Lady Cultivator - Chapter 312 - Left Demonic Mountain

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Chapter 312: Left Demonic Mountain

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Mo Tiange was very confident that she could advance to the Nascent Soul realm in a hundred years. That wasn’t talking big. With her talented qualifications, the Virtual Sky World, and Qin Xi, she could certainly achieve that goal as long as there weren’t any unexpected incidents.

Of course, she understood that advancing to the Nascent Soul realm wasn’t entirely determined by talent. Therefore, she had to work hard to cultivate in the next hundred years.

After Qin Xi came out from Closed Door Meditation and finished his chores, he remembered to ask Mo Tiange: “Now that I’ve successfully reached the Nascent Soul realm, why weren’t there any celestial phenomena when I came out?”

When Qin Xi formed his Nascent Soul, the spiritual aura in the whole Virtual Sky World condensed into spiritual beads. But aside from that, there was no thunder or clouds moving, and there weren’t any spiritual objects condensed from the spiritual aura. It indeed didn’t look like the aftermath of Nascent Soul advancement.

Mo Tiange had encountered a similar problem when she was forming her Gold Core, so she told them, “This Virtual Sky World is a closed space; how could there be celestial phenomena here? There also weren’t any changes when I advanced to the Core Formation realm, but the moment I left the Virtual Sky World, some celestial phenomena appeared.”

“I see.” Qin Xi asked again, “What’s going on outside? Shall we go out?”

Mo Tiange didn’t answer, but she cast spells to open the sky of the Virtual Sky World.

Red sky, black earth. Compared to the days before they entered the Virtual Sky World, Demonic Mountain seemed to have become a different world. Fortunately, the thunder, lightning and mountain shaking had all stopped.

“Things were stable only a year ago, but there are still a lot of free restrictions.” Mo Tiange said, “Over the last year, there have been no collapse of restrictions.”

“That’s good.” Qin Xi looked at the outside world and said, “Since that’s the case, we can prepare to go out.”

“Huh?” Mo Tiange was a little shocked. “We’re going to go out now? There are still a lot of restrictions out there.”

Qin Xi smiled and glanced at her. “Have you forgotten? Now that I’m a Nascent Soul cultivator, these small restrictions are no longer a threat.”

Mo Tiange pondered for a while and smiled. “I’m not used to this.” Demonic Mountain was very dangerous, but for Nascent Soul cultivators, as long as they didn’t go deep into dangerous places like Immortal’s Ruins, they wouldn’t be in great danger. Originally, the two of them were trapped and if they wanted to leave, they needed to resolve many problems. But now that Qin Xi had advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, those problems weren’t problems anymore such as the restrictions and their exit route.

In those days when Qin Xi and Ye Hai were trapped in Demonic Mountain, it was Ye Hai who used up all his spiritual aura to help Qin Xi get out. Now Qin Xi had become a Nascent Soul cultivator, he could break the restrictions entirely relying on his own high cultivation level to leave Demonic Mountain.

However, both Qin Xi and Mo Tiange recalled the quiet days there and felt a little reluctant to leave.

A few days later, the two of them finished preparations and left the Virtual Sky World.

As soon as they left the Virtual Sky World, they felt a very strong gale.

Qin Xi frowned and waved his sleeves to raise spiritual aura, blocking the gale outside. Then he got on his flying cloud and went to Immortal’s Ruins with Mo Tiange.

Along the way, the two of them encountered a lot of remains. Some were surrounded by Qiankun Bags, magic weapons and the like. Mo Tiange helped herself and took all of it.

On this trip to Demonic Mountain, Mo Tiange herself didn’t get any special treasures, but she also benefited quite a bit. Ten years ago, before they entered the Virtual Sky World, the two of them had taken advantage of the dead. Now, many cultivators were again implicated by the closing of the restrictions and died there, so their belongings could be picked up.

Upon watching Mo Tiange picking up the scattered Qiankun Bags happily, Qin Xi couldn’t help laughing. “You have your Virtual Sky World and you can get what you need from the sect every month; I don’t think you’re in need of spirit stones, right? Why do you like picking up things so much?”

Mo Tiange said very self-righteously and boldly, “You didn’t ever lack spirit stones, so you don’t know the pain of not having them. These things are right here before my eyes, and it’d be a waste if I didn’t pick them up.” Mo Tiange recalled those days with her second uncle when they were wandering around. She hated that each spirit stone couldn’t be split into two and put to use. She had always remembered the pain of lacking spirit stones, so it was impossible for her to ignore these Qiankun Bags.

Mo Tiange picked up objects all along the way, and the two of them slowly traveled toward Immortal’s Ruins.

After the shaking of the mountain and earth, the scenery on Demonic Mountain had changed completely. It took them a lot of time to find the right way.

Fortunately, Tens of Thousands of Feet Peak was broken in two during the collapse of restrictions this time. The remaining portion could be crossed easily without requiring the usual caution.

As they passed Tens of Thousands of Feet Peak and went back to Immortal’s Ruins, Mo Tiange asked, “Senior Martial Brother, is there any danger in breaking the restrictions here?”

When they were trapped in the Virtual Sky World, the entrance to Demonic Mountain had long been closed. The only way out was through the place Qin Xi discovered back then. In order to break restrictions, Qin Xi used his secret technique, the Art of Three Primordial Cycles, to raise his cultivation level to the Nascent Soul realm temporarily, but after he got out, his primordial aura suffered a great loss and his cultivation level dropped to the Aura Refining realm directly. It took him ten years to recover.

Qin Xi knew what she was worrying about, so he smiled and said, “Rest assured—the process of breaking restrictions isn’t dangerous. I’m a Nascent Soul cultivator now, so I won’t get hurt.”

“Oh.” Mo Tiange relaxed a little. Qin Xi had just entered the Nascent Soul realm and hadn’t stabilized yet. If he got hurt, it would be troubling.

“Come, this way.” After trying to orient himself for a while, Qin Xi finally identified their position then pulled her to fly to the restriction.

Since the opening of Demonic Mountain last time, it had been a decade, and the unrest it caused hadn’t subsided yet.

Throughout all the ages, Demonic Mountain had been in the Celestial Pole for millions of years. It had been documented and explored for over a hundred thousand years. Countless people had died there, but never had more people died than this time.

More than ninety years ago, the last time Demonic Mountain opened, great restrictions collapsed and many cultivators died. At that time, the whole Celestial Pole was in an uproar, calling it a disaster that hadn’t been seen for thousands of years.

But no one had expected that the next time Demonic Mountain opened, more people would die. Aside from those who left ahead of time, all the cultivators in the Aura Refining and Foundation Building realms died on the mountain. Core Formation cultivators weren’t that badly-off, but still, only about three-tenths escaped. Even half the Nascent Soul cultivators lost their lives!

Of course, the collapse of restrictions wasn’t the main cause of death of Nascent Soul cultivators. The reason why so many Nascent Soul cultivators fell was because they fought each other fiercely in the Jade Palace. But ordinary cultivators, even those from big sects, didn’t know this.

Ordinary cultivators only knew that over thirty Nascent Soul cultivators went to Demonic Mountain last time it opened, and only less than twenty of them got out. A dozen Nascent Soul cultivators died in there, including five to six from the seven schools and sects!

This number shook the entire Celestial Pole.

People knew that even Tiandao Sect, the number one sect in the Celestial Pole, only had seven Nascent Soul cultivators. Mathematically speaking, every sect could be considered to have lost one Nascent Soul cultivator each!

Among the seven sects, it would take each of them hundreds of years to nurture one Nascent Soul cultivator. Such a loss was more serious than that caused by any demonic beast.

For ten years, almost all cultivators in the Celestial Pole were remorseful that they experienced a rare, huge demonic beast riot seventy years ago, then they faced two consecutive Demonic Mountain disasters. They were afraid that it might take the Celestial Pole hundreds of years to recover its progress in cultivation.