Lady Cultivator - Chapter 294 - Xuan Fire Jade Essence

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Chapter 294: Xuan Fire Jade Essence

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“Old Feng!” A loud, angry shout came from the distance. Lord Daoist Jinghe suddenly sped up and rushed to the front in an instant. He took out his Li Fire gourd and suspended it before his eyes, then continued angrily, “How dare you attack my disciple!”

Upon hearing this, before Feng Xiao could answer, Ding Luan smiled and said, “Brother Daoist Jinghe, don’t worry. My husband just played a little joke on your boy.”

“A joke?” Lord Daoist Jinghe wasn’t slow. Looking at the scene before his own eyes, he roughly understood what was happening, so his voice also slowed down. “Fine, this couple doesn’t have to play tricks. Since you protected him once, treat it like I owe you one!”

Feng Xiao laughed as he heard this sentence. He hit Qin Xi in his acupoint between his shoulder and ta chuei with two fingers, injecting spiritual aura into his body. Qin Xi, whose meridian vessels were restricted earlier, could finally move. Qin Xi then breathed a sigh of relief.

He saluted Feng Xiao without any disrespect. “Thanks a lot, Senior Feng.” Feng Xiao took action on him just now because he wanted to use him to contain Lord Daoist Jinghe. Lord Daoist Jinghe saw through his intentions, so Feng Xiao and his wife made a prompt decision and chose to join hands with Lord Daoist Jinghe.

Qin Xi was smart enough to know that as well, so he was still respectful to Feng Xiao. There were many benefits shared between cultivators. Since Qin Xi’s Master chose to stand on the couple’s side, they were partners now, and there was no reason for him to disrespect Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao nodded with a smile. Ding Luan also smiled at Lord Daoist Jinghe and said, “Brother Daoist Jinghe, your disciple is so smart. I like him very much. What about allowing him to become my son-in-law? My daughter Feng Ning is a little indulged, but she’s a good girl.”

Within only several breaths’ time, the topic had jumped from containment and unity to marriage and to nowhere, yet Old Daoist Fuling and his followers, who were originally ahead of them, still hadn’t arrived.

Qin Xi pretended he hadn’t heard the discussion and walked to Lord Daoist Jinghe’s side. “Master,” he said.

“En.” Lord Daoist Jinghe saw he was alone, so he raised his head and looked around. “Where’s Tiange?”

Qin Xi was just worrying about her. “We were separated. Master, now that you’re here, I’ll go look for her…”

“Wait!” Lord Daoist Jinghe raised his hand to stop him and frowned while saying, “Don’t act rashly. This place is deep in Immortal’s Ruins, and you shouldn’t have come here. But since you already came, wait first. When I settle the matter with them, I’ll go look for Tiange with you!”

“But…” Qin Xi was about to argue when he saw Lord Daoist Jinghe’s gloomy face, so he had to swallow his words with a sigh. “Okay, I know.”

Of course he knew his Master was right. There were quite a few Nascent Soul cultivators here, so you could infer that their present position was definitely deep in Immortal’s Ruins. Qin Xi went in the wrong direction in the misty fog earlier and arrived here instead, and it was no longer suitable for him to act alone. But thinking that Tiange was still trapped in the fog and lost on her own made Qin Xi nervous with worry.

Looking at Qin Xi’s absent-minded appearance, Lord Daoist Jinghe understood what he was thinking very clearly, but Lord Daoist Jinghe didn’t say anything to him. Instead, he answered Ding Luan’s question. “You’re too late to propose that. Your Feng Ning is good, but pitifully, my boy already has someone to love.”

“Oh?” Ding Luan was a little surprised and glanced at Qin Xi, then continued jokingly, “That’s really a pity. So may I ask who this girl is?”

“Haha, I keep the goodies within the family. The girl is also my disciple…”

As Lord Daoist Jinghe hadn’t finished his inflatable sentences, a gloomy voice cut in. “You’re so impatient, so you’ve already begun to talk about marriage in such a short time?”

The speaker was Master Song Feng. Master Song Feng’s disciple was killed by Qin Xi, and his hatred surged up now as he heard Lord Daoist Jinghe and the Luan and Feng couple talking about their disciples and daughter.

Ding Luan even added oil to the flames deliberately and said with a smile, “Old Song Feng, you don’t have any children, so are you jealous now? No need. If you could just spare your time to have a… Oh, sorry, with such a ghostlike and monstrous body like yours, I’m afraid you can’t have any children, can you?”

“You—” Master Song Feng was immediately irritated. His Primordial Devil Aura arose and transformed into a long knife again.

Within such a short time, other Nascent Soul cultivators arrived and cut off their flight lights one after another, each looking at Master Song Feng with unkind eyes.

Old Daoist Fuling and Swordsman Xiaohe were from Gujian Sect; Wanderer Qingming, an individual cultivator; Lord Daoist Huayan from Xuanqing School; Daoist Heifeng from Tiandao Sect; Lu Daquan… In addition to Old Daoist Fuling, these people were all early realm Nascent Soul cultivators, but the group of four composed of Lord Daoist Jinghe, Ding Luan, Feng Xiao, and Daoist Ji were all real middle realm Nascent Soul cultivators.

Master Song Feng paused for a while and grunted with a cold voice. But then, without saying anything, he turned into a black cloud and went away.

The ten Nascent Soul cultivators present all breathed sighs of relief. They had more people and weren’t afraid of Master Song Feng, but the old man was a lunatic. If they really had to fight him, he would at least make them suffer heavy casualties even if he was defeated. After all, he was the first late realm Nascent Soul cultivator in the Celestial Pole. But more importantly, it was highly possible that they wouldn’t be able to kill him. Now that Master Song Feng left voluntarily, things just couldn’t be better.

As soon as Master Song Feng left, Old Daoist Fuling, who just arrived, saluted the others with a smile. “Fellow Daoist Feng, Fellow Daoist Ding, Fellow Daoist Ji, Fellow Daoist Jinghe, Fellows, what are you all doing here?”

During the Demonic Beast Riot, Mo Tiange and Ye Jingwen once had unpleasant experiences with Gujian Sect, so Lord Daoist Jinghe wasn’t very nice to Old Daoist Fuling. Lord Daoist Jinghe only returned a perfunctory salute by raising his hand a bit.

But Ding Luan said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Fuling, it’s been a long time. Actually, there’s nothing special there. It’s just that the pair of us and Fellow Daoist Ji happened to find something interesting.”

“Really?” A shrewdness flashed across Old Daoist Fuling’s eyes. But faced with Ding Luan and Feng Xiao’s smiles, the shrewdness soon dispersed, and Old Daoist Fuling also remained smiling. “Rest assured, Fellows. Now that the two of you have united here, how could I meddle? I’d just like to broaden my understanding. You won’t object, will you?”

Ding Luan smiled and said slowly, “Fellow Daoist Fuling, what are you talking about? It’s nothing good, just a Xuan Fire Jade Essence. I don’t think it would be of any use to you.”

“Oh…” The light in Old Daoist Fuling’s eyes surely went out. Xuan Fire Jade Essence was a good object, and it was a rare material for refining fire element magic weapons, but Old Daoist Fuling was a sword cultivator, so the object was indeed useless to him.

But Qin Xi, standing beside Lord Daoist Jinghe, lit up his eyes.

Ding Luan, a middle realm Nascent Soul cultivator, had keen eyes and immediately noticed Qin Xi’s reaction. She asked with a smile, “Qin lad, are you interested in this Xuan Fire Jade Essence? Oh, right, you and your Master both practice fire-element magic art.”

Ding Luan’s words were kind, but she glanced at Lord Daoist Jinghe in secret and the meaning was self-evident.

Lord Daoist Jinghe made a grunt and said, “You couple don’t have to test me. When have I gone back on my word?”

Cultivators had many interests that clashed with each other, but for high-level cultivators, their promises were valuable. Once they said something, they usually wouldn’t take it back unless there was a big benefit involved.

A Xuan Fire Jade Essence was enough to be considered a big benefit, so both Ding Luan and Feng Xiao intended to test Lord Daoist Jinghe. However, they knew that although Lord Daoist Jinghe had a hateful personality, he always stood by his word. He knew the object was a Xuan Fire Jade Essence but still said something like that, so they were sure he wouldn’t compete for it with them.

There was a total of five middle realm Nascent Soul cultivators present. Old Daoist Fuling wasn’t interested in the Xuan Fire Jade Essence, Lord Daoist Jinghe wouldn’t take action, and Daoist Ji was on their side, so Ding and Feng couple had no other threats now. Feng Xiao cupped his hands as thanks to the others. “Fellows, thanks a lot.” As he spoke, Feng Xiao gave Daoist Ji a wink. Daoist Ji nodded and jumped from the crater of the volcano.

Daoist Ji went down to take the Xuan Fire Jade Essence. Ding Luan turned her eyes and saw a Foundation Building young man following behind Old Daoist Fuling who had bright eyes and graceful eyebrows and seemed quite timid. She then asked, “Fellow Daoist Fuling, when did you accept a new disciple?”

Old Daoist Fuling glanced at the young man behind him and smiled while touching his beard. “This young friend isn’t my disciple.”

“Really?” Ding Luan was a little surprised. “When have you been so kind? He’s not your disciple, but you brought him to Demonic Mountain?”

“Haha!” Old Daoist Fuling looked like he was in quite a good mood. “I can tell you, but Fellow Daoist Ding and the pair of you can’t rob me!”

Feng Xiao smiled. “What are you talking about, Fellow Daoist Fuling? The two of us already have a daughter. Are you worried we’ll grab this young friend and make him our son-in-law?”

“That’s hard to say.” Old Daoist Fuling smiled meaningfully.

His expression was so mysterious that the Luan and Feng couple, Lord Daoist Jinghe, and others couldn’t help but release their divine senses to probe the young man. Then their expressions all changed.

After a long while, Ding Luan murmured to herself, “Pure Yang Constitution…”

The three words made Qin Xi’s expression also change suddenly, and he couldn’t help looking at the young man.

Old Daoist Fuling laughed and didn’t say a word; he was clearly very complacent. He wasn’t worried the others would rob him. After all, a Pure Yang Constitution was only useful to female cultivators. There was only one female cultivator present, who was Ding Luan, and she already had her dual cultivation companion. She and her husband had a daughter, and they loved her very much, so presumably they wouldn’t find a human furnace for their daughter casually. As for the others, even if they had female disciples, they wouldn’t dare to fight Old Daoist Fuling for no reason.

A moment later, Feng Xiao said indifferently, “You’ve got such good luck, Fellow Daoist Fuling. A Pure Yang Constitution—you can’t even find one in a thousand years. So do you intend to make him your disciple’s human furnace?”

The two words “Human Furnace” terrified the young man even more.

Old Daoist Fuling smiled. “Not necessarily. This young lad also has good qualifications, so perhaps I could accept him as a disciple.”

“Really?” As Ding Luan was about to speak further, Daoist Ji appeared at the crater, so she stopped.

Daoist Ji looked at the many Nascent Soul cultivators with cautious eyes, then he threw the Xuan Fire Jade Essence into the air lightly.

These Nascent Soul cultivators didn’t intend to snatch it but they also didn’t intend on leaving, so they were naturally interested in the Xuan Fire Jade Essence and wanted to see what a Xuan Fire Jade Essence grown in Immortal’s Ruins would look like. Now, watching the Xuan Fire Jade Essence Daoist Ji threw out, everyone’s eyes were looking straight.

Old Daoist Fuling’s eyes glittered, and even Lord Daoist Jinghe was a little shaky. The Xuan Fire Jade Essence was far too perfect! It was the size of two palms, red as fire and crystalline to the extreme! They had never seen such a Xuan Fire Jade Essence.

“Three seniors.” Qin Xi was the first to open his mouth though.

The Luan and Feng couple and Daoist Ji all looked at him alertly.

Qin Xi continued with a calm tone, “Three Seniors, are you only interested in the Xuan Fire Jade Essence?”

The three were stunned. Ding Luan smiled still. “Qin lad, what do you mean by that?”

Qin Xi said, “This large piece of jade essence has been growing here for at least tens of thousands of years, which should be long enough to grow a chalcedony. If there’s a chalcedony in it, I wonder if you seniors would be willing to give it to me? I would trade it with other treasures.”

“Chalcedony?” Lord Daoist Jinghe was reminded of something and the affection in his eyes also lit up. “Right. This jade essence has such a good appearance and quality. If there’s a chalcedony growing in it, it must be very good.”

Upon hearing this, the three middle realm Nascent Soul cultivators looked at each other. Chalcedony was also very rare, but compared with the Xuan Fire Jade Essence, it was nothing big.

Ding Luan said, “It turns out you want a chalcedony. Okay, if there’s a chalcedony growing in this jade essence, I’ll give it to you.”

Qin Xi smiled and bowed to show his gratitude. “Thank you all, three seniors.”

Upon hearing the conversation between the two parties, a gleam of regret flashed in Old Daoist Fuling and his people’s eyes. Greed had set in these people’s hearts when they saw the Xuan Fire Jade Essence was so excellent. If things came to conflict between Qin Jinghe’s group and the three people, they would be able to fish in troubled waters, but what the Qin lad wanted was a Chalcedony, and Ding Luan wanted to give it to him, so it looked like there wouldn’t be any conflicts then.

Thinking this, Old Daoist Fuling saluted the others. “Now that nothing is happening, we’ll take our leave first. Fellows, see you again in the near future.”

Ding Luan, Feng Xiao, and Daoist Ji had long wished he’d go away, so they returned a salute to him politely, while Lord Daoist Jinghe and his people didn’t respond at all.