Lady Cultivator - Chapter 310 - A Natural Thing

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Chapter 310: A Natural Thing

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Qin Xi and Mo Tiange were trapped in a place like paradise. They bowed to Heaven and Earth and swore a blood oath, and what happened afterward was natural. Their quiet and tender life occasionally had an extra bit of sweetness.

Neither of them had an outgoing personality, so even though they had pledged love and began dual cultivation, they just enjoyed an additional bit of warmth.

Mo Tiange was very satisfied with this kind of life. She wouldn’t feel too lonely, but it also wouldn’t affect her cultivation either. They stayed with each other, accompanied each other, and they could discuss cultivation along with exchanging thoughts.

However, not long after they got together, Qin Xi noticed something had changed.

Then Mo Tiange also felt as if something was stirring within her dantian.

They both noticed each other’s restlessness.

Mo Tiange asked first: “Do you feel something is wrong?”

Qin Xi frowned heavily and nodded. He also asked, “What about you? Do you also feel…”

“En.” Mo Tiange was a little annoyed. “Well, what should we do about this? Will it be unstable, getting spiritual aura in this way?”

“How could that be?” Qin Xi laughed. If there was something wrong about this, why did many people in the cultivation world choose to perform dual cultivation? “Don’t overthink it; just practice.” After he paused for a while, he said again, “I was going to wait a little longer to advance to the Nascent Soul realm, but now it seems like I can’t wait.”


“The spiritual aura is surging within my body now. My dantian and meridian vessels aren’t enough to hold them. If I left the spiritual aura alone, it wouldn’t be good for me, so I have to advance to the Nascent Soul realm.”

“Oh…” Mo Tiange understood. When the spiritual aura accumulated to a certain extent, the body could no longer accommodate it, and it would automatically urge the owner to advance. Presumably he was now at this stage.

“When will you do that?”

Qin Xi thought for a while and said, “In three days, maybe. I can’t suppress the spiritual aura too long.”

“So soon?”

Qin Xi patted her head and smiled. “I have to. I didn’t expect this to happen after dual cultivation… It’s also probably hard for you to suddenly receive so much spiritual aura. Why don’t you take the time to have a Closed Door Meditation while I’m advancing? Maybe you can reach the middle stage of the Core Formation realm in one go.”

“En.” Mo Tiange nodded to accept his suggestion. She had been in the early stage of the Core Formation realm for about six to seven years, and she was adapting all the time. Now that she had her natal magic weapon and she had learned all kinds of cultivation techniques, it was time to continue Closed Door Meditation.

It was very difficult to reach the middle stage of the Core Formation realm in one shot. Usually, common cultivators would spend a hundred years in the early stage of the Core Formation realm, and even talented cultivators would need three to four decades. But of course, this didn’t mean that Mo Tiange had no chance at all. With the rich spiritual aura in Virtual Sky World, the countless Clear Sky Pills, and the Yang spiritual aura she got from Qin Xi… If her cultivation progressed smoothly, maybe Mo Tiange could really reach the middle stage of the Core Formation realm. But if so, it may cause instability again…

But anyway, she had to perform Closed Door Meditation even if the spiritual aura was unstable.

As the pair agreed, they prepared for their separate Closed Door Meditations in the following three days.

They had refined a lot of medicinal pills in the years when they were working in the medicinal fields, so they didn’t need to refine medicinal pills now. Thus, the preparation process was very simple. They only needed to rearrange the cultivation room for their Closed Door Meditations.

Advancing to the Nascent Soul realm was different from daily cultivation; the process mustn’t be disturbed. It wouldn’t even work if Mo Tiange merely watched on the side. Therefore, they had to be in separate cultivation rooms.

So Mo Tiange gave Qin Xi a set of Spirit Gathering Formations specifically from her Xuanji Formation Book and asked him to lay it in his separate cultivation room. The array formation Qin Xi used was good, but it wasn’t as good as Mo Tiange’s. Her Xuanji Formation Book could be considered the greatest formation book, and with this book, Mo Tiange could even rank among all the cultivators who practiced array formations in the Celestial Pole.

It only took them one day to get everything ready. For the remaining two days, they did nothing but hang out, talk and relax. Proper mental state was very important for Nascent Soul realm advancement and one’s mood was part of their state of mind.

When the third day came, Qin Xi checked the time and finally said, “It’s time.”

Mo Tiange saw his very serious expression, so she couldn’t help but ask, “You… Are you all right?”

Qin Xi lowered his head to look at her. “What?”

Mo Tiange hesitated in her heart for a while then comforted him. “You’re already in the peak stage of the Core Foundation realm and you have enough spiritual aura, so it’s natural for you to advance to the Nascent Soul realm. Don’t be nervous.”

Qin Xi paused and smiled. “Are you afraid that since I failed three times before, there might be shadows in my heart?”

“…” Mo Tiange was a little embarrassed and smiled. “I never advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, so I can’t give you any help…”

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Xi sighed and reached out to hug her.

Mo Tiange thought for a moment and swallowed her following words. She also reached out to put her arms around his waist.

They held each other in silence for a while. Then Qin Xi said tenderly, “I know your heart. Rest assured; I know what I’m doing.”

“…En.” Mo Tiange responded. She knew he was a strong-minded person. Since his demonic barrier had broken, he knew what he was doing. But she just couldn’t help worrying about him.

She had never felt this way before. It wasn’t that she didn’t worry about others—when she was a child, she worried about her mother and second uncle, but she wouldn’t have this constant feeling in her heart. She thought her feelings were very calm all the time, but now she felt that her emotions could be calm and very strong at the same time.

She couldn’t help holding him more closely, not afraid of losing him, but she wanted to be closer.

Beneath her cheeks, Qin Xi’s chest heaved and it made her feel warm and secure.

Time passed away bit by bit, and without knowing how much time had passed, she finally let him go. “You… You should go inside now.”

Qin Xi didn’t move and still held her around her waist tightly.

“…Senior Martial Brother?”

After a long while, he breathed a long sigh. “I feel like I don’t want to perform Closed Door Meditation for the first time.”

Mo Tiange didn’t say anything, but a smile had already climbed onto her face. This feeling of having a response to your feelings was so good.

“Don’t worry,” she said lightly. “When you come out, I’ll still be here.”

“But… We can’t see each other for several years,” he said deeply.

This sentence made Mo Tiange pause for a moment, then she also sighed. This was what cultivators had to endure. Only in the future, when they were at a similar cultivation level and changed to using the same cultivation technique, could they avoid one of them performing Closed Door Meditation and not being able to see each other for several years.

She didn’t feel the need for two people to stick together, but it did feel uncomfortable to be separated from time to time for years or even decades.

However, no matter what would happen later, Nascent Soul advancement was a necessary separation. Upon thinking this, Mo Tiange urged him again. “It’s not earl anymore. Aren’t you going to go now?”

Qin Xi still didn’t move.

Mo Tiange was a little anxious. He didn’t choose to advance to the Nascent Soul realm this time; it was because his body had reached its limit. If he delayed too long, she didn’t know whether it would have negative consequences, so she pushed him. “Senior Martial Brother!”

Qin Xi moved a little and said, “What did you call me?”

Mo Tiange was stunned. “What?”

“It suddenly occurred to me that we’re now husband and wife. Shouldn’t you change your title for me?”

The sudden change of subject was difficult for Mo Tiange. “But you’re my Senior Martial Brother… Or what should I call you?”

Qin Xi lowered his head and smiled gently. “There aren’t many people in Xuanqing School who call me Senior Martial Brother, but there are a few of them… I want a name that belongs to you alone.”

The intimacy in this sentence made Mo Tiange’s face burn. “What are you saying?”

Qin Xi bent down and looked into her eyes, saying lightly, “Call me Husband, will you?”

“…” Mo Tiange felt her face burning. She tried hard to control herself for a long time and finally she squeezed out a word from her mouth. “No.”

Qin Xi raised his eyebrows and was a little confused. “Why?”

“No means no.” This… She knew they were husband and wife now, but she just couldn’t say the intimate word aloud…

“Just call me once, okay?”

“No.” Mo Tiange turned her head to one side determinedly. No way. She couldn’t.

Qin Xi didn’t give up and he turned her head back. “I’m going to be in Closed Door Meditation and we won’t see each other for several years—can’t you just call me it once?”


“Are you sure?”


She refused his request firmly, so Qin Xi could only sigh. “Fine. It’s okay if you don’t want to address me that way, but you should offer something.”


Mo Tiange showed no response. Qin Xi continued looking at her.

Mo Tiange gritted her teeth and pulled down his head then kissed his lips quickly. “Is it okay now… Wu…”

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Xi pulled her back to him quickly. It wasn’t a light kiss like touching on water this time, but it was a deep, entangled kiss.

“You…” Mo Tiange wanted to speak, but her mouth was blocked as soon as she opened it. The tip of his tongue slipped in between her lips and teeth and caught her tongue tightly. Their breaths quickened in an instant.

“Don’t talk.” Qin Xi whispered in her mouth and kissed her again. He put one of his arms around her waist and pressed her closely against him, while his other hand fumbled around her waist.

Mo Tiange knew what he wanted to do and she felt it was too impulsive, but she didn’t stop him very firmly. She knew they would be separated from each other from time to time, but they had just gotten married…

After taking the blood oath, they had been intimate with each other skin to skin. But the first time was almost a disaster. The two of them had lived almost over half of their lives, yet they didn’t clearly understand matters between a man and woman. They only roughly understood how to do it, so how could they know how to enjoy the happiness of sex?

After that, they kissed, hugged, and tangled themselves up with each other, but they had never been so intimate like that.

But that kissing and hugging made them feel good.

Qin Xi finally reached for her belt and tore it open, stripping off her clothes one by one.

“Senior Martial Brother…” The moment her back was against the surface of the table, Mo Tiange tried hard to support herself up and said hurriedly, “You should go…to perform Closed Door Meditation.”

“I said don’t talk.” Qin Xi lowered his head and kissed her again. Her clothes were taken off as well, falling down lightly.

Under the cover of her Daoist robes were a woman’s soft curves. Mo Tiange felt a little uneasy since her skin was exposed to the air. Qin Xi noticed this, so he held her hands and comforted her, kissing her collarbone gently. Going from her soft collarbone to her fine shoulders, he finally stopped at her chest.

“Senior Martial Brother…” She breathed a little heavily.

Qin Xi didn’t respond this time. He pulled his own clothes off quickly, holding her waist…

Mo Tiange gritted her teeth, but it wasn’t as painful as she imagined. She was puzzled but then she heard Qin Xi’s faint laughter in her ear. “Concentrate.”

There was no time for Mo Tiange to think about anything else, and they were soon drowning under surging waves…

Without knowing how much time had passed, the two of them gradually calmed down.

Qin Xi sighed and put on his own robes. He put her clothes back on before adjusting his own clothes.

When they were dressed, Qin Xi gave her a hug. “I… I’m leaving…”

“En.” Mo Tiange raised her head to look at him. “Rest assured. Go finish progressing, and I’ll be here the whole time.”