Lady Cultivator - Chapter 298 - Master Song Feng

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Chapter 298: Master Song Feng

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As the three people continued to fly up, the fog got thinner and thinner, but they also got closer and closer to the immortal aura.

Seeing as the immortal aura formed by the death of numerous immortals was right in front of them, the three of them couldn’t help but stop. Now, it was Jing Xingzhi who showed hesitation on his face.

The existence of a gap between the immortal aura and the fog was just a conjecture. Right now, the immortal aura was right in front of them, but they still hadn’t reached the end of the scope of the fog. They weren’t sure if they’d run into immortal aura and consequently explode if they continued to fly up. What should they do next?

“Fellow Daoist Jing…”

Before Mo Tiange could say anything further, Jing Xingzhi had already proceeded to fly up.

Mo Tiange and Nie Wushang glanced at each other but eventually followed after him.

The fog was getting thinner and thinner. The immortal aura drifting around was also accumulating more and more. The three of them had no choice but to expend more time to isolate themselves from the immortal aura. The whole process was extremely complicated; they incessantly consumed and replenished their spiritual aura. Mo Tiange sometimes looked downward, but the mountain peak below had become very small in her vision.

Some time later, they heard Jing Xingzhi calling out to them. “Fellow Daoists, look!”

Mo Tiange raised her head, only to see that above the thin fog, there was an unobstructed burst of light.

They’d finally gotten out of the fog.

The three of them suddenly felt reborn. In fact, they were trapped inside this fog for only a little more than a day. However, the feeling of being unable to escape the fog no matter which direction they took made them feel like they were trapped for a very long time.

They enjoyed the quietness for a while then Jing Xingzhi said, “Fellow Daoists, we’ve gotten out of the fog, but next is the most dangerous part—we mustn’t lower our guard.”

Mo Tiange and Nie Wushang gathered their composure and nodded.

The two of them both had calm personalities; this was what Jing Xingzhi was extremely glad about. He liked women, but when he was adventuring, he hated being dragged down by others the most. Fortunately, neither of these two women were bad-tempered.

The immortal aura was now very close to them. They had to be very careful throughout their flight. Fortunately, they had already broken away from the fog and could clearly distinguish their direction. The Tens of Thousands of Feet Peak was located to their south, while to their north was a big volcano. Hence, they chose the west as their exit route.

About half a day later, the three of them finally completely broke through the range of the fog, scared but unharmed. From then onward, they started to descend to the ground.

It was only now that Mo Tiange could breathe a sigh of relief. Being with these two people, she was always on edge. Now, it was finally over.

“Fellow Daoists.” As soon as they landed, Nie Wushang’s gaze was fixated on the two people, and she said, “Since we’ve escaped the fog, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

With a smile, Jing Xingzhi said, “What’s Fellow Daoist Nie so hasty for? Although we’ve gotten out of the fog, we’re still in Immortal’s Ruins—dangers are still everywhere!”

Nie Wushang smirked mockingly then said using ventriloquism: “Fellow Daoist Jing can think of it as me having small guts. If I’m not careful and run into your masters… I still want this little life of mine, you see…” After she said that, she activated her flying magic weapon, turned around and left without even saying goodbye.

As Mo Tiange watched Nie Wushang’s departing figure, she inwardly heaved a sigh. This Nie Wushang… if not for the fact that she was Master Song Feng’s disciple, she actually wasn’t a disagreeable person. Unfortunately, she was Master Song Feng’s disciple in the end.

The two people left behind were silent. A while later, Jing Xingzhi said, “Let’s go.”

Nevertheless, Mo Tiange didn’t move. It was only after Jing Xingzhi turned around to look at her that she finally spoke: “Fellow Daoist Jing, I still have to look for Senior Martial Brother Shoujing. May I know where you’re planning to go?”

Jing Xingzhi raised his eyebrows and asked, “You want to part ways with me?”

“If Fellow Daoist Jing has another goal—yes,” Mo Tiange said frankly, “For me, the most important thing now is to find Senior Martial Brother Shoujing, so I can’t go anywhere else with Fellow Daoist Jing now.”


Jing Xingzhi didn’t answer, but he also didn’t leave. After a while passed without getting an answer, Mo Tiange called out again, “Fellow Daoist Jing?”

Jing Xingzhi smiled then suddenly let out a sigh. “Qin Shoujing… His fate’s really good.”


Not too long ago, Nie Wushang also said the same thing to her. Now, Jing Xingzhi said this too.

Mo Tiange suddenly had a kind of absurd feeling. In cultivating to achieve immortal ascension, they cultivated a mentality not to believe in fate. Ever since ancient times, how many people had ascended to immortal status? Ever since the immortals and the devils became separate entities, there were very few who could even reach the Deification realm, while those who could ascend to become immortal were unheard of. Despite that, over the past several thousand years, there were still countless cultivators outdoing each other in this cruel cultivation world. They didn’t believe in their predetermined fate to not be able to ascend to become immortals.

But now, both Nie Wushang and Jing Xingzhi said such things.

A good fate? Perhaps Qin Xi did have a good fate; everything went smoothly throughout his life. However, in order for him to possess what he possessed today, it definitely wasn’t just because he had a good fate. Mo Tiange might be considered to have a good fate. Although she lived miserably before she was twenty years old, she gradually obtained everything she wanted after she turned twenty years old. However, all that didn’t just fall from the sky either.

Whether it was Jing Xingzhi or Nie Wushang, they presumably also understood this reasoning, but they still said such things. That being the case, there could only be one explanation for it: both of them must harbor some extremely sad stories in their hearts.

Mo Tiange wasn’t a talkative person, and she also wasn’t interested in inquiring about other people’s private matters, so she didn’t respond to his remark. She just asked, “Where does Fellow Daoist Jing want to go?”

In a split second, Jing Xingzhi already masked his frivolous expression and said indifferently, “Let’s find Qin Shoujing then. This is Immortal’s Ruins—wandering alone here is always dangerous.”

“…” It was unclear whether it was for himself or her when he said it was dangerous. A thought flitted through her mind, then Mo Tiange immediately said, “Alright. That being the case, I have to thank Fellow Daoist Jing for his kind intentions.”

Jing Xingzhi waved, looking like he completely didn’t care.

After some thought, Mo Tiange decided to send a Summoning Talisman. This time, she could send a Summoning Talisman, but every time those talismans entered the fog, they’d fall to the ground.

“It seems Qin Shoujing’s still inside the fog. You better not waste anymore Summoning Talismans,” said Jing Xingzhi.

Mo Tiange watched her Summoning Talismans falling to the ground with pity. She felt somewhat disheartened and said, “Could it be that we have to go back in again?”

Jing Xingzhi pondered it for a moment then asked, “Don’t you have any other method of communication?”

His question reminded Mo Tiange—it wasn’t that they didn’t have any other communication method—it was just that other methods weren’t as effective as Summoning Talismans. But in any case, since the talismans weren’t working, she could still give it a try.

She took out a jade case from her lapels which contained several yellow objects—they were actually pieces of amber. These were given to her by Qin Xi when they were in Kunzhong City. He said if these things were burned, they’d emit a kind of strange aroma; as long as they weren’t separated too far from each other, he’d be able to smell it. At that time, she didn’t really take these to heart, yet she unexpectedly really ended up using them now.

Jing Xingzhi seemed dumbstruck when he saw those things. He said, “He actually gave these to you?”

Mo Tiange took a glance at Jing Xingzhi. “Fellow Daoist Jing knows about these things?”

Instead of answering, Jing Xingzhi asked back, “Do you know how I and Qin Shoujing got acquainted?”

“A little.”

Jing Xingzhi showed a small smile then said with a sigh, “At that time, he still didn’t have a Daoist name. In a flash, so many years have passed, and the name Qin Shoujing has already spread all over Kunwu. However, only a few still remember his given name.”

“…” Mo Tiange didn’t answer. That time was too far for her. At that time, she hadn’t yet been born into this world.

After a moment of immersing himself in memories, Jing Xingzhi said, “He obtained these inside an ancient immortal abode when we first met. Although they didn’t have much use, there should only be a few left in this world, and all of them were in his hands. Using them to communicate is indeed a good method. Their fragrance is very particular. If he’s really lost his way, maybe this fragrance can show him the way out. Furthermore, this method also isn’t likely to attract others’ attention.”

Mo Tiange smiled upon obtaining affirmation from Jing Xingzhi. “If that’s really the case, then that’d be best.”

Once they finished talking, just to be safe, the two of them flew for some distance in silence. It was only after they were sure there was no one else around that they sat down and ignited the amber. Following their ignition, a kind of peculiar fragrance which Mo Tiange had never smelled before spread and slowly floated further and further.

Next, all there was left to do was wait.

Before long, probably about two hours later, Jing Xingzhi suddenly moved. He stood up and said, “There’s people coming.”

Mo Tiange spread her divine sense and as soon as she did, she was stupefied. “This is…”

A spiritual aura fluctuation came from the sky, and it was very strong. It definitely wasn’t Qin Xi. Rather, it was a Nascent Soul cultivator!

The two of them glanced at each other. Jing Xingzhi only had the time to say: “Late stage Nascent Soul—”

All of a sudden, a formidable spiritual aura pressure then came down upon them from above as a mass of black clouds floated over.

Mo Tiange raised her head and saw a familiar-looking black cloud. Her expression stiffened in an instant.

Master Song Feng!

“It’s them?” An arrogant, hoarse voice rang out from inside the black cloud.

Next to that black cloud, Nie Wushang swept her gaze over Jing Xingzhi and Mo Tiange with an indifferent expression on her face. “Yes, Master.”

Even though Master Song Feng’s body was hidden inside the black cloud, Mo Tiange could still sense a malice-filled gaze sweeping past the clothes on her and Jing Xingzhi’s bodies.

She had powerful people backing her, so she simply hadn’t exchanged Xuanqing School’s Daoist robes with other clothes for this trip. Right now, she definitely couldn’t escape. They’d cautiously left the spot where they parted ways with Nie Wushang, but they were still found by her.

Mo Tiange only felt a chill rising from the depths of her heart. She’d lived for eighty-some years and cultivated until she reached the Core Formation realm, and throughout that time, she’d come across a lot of danger and experienced many life or death crises. However, there had never been a time when she was so filled with fear as she was now. The most powerful cultivator in the Celestial Pole, the number one person among the late stage Nascent Soul cultivators… Although she was already in the Core Formation realm, in front of Master Song Feng, it still seemed like she was in the Aura Refining realm. She would fall in just one attack from him.

She closed her eyes, silently reading the incantation for the Soul-Refining Art which then allowed her to calm down even though she was under Master Song Feng’s spiritual aura pressure.

At that moment, Jing Xingzhi gave her a hint with his gaze. Mo Tiange understood that he was telling her not to act rashly.

Master Song Feng’s lazy voice rang out from inside the black cloud: “Girl, you’re that old brute Qin Jinghe’s disciple?”

Mo Tiange’s expression didn’t change, and she even spared the time to salute him. She said calmly, “I am. Senior, you’re Master Song Feng?”

“Huh?” Master Song Feng’s voice carried a hint of astonishment. “Qin Jinghe unexpectedly taught his disciples well. Ma Xuanyin and Qin Shoujing aren’t bad, and you girl, although your cultivation level isn’t up to much, your guts are quite big.”

Mo Tiange curved her lips, forcefully squeezing out a smile. “Many thanks to Senior for the praise. But… Senior must not have come just to praise Junior, right? Junior’s guts are small, so how about Senior just gives Junior a quick death?”

Once her remarks were out, low, hoarse laughter rang out from inside the black cloud. Master Song Feng then said, “Girl, you’re quite amusing. You’re much more pleasing to the eye than Qin Shoujing and that old brute. But… what a pity… you have a master like Qin Jinghe and a senior martial brother like Qin Shoujing. Today, you can only consider yourself out of luck for falling into my hands.”