barrier so easily and betrayed his division.

“This time, if it wasn’t for Elder Ye, we wouldn’t have been able to obtain these core-formation medicinal pills. I still have to thank Elder Ye for this matter.”

Mo Tiange smiled, waving her hand. “Sect Head Wei, you keep thanking me again and again; I really can’t afford it.”

Wei Haolan seemed surprised but soon smiled again. “Okay, in the future, I’ll no longer say thanks. It’s enough to keep it in my heart.”

They continued to chat for a while, but when Wei Haolan saw Mo Tiange saying nothing, she tactfully stopped and told someone to take her away to rest.

Mo Tiange walked away while looking around once she left Bixuan Court’s conference hall. The traces of destruction by Ren Yufeng had already disappeared. Those pavilions and pagodas had been repaired and looked new. The monastery was also founded again, unceasingly studded with flowers and plants. The skillful hands of female cultivators made Bixuan Court look even more beautiful and hospitable than big groups in Kunwu.

Along the way, there were many Aura Refining disciples passing by—there was both men and women. When they saw her, everyone’s eyes widened in shock because her clothes were different from them and also because of her cultivation level. Core Formation cultivator… it was actually a Core Formation cultivator!

The Aura Refining disciple who showed the way for her proclaimed to those people proudly: “This is our guest, Elder Ye.”

Thus, countless disciples saluted her along the way: “Greetings to Elder Ye.”

Mo Tiange felt really helpless; she’d never liked this kind of ostentation. Luckily, the place she wanted to go to wasn’t far, so she arrived at the guest house shortly thereafter.

Initially, Wei Haolan intended to let her stay in the Dao-Achieving Pagoda, but Mo Tiange refused. After all, the Dao-Achieving Pagoda was the symbol of Bixuan Court and she wasn’t a real elder of Bixuan Court. Moreover, she returned to Linhai only because she wanted to look for the cultivation insights Mo Yaoqing left behind. Just now, Wei Haolan had returned the spirit stones used to buy the technique manual and the medicinal pills. Wei Haolan also supplemented her with more than 10,000 spirit stones, saying that they were the offerings she should’ve received as their guest elder. In retrospect, she hadn’t obtained little from Bixuan Court, so she really didn’t want to obtain any other easy benefits from them.

She stayed in the guest house for several days, during which Wei Haolan invited her to meet with Bixuan Court’s Foundation Building cultivators. Although the female cultivators were still dominant, the number of Bixuan Court’s male Foundation Building cultivators also increased over the years. And the newly-advanced Foundation Building cultivators were all extremely shocked to see how young Mo Tiange was.

It was very rare that a Core Formation cultivator would appear in Bixuan Court, so Mo Tiange naturally had to pass on some cultivation insights to these Foundation Building cultivators. In addition, she also accepted Wei Haolan’s invitation to give a lecture about core-formation experience to some cultivators who had prospects of forming their Gold Core.

Once the hustle and bustle ended, about seven or eight days had passed.

However, Mo Tiange wasn’t in a hurry. Even though Mo Yaoqing’s Jade Slip recorded the route, Mo Tiange still had to comprehend it slowly. As it happened, she also wanted to ask Wei Haolan about some sea-related matters. Although she already formed her Gold Core and her cultivation level was much higher than Wei Haolan’s, aside from the time in the Northernmost Ocean sixty years ago, she didn’t have any experience going out to sea. Moreover, her time in the ocean was very atypical, and the situation in the Northernmost Ocean and Eastern Sea were completely different.

Upon hearing that Mo Tiange wanted to take a trip to the sea, Wei Haolan didn’t ask much. She only told Mo Tiange about the things she needed to pay attention to when she went to the sea and the relatively dangerous sea beasts in the vicinity in detail. Nevertheless, as they were limited by their cultivation levels, this was the extent of the information Wei Haolan could provide. After all, Wei Haolan also never went too far into the sea, while the cave where Mo Yaoqing passed away was deep into the sea.

Several more days passed. Mo Tiange had made proper preparations and eventually set out to sea.