Lady Cultivator - Chapter 311 - Reached The Nascent Soul Realm

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Chapter 311: Reached The Nascent Soul Realm

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In the cultivation room, Mo Tiange sat cross-legged.

The spiritual aura in her dantian was rich and had lots of Yang spiritual aura.

After such a long period of cultivation, the Yang spiritual aura had been successfully incorporated into her dantian and gathered into a whole with her Yin spiritual aura, forming a cycle.

Since she reached the Core Formation realm, the space of her dantian had expanded and was large enough for the Yin and Yang spiritual aura to flow together. The Yang spiritual aura she received from Qin Xi made her Art of the Origin really show its effect, and a real Origin appeared in her body.

After finishing a big orbit, Mo Tiange led the spiritual aura into her dantian. She stood up and walked out of the cultivation room.

Outside, the wind blew gently, bamboo leaves rustled, and Feifei rushed over at her with happy “squeaks”.

Xiaohuo had gone to cultivate. There were only two spiritual beasts in the Virtual Sky World. Feifei loved playing, but Xiaohuo wasn’t there with it. Feifei was just so happy to see Mo Tiange coming out.

Mo Tiange smiled. She petted Feifei for a while and gave it a few medicinal pills to comfort it then Feifei turned to play with several butterflies by itself.

Strangely, she had allowed the two spiritual beasts to eat the spirit herbs in the Virtual Sky World at will, but they seemed to prefer medicinal pills. Perhaps because medicinal pills were more tasty? After thinking this, Mo Tiange couldn’t help laughing. Then she felt a little bored, so she turned to look at the bamboo house closest to her.

It was Qin Xi’s cultivation room. It had been three years since he entered Closed Door Meditation for Nascent Soul realm advancement. His cultivation room had been quiet all the while. Only spiritual aura kept circulating in silence.

During this period, Mo Tiange figured out one thing. What people feared wasn’t not being able to get something but losing it after having had it. When she was alone and unconcerned, she wouldn’t feel anything if she had to perform a five-year, six-year, or even several-decade Closed Door Meditation. But since she got accustomed to living with him then suddenly lost him, her heart now felt unsettled.

Upon realizing this, Mo Tiange just smiled and didn’t feel annoyed. Before, she always worried about what she would do if she obtained something then lost it, so she was swayed by considerations of gain and loss the whole time. But in fact, so what if she lost something? Cherishing it when you still had it and adapting to it slowly when you lost it—that was a true free and easy mindset. If someone was too scared to obtain something, they would be too hesitant and that would get you nowhere.

In three years, she hadn’t reached the middle stage of the Core Formation realm, but she was close to the peak of the early stage of the Core Formation realm.

She had received as much benefits from Dual Cultivation as Qin Xi. When she hadn’t reached the Core Formation realm, Qin Xi once healed her wounds, so she received some Yang spiritual aura from him and knew what the Origin was. After they began to practice dual cultivation and with the confluence of Yin and Yang, she suddenly received a lot of Yang spiritual aura, so the Art of the Origin started to really work.

She originally thought her cultivation speed was extremely fast since she got the Sunu Art of the Origin, but after a real Origin was formed within her, she discovered the true meaning of the Art of the Origin.

The five elements were born together, and Yin and Yang met. The cycle repeated itself endlessly. Under those circumstances, the Primal Chaos started and life was born.

She needed to absorb Yin spiritual aura from the outside world before so that she could progress in her cultivation, but now, she could produce spiritual aura herself by the Origin in her body.

Of course, the speed of making spiritual aura wasn’t fast. If she wanted to practice normally, she still needed to absorb spiritual aura from the outside world and turn it into her own. However, she could produce spiritual aura by herself, which was unheard of in today’s immortal world. When she was absorbing spiritual aura, her body was also making spiritual aura, so her cultivation would always outpace others—this was the most powerful part!

She wondered if the same was true of Qin Xi after he had acquired her Yin spiritual aura. Theoretically, since his Art of Three Primordial Cycles needed a cycle of three kinds of aura, with similar principles to her Art of the Origin, his result should also be similar.

Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange rested her eyes on Qin Xi’s cultivation room.

Qin Xi hadn’t come out, but judging by the flow of spiritual aura in the Virtual Sky World, she knew he was progressing in this Closed Door Meditation smoothly. Perhaps he could really reach the Nascent Soul realm, but she didn’t know how long it might take him.

The duration of Closed Door Meditation to enter the Nascent Soul realm was generally longer than that for Core Formation, but it was different for different people, ranging from two years to ten years. Before Qin Xi’s Closed Door Meditation, his spiritual aura was rich, so technically it would be natural for him to achieve progress quickly. It shouldn’t take too much time.

As she thought like this, Mo Tiange became a little worried. It had been three years, yet he still hadn’t come out. He hadn’t even made any noise—had he encountered any problems?

But no matter whether Qin Xi encountered problems or not, she couldn’t do anything to help him. Nascent Soul advancement was never to be disturbed. The only thing she could do was wait outside. At least the spiritual aura was quiet and peaceful in the Virtual Sky World, so he should be fine.

Packing up her impatience, Mo Tiange continued living her quiet life that consisted of refining pills when her eyes were open and cultivating immortality when her eyes were closed. Time flew by with cultivation, and soon, two more years passed…

On one day, Mo Tiange, who was cultivating, suddenly opened her eyes.

She was connected to the Virtual Sky World, and she felt there happened to be a sudden big change in the Virtual Sky World just now.

She stood up and pushed the door open then was stunned.

In the Virtual Sky World, she saw the originally rich spiritual aura condensed into dew-like spiritual beads, with spiritual light reflected in the whole sky. Countless spiritual beads were pouring toward Qin Xi’s cultivation room, shining around the bamboo house and making it look like a fairyland.

Mo Tiange remembered that when Martial Uncle Xuanyin reached the Nascent Soul ream, such a scene also appeared on Clear Spring Peak, so she couldn’t help smiling. It looked like Qin Xi had come close to the Nascent Soul realm! As long as he kept his mind steady and broke through his Inner Demon, he would successfully reach the Nascent Soul realm!

Such thoughts filled her with joy, and she prayed in secret that Qin Xi could pass the final test and advance to the Nascent Soul realm. He had failed three times and had suffered enough setbacks. If he still couldn’t succeed, it would be far too disheartening.

The days passed and the spiritual light didn’t disperse for months.

In these months, Mo Tiange waited outside the cultivation room and never left for a moment.

In the beginning, Qin Xi’s cultivation room only attracted those spiritual beads slowly, but the speed increased gradually, and it became a large swirl. Countless spiritual beads were pouring toward the swirl, and accordingly, the spiritual aura pressure became more and more intense. Mo Tiange felt that she could barely stabilize her mind under the spiritual aura pressure and had to use the Soul-Refining Art with all her strength.

The stronger the spiritual aura pressure was, the happier she felt in her heart. Mo Tiange had the Soul-Refining Art, so even if Qin Xi was in the peak stage of the Core Formation realm, he couldn’t suppress her by spiritual aura pressure unless he became a Nascent Soul cultivator. This meant Qin Xi was close to advancing to the Nascent Soul realm!

Without knowing how much time had passed, Qin Xi opened his eyes gently in the cultivation room.

A few years’ time seemed like an eternity to him. He finally made it past his Inner Demon this time.

He smiled and lowered his head to look at his own hands.

He’d finally reached the Nascent Soul realm!

He stood up with spiritual aura around him as if spiritual birds were flying. His body was full of power—enough power to move mountains and drain the seas. This was what it felt like to be in the Nascent Soul realm…

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes again with a smile, and gently pushed the door open.

Eye to eye.

Several years of separation seemed like an eternity to him. He looked at the person in front of him greedily, not letting go of the slightest expression on her face.

In his Inner Demon dream, he successfully advanced to the Nascent Soul realm. A hundred years later, she also entered the Nascent Soul realm, and the two of them cultivated immortality together in the world, got a reputation in the Celestial Pole, then they entered the Deification Realm together. He didn’t immerse himself in the dream for too long this time. He jumped out of it quickly, because as long as he opened his eyes, what happened in the dream would become a reality in the real world. He didn’t need a dreamland.

Mo Tiange didn’t say anything nor did Qin Xi.

They just approached each other naturally and hugged each other in silence.

Because of this Nascent Soul advancement, they almost got separated from the whole world, but they finally realized their wishes today.

Mo Tiange smiled. She’d been waiting here for months without moving much, and her voice sounded hoarse. “Congratulations, Martial Uncle Shoujing. You’ve advanced to the Nascent Soul realm.”

Qin Xi also smiled. He couldn’t help but lower his head to bite her slightly. “What? Martial Uncle?”

“Isn’t it true?” Mo Tiange stood on tiptoe and also gave him a slight bite. She put her arms around him and teased, “You’ve advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, so you’re one of the Lord Daoists now. From now on, you’re not included in the sect’s order of seniority. Martial Uncle Shoujing, you can’t run away from robbing the cradle!”

“Then I won’t run.” Qin Xi held her around her waist and gathered a little strength to hold her up, kissing her lips.

Without knowing how much time had passed, a deep kiss that made it hard to breathe finally affirmed each other’s existence. Qin Xi held Mo Tiange and sat down directly on the step she was sitting before.

“How long did you wait outside?”

“…Not that long. I don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember?” Qin Xi lowered his head. “Is it that you don’t remember or you don’t want to tell me?”

Mo Tiange’s eyes rolled and she smiled. “Since you know I don’t want to tell you, why did you ask?”

“…Okay.” Qin Xi sighed. She didn’t want to tell him, so she certainly wouldn’t tell him. He then changed subjects. “How long did it take for my advancement?”

“Five years,” Mo Tiange answered then asked, “Did it go smoothly?”

Qin Xi nodded his head happily. “Very smoothly; there were almost no obstacles. But it took a lot of time to merge the Yin spiritual aura, so maybe that’s why the whole process took five years.”

“That’s good.” Mo Tiange was silent for a while then suddenly said, “I was so scared at that time that I feared you might break your Gold Core and encounter problems…” If he broke his Gold Core, all his cultivation progress would be gone. Usually, if cultivators failed in Core Formation, they could keep trying again and again, but Nascent Soul formation wasn’t like that. The risk of failure was too great.

This time, she had also wondered what she could do if he failed. But later, she dropped her doubts and confirmed her faith. Advancing to the Nascent Soul realm was a step that must be taken by cultivators who longed for immortality like them. Even though there would be dangers associated with breaking one’s Gold Core and losing all cultivation, could they avoid pursuing advancement to the Nascent Soul realm? Being in love didn’t mean they should be timid; they should move on even more bravely.

“How could that happen?” Qin Xi smiled and stared at her then continued lightly, “I’ll walk with you and embark with you on the road to becoming immortals.”

He said a few sweet words, but there were many oaths hidden in his sentences. Mo Tiange smiled and said, “Rest assured! A hundred years at most and I’ll reach the Nascent Soul realm too. Then we’ll cultivate to the Deification Realm together!”

“A hundred years…” He looked at her without blinking an eye then suddenly laughed. “In a hundred years, you wouldn’t even be two hundred years old. Are you so sure you’ll become the youngest Nascent Soul cultivator in the Celestial Pole?”

“Of course!” Mo Tiange said confidently without blushing. “I have talent, which is rare even in a span of a thousand years, and I’ve encountered fated chances that never appear in th