Lady Cultivator - Chapter 299 - A Disgusting Plan

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Chapter 299: A Disgusting Plan

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Mo Tiange took a deep breath.

She knew her luck had never been particularly good, but this time, her bad luck had reached an unprecedented level!

Master Song Feng, the most powerful late stage Nascent Soul cultivator in the Celestial Pole, was right in front of her, while she herself was nothing but an ant he could pinch at any time! But she felt really unreconciled. She’d just taken a step past the threshold of being a high level cultivator, her future was bright, and… and she and Qin Xi had just ascertained their feelings towards each other—this was the most beautiful period in her life, so how could she possibly resign herself to such an end?

While there were countless thoughts flying about inside her mind, Mo Tiange eventually asked calmly, “May I know what Senior is planning to do?”

Master Song Feng’s gloomy voice rang out from inside the black cloud. He asked, “Little girl, you’re Qin Shoujing’s sweetheart?”

Mo Tiange was dumbfounded. This… How did Master Song Feng know?!

At the same time, there was another person who seemed surprised—Nie Wushang. She looked at Mo Tiange with a doubtful gaze, but in the end, she just respectfully but also cautiously said to Master Song Feng: “Master, this… is very unlikely, right?”

“Hmph!” Master Song Feng hmphed coldly, looking very displeased. A sudden burst of gale arrived, landing right on Nie Wushang’s face with a loud “slap!”, consequently leaving behind a striking red scar.

Both Mo Tiange and Jing Xingzhi frowned to witness what happened. They’d never expected Master Song Feng would be so ruthless towards his own disciple. Just because her words didn’t conform to his ideas, he didn’t hesitate to hit her.

It was unclear whether she was already accustomed to being hit or whether that was how her personality was, but Nie Wushang didn’t even make any noise when struck. In fact, she didn’t even reach out to hold her face—she just lowered her head.

“You dare to question me?!”

With her head hung low, Nie Wushang answered calmly, “Disciple doesn’t dare. Disciple just feels surprised.”

“Hmph! You know nothing!” Although there were spectators, Master Song Feng didn’t hide the disgust he felt for his disciple. His tone sounded very impatient. Even to Mo Tiange, who was the disciple of his enemy, he didn’t act like this.

Mo Tiange and Jing Xingzhi glanced at each other. Both were frowning. The relationship between this master and disciple… was too weird.

“Senior.” It was unclear what he was thinking about, but Jing Xingzhi suddenly spoke, asking respectfully, “Please forgive Junior for saying too much, but based on Qin Shoujing’s temper, how could he possibly have a sweetheart? Could it be that Senior has misunderstood something?”

It was surprising that Jing Xingzhi would talk on her behalf in front of Master Song Feng. Although it wasn’t necessarily useful, Mo Tiange still felt rather grateful.

Unfortunately, Master Song Feng was completely blunt. He hmphed disdainfully and said, “Boy, this matter has nothing to do with you Gujian Sect people. You better not think too highly of yourself. Otherwise, I won’t give any face to Old Yuanying!”

Killing a Core Formation cultivator was nothing to Master Song Feng. Presumably, Venerable Swordsman Yuanying from Gujian Sect also wouldn’t look for Master Song Feng just to avenge a Core Formation junior, no matter how talented that Core Formation junior was. Jing Xingzhi understood this very clearly in his heart, so after he heard what Master Song Feng said, he clenched his fists tightly but eventually said nothing further.

Master Song Feng’s incorporeal gaze once again fell on Mo Tiange. Although this late stage Nascent Soul cultivator didn’t presently have a physical form, Mo Tiange could really feel his might.

“Senior!” Under such might, she eventually chose to speak first. “In the end, what advice does Senior have?”

“How would I dare to give advice to Qin Jinghe’s disciple?” Master Song Feng said sarcastically. Soon afterward, he continued on haughtily, “You don’t have to take any chances. Previously, I happened to run into Qin Jinghe and the others. That master of yours clearly said to others that Qin Shoujing already had a sweetheart who’s also his disciple. That Qin Shoujing also said he got separated from you here and looked very anxious—presumably, his sweetheart can’t be anyone else but you, right?”

Once Mo Tiange heard what Master Song Feng said, she was actually delighted. In other words, Senior Martial Brother Shoujing and master already met? Then she could feel assured now. With master present, Senior Martial Brother Shoujing was naturally alright.

When she thought up to this point, Mo Tiange’s mood improved despite the fact that her current situation was still worrisome. She smiled and said to Master Song Feng, “Since Junior has run right into Senior’s hands, Junior has nothing to say. May Junior know how Senior’s planning to deal with Junior?”

She was abnormally relaxed, causing Master Song Feng to feel a bit doubtful. “Aren’t you afraid?”

“So what if I’m afraid?” Mo Tiange said faintly, “Will Senior let me off if I’m afraid? Junior’s never done things that are only a waste of energy like that.”

The black cloud was silent for a while, but then, Master Song Feng’s laughter rang out from inside it. “Hahaha! Little girl, you’re indeed interesting! What a pity—you’re a disciple of that old brute, Qin Jinghe!” His tone chilled, and he continued on with an evil laugh: “Qin Jinghe’s last disciple, Qin Shoujing’s sweetheart… Hmph! Heaven is indeed helping me! If I kill you, those two would definitely be so sad they’d wish they were dead, wouldn’t they?”

Master Song Feng’s gloomy voice caused a chill to run down her spine. She calmed herself down and said, “Senior thinks too highly of me. Junior’s master and senior martial brother are both people with very staunch Dao hearts. If Junior dies, they might be sad for some time, but as cultivators, the most important thing is still walking on the path towards immortality, so there wouldn’t be any change for them in that respect.”

Her remarks weren’t just to acquit herself—it was what she honestly thought inside. If she died, master and Senior Martial Brother Shoujing would naturally grieve her. However, they were both cultivators. For cultivators, was there anything more important than the Great Dao? No matter how heart-breaking something was, it’d eventually pass. Only the Great Dao was their ultimate pursuit.

When she thought about this, Mo Tiange suddenly felt a little down. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself. Could it be that after confessing her own feelings, she also became sentimental? What was so strange about this? They were all cultivators. For cultivators, there might be feelings that were so-called “carved in bones and engraved in the heart,” but they would never feel “so sad they wish they died.”

“Master!” Nie Wushang, who stood next to that black cloud, suddenly spoke. Her gaze was fixated on Mo Tiange. “Master, if you want to kill her, may Disciple be the one who does it?”

“Fellow Daoist Nie!” Jing Xingzhi couldn’t help but call out. “You…”

Nie Wushang looked at the two of them, but her gaze didn’t linger too long on Jing Xingzhi. She only gazed at the black cloud respectfully.

After a while, Master Song Feng’s voice emerged from inside the black cloud. “You want to have a match with her?”

Nie Wushang said faintly, “Disciple didn’t beat her dozens of years ago, and Disciple’s always felt unsettled inside. Disciple is asking for Master’s permission!”

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but take another glance at Nie Wushang. Nie Wushang’s expression was very calm, so she couldn’t see whether Nie Wushang was trying to help her or not. However, if Master Song Feng approved it, Mo Tiange would certainly benefit. Although Nie Wushang was powerful, it wouldn’t be a problem for Mo Tiange to hang on for an hour if they were to fight. At that time—

“Hmph!” Master Song Feng’s cold hmph interrupted her thoughts, and she soon heard him say: “Who said I wanted to kill her?”

Mo Tiange and the two others were all stunned to hear this. Nie Wushang was dumbfounded for a moment, but she then said somewhat uncertainly, “Master… doesn’t want to kill her?”

Right after she finished, another gale swept past, leaving behind another red scar on her fair cheek. Master Song Feng’s impatient voice rang out, “You dare to guess my intentions?!”

Nie Wushang closed her mouth, dropped her head and remained silent.

This master-disciple pair really didn’t seem like a master and a disciple. The respectful way Nie Wushang treated Master Song Feng was more filled with fear, while Master Song Feng didn’t seem to cherish Nie Wushang in the slightest—it could be said that even a servant shouldn’t be degraded like this, much less one’s own disciple.

Mo Tiange suddenly understood the remarks Nie Wushang made when they met earlier. With this kind of master, it was no wonder Nie Wushang envied her for having a good fate. Compared to Nie Wushang, her fate was indeed much, much better. Her master never said anything harsh to her, and he always thought about her sake in everything.

She didn’t hate Nie Wushang. They were originally standing on the opposite sides, so for Nie Wushang to turn around and report about her whereabouts was nothing abnormal. Of course, Mo Tiange also didn’t have any fondness towards Nie Wushang. Nie Wushang was her enemy, and she wasn’t someone who’d easily waste her sympathy on others. Right now, seeing Nie Wushang not having even a bit of dignity in front of Master Song Feng, she only felt pity. It was a pity that this rather unyielding woman was actually Master Song Feng’s disciple.

“Hmph! Kill her? Doing so would certainly make Qin Jinghe and Qin Shoujing suffer! However, doing so also doesn’t seem that interesting. En, I have to think first—how should I handle this little girl… Ah, I know!” The voice from the black cloud suddenly became very strange. It sounded very complacent, but it also gave the others goosebumps.

Mo Tiange felt a tremendous spiritual aura pressure coming down on herself, rendering her immobile. A thread of fear which made her tremble suddenly shrouded her whole body.

“Little girl, you look quite pretty, in fact,” said the voice from the black cloud.

“…” Mo Tiange suddenly thought of a possibility and was instantly drowned in a cold sweat. It wouldn’t really be what she had in mind, right?

“Tsk, tsk!” The black cloud shook. The voice that came out of it was soft, but it was the kind of softness that made people’s blood run cold. “Little girl, if you want to blame someone, you should blame your Senior Martial Brother Shoujing. Who told you to be loved by him? I really want to see how he’ll suffer after the person he loves loses her chastity… Hahahaha… Qin Shoujing, since you killed my disciple, I’ll let you experience the taste of eating a fly! Hahaha…”

Now that she heard the sentences that affirmed her thoughts, Mo Tiange instantly felt her mind going blank—she was practically losing her rationality! In a split second, countless thoughts flew in her mind, but in the end, she said, “You… you’re a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator, but you actually want to do such a disgusting thing?!”

“Disgusting?” Master Song Feng’s voice sounded gloomy. “Girl, in this cultivation world where the strong prey on the weak, is there still anything noble, respectable?”


“Be as it may, Senior’s idea is still rather… vile!” The one who spoke was Jing Xingzhi. His expression had turned very ugly by now. “Senior, for you to do such a thing to a junior, aren’t you afraid you’ll be laughed at by the entire cultivation world?”

“Hahahaha!” Master Song Feng burst out laughing. “What am I afraid of? Boy, can’t you understand what I said? The one who should be afraid is you!”

Jing Xingzhi was stunned. “… What do you mean?”

“Hmph!” Master Song Feng was disdainful in his answer. The black cloud swelled. Gales suddenly appeared around Mo Tiange and Jing Xingzhi, carrying a kind of strong, biting cold aura which suppressed the two of them.

Mo Tiange couldn’t worry about anything else. In an instant, the White Silk Handkerchief had been hurled and protected herself. Soon afterward, she pressed the space between her eyebrows, wanting to escape into the Virtual Sky World.

She wasn’t someone who wasn’t coolheaded, but what Master Song Feng said made her lose her rationality. That kind of thing… was too disgusting!

In front of a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator, how could she possibly make it in time? She only felt her whole body going numb, and all of a sudden, she lost consciousness.c