Lady Cultivator - Chapter 324 - Meet Tang Shen Again

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Chapter 324: Meet Tang Shen Again

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Mo Tiange hadn’t seen Tang Shen for forty years, but she wouldn’t mistake his voice. After all, they were imprisoned in the Dao-Achieving Pagoda at Bixuan Court together for twenty years and had long familiarized themselves with each other’s voices and frequently-used phrases.

The two people stopped outside for a moment. The Core Formation cultivator who had captured Tang Shen said carelessly, “Let you go? Lad, I almost got killed trying to save you, and this is the way you treat your rescuer?”

Tang Shen was speechless. “I, I…”

Inside the room, Mo Tiange, who had concealed her breath, frowned slightly. What that person meant was that he snatched Tang Shen from the hands of others?

Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This Tang Shen! Didn’t he know that his Pure Yang Constitution could be easily discovered by high-level cultivators if he couldn’t stay low? A Pure Yang Constitution wasn’t as noticeable as a Pure Yin constitution, but if there were one or two high-level female cultivators who wanted to grab him, that would still be a disaster! Even if Tang Shen didn’t think about this, would Wei Haolan also not have thought about this? How did she let Tang Shen come to Kunwu like this?! Mo Tiange wondered if anyone had come with him, and if so, where was that person?

She had so many questions to ask Tang Shen. Mo Tiange clenched the Heaven and Earth Fan in her hand. No matter what, she needed to save Tang Shen first.

“Lad, you’re lucky you came across me. You should be grateful to me; do you know that?” As this man finished talking, a sword aura suddenly darted toward the window.

Mo Tiange unfolded the Heaven and Earth Fan and revealed the mountains and water faintly, successfully blocking the sword light. Then her sleeves vibrated, the formation disc started with the array flags erected, and the Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation was about to be activated!

“Hmph!” The man missed one chance and retreated far away immediately. He said coldly, “How dare an unimportant Core Formation cultivator in the early stage ambush me! You used a wise Breath-Concealing Technique. Pitiful that my divine sense discovered you ahead of time!”

Mo Tiange was a little shocked. So that’s how things stood. She thought her own divine sense was strong enough, but this man also had a powerful divine sense and had long discovered her before she concealed her breath! She must be conscious of this in the future and could never overlook it again.

However, although this person was in the late stage of the Core Formation realm and was a sword cultivator, she shouldn’t be afraid! She understood how to use Heaven and Earth Fan correctly, and she also had this Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation with her now, so her chance of success was very high. Even if she lost, she could escape.

The Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation started, revealing lights immediately; the four symbol divine beasts flashed faintly in the four corners, and beyond the light, countless petals were flying. Whether it was the four images or a hundred flowers, they were the result of a flash of spiritual aura and weren’t real. But the murderous intention hidden among them was real!

The sword light flashed again, shooting in through the window, but it was blocked by the light shield the moment it touched the Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation. At the same time, countless petals gushed out, almost swallowing the man.

Mo Tiange saw this man pulling Tang Shen through the window, sword lights flying all over to block all the petals outside. Then his sword aura surged and pushed away all the petals!

Petals scattered, exposing the male cultivator in the middle who was wearing black clothes.

“It’s you!” Mo Tiange burst out.

Upon hearing her voice, the two people outside were stunned at the same time. Tang Shen then shouted very happily, “Elder Ye!”

The sword cultivator in the late stage of the Core Formation realm in black was Jing Xingzhi!

Jing Xingzhi slowed his movements and revealed a look of confusion. After a while, he seemed to recognize Mo Tiange’s voice. “You’re… Mo Qingwei?!”

Mo Tiange waved the array flag and the Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation stopped.

She said, “Yes, Fellow Daoist Jing. It’s been a while.”

Mo Tiange said this calmly, but waves were already surging in her heart. The last time she saw Jing Xingzhi was when she met Master Song Feng and was almost tricked by him. When she woke up, Jing Xingzhi had already left because Qin Xi told him to do so.

This also made Mo Tiange feel quite relieved at that time. Although nothing happened, it was still unpleasant to see Jing Xingzhi.

It had been so long and she and Qin Xi had gotten along very well and had entirely forgotten about Jing Xingzhi. She didn’t expect that Jing Xingzhi had also escaped Demonic Mountain and that they would meet here.

Jing Xingzhi was silent for a while then said, “It’s been a while.”

The light in the room came on. Mo Tiange pushed the window open and Jing Xingzhi happened to land down with Tang Shen.

Over a decade had passed, but Jing Xingzhi still looked the same. However, he seemed to be injured at this time, and his spiritual aura was a little unstable.

Tang Shen was very happy. As soon as he saw Mo Tiange, he said with surprise, “Elder Ye, you’re really here! You’ve advanced to the Core Formation realm!”

Mo Tiange smiled at him. Tang Shen’s cultivation level was still in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm, but he had reached the peak of this stage. Perhaps he came to Kunwu to practice this time?

Mo Tiange then said to Jing Xingzhi, “Fellow Daoist Jing, I don’t know how my friend has offended you. If he did, I want to apologize to you on his behalf.”

Jing Xingzhi gave her a look then looked at Tang Shen, frowning. “You know him?”

“Yes.” Mo Tiange smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Jing, please give him a pass.”

After a while, upon seeing as Jing Xingzhi didn’t react, Mo Tiange continued: “If my friend offended you, Fellow Daoist Jing, just tell me and I’ll provide you with compensation.”

“Compensation?” Jing Xingzhi glanced at her with a faint smile. “Fellow Daoist Qingwei, how will you compensate me? This young friend has a Pure Yang Constitution, a good object for female cultivators to absorb. I’m afraid you have nothing to compensate me?”

Mo Tiange revealed a serious look. So Jing Xingzhi knew what constitution Tang Shen had? What exactly did Tang Shen do to attract others’ attention? Otherwise, no high-level cultivators would be so bored to check a low-ranking cultivator’s qualifications since they would figure it out easily if they wanted to.

“However…” Jing Xingzhi changed the subject suddenly. “Since you mentioned it, Fellow Daoist Qingwei, I can’t just ignore it. You can have this lad if you like.” His eyes flashed, but he then said again, “I just wonder if Fellow Daoist Shoujing would be jealous if he found out about it?”

Mo Tiange paused and her face blackened. “You don’t need to worry about that, Fellow Daoist Jing!”

Jing Xingzhi smiled and didn’t get angry. He just said to Tang Shen, “Okay lad, you can go now.”

Tang Shen didn’t dare to believe he was set free so easily. “Predecessor, do you really mean it?”

Jing Xingzhi lowered his eyes and said, “If if anyone else asked, I wouldn’t have agreed. But Mo Qingwei made the request personally. How could I say no?”

Jing Xingzhi gave face to Mo Tiange, which the latter should’ve been happy about. But according to his words, he seemed to be indicating that there was some kind of special relationship between them, which made Mo Tiange quite annoyed. But then Jing Xingzhi continued, “Anyway, it was me who did something bad to you and Qin Shoujing first, so now that I’m giving this lad to you, we’ll be even.”

Mo Tiange was stunned and the unhappiness in her heart was gone. The cause of that incident back then wasn’t Jing Xingzhi’s fault; he was also set up. But he thought he was responsible for what happened to her and Qin Xi, so he wasn’t a bad person.

After being silent for a while, Mo Tiange said softly, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Jing.”

Jing Xingzhi shook his hand and found a chair to sit. He was about to pour himself a cup of tea when he suddenly coughed.

Mo Tiange heard the spiritual aura surging in his coughing. Apparently, he had been injured and couldn’t hide it any longer.

Mo Tiange thought for a moment then took out a jade bottle from her clothes and put it down, saying, “Take these medicinal pills as a thank you from me on behalf of him.” When she heard them talking earlier, Mo Tiange learned that Jing Xingzhi had snatched Tang Shen from others, so it was like he had saved Tang Shen.

Jing Xingzhi rested his eyes on the jade bottle and didn’t refuse. “Okay, I’ll accept them.”

Mo Tiange smiled and gave Tang Shen the eye then said, “Since the matter’s settled, we’ll take our leave first. I hope we can meet again someday.”

Jing Xingzhi nodded, turned around and stopped looking at them.

Mo Tiange waved her hand to release the White Silk Handkerchief, flying away with Tang Shen.

It was already dark, the gates of Kunzhong City had been closed with restrictions, and it was very troublesome to break them. Mo Tiange thought for a moment then she decided to take Tang Shen to Xuanqing School’s branch and settle there temporarily.

The arrival of a Core Formation Elder made the head of the branch very nervous. When learning that Mo Tiange would stay only one night, he seemed a little relieved and hurriedly vacated an excellent courtyard.

After the two of them had settled in, Mo Tiange waved off the others and had the chance to ask Tang Shen: “What’s going on? Why did you come to Kunwu? How did you get captured by others?”

Tang Shen was surprised to see many of those Foundation Building cultivators treating Mo Tiange so respectfully, and upon hearing this, he answered immediately. “Elder Ye, I came to find you.”

“Oh?” Mo Tiange was even more confused. “I left my name and identity with you, so if you were going to find me, you should’ve gone to Xuanqing School. Why did you get stuck halfway? What happened exactly? And why did you want to see me?” Did something bad happen to Bixuan Court?

Upon hearing this, Tang Shen immediately told her everything.

It turned out that Tang Shen had been in Kunwu for over a decade. During these years, no Core Formation cultivators had appeared at Bixuan Court, so Tang Shen remained the Elder all that time. However, since they found spirit stone veins in the Eastern Sea, things were much better at Bixuan Court. They could afford spirit pills or objects if they needed any.

The reason why Tang Shen came to Kunwu was because there were two cultivators in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm in Bixuan Court who had cultivated smoothly and were going to advance, but the medicinal pills required for advancement were very rare and hard to get. Even if you wanted to buy some in Kunwu with spirit stones, it would be difficult to buy them. Wei Haolan had no other alternative. As she knew Mo Tiange was from a big sect, she thought Mo Tiange might know how to get those pills, so she wanted to ask Mo Tiange for help.

Tang Shen heard about this, so he strongly insisted he perform this task. At first, Wei Haolan didn’t agree but Tang Shen was very stubborn, so in the end, he got what he wanted.

Speaking of which, maybe it was just that Tang Shen wasn’t so lucky. He came all the way to Kunwu and stayed low key as he knew he wasn’t the Young Sir Tang who didn’t know anything like before. However, his appearance and outfits didn’t portray him that way. Some people with bad intentions still recognized his possible identity and spotted him. Tang Shen wasn’t weak, so he fought back and killed all those people, but he then happened to meet a Nascent Soul cultivator who was interested in him and probed to find his unique constitution and was captured immediately.

At that time, Demonic Mountain opened. The Nascent Soul cultivator took Tang Shen with him to Demonic Mountain, who originally intended to dispose of him after getting out of the mountain. It seemed the Nascent Soul cultivator wanted to prepare Tang Shen for the younger generation as a Human Furnace.

Who could’ve expected the unforeseen events that happened on Demonic Mountain? The Nascent Soul cultivator died, and Tang Shen fell into the hands of the Nascent Soul cultivator’s disciple.

The disciple was in the middle stage of the Core Formation realm. Since Jade Palace was dangerous, the Nascent Soul cultivator told his disciple to take Tang Shen out of Demonic Mountain first, which was why the two of them escaped the disaster.