Lady Cultivator - Chapter 319 - Offer a Spiritual Panacea

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Chapter 319: Offer a Spiritual Panacea

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Lord Daoist Zhenyang intended to hold a very grand Nascent Soul Ceremony for Qin Xi just like Lord Daoist Xuanyin’s, but Qin Xi refused. He believed that since Xuanqing School was becoming more and more prosperous while Tiandao Sect was declining day by day, if they still held a big ceremony like last time, it would seem rather provocative. It would be better if they just stayed low.

Lord Daoist Zhenyang accepted it after some consideration. Xuanqing School was never a high-key sect, so they should be modest.

Mo Tiange found it funny after hearing about Qin Xi’s rant. She believed he just didn’t want to socialize with others and found an excuse! But this was good anyway as she wouldn’t have to bother dealing with people either.

After learning that she had returned safely, many of her friends in the sect sent greetings through Summoning Talismans. Luo Fengxue even paid a visit herself.

Mo Tiange then heard a lot of gossip from Luo Fengxue.

First, there was news about Junior Martial Brother Bai Yanfei who didn’t discover that Senior Martial Sister Wu was stubborn and loved to control him until after their marriage. Junior Martial Brother Bai Yanfei was very annoyed, yet his Master Lord Daoist Zhenyang cherished Senior Martial Sister Wu very much and he just couldn’t do anything to her.

Speaking of which, Luo Fengxue gloated and mocked this Junior Martial Brother Bai without mercy.

Junior Martial Sister Jiang, who was disappointed in both her love and career, had lived a wonderful life over the past several decades. Originally, her qualifications weren’t bad, and through decades of dedication to cultivation, she unexpectedly advanced from the early stage of the Foundation Building realm to the late stage! Such fast progress was rare throughout the entire Celestial Pole. If things went well in her future cultivation, she might form her Gold Core when she was about a hundred and fifty years old or so.

Meanwhile, Junior Martial Brother Bai still hadn’t reached the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm. Mo Tiange wondered if he was bitter about seeing his Junior Martial Sister surpassing him or not.

On this matter, Luo Fengxue commented, “In my opinion, it’s lucky that Junior Martial Sister Jiang didn’t marry him or she wouldn’t have made those accomplishments. I feel pity Senior Martial Sister Wu so much. She takes care of chores for him every day and has little time to cultivate, alas!”

Luo Fengxue was very popular among the female disciples. Senior Martial Sister Wu was warm and mild in personality, and she presumably also had a good relationship with Senior Martial Sister Wu.

Apart from all this, Mo Tiange’s other old friends were all living good lives now.

During the past decade, Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu on Soul’s Retreat Peak had already formed his Golden Core. Roughly counting, it was nearly seventy years ago when Mo Tiange first met him. At that time, he was already in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm, and his cultivation had progressed very smoothly, so forming his Gold Core was just a matter of time.

Ye Jingwen wasn’t so lucky, though—he tried once but failed. However, he was still young. At only a little over a hundred years old, there was no need for him to be anxious.

Luo Fengxue talked with Mo Tiange for a long time before leaving because they hadn’t seen each other for ten years, after all. Luo Fengxue also congratulated Mo Tiange, feeling a little embarrassed. “Tiange, congratulations! How does it feel to perform Dual Cultivation?”

Mo Tiange was also a little embarrassed, so she pretended to be angry. “I haven’t even given you trouble for that yet. Senior Martial Brother Qin? You lied to me along with everyone else!”

Luo Fengxue laughed. “That’s what you think; I didn’t clarify it at best, but I didn’t lie.”

“Fine! You knew I was being cheated, yet you didn’t tell me!” Mo Tiange grunted.

“Okay okay!” Luo Fengxue had enough laughter and came to clasp Mo Tiange’s shoulder. “I knew your relationship with him must’ve been special when Martial Uncle Shoujing came back with you. But I still find it surprising. You’re a lucky dog!”

Mo Tiange also smiled. “He’s a lucky dog too!”

Luo Fengxue was stunned and began to laugh again. She patted Mo Tiange’s shoulder. “Okay, since you’re going to move, I won’t bother you now. I’m going back. Remember to pay me a visit later.”

“En.” Mo Tiange got up and saw her out the door.

Luo Fengxue left Mo Tiange’s cave and flew into the air. She lowered her head and happened to see Qin Xi entering with Mo Tiange, so she sighed and thought, ” Second martial sister must be sad.” However, as she recalled that Mo Tiange said: “He’s a lucky dog, too!”, Luo Fengxue felt perhaps this was why Qin Xi liked Mo Tiange.

As soon as Luo Fengxue left, Qin Xi arrived and asked Mo Tiange immediately, “When will you move?”

As she listened to his impatient tone, Mo Tiange smiled. “What’s the rush? I’m going to move anyway.”

Qin Xi said without any hesitation: “I miss you.”

Though the two of them had long been intimate, Mo Tiange’s face still turned red upon hearing this. “Well, okay, the Steward’s Hall has settled everything, so I can move any time.”

Qin Xi was overjoyed. He held her hands and wanted to move immediately. “Let’s go!”

“Wait!” Mo Tiange was speechless and said, “I have other things to do!”

Qin Xi’s eyes widened. “Didn’t you say everything has been settled? What other things could there be?”

He looked suspicious, evidently thinking that she was making an excuse. Mo Tiange felt annoyed and befuddled. She said, “What are you in a hurry to do? The Steward’s Hall will handle those things, but since it’s not dark yet, we can go visit Master!”

“Oh.” As Mo Tiange mentioned Lord Daoist Jinghe, Qin Xi shook away his suspicion and asked her, “What medicinal pills should we offer Master?”

Mo Tiange thought for a moment and answered, “Nine-turn Spiritual Heart Pills, Clear Golden Pills, Tai Yi Pulse Pills—these are all okay. Aside from those, we can take two Flowerless Golden Fruits.”

“The Flowerless Golden Fruits will soon wither after being picked. How should we explain things?”

Mo Tiange laughed. “What’s so hard to explain? You’re now a Nascent Soul cultivator; would there be any issue with you keeping Flowerless Golden Fruits fresh for a year or so using special methods?”

Qin Xi thought for a moment and nodded. “You’re right. If I surrounded Flowerless Golden Fruits with lots of spiritual aura and sealed them with special talisman, they might not keep for a very long time, but a year or so wouldn’t be a problem.”

After reaching this agreement, the two of them entered the Virtual Sky World to make preparations. There were two Flowerless Golden Trees in the Virtual Sky World, one of which was bearing fruit. Flowerless Golden Fruits were only useful to cultivators in and above the Nascent Soul realm. Mo Tiange was still in the Core Formation realm and Qin Xi had just reached the Nascent Soul realm, so they hadn’t picked any fruit yet.

The two Flowerless Golden Trees were both tens of thousands of years old. Flowerless Golden Trees were a kind of spiritual tree with a long life. They would bear fruit every hundred years, and they only bore a few fruit each time. Thus, Qin Xi and Mo Tiange picked the fruits very carefully, putting them into a jade box. Qin Xi sealed the spiritual aura with great effort.

Then the two of them left the Virtual Sky World and went to Shangqing Palace together.

Lord Daoist Jinghe was still in the Closed Room, and Lord Daoist Zhenyang was also present this time.

Upon seeing them coming over, Lord Daoist Zhenyang smiled kindly. “Shoujing, Qingwei, what are you doing here?”

“Martial Uncle Zhenyang.” Qin Xi and Mo Tiange greeted him.

“Good, good, there’s no need to salute me.” Lord Daoist Zhenyang stopped them in the middle of a salute. Actually, Lord Daoist Zhenyang was happy to see Qin Xi had reached the Nascent Soul realm.

Mo Tiange and Qin Xi got up then saluted Lord Daoist Jinghe. “Master.”

Lord Daoist Jinghe looked to be in good spirits today. He smiled and said, “Good, good. I usually don’t see you two acting so polite. Marriage has changed you.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Tiange felt a little relieved inside. Master seems to be in good shape today; he even joked about us. Mo Tiange thought.

Before Mo Tiange and Qin Xi arrived, the two Nascent Soul Lord Daoists seemed to be talking about something. After Mo Tiange and Qin Xi took their seats, Lord Daoist Zhenyang asked again, “Shoujing, Qingwei, what are you doing here?”

Qin Xi answered, “We came to check on Master and wanted to see how we could help.”

“Oh, so that’s it.” Lord Daoist Zhenyang nodded and looked quite satisfied. “It’s good you’re trying to help. Your Master’s injuries don’t put his life at risk, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Good.” Qin Xi looked at Lord Daoist Jinghe and asked, “Martial Uncle Zhenyang, are there any medicinal pills that can heal Master’s injuries?”

“Yes, there are a few, but the required spirit herbs aren’t easy to find. Alas, nowadays, there are few materials and treasures in the world. Us Nascent Soul cultivators barely have any medicinal pills to use. Over the last ten years, I only produced a few medicinal pills for healing injuries.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Tiange and Qin Xi exchanged looks.

Qin Xi took out two jade boxes from his Qiankun Bag and said, “Master, Martial Uncle Zhenyang, Tiange and I profited from the misfortune this time on Demonic Mountain, and we gained some treasures. Would you like to see if they would be helpful for Master’s injuries?”

“Oh?” The two Lord Daoists were very surprised and happy. They trusted in Qin Xi’s good instincts. Since he said they were treasures, it must be very precious.

Lord Daoist Zhenyang took the jade boxes while listening to Qin Xi saying: “These are some medicinal pills. We obtained some spirit herbs but they weren’t suitable to keep, so we refined them into medicinal pills. Here are three Flowerless Golden Fruits. Fortunately, I formed my Nascent Soul; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to bring them back.”

“Flowerless Golden Fruit!” Both the two Lord Daoists were shocked and looked at each other. Lord Daoist Zhenyang put the other jade box aside then looked at the left jade box overflowing with spiritual aura, and he carefully peeled off the complex talisman on it.

When the box was opened, the two Lord Daoists gasped with amazement.

In the jade box laid three golden fruits. As soon as the cover was lifted open, the smell of sweet grass overwhelmed them.

“Flowerless Golden Fruit…” Lord Daoist Jinghe took a deep breath and murmured, “Right, these are Flowerless Golden Fruits. Judging by their pure color, the Flowerless Golden Tree must be ten thousand years old.”

Nascent Soul cultivators could identify the age of Flowerless Golden Fruit with only one look.

Lord Daoist Zhenyang watched for a long time before gasping and he turned to ask Qin Xi, “Where did you find a Flowerless Golden Tree? Do you still remember where it was?”

Qin Xi shook his head and said, “Ever since the abnormal changes on Demonic Mountain, everything has changed. Tiange and I encountered the tree when we were lost. The terrain was very special and we went back for it later, but we couldn’t find anything.”

Demonic Mountain was a place that wasn’t normal, so Qin Xi wouldn’t get exposed from just making up things.

Lord Daoist Zhenyang didn’t suspect him, sure enough. He just sighed pitifully.

Qin Xi asked again, “Martial Uncle Zhenyang, are these helpful for Master’s injuries?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe smiled and answered, “Of course they’re helpful. Cultivators below the Nascent Soul realm might not be able to stand the Flowerless Golden Fruits’ spiritual aura, but for Nascent Soul cultivators, one Flowerless Golden Fruit could equal several years of breath regulating.”

“Right.” Lord Daoist Zhenyang stared at the three fruits with reluctant eyes. It was also rare for him to see such spiritual objects. “With these three fruits, your Master’s healing time will be reduced by at least 30 years.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Tiange and Qin Xi looked at each other and were both very happy.

“Martial Uncle Zhenyang, check out these medicinal pills. Would these be useful for Master?”