Lady Cultivator - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Killing Someone

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She hadn’t yet thoroughly thought it through when she heard the woman screaming.

Mo Tiange immediately went closer to take a peek. Right after she did, she was completely aghast; the man was holding “Little Sister Lian” firmly in his embrace, stabbing her back with a dagger-shaped spirit tool he was holding in his right hand.

A half-naked man and woman, a dagger dripping with blood, a woman’s horrified expression, a man’s contorted face—Mo Tiange covered her mouth and held her breath.

She thought they were a pair of lovers on a tryst secretly doing illicit things, yet it actually turned out like this!

“Brother Ming… Wh-why?”

The man uttered a “hmph” and sneered, “Do you really think I’m attracted to you? I’m just using my looks to get what I want.”

The woman’s eyes widened. There was doubt, remorse, and anger interweaving together in her gaze. That gaze, together with her face which was distorted from the pain, made her look even more terrifying. “You…”

“Based on your ordinary looks and four spiritual roots, did you really think I would fall for you? Hmph! I did it because you’re the only descendant of the Huang Clan. After I kill you and take your family’s treasure, the Enchanting Lantern, your Huang Clan wouldn’t be our An Clan’s opponent anymore!”

When understanding finally dawned on the woman’s face, her despair also became more profound. At this moment, she already lost her ability to speak and was only staring at her lover with a pair of widened eyes. Gradually, her breathing also stopped.

From the few sentences they said, Mo Tiange heard some information. The Huang Clan and An Clan were both small cultivation clans depending on the Yunwu Sect. People said these two clans had been enemies for generations. An Clan probably came up with such a sinister plot to eliminate Huang Clan.

After the man was certain the woman in his arms was no longer breathing, he pulled the dagger-shaped spiritual tool from the woman’s back and pushed her naked corpse away in disgust. He then concentrated on cleaning the bloodstains from the dagger before standing up and putting his clothes on.

Mo Tiange became even more afraid to cause a ruckus. From the fact that the man had so viciously murdered his lover during such an intimate moment, he was clearly a very ruthless person. If he found out about her presence, he definitely wouldn’t let her go.

After putting on his clothes properly, the man crouched down and started to rummage through the woman’s clothing until he eventually came across a Qiankun Bag. The man erased the divine sense left behind by the woman with ease and directly poured all the contents out of the bag.

There was a pile of woman’s clothes, spirit tools, talismans, decorated jade bottles of medicinal pills, and items like jade boxes that seemed to be used to store some things. With a short glance, the man already found the object he wanted. Among the spirit tools, he picked up a lantern and said in delight, “Sure enough, it’s here.”

Mo Tiange was also curious about this colored glass lantern, wondering what kind of amazing function it had. From what she saw, it seemed like an ordinary colored glass lantern. Aside from possessing spiritual aura, there was really nothing extraordinary about it.

The man then put everything back into Qiankun Bag and put the bag inside his robe. He pointed his finger, causing a fire to fall on the woman’s corpse and setting it ablaze in an instant. The light of that blaze shone on his rather handsome face, spreading a dreadful aura.

Mo Tiange only hoped he would burn the corpse and destroy the evidence quickly so she could get away. This wasn’t the first time she saw people being killed. She had seen Ye Jingwen killing Li Yushan with his sword when she was ten. Later, when she followed Second Uncle and roamed around eastern Kunwu, she also constantly came across danger, usually in the form of people with evil intentions. Second Uncle didn’t spare them. However, not one of them made her feel as terrified as this man did now. Honestly, this man’s killing methods were too cruel!

A moment ago, the two of them were still being romantic towards each other and were even being physically intimate, yet in the next moment, the man actually took advantage of that intimate moment to stab his lover in the back! Seeing the man’s face under the shadow of the blaze, Mo Tiange only felt nauseous and disgusted.

From this matter, it could clearly be seen that even feelings were unreliable in the cultivation world. This definitely wasn’t the only case of lovers killing each other.

All of a sudden, she saw a flash from the corner of her eye. She reacted very quickly and dodged to the side. The blaze had been thrown towards her original position and struck some bushes. The man’s gloomy voice rang out: “Who’s there?”

She had been discovered!

Since the matter had reached this point, Mo Tiange could only rack her brain to think of an idea. She then took all the seeds in her Qiankun Bag and held them in one hand. With her other hand, she used Wind’s Breath and created a wind blade on her palm. The blade was thrown, slicing the bushes not too far away from them. The bushes shook. Right after that, another blaze was thrown right at the shaking bushes.

Taking advantage of the man being distracted, she made extremely light movements. In an instant, she floated several feet away from her original spot and watched quietly from behind the bushes. The man was staring fiercely at the direction the spell came from, but fortunately, he didn’t find her hiding place.

Mo Tiange really couldn’t think of a way to escape. This man was obviously an extremely cruel and merciless person; moreover, since her cultivation level was the same as his, it wouldn’t be possible for her to leave without being noticed; she definitely had to fight him first.

She clenched her teeth. First things first, I just have to fight with my life!

She didn’t have any experience in killing people. In fact, she also came across quite a few dangerous situations in the past few years of following Second Uncle. However, it had been years since Second Uncle entered the Foundation Building realm, and the remaining Ye Clan’s treasures were plentiful, so Second Uncle was very proficient in spells. Furthermore, his magic tools were also top-grade ones. Therefore, Mo Tiange never had to fight herself.

This man was obviously not a good guy. This probably wasn’t the first time he killed someone to rob them of their treasures. Even if Mo Tiange had a purer spiritual power as a result of cultivating the Art of Sunu, she wasn’t at all confident she could beat him.

Unable to find anyone, the man now changed his direction and slowly moved towards the shrubbery. Fortunately, he wasn’t moving towards the place Mo Tiange was hiding, or else he would’ve spotted her in a second.

Mo Tiange was no longer hesitating. The moment he approached, a seed was softly propelled forward.

Using things like seeds in the woods was indeed using the right thing at the right time. In using spiritual aura, Mo Tiange was far more proficient than cultivators in the same realm as her. As a result, when she propelled the seed forward, it was done so lightly so it was very hard to perceive.

Once the seed landed on the ground, it instantly grew into thorny vines that spiraled madly towards the man, trying to coil around his body.

The man was shocked by this and hastily brandished his dagger-shaped spirit tool. This dagger obviously wasn’t an ordinary weapon—it cut the vines down before they could coil around him.

This action revealed Mo Tiange’s hiding position. Thus, taking advantage of the man’s panicked state, she retreated away from her location before throwing another seed out.

This man had already seen her face. Although he was staring ruthlessly at her, he didn’t dare to dawdle. He speedily moved backward while continuously cutting the approaching vines with his dagger.

This attack method was unique to Ye Clan’s Green-Wood Art. Since she made the first move, she was determined to kill him. Otherwise, her identity would be exposed.

What she faced now was a “either you die or I do” situation. Thus, she took out the talismans she prepared for the Immortals Assembly and stuck one of them on her body. In an instant, she was enclosed within a protective barrier. She then threw all the talismans she had towards the man.

All of a sudden, the man was showered with attacks. Mo Tiange didn’t give him any chance to take a breath; hence the man could only focus on warding off her attacks without making any counterattacks at all. He felt extremely anxious; he had just found the Enchanting Lantern and hadn’t removed the remnant of the divine sense in it nor refined it for his own use, so it still couldn’t be used.

Among this continuous rain of talismans, Mo Tiange slipped a seed inside a talisman before throwing it at the man.

The man found a chance to cast a spell in this split-second, yet he was again rendered dizzy by Mo Tiange’s talisman. Mo Tiange, meanwhile, didn’t dodge his spell. She just let the protective barrier around her body ward it off while she continued to fling talismans and seeds at him.

The man kept avoiding and blocking. He just sensed there was something wrong with these incoming talismans when a “BANG!” erupted in his ear. The seed inside the talisman had been overlooked and hit his hand. A ball instantly sprouted from the seed and suddenly exploded, directly cracking the protective barrier around his body. Now, several other talismans flew into the sphere…

“AH—!!!” A bloodcurdling scream emerged and the man flew out of his protective barrier. Mo Tiange immediately took out a wooden sword and flung it forward. The man grunted and finally stopped moving. The sword successfully pierced his heart.

After standing in a daze for a while, Mo Tiange finally recovered her train of thought and found that she was drenched in a cold sweat. This was the first time she killed someone with her own hands. She couldn’t help but smile in self-mockery once she realized her heart was beating hard like a drum and that there was almost no strength left in her legs. She still couldn’t kill without feeling anything; obviously, she was still far from being a qualified Immortal…

However, she felt very happy she escaped. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and walked forward cautiously. Having determined that the man was really dead, she finally pulled her sword from his body and proceeded to burn his body and destroy the evidence.

Repeating everything the man did, she took the two Qiankun Bags from his body and burned his corpse clean with a snap of her fingers.

This man had just killed his lover and burned her corpse. Maybe it should be called retribution that he now died in the same way here. The two of them could now be considered “born on different quilts, buried in the same hole.”

After she finished burning the man’s corpse and made sure there was no visible trace, Mo Tiange hurriedly went back.

The two of them were on a tryst; nobody on the woman’s side should’ve been aware of that, but it wasn’t necessarily the case on the man’s side. Hence, she cautiously took a long detour and hid for a while before appearing on a different route.