Lady Cultivator - Chapter 303 - I Would Never Abandon You

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Chapter 303: I Would Never Abandon You

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It was quiet for a long time.

“What do you remember?”

Qin Xi’s question made Jing Xingzhi a little dumbfounded.

What did he remember? He only remembered that he was caught and taken there by Master Song Feng, then he was forced to swallow the Heavenly Aromatic Beans. In his blurred vision, he saw Mo Qingwei… At first, there was reason in him and he tried hard to restrain his desire. But before he could think of a way, the Heavenly Aromatic Beans began to show their effect. At that time, he only felt that she was a woman and he wanted to pull off her clothes. Who knew that she still had some sense in her and resisted him, but then… his head was hit and he lost consciousness…

That’s right! Jing Xingzhi jumped up with a hurry. He lowered his head to observe himself and breathed a sigh of relief. He was half-naked, but the lower half of his clothes was intact. He was just scared by his own memory just now, but it seemed like he didn’t do anything.

He and Qin Shoujing weren’t close friends. If he really slept with Qin Xi’s woman, the outcome would’ve been really unpleasant. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Upon thinking this, Jing Xingzhi reacted in a flash and asked back, “You knew it already? Nothing happened between us!”

Qin Xi revealed a faint smile and felt a huge rock was lifted off his chest. Since Jing Xingzhi said so, nothing had happened indeed. If anything bad had happened to Tiange, although he wouldn’t mind, it would still be very cruel to both him and Tiange.

“Are you sure nothing happened?” Qin Xi asked again.

Upon seeing Qin Xi’s expression, Jing Xingzhi breathed a sigh of relief and fed himself a healing medicinal pill. After he recovered a little from the injury, he reached out to pick up his own clothes and said very impatiently, “It’s a great loss to me. I got humiliated so badly, yet I only had a chance to take off your woman’s clothes!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Xi’s face blackened and he grunted coldly, “How dare you mention that!” Not to mention taking off her clothes, but even if he just touched her, Qin Xi would’ve been enraged! If it were anyone else but Jing Xingzhi, Qin Xi would’ve beaten up the person to vent his anger even though he wouldn’t kill the person.

Taking a deep breath and temporarily suppressing his anger, Qin Xi asked again slowly, “What exactly happened? Since Master Song Feng wanted to take revenge on you, why are you safe and sound?”

Jing Xingzhi put on his own clothes and recalled the events carefully. He recounted everything he could remember and said in the end, “I feel like someone knocked me out.”

“Someone?” Qin Xi was confused. “Who else would’ve come to such a place?” Isolated peaks like this were extremely high and were in the fog, so if not on purpose, who would come here? If just anyone could reach such a place, Master Song Feng wouldn’t have chosen it.

Jing Xingzhi thought for a while and shook his head. “Your Junior Martial Sister might know better than me. You can ask her when she wakes up—perhaps she knows something.”

“En.” Qin Xi responded yet didn’t say a word while staring at him.

Jing Xingzhi felt a little creeped out under his gaze. “I told you I didn’t touch her, so do you still want to kill me and vent your anger?”

Qin Xi said coldly, “You didn’t touch her, but you did take her clothes off, didn’t you?”

“That’s not my fault!” Jing Xingzhi said very confidently. “Why do you care about such a tiny thing? I didn’t even kiss her!”

This sentence made Qin Xi feel a little comforted. He looked at Mo Tiange in his arms and paused for a while then said, “I don’t want to kill you to vent my anger, and I also don’t want her to see you again. Just go.”

“…” Jing Xingzhi sighed and said, “I know you’ve already showed me mercy, and I’m not that ungrateful. Since that’s the case, we’ll meet again some day.” As he finished, he didn’t hesitate. He sat up to pick up his own things then flew away on his flying sword.

Fortunately, Master Song Feng didn’t seem to have liked their things, and he didn’t take these two Core Formation cultivators’ Qiankun Bags. Otherwise, it would’ve been a huge loss to both of them. The two of them were no ordinary Core Formation cultivators, and they had many treasures that were incomparable to normal cultivators.

As Jing Xingzhi traveled far away, Qin Xi glanced back. Things were settled for the time being, but they were far from being over. Even though such things didn’t happen in the end, it hurt Tiange anyway. He only hoped Tiange wouldn’t be affected by that.

Besides, what Master Song Feng tried to do was truly sinister. If it had really happened, it would’ve been even more disgusting than just catching Tiange and killing her. Master had long said that this number one cultivator in the world was actually a psycho, and he was surely right.

After an indefinite amount of time Mo Tiange woke up from the darkness.

After she regained consciousness, her first sensation was a splitting headache.

“You’re awake?” Qin Xi’s soft voice entered her ears.

“Senior Martial Brother…” She called while reaching out her hand. As she was about to say something, some memory fragments suddenly flashed into her mind. She widened her eyes rashly and was startled significantly. “I…”

When she opened her eyes, it was indeed Qin Xi who immediately appeared before her. Upon seeing her panicked face, Qin Xi comforted her gently, “It’s okay, don’t be scared. It’s okay, you’re safe now.”

His gentle tone calmed Mo Tiange a little. But upon thinking back to what happened before she fainted, she couldn’t stay calm. She grabbed Qin Xi’s clothes and sat up to ask in a panic, “Senior Martial Brother, was I… Was I…”

“No.” Qin Xi knew what she wanted to ask and held her in his arms without thinking. “Nothing happened. Don’t worry, I’m right here, and you’re safe…”

“No!” Mo Tiange shook her head desperately. “You don’t know what happened. I, I… Master Song Feng, he… Jing Xingzhi…” Her speech was almost incoherent.

“I know, I know!” Qin Xi tightened his arms and comforted her. “I know everything you’re saying. Don’t worry, it’s really fine. You’re fine, and nothing happened. You can feel it for yourself—is that what happened?”

“…” His comforting and hug appeased Mo Tiange. She listened to him. She felt her clothes were intact and there was nothing abnormal about her body, so she gradually relaxed and murmured to herself, “Nothing, nothing happened, nothing…”

“Right, nothing at all,” Qin Xi patted her back lightly and repeated after her.

In his gentle voice, Mo Tiange’s mood gradually eased up. She leaned on his shoulder and made an effort to calm herself down.

After a long time, she finally felt that everything was real and nothing as terrible as “that” really happened to her, so she recovered and asked, “Senior Martial Brother, how did you find me here? I thought you and master wouldn’t find me…” When Master Song Feng took her there and fed her Heavenly Aromatic Beans, her heart was filled with despair, and she longed for her master and Qin Xi to come and rescue her. But she didn’t see anyone, and she lost her sanity…

Sensing that she seemed to be trembling a little, Qin Xi tightened his arms around her and hated Master Song Feng in his heart even more. Tiange had always been brave, but she was so frightened this time, so he could imagine how terrified and desperate she was at that moment.

“Master found a way.” He didn’t mention that he had used his blood essence and said, “We just arrived. Fortunately you’re fine.”

“You saved me in time?”

“No, when we arrived, you and Jing Xingzhi were both in a coma.” Upon seeing that her emotions had stabilized, Qin Xi told her the scene he saw when they just arrived in detail. He specifically mentioned that it was only her outerwear that got pulled apart, while her inner clothes were intact and there was also a distance between her and Jing Xingzhi.

Mo Tiange listened to him carefully and fell into deep thought.

After Qin Xi finished speaking, she asked, “Did you see anyone else except for us?”

“No.” This question made Qin Xi a little confused, and he said, “Jing Xingzhi said that it seemed like someone knocked him out. Do you remember anything?”

Mo Tiange took her time and began to recall the events. At that time, Nie Wushang showed mercy to her and didn’t force her to swallow those Heavenly Aromatic Beans. It was just a little bit of juice, so she was still affected. After she and Jing Xingzhi were fed the Heavenly Aromatic Beans, Master Song Feng laughed and left. She tried to save herself and finally spit out those beans, but it seemed Master Song Feng had set some restriction on her. Her mind was affected badly, and she couldn’t use any strength in her daze. Then Jing Xingzhi rushed at her and wanted to pull off her clothes. She resisted desperately, and she even thought she wouldn’t be able to escape from him in the end, but Jing Xingzhi’s strength suddenly disappeared. She used up all her energy and fainted.

“I know!” She suddenly remembered. Before passing out, she seemed to hear a familiar sigh. She grabbed Qin Xi’s clothes and said, “It was Nie Wushang—she saved me!”

“Nie Wushang?” Who was that?

“Nie Wushang is Master Song Feng’s disciple. We met her earlier, and it was also her who led Master Song Feng to us.” Upon thinking about Nie Wushang, Mo Tiange didn’t know whether she should thank her or hate her. It was Nie Wushang who attracted Master Song Feng to them, and it was also Nie Wushang who gave her a hand and saved her.

Qin Xi listened to her slowly talking about what happened after they were separated, along with some other things she remembered. In the end, she said, “So it must’ve been Nie Wushang. She came back afterwards and knocked Jing Xingzhi out. I can recall her voice.”

Qin Xi was silent for a moment and said, “Thankfully… Master Song Feng deserves that. If he hadn’t treated his own disciple like that, Miss Nie wouldn’t have taken the risk to save you. It seems to me that when you and her escaped through the mist, she sent a message to her master, but she didn’t expect that Master Song Feng would come up with such a shameless idea.” He paused for a while then continued, “Although she was involved, she then saved you anyway. If we need to turn against her in the future, we should pull our punches a little.”

Mo Tiange nodded and also sighed. “She’s an unlucky person. Master Song Feng doesn’t treat her like a disciple at all. He wouldn’t even treat a servant so badly.”

Qin Xi smiled and bent down to hold her tightly. “I’m just glad that you’re fine…”

After the disaster, such a hug made Mo Tiange feel particularly content. The two of them held each other for a moment, then Mo Tiange asked suddenly, “Senior Martial Brother, what would you do if something like that happened?”

Qin Xi didn’t let her go, so Mo Tiange couldn’t see his face. After a while, Qin Xi said, “I’d definitely rip Master Song Feng to pieces!”

This wasn’t the answer Mo Tiange wanted, so she asked again, “What about me? Would you abandon me?”

Qin Xi didn’t answer for a long while this time, long enough to make Mo Tiange feel disappointed. But then his light laughter rang out. He released her and looked into her eyes sincerely. “No matter what you look like or what happens to you, you’re Mo Tiange. I love you, and I would never abandon you.”

For the first time, he said he loved her.

Although the incident didn’t actually happen, and it was just an oath, Mo Tiange felt like she’d rather believe he was telling the truth.