Lady Cultivator - Chapter 301 - What Was Going On

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Chapter 301: What Was Going On

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The three of them flew higher and higher in the mist. Lord Daoist Huayan waved his sleeves to block some immortal aura and asked Qin Xi while frowning, “Shoujing, are you sure you didn’t sense things wrong? Why is she in the sky? Should Tiange be flying now?”

“It shouldn’t be wrong,” Qin Xi said, “but I also find it strange. The position isn’t changing and she seems to be in the sky…”

As Qin Xi was speaking, Lord Daoist Jinghe found something with his divine sense, so he said, “There’s a mountain over there.”

Qin Xi and Lord Daoist Huayan immediately understood, and Qin Xi asked, “Master, is there anyone on the mountain?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe shook his head. “There are too many other things on the mountain, and my divine sense can’t probe clearly in the fog.”

Nascent Soul cultivators’ divine senses were much stronger than ordinary cultivators, and they could prevent high-level cultivators from easily getting lost. But the misty fog was really very strange, and their divine senses just couldn’t serve their purpose.

Qin Xi understood that and didn’t say much before he sighed. But on second thought, he already knew where Tiange might be now, so what else was there to be afraid of? He then calmed himself down and followed the two Nascent Soul Lord Daoists in moving forward.

The isolated peak finally appeared in their field of view. Because of the mist, they could only see its general outline.

As soon as they approached the isolated peak, Lord Daoist Jinghe and Lord Daoist Huayan looked at each other and frowned. Lord Daoist Jinghe said deeply, “Xi’er, it doesn’t seem right. There are two people!”

Qin Xi didn’t understand his meaning and asked happily, “Master, did you sense that?”

“En…” Lord Daoist Jinghe was absent-minded and said, “It feels a little strange…”


Lord Daoist Jinghe didn’t answer. He shook his sleeves and sped up the flying magic tool to head to the top of the isolated peak. Lord Daoist Huayan followed after him closely without saying a word.

The three of them soon arrived and hovered above the peak. The top of the mountain was covered with spirit herbs grown with flowers like pink balls which swayed in the wind and sent out a breath of intoxication.

Qin Xi lowered his head to see that the spirit herbs were covered with beans the size of soybeans, layer upon layer. They covered the entire top of the mountain which had long lost its mountainous stones.

“Heavenly Aromatic Beans…” It wasn’t until this moment that an inexplicable panic arose in the depths of Qin Xi’s heart. It seemed that something bad had happened before he realized it.

Both Lord Daoist Jinghe and Lord Daoist Huayan’s expressions changed upon seeing the Heavenly Aromatic Grasses all over the mountain. But they didn’t say anything. How could they speak that kind of thing aloud before it was confirmed? There were two people… If it was really Master Song Feng who had abducted Mo Tiange to this place, his motive was appalling!

The three of them descended slowly toward the mountain top in silence. The flat mountain top gradually became clear in their eyes.

Among the Heavenly Aromatic Grasses all over the mountains and plains, and among the pink flower balls and green veins all over the sky, a mass of blue and white appeared. When they took a closer look, they recognized it was…clothes!

Qin Xi unconsciously held his breath. And for an instant, he felt his heart was gripped in a panic.

Blue robes, white coat, cloak… These were all clothes for Xuanqing School’s female disciples. But it was mixed with a man’s black sword robe, and it was Gujian Sect’s uniform!

Then it was two people who were drowned in the Heavenly Aromatic Grasses.

They didn’t hold each other at arms and they were at a distance for the time being, but judging by the messy scene and their messy clothes, it was enough to prove what was going on!

For an instant, Qin Xi felt there was nothing left in his brain. He never expected to see such a scene. What happened, and how did it turn out like this?! He tried to calm down, but he couldn’t.

As soon as his feet landed on the ground, he staggered and ran forward.

“Xi’er!” Lord Daoist Jinghe called from behind but couldn’t stop him.

Finally, he ran to her.

Under the cover of the Heavenly Aromatic Grasses’ pink flower balls, it was Mo Tiange’s pale face that he was so familiar with and had dreamed about so many times. At that moment, her eyes were closed tightly and she was in a coma.

He moved his lips yet couldn’t make a sound. He suddenly began to hate himself. Why, why couldn’t he focus on her at that time? Why did he lose her and make her endure such horrible things? If he could’ve been a little more cautious, if they were able to find her a little earlier… But now, the only thing he could do was reach out his trembling hands to hold her up and hug her tightly in his arms. But even so, it couldn’t erase those things that had happened!

“Xi’er!” Lord Daoist Jinghe caught up with him and sighed when he saw the scene. “Calm down!”

Qin Xi didn’t answer. It was as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Lord Daoist Huayan also walked closer. He swept a glance around and his eyes fell on the other person who was also in a coma. Lord Daoist Huayan grunted coldly, “Gujian Sect! Who is this guy? How dare he!”

Lord Daoist Jinghe was no kind person, and upon seeing this scene, he was already agitated. But because Qin Xi seemed to react strangely, Lord Daoist Jinghe suppressed his anger reluctantly. Upon hearing what Lord Daoist Huayan said now, Lord Daoist Jinghe waved his sleeves and released a spiritual aura attack, hitting Jing Xingzhi’s body directly. The insensible Jing Xingzhi let out a muffled grunt in pain, spitting out a mouthful of blood, then fell into a coma again.

“Xi’er,” Lord Daoist Jinghe turned and called.

Qin Xi didn’t move. He held Mo Tiange and remained motionless.

“Xi’er!” Qin Xi’s state made Lord Daoist Jinghe frown heavily. Lord Daoist Jinghe walked up and clapped his hands on Qin Xi’s shoulder. “Sober up!”

“…” Without realizing how much time had passed, Qin Xi finally shifted his eyes. As soon as he came to, he realized there were tears in his eyes.

He wiped the tears away and took a deep breath, holding back his emotions with difficulty. “Master, I’m fine.” It was because of what had happened that he had to be fine.

Upon seeing his disciple coming to, Lord Daoist Jinghe breathed a sigh of relief, and he said gently, “It’s good you understand that. Rest assured, Tiange isn’t hurt. Her coma should just be for healing purposes; she’ll wake up soon.”

“En,” Qin Xi responded with his head down. He then adjusted Mo Tiange’s clothes carefully, and throughout that process, he never looked at Jing Xingzhi who was laying on the side.

Lord Daoist Jinghe paused and asked tentatively, “What are you gonna do? If you want to kill this guy, I’ll do it right now.”

A murderous look flashed in Qin Xi’s eyes, but he eventually suppressed it. “No need. I have something to ask him. If I want to kill him, I’ll do it myself!”

“…Okay.” Lord Daoist Jinghe was silent for a while and circled around Mo Tiange with his eyes. There seemed to be a meaningful light flashing across his eyes, and then he asked slowly, “Since something like this has happened… What do you think about it?”

Qin Xi sat there dully for a while as if he just heard what Lord Daoist Jinghe asked. He held Mo Tiange, who was still in a coma, in his arms and said indifferently, “Which aspect are you asking about, Master?”

“…” Lord Daoist Jinghe didn’t have the heart to ask for a while. He reconsidered it twice and rephrased his question. “You… don’t you care?”

Qin Xi clenched his fists and seemed to be suppressing himself to the utmost extent. But a moment later, he failed in suppressing himself anyway. He clapped his hand on the ground all of a sudden with spiritual aura shaking, and all the Heavenly Aromatic Grasses nearby were torn apart.

“I… How’s it possible that I don’t care?!” He gritted his teeth and stared fiercely at Jing Xingzhi, who wasn’t far away. “I want to kill him and tear him to pieces; I also want to grind Master Song Feng’s bones to dust! But doing that could only allow me to vent my hatred! What happened has already happened, and when Tiange wakes up, she must be the one who suffers the most…”

“So you wouldn’t mind that?”

Qin Xi didn’t answer his question. He closed his eyes and shook his head. “Master, don’t ask me. I’m a mess right now…”