Lady Cultivator - Chapter 302 - Nothing Happened

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Chapter 302: Nothing Happened

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Qin Xi had never expected something like this to happen one day.

Ever since eighty plus years ago, the day when Ye Hai entrusted his child to him, Qin Xi had taken responsibility for Tiange’s safety.

He returned injured from Demonic Mountain and sent Ye Jingwen to pick up the little girl in the secular world. Pitifully, her uncle Ye Jiang chose to take her and escape.

He thought it was the Ye family’s own choice at that time. In that case, he hadn’t broken his oath, so he just let them be. And in those years, he never went to look for the whereabouts of the girl or her uncle.

Then, he met her at Yunwu Sect and discovered she was the little girl from those days. Alas, he thought, he still couldn’t escape from the responsibility. So, he thought he would protect her since meeting her for Ye Hai’s sake. He took her back to Xuanqing School and asked Master to accept her as a disciple. He watched her grow step by step while he himself gradually fell in love with her…

The current Tiange was no longer a little girl. She’d already become a Core Formation cultivator who was strong enough to protect herself. He also thought he could finally change his identity from her protector to her lover.

But he never expected reality could be so cruel. Just as he was going to shift his identity, the girl whom he had protected for so many years was hurt like this.

Why would something like this happen? He didn’t have to think much to guess why. Master Song Feng held a grudge against him and Master, and when Master Song Feng happened to encounter Tiange, who was alone, he took revenge on her. If it weren’t for them, Master Song Feng wouldn’t have spared one look at an unimportant Core Formation cultivator, let alone do such an evil thing to her!

In all these years, all these years…he’d been thinking he was her protector. He didn’t think her pure yin constitution wouldn’t bring her disaster, but it was because of him that she had to endure such terrible things…

“Lad, you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

Upon hearing his master’s words, Qin Xi smiled weakly and said in a very low voice, “Master, don’t worry. I know what to do.”

“Shoujing, you really don’t have to blame yourself,” Lord Daoist Huayan said with a smiling voice. “Qingwei’s primordial Yin is still safe and sound which proves what you’re worried about didn’t happen.”

Qin Xi suddenly raised his head and looked at Lord Daoist Huayan, then looked at his own master. Both Nascent Soul Lord Daoists wore smiles on their faces, and it didn’t seem they were lying to him.

“Master?” He turned his eyes to Lord Daoist Jinghe for help. “Lord Daoist Huayan… Is what he said true?!”

Lord Daoist Jinghe smiled. “Of course it’s true or I would’ve long killed this guy. Why bother asking you?”

“…” Right. His Master had a violent personality. If something like that really happened to his own disciple, even if Jing Xingzhi was forced, Master would’ve definitely killed him. But just now, master acted very calm, didn’t he? Qin Xi thought. It was me who got agitated from the scene immediately, and I took it for granted… Mo Tiange and Qin Xi were in the same cultivation realm, so Qin Xi couldn’t see whether her primordial Yin was intact or not, but his master and uncle master Huayan could.

Upon realizing this, Qin Xi was ecstatic for a while then angry in the next moment. He shouted, “Master, did you act like that on purpose?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe laughed and seemed very complacent. “Lad, you’re a smart boy, but you’re such a commoner when it comes to such things. I knew it at a glance.”

Qin Xi wanted to get angry, but after just experiencing this misunderstanding, he knew the truth now and only felt very happy. Even though Lord Daoist Jinghe mocked him, he couldn’t muster up an angry expression, so he just distorted his face.

Lord Daoist Huayan touched his own beard and smiled on the side, also thinking this was very funny. But compared to Lord Daoist Jinghe, he acted more like a senior. He smiled for some time and said, “Senior Martial Brother Jinghe, since Qingwei has now been found safe and sound, we should set off and go meet them at Jade Palace.”

“Oh, yes, right.” Lord Daoist Jinghe put away his smile and said to Qin Xi seriously, “Xi’er, Jade Palace is too dangerous, I can’t take you with me. Since Tiange is fine, I’ll leave you be.”

“En.” Qin Xi knew that the trip to Jade Palace was very important to his master this time. Master had been stuck in the middle stage of the Nascent Soul realm for so many years and hadn’t had an opportunity to advance. He came to Demonic Mountain this time because there were rare treasures in Jade Palace in Immortal’s Ruins. “You can rest assured and go, Master. When Tiange wakes up, we’ll go look for her father’s remains and won’t linger here for long.”

“It’s good you understand. The restrictions on Demonic Mountain aren’t steady, and it’s true that you shouldn’t stay long.” Lord Daoist Jinghe paused and took out several other objects from his clothes, passing them to Qin Xi. “We don’t have much time left, and Tiange is still in a coma, so I’m not gonna take you out. I’ve marked the road just now, so just walk along with the compass and you won’t get lost again.”

“Yes, Master.” Qin Xi took the objects and put them away, not wanting to say anymore rubbish. The objects included several kinds of magic weapons and talismans, in addition to the compass, and they were all part of Master’s treasured collection. He had just consumed his blood essence, so he could use these tools to defend himself. As he thought this, Qin Xi asked again, “Master, will Master Song Feng also go to Jade Palace?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe’s face darkened and he said, “There’s an eighty percent chance. In addition to Jade Palace, what else could pique his interest?” He then sneered. “Hmph! Tiange is fine, but this must’ve been part of his conspiracy! If I meet him again, I’ll definitely make him take responsibility for all that!”

“Senior Martial Brother Jinghe…” Lord Daoist Huayan frowned with concern. “Master Song Feng’s strength is very powerful; I’m afraid both you and I are no match for him. What do you think?”

“What are you afraid of?” Lord Daoist Jinghe said without much emotion. “We’re not the only ones who want to deal with him, so we’ll seek out a chance anyway.”

Lord Daoist Huayan was silent. He thought for a while then nodded with a sigh. They held a grudge against Master Song Feng to begin with. Even if this incident hadn’t occurred, they would meet anyway. So what was the point of being scared?

“Master, Demonic Mountain is filled with dangers, so you and uncle master Huayan should keep yourselves safe first. As for Master Song Feng, hmph!” Qin Xi revealed a murderous look. “When I head back this time, I’ll advance to the Nascent Soul realm immediately. I’ll teach that person a lesson sooner or later!”

“Good!” Lord Daoist Jinghe reached out to pat Qin Xi’s shoulder and laughed. “Ambition. You’re deserving of being my disciple! Hmph! I may not be his match in strength, but my disciples are better than him!”

Qin Xi smiled. “Master, you and uncle master Huayan should go right away or it’ll be too late.”

“En.” Lord Daoist Jinghe shifted his eyes and glanced at Jing Xingzhi, who had been fiercely beaten up by him. He then asked, “What about this guy? What are you gonna do to him?”

Qin Xi swept a gaze over the wounded Jing Xingzhi, and he said without emotion, “I have something to ask him.”

“Okay.” Lord Daoist Jinghe knew what he was up to and just let him be. But in the end, Lord Daoist Jinghe warned, “You should get out as soon as possible. Don’t stay here too long.”

Qin Xi nodded his head in agreement then watched his master and Lord Daoist Huayan leaving together with their flying magic weapons.

Waiting until the two Nascent Soul Lord Daoists disappeared from sight, Qin Xi looked at the scene before him and couldn’t help but feel angry flames rising up in his heart for no reason. Nothing had really happened, but judging from the scene, it was clear that Jing Xingzhi had taken advantage of Tiange a lot! Upon thinking about this, Qin Xi couldn’t control himself and wanted to beat Jing Xingzhi!

But he had some friendship with Jing Xingzhi after all. He could only suppress his impulses for now as he still needed to listen to what Jing Xingzhi had to say.

Qin Xi lowered his head and looked at Mo Tiange, who was still in a coma. He then felt her pulse, and it was just as his master said—Tiange wasn’t injured. It was probably just for medicinal reasons that she hadn’t woken up.

He thought for a while and picked up Tiange’s clothes first, putting them on for her. It wasn’t until this moment that he understood Lord Daoist Jinghe’s meaning. Tiange’s outer clothing was off, but her inner clothes were still intact. It didn’t look like she was violated. Surely, his master had sharp eyes and could see this at a glance. But as soon as he encountered this scene, he lost all reason.

But it was so strange. If Master Song Feng had made up his mind to make Tiange lose her chastity, why did he just leave her and Jing Xingzhi here? The mountain was covered with Heavenly Aromatic Grasses, so if the two of them were really poisoned, how did they end up laying there in a coma? Did something unexpected happen or was it stopped by someone else?

Of course, it was also possible that all their guesses were wrong. They just guessed that Master Song Feng meddled in the matter after all.

Upon thinking this, Qin Xi heard some moaning and raised his head to see Jing Xingzhi moving his hands and feet a little. The man had woken up.

Jing Xingzhi felt some pain in his head, but his chest hurt even more. He knew he was hurt, but he didn’t know what had happened. He closed his eyes for a moment to breathe, feeling like his breathing was becoming steadier, then he opened his eyes with difficulty.

But he was startled when he opened his eyes.

Qin Xi was sitting not far away and was holding Mo Tiange in his arms while looking at him coldly with indifferent eyes. Qin Xi had never been kind to him, but he also hadn’t been so angry.

Then Jing Xingzhi realized something seemed to be wrong with him. He lowered his head and was startled again. He was actually half-naked!

“This…” Jing Xingzhi tried to figure out the situation but found his voice was far too hoarse as soon as he opened his mouth. He swallowed and continued, “What happened?”

Qin Xi sneered. “Don’t you remember?”

This tone made Jing Xingzhi frown. He looked at himself half-naked and looked at the way Qin Xi was protecting Mo Tiange. Some fragments of his memory flashed through his mind, he panicked. “I…”

Upon seeing that Jing Xingzhi seemed to remember something, Qin Xi felt even more furious in his heart. He looked at Jing Xingzhi with cold and gloomy eyes, not saying anything.

Faced with Qin Xi’s gaze like this, Jing Xingzhi tried to defend himself yet felt like he had nothing to say. Could he tell Qin Xi that he was forced to do it? But it had already happened. Jing Xingzhi knew what this junior martial sister meant to Qin Shoujing, so what was the point of saying something like that?

As almost half a day passed, Jing Xingzhi then said, “If you want to kill me, I have nothing to say.”

“So you think you deserve to die too?”

“Of course not,” Jing Xingzhi said as he raised his head. “I don’t think I did anything wrong, and I didn’t want to do it. Yes, I love beauty, but I’m not interested in other people’s women. But what happened has already happened, so I won’t shirk any responsibility. If you want to kill me and vent your anger, just do it. I don’t have anything to say, but I’m also not gonna sit for death.”

“…” After being silent for a while, Qin Xi said, “You didn’t want to do it?”

“No. It’s just that we met Master Song Feng, and he hated you and your master, so that’s why he decided to vent his anger on your junior martial sister. He took us here and fed us the Heavenly Aromatic Beans, then…”

What Jing Xingzhi said was all in line with their guesses, but from his talking, it didn’t seem that nothing happened in the end. So what was going on exactly? Qin Xi was confused.