Lady Cultivator - Chapter 327 - Going to Linhai Again

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Chapter 327: Going to Linhai Again

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Faced with Mo Tianjun’s earnest gaze, Mo Tiange could only sigh softly and shake her head.

They tested for a long time, but not a single one of four hundred some people in Mo Family’s Village possessed spiritual roots, and those included newborn babies and dying old people.

But this was very normal. Among mortals, hardly one in ten thousand possessed spiritual roots. There were some cultivators among the ancestors of the Mo family, but even Mo Yaoqing and Zhong Muling’s child back then also didn’t have spiritual roots, not to mention generations after that whose inherited traits had long been diluted by other bloodlines. People like Mo Tiange, who possessed both a Pure Yin Constitution and Spiritual Roots, appeared maybe only once every several thousand years.

Mo Tianjun’s face was filled with disappointment. He mumbled, “There isn’t after all…”

Mo Tiange said soothingly, “Spiritual roots are very rare to begin with; it’s not strange at all that nobody here has them. Even if someone did, if their aptitudes aren’t good enough, their lives would be more difficult once they set foot on the path towards immortality—it’d be better for them to stay in the secular world as they’d live a little happier that way.”

Nevertheless, how could such comforting words make Mo Tianjun feel relieved? Ever since Tiange was taken away by an immortal and his younger sister also left their family following her cultivator husband, he’d always yearned for that world. Since he himself couldn’t join it, he thought it’d be enough even if other offspring were able to join it.

When Mo Tiange saw his reaction, she thought for a moment then took out a Five Elements Disc from inside her Qiankun Bag and placed it on the sacrificial table in the ancestral hall. She once again separated a little part of her divine sense then cast a spell on it.

“It was originally due to the kindness our ancestor left behind that I was able to enter the road to immortality. Today, I will also leave this object here. Every offspring of the Mo family, man or woman, may come here to test their spiritual roots. If someone possesses spiritual roots some day, I’ll be able to sense it no matter how far away I am from here. At that time, I’ll come and pick them up.”

Mo Tianjun was exhilarated. “Tiange, thank you very much.”

Mo Tiange smiled. “I’m also a descendant of the Mo family; why should you thank me?” After a moment’s pause, she finally mentioned her other purpose for coming. “Tianjun, I also came back, in fact, because I wanted to move my mother’s grave.”

Mo Tianjun was surprised. “This… Why?”

“I’ve found my father’s bones, so I wanted to bury them together.”

Mo Tianjun said, “Then just bury them here—isn’t it all the same?”

With a sigh, Mo Tiange said, “Mortals and immortals are different. After I leave this time, I probably wouldn’t set foot in the secular world again, so I want to place them a bit closer to me.”

“…” Mo Tianjun was silent. Having lived for a hundred years, he’d seen his share of cultivators and learned about some matters of the cultivation world from them. He knew that for cultivators, relatives and clans were never that important. Apart from one’s bloodline, the more important thing that united them was benefits. Very few among them would intentionally come back for their parents’ graves like Tiange did. If Tiange wanted to move her mother’s bones out of their ancestral tomb, he really had no reason to stop her. These past years, the fourth aunt’s grave had always been left unattended. It was only when he occasionally remembered about it that he’d tell his grandchildren’s generation to clear the weeds,

“This… is also good.” A long while later, he finally nodded earnestly. “Fourth uncle wasn’t a mortal, and fourth aunt suffered an entire lifetime—it’s good that they can be buried together after death. Besides, you three are family. If you want to move her, I have no reason to stop you.”

One day passed by very quickly. When evening arrived, in accordance with Mo Tianjun’s orders, the young men of the Mo family handed the jug containing Mo Tiange’s mother’s bones over to her.

Once Mo Tiange’s properly stored the bones away, she stood up and said, “Alright, I should get going now.”

Mo Tianjun got up, still trembling all over. “I’ll see you off.” This time, he was most likely seeing her off for their eternal parting.

Mo Tiange propped him up softly. A thread of spiritual aura flowed out of her finger and went into Mo Tianjun’s body. Mo Tianjun stiffened, but when she finished, he actually felt his whole body becoming lighter and more nimble—it was as if he’d become dozens of years younger. “This…”

Mo Tiange smiled and said, “Although I’m a cultivator, I can’t change the life and death cycle of mortals. However, with this spiritual aura protecting your body, you’ll certainly have a healthy body, safe from accident and disease until the day you pass of old age.”

Right after, she cast a brief glance at her surroundings then softly waved her hand, causing the main door to the ancestral hall to close on its own. From her lapels, she took out a small jade case and gave it to Mo Tianjun. “There’s a talisman and a rudimentary cultivation technique manual as well as some bits and pieces of this and that inside. If spiritual roots are found among Mo family’s offspring but I don’t return, you should burn this talisman. If no one comes, it means I’ve already passed away and even my legacy has been severed. At that time, give the things inside to the person possessing spiritual roots. Let them look for the road to immortality on their own.”

Mo Tianjun accepted it with excitement. “Okay, okay…”

“I’ve placed a restriction on this jade case. Only the offspring of the Mo family can open it. This thing definitely has to be stored properly. You must, by all means, never let news about it leak. Otherwise, it might draw deathly disasters upon you. Remember this.”

Mo Tianjun agreed earnestly then stored it away carefully.

Soon afterward, Mo Tiange said farewell to Mo Tianjun. In front of all the members of the Mo family, a puff of cloud appeared under her feet, and she rose to the sky. From high in the air, she gave this small village one last glance then transformed into a beam of flight light that faded away into the horizon.

As for the villagers in Mo Family’s Village, they remained gazing at the sky foolishly.

“Immortals! That’s an immortal!”

“Father, I also want to become an immortal!”

“You’re a girl—become what immortal? Quickly light the kitchen fire!”

“Why can’t I become an immortal? Great grandaunt is also a woman. Great grandpa said from now on that girls are also allowed to enter the ancestral hall!”

“Great grandaunt is great grandaunt. Do you think everyone can become an immortal? You’re still not going to do as you’re told—”

These words were already beyond Mo Tiange’s hearing range. As she put on the Cloud-Treading Boots, she took out the Jade Slip and inserted her divine sense.

A moment later, she withdrew her divine sense. A small smile emerged on her face.

Her hunch was correct. Mo Yaoqing indeed left information in Mo Family’s Village about her passing. In this Jade Slip, Mo Yaoqing said she knew there wasn’t much time left in her lifespan, so she returned to Mo Family’s Village to leave opportunities for the later generations of the Mo family to enter the path towards immortality. In her jade tablet, she also left behind this Jade Slip which explained her intentions.

Later on, she intended to return to Linhai to explain future arrangements. Nevertheless, the location she prepared for her passing wasn’t inside Bixuan Court at all. Rather, it was a secret place she accidentally found in the olden days.

Apart from her, Bixuan Court had no other Nascent Soul cultivators, but what kind of genius was Mo Yaoqing? She had many magic weapons with formidable power. She was afraid that if she left these numerous magic weapons behind, they’d lead to disaster instead of fortune. After deliberating for a long time, she finally decided to leave behind some of the magic weapons and passed them on to her disciples, and she kept her other possessions in the location where she passed away. Later, she left behind some clues in her previous Immortal’s Cave. No matter whether it was the descendants of the Mo family or Bixuan Court’s disciples, those who reached the Nascent Soul realm would be able to see through her restrictions and discover this information.

Several thousand years passed by. Things had progressed beyond Mo Yaoqing’s expectations. Mo Tiange was only in the Core Formation realm, but relying on her divine sense, which had been toughened through the Soul-Refining Art, and her proficiency in formations and restrictions, she was able to find this Jade Slip.

What intrigued Mo Tiange was that some things that weren’t in Mo Yaoqing’s personal note were recorded on this Jade Slip. For example, Mo Yaoqing mentioned that she had some detailed notes of her cultivation insights. Not only had she recorded more than a thousand years’ worth of her comprehension in practicing the Art of Sunu, but she also recorded secret places she’d gone to as well as her experiences in detail. All of this was precious information and all of it was stored by Mo Yaoqing where she passed away.

This excited Mo Tiange greatly. It had to be known that Mo Yaoqing’s personal note only contained things she wrote in passing like magic art practices, pill recipe modifications, and some unripe concepts. However, using this note alone, Mo Tiange was able to refine the Heaven and Earth Fan and obtain a great advantage.

According to what was recorded inside this Jade Slip, Mo Yaoqing’s notes of her cultivation insights were written in detail and were written when she didn’t have much time left in her lifespan. In that case, the concepts on the notes should be fully-formed! Their value far surpassed the personal note. Besides, Mo Yaoqing also recorded the entry routes to the various secret places she’d gone—they could be of use someday.

It didn’t take Mo Tiange too long to come up with a decision. Since she found a clue, she would go and take a look. As long as she followed the clues left behind by Mo Yaoqing, she shouldn’t be in any danger.

That being the case, this trip to Linhai was one she certainly had to go on.

Upon returning to Kunzhong City, Mo Tiange notified the steward of Xuanqing School’s branch then took Tang Shen and started her journey.

Regarding the medicinal pills required for core-formation, she pretended that the branch’s steward bought them and gave Tang Shen some Dustless Pills, Extreme Clear Pills, and the like, which she actually concocted herself.

Tang Shen was beside himself with delight when he discovered the superb quality of these medicinal pills. He thought Mo Tiange had used some special methods of obtaining them, so he was extremely grateful.

Mo Tiange naturally wouldn’t tell the truth. She just let his assumptions run rampant.

With a Core Formation cultivator looking after him, Tang Shen arrived in the vicinity of Mount Yuheng in the east Kunwu very safely—cultivators who were in the Core Formation realm and above rarely roamed about in the secular world. However, when he came to Kunwu, Demonic Mountain had just opened, so high level cultivators were everywhere, thus explaining his bad luck of falling into a Nascent Soul cultivator’s hands.

Mo Tiange also pointed out this matter to Tang Shen. When handling a matter, people not only had to consider themselves, but they also had to take their environment into consideration sometimes. If it wasn’t because his arrival to Kunwu coincided with the opening of Demonic Mountain, he wouldn’t have been so unlucky.

Tang Shen listened obediently. Although he wasn’t younger than Mo Tiange, he was far inferior to her in regards to experience and sensibility—he was well aware of this.

Bixuan Court’s guildhall was in the vicinity of Mount Yuheng. This was only a small guildhall with a dozen or so people. In Mount Yuheng, it wasn’t remarkable in the slightest. Those who weren’t in the know might only take it to be a small shop. This small shop sold some products unique to the Eastern Sea. In Mount Yuheng, the shop could also be considered unusual, so its business was quite good.

Nevertheless, Tang Shen told Mo Tiange that this small shop only sold some common goods. As for the real precious materials, they sold them directly to cultivation groups and big clans in the vicinity. This generated quite a lot of income for Bixuan Court.

Mo Tiange felt a bit excited when she heard that. The Eastern Sea had a kind of product that didn’t exist in Kunwu—the beast cores of demonic beasts from the sea. These beast cores weren’t the same as beast cores of demonic beasts in the southern forests; these cores could be concocted into special medicinal pills. It would be great if she could facilitate a beast core business deal between Bixuan Court and Xuanqing School. After all, with her facilitating the deal, Xuanqing School wouldn’t push the price too low, while other cultivation groups would inevitably use their power to pressure others. Furthermore, Xuanqing School would also have one additional channel to gather materials.

However, this wasn’t an urgent matter for now. Low ranking demonic beasts didn’t have beast cores, and based on the news passed on by the guildhall, Bixuan Court currently still had no Core Formation cultivators. That meant they still didn’t have the ability to go hunting for the beast cores of high-ranking demonic beasts in the sea.

After they arrived in Bixuan Court’s guildhall, the two of them stepped on to the Transporting Formation under a respectful send off from the steward and they thus proceeded towards Linhai.