Lady Cultivator - Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Inventory

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There was nothing unordinary about Mo Tiange’s trip back. When she arrived at the little courtyard they rented, she headed directly to her uncle’s room.

Ye Jiang was startled to see her appearance. He asked, “Xiaotian, what happened?”

Mo Tiange said while trembling, “Second Uncle, I… I killed someone!”

Ye Jiang was surprised but he soon said in a calm manner, “So? You need to get used to it or else how can you continue walking on this path?” He did ask with a bit of concern: “Who did you kill? Did someone try to rob you?”

“No.” Mo Tiange shook her head. Seeing that her uncle was so unperturbed, she gradually regained her composure and recounted everything that happened.

Ye Jiang frowned. He pondered for a moment and finally asked, “Did you leave any trace in the forest? Did anyone see you on your way back?”

Mo Tiange shook her head. “I cleaned everything. Even if others find that place, they won’t find any clues. When I came back, I took a long detour. No one saw me.”

Ye Jiang was relieved and said, “Not to worry. Since they won’t find any clues, they won’t know you killed those people. Besides, you have Second Uncle here. Although I’m severely wounded, I’m still a genuine Foundation Building cultivator. Those two cultivation clans you mentioned are nothing—they’re just small cultivation clans. Even if we can’t defeat them, we can always run away.”

Having someone to console her, Mo Tiange’s heart finally calmed down. She then remembered the Qiankun Bags she had on her and took them out. She said, “Second Uncle, that man killed because of something called Enchanting Lantern. I took it with me. Take a look—what kind of amazing thing is it?”

Unlike Mo Tiange, when Ye Jiang saw the Enchanting Lantern, he frowned straightaway. After a long time, he finally spoke, “Enchanting Lantern is indeed a treasure that has been passed down through generations in the Huang Clan. People say it’s a magic weapon. Once this lantern is used, a 100 feet radius maze will appear with the lantern as its center. However, this lantern is a magic weapon; magic weapons can only display their full power if they’re used by a Core Formation cultivator. An Aura Refining cultivator would have difficulty in using it. Moreover, its power wouldn’t be too strong. Ever since the Core Formation cultivator of the Huang Clan fell, no one has been able to completely utilize its full power.”

Ye Jiang then smiled and stared at her. “It was also a fated chance that you received it. But now it’s still inappropriate for you to use it. For the time being, keep this Enchanting Lantern and refine it in secret. You have to advance to at least the Foundation Building realm before you can use it.”

Mo Tiange didn’t kill that man because she wanted to steal his treasure. This was just how the fights of magical powers went. Besides, she was just learning from the example she saw, so she didn’t feel sorry. She just complied with Ye Jiang and stored the Enchanting Lantern.

Mo Tiange suddenly remembered another matter and said, “Second Uncle, today I panicked and used most of my talismans; Immortals Assembly will begin next month, so what should we do?”

Ye Jiang also felt helpless and said, “That was the first time you fought an enemy alone. Since you had no experience and panicked, things naturally turned out like that. However, fortunately the fight turned out the way it did. This boy surnamed An actually had several powerful spirit tools in his Qiankun Bag. He couldn’t take them out because he was restricted by your talismans. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to kill him so easily like you did today.”

Mo Tiange had a sudden realization after she heard his words. It was no wonder she just felt nervous but didn’t at all feel it hard to beat him—turned out it was because she was lucky. It was precisely because she frantically tossed out her talismans that she was able to kill the man without giving him the chance to use any powerful spirit tools. If she hadn’t done that, the day could’ve ended very differently for her.

Having pondered for a long time, Ye Jiang finally said, “You can collect these two people’s talismans to make up for your lost supply. Just take them—talismans are all the same. You don’t have to worry about being caught. Tomorrow, take our remaining spirit stones and buy a few more. After that, your supply presumably won’t be far less than before. Furthermore, in these past few days, I’ve studied an alternate method for Spirit-Trapping Formation which will allow you to lay the formation in an instant. In the next few days, you should learn it. Having formations to help you will definitely make things a lot easier for you.”

He heaved another sigh and said, “If you can’t succeed this time, don’t force yourself. You’re still young. At worst, we’ll just try in other places.”

“En.” Mo Tiange also knew that for Second Uncle, survival was the most important. The longest life expectancy for Aura Refining cultivators was 200 years old. She was still seventeen years old, so how her future would look like was still unknown. It wasn’t worthwhile putting her life in danger like other cultivators did.

“Alright, go back and think about your fight today—what you didn’t do well enough and so on. Maybe it would be useful during the Immortals Assembly. You also have to adjust your spiritual power. Before the Immortals Assembly begins, your whole body has to be adjusted to its best condition.”

Mo Tiange made a complying tone as a response and went back to her own room so as to not disturb Second Uncle’s recuperation any longer.

Having just experienced killing someone, Mo Tiange wasn’t in the mood to cook something to eat. Thus, she ran her aura and adjusted her breath to replenish the spiritual aura she used then began cultivating. When dawn arrived, she finally opened her eyes, intending to take stock of the two people’s Qiankun Bags.

First was the woman’s Qiankun Bag. There were several talismans inside; however, she was completely stunned when she swept her gaze over the talismans. Each of them was more effective than ten low-grade talismans!

Mo Tiange was exhilarated. She had so many talismans at hand before because she deliberately bought them for the Immortals Assembly. However, she could only afford the low-grade ones. High-grade talismans for Aura Refining cultivators could only be created by Foundation Building cultivators, so their price wasn’t at all cheap. Because Second Uncle was injured, he couldn’t personally make the talismans himself. Moreover, they also didn’t have too many spirit stones, so they couldn’t afford to buy the high-grade ones.

After counting them, she found five talismans in total. Three of them had fire attributes while the others had water attributes. Unlike spells, the usage of talismans wasn’t restricted by what spiritual roots one had. They could be used as long as the user had some spiritual aura. If Aura Refining cultivators fought with their magical powers, they definitely had to have talismans with them.

However, the use of talismans was limited to one’s financial resources. Those who could throw a lot of talismans were usually children or disciples of schools, sects or clans. As for Mo Tiange, her talismans were indeed the result of saving little by little for a long time.

But with these five talismans, the talismans she spent wouldn’t mean anything. She used about forty or fifty talismans during the fight, but these five talismans completely made up for them.

She then took a look at the other objects. There were several spirit tools with considerably good quality, but they weren’t comparable with the Enchanting Lantern in any way. Besides, they had to be refined before she could use them. If she tried to use them now, some people might recognize them. Moreover, she already had the Green-Wood Sword. Second Uncle said her father used it in the past. Since she refined the sword, she didn’t need to change her spirit tool before she entered the Foundation Building realm. After all, spirit tools had to be nourished and refined for a long time before they could be used according to the user’s commands.

In addition to those, there were also several bottles of various medicinal pills that were all commonly used among Aura Refining cultivators. But what made Mo Tiange happy was that there was a bottle of Aura-Nourishing Pills, which she currently lacked. There was also a bottle of Look-Preserving Pills which the woman probably spent a lot of spirit stones to buy. This would allow people to preserve the youthfulness they had in their teens. Nevertheless, Mo Tiange didn’t need this. She was only seventeen years old. Furthermore, the Art of Sunu already had the effect of preserving youthfulness and made women even more beautiful. There were also several jade boxes that contained some kind of spiritual plants which she didn’t recognize.

Next was the man’s Qiankun Bag. Its contents were more or less the same—spirit tools, medicinal pills, talismans, and clothes.

The An Clan obviously fared slightly better than the Huang Clan. Although this man’s talismans were neither numerous nor high-graded, his spirit tools and medicinal pills were far better than the woman’s. There was even a bottle of Aura-Converging Pills among his possessions. Aura-Converging Pills were the best medicinal pills for Aura Refining cultivators to reinforce their vital essence and strengthen their primordial aura. Its efficacy was several times higher than Aura-Nourishing Pills. Unless he was a disciple with some kind of high position in a cultivation group or had a high-level cultivator as his elder, ordinary Aura Refining cultivators wouldn’t have the opportunity to use this.

Mo Tiange was delightedly storing everything away when she suddenly found a huge bright pearl among the objects. It looked like a pearl meant to absorb spiritual aura. She tried to put her spiritual aura into it but found that it was completely different from her Spirit-Gathering Pearls. There seemed to be a layer of something on its surface that blocked spiritual aura from entering it.

Well, since the objects she received today were ample enough, she didn’t really care about it. She then put all the useless items in a separate Qiankun Bag while all the useful ones went into her own bag.

After doing so much work, she finally felt hungry. Recalling that she still had the rabbit and the wild herbs from yesterday’s hunting trip, she brought a pot out from the corner of the room and scooped out some water from the water jar outside to wash the pot. She then prepared and cleaned the rabbit as well as the wild herbs and some mushrooms before putting it all into the pot to make a stew.

Naturally, this stew wasn’t made with a method from the secular world. It was cooked with a spell. She started preparing her own meals as a child. Later, when she lived at the ancestral house, she often took advantage of the time Aunt Lin wasn’t around to cook food to eat in the middle of the night. Therefore, after she realized that spiritual beasts could be eaten, she started cooking them for her meals. In the beginning, Second Uncle completely disagreed with her actions; he believed cultivators shouldn’t be greedy eaters. Nevertheless, after he personally tasted her craft and realized that it didn’t increase the impurities in his body at all, he just let her be.

After she gave half a pot of stew to Second Uncle and ate and drank her fill, she still felt a bit uneasy and decided to go find some news.