Lady Cultivator - Chapter 293 - Nascent Soul Cultivators’ Fight

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Chapter 293: Nascent Soul Cultivators’ Fight

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“Old Song Feng.” Ding Luan wore a smile on her face but she spoke with contempt. “Look at your ugly ghostlike face. If I were you, I’d have long hidden myself somewhere in secret. But you seem so proud of your looks—don’t you think you’re but a joke to all other cultivators in the world?”

Ding Luan looked tender and gentle, but her words were like sharp knives. Master Song Feng had heard of many insults against him, but he was still pissed off now. He sneered and said, “You think I’m a joke? Woman Ding, if you dare, bring those cultivators out here and curse me to my face! Cut the crap now!”

“You’re the one who’s been talking crap the whole time, not me.” Ding Luan retained a smile while continuing to aggressively insult him. “Do you really think those young children think you’re the number one cultivator in the Celestial Pole? I’ve met people who think highly of themselves, but I never saw anyone who values himself like you. Not to mention those other cultivators, but just look at the kid from the Qin family before you now—how much do you think he respects you?!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Xi bitterly smiled in secret. Although he had long held a grudge against Master Song Feng, he wasn’t wildly arrogant enough to think he’d be able to escape from a late realm Nascent Soul cultivator relying on his own strength. He was trying to diminish his presence by taking advantage of the three Nascent Soul cultivators, but Senior Ding now pushed him out again and attracted Master Song Feng’s attention.

But he couldn’t just blame Ding Luan, who had been kind enough to protect him for the sake of Lord Daoist Jinghe.

Master Song Feng’s figure was hidden in the black aura and couldn’t be seen clearly, but he glanced over with sharp and aggressive eyes. He then said, “Woman Ding, just cut the crap. Since you don’t want to give way, don’t blame me for getting too violent!”

As he said that, Master Song Feng melted his whole body into the black aura then started a rash attack on them.

Although the three of them willfully despised Master Song Feng in language, they didn’t dare to loosen their vigilance when faced with an attack. Ding Luan and Feng Xiao retreated at the same time with the use of instant transportation techniques and released their magic weapons. This couple’s magic weapons were both musical instruments. Ding Luan held a Chinese zither while Feng Xiao held a flute, and they started playing immediately to create a dense net of musical sounds.

Master Song Feng’s black aura looked fierce but was blocked by the net.

At that time, Daoist Ji smiled and took out a huge wine gourd from his clothes, slowly taking a sip of the drink. Then he suddenly opened his mouth, and the wine rushed out like arrows fiercely, spraying Master Song Feng’s black aura.

Master Song Feng withdrew the devil aura all over and immediately retreated. He did talk arrogantly and use ruthless methods of fighting, but he wasn’t immersed in false pride. He said he looked down on the Luan and Feng Immortal Companion pair, but he knew in his heart that this couple both had high cultivation levels. They had very tacit cooperation and their strength in fights of magical power was no worse than late realm cultivators, so he mustn’t treat them like ordinary cultivators.

Besides, Daoist Ji was also with them. Daoist Ji was very quiet, and some people even said he was just a mute. But Daoist Ji’s movements in martial arts were sharp. He would often start a secret attack and catch you before you realized it.

So, although Master Song Feng spoke arrogantly, he didn’t dare to look down on this man either. He must be very cautious.

However, now that a war had begun, there was no reason to end it. Seeing that Master Song Feng retreated, Ding Luan and Feng Xiao pursued and attacked immediately. The whistling changed tunes, and the tweedling became louder; the originally high-pitched musical sounds as resonant as the sky and land suddenly became sonorous, fierce, and heart-shattering.

Touched by the two sets of musical sounds, Qin Xi felt his spiritual aura rolling over and over within his body, almost going out of control, so he immediately steadied his mind, trying to lead the spiritual aura back with all his attention.

“Hmph! Insignificant skills!” Master Song Feng snorted. A black object suddenly flew out from the black aura at an extremely fast speed, and it hastily aimed at the two people.

As soon as the black object came out of Master Song Feng’s black aura, it suddenly swelled and became like a small mountain in an instant, about to press on the two people.

Seeing this, the Luan and Feng couple changed their musical sounds back to primitive and deep sounds again, but this time, it wasn’t so easy to block the thing. Master Song Feng formed a fiendish smile, and the small mountain broke the net of musical sounds, pressing down on them with great momentum.

Ding Luan and Feng Xiao’s expressions were solemn. They looked at each other and stopped playing the instruments, and they threw them into the air. The two magic weapons themselves carried a rich spiritual aura, and supported by the pair’s spiritual aura, they suddenly burst into dazzling spiritual lights.

It was so blinding that Qin Xi couldn’t help but reach out to block the light.

This wasn’t the first time he saw Nascent Soul cultivators fighting. Qin Xi’s master was a Nascent Soul cultivator with extraordinary strength, so his experience was broad. But witnessing these people engaged in a war, Qin Xi still got the sense that he wasn’t strong enough to join. Nascent Soul was a higher cultivation level, after all. He was only a step away from it, yet there was a big difference in strength between him and them. If he was already a Nascent Soul cultivator now, even in the early realm, he wouldn’t have been unable to strike back in the face of these people.

The fight between Master Song Feng and the couple was fierce, yet the former had to be aware of the quiet Daoist Ji on the side.

Daoist Ji looked like he was in his early 20s and looked extremely comely. Rumors said he walked the earth and was often regarded as a little Aura Refining disciple who didn’t understand the world. However, if you started a war with him, he would fight the hell out of you just as viciously as Master Song Feng. Over the years, too many blind cultivators had been fooled by his harmless appearance and died by his hands.

In the spiritual light that covered Master Song Feng and the couple, Qin Xi couldn’t see their movements, but he knew it was the best time to act now. He secretly drew a jade talisman from his Qiankun Bag. He flicked the talisman with his fingertips then fire lights arose from it, and it surged up under the cover of the spiritual lights all over the sky.

Fortunately, its effects went off without a hitch this time.

The jade talisman disappeared in the sky, and the fight of magical powers also suddenly stopped. Master Song Feng packed up his devil aura and snorted. “Qin Shoujing, what the hell are you doing now?!”

Qin Xi smiled. He knew that even though he wasn’t noticed just now, the old man would never let him go easily.

“Nothing. I just sent a signal to my Master and told him to come here and watch the fun.”

Master Song Feng went silent for a moment. But the black aura around him didn’t stop surging, as if it was in the making and he might attack Qin Xi in the next moment.

As Master Song Feng focused his attention on Qin Xi, the other three Nascent Soul cultivators didn’t waste this opportunity. Ding Luan shouted with one hand holding the Chinese zither and the other clenching the string. She suddenly pulled and loosened the string, creating a loud “zheng” buzz then the spiritual sound spread out fiercely. Feng Xiao held his jade flute with a turn of his fingers then he put it to his mouth and began to play with ease.

The couple cooperated with each other perfectly, with one of them launching aggressive attacks and the other defending without haste. Even though Master Song Feng was known as the number one cultivator in the Celestial Pole, he didn’t dare to look down on them. The black aura around Master Song Feng grew denser and denser, and like drops of ink, it suddenly sprayed out.

The black aura all over Master Song Feng was called Primordial Devil Aura. When Primordial Devil Aura danced, it was like gale and raging thunder, creating tremendous power. As the Primordial Devil Aura sprayed out, it gathered into a substance and turned into a long knife which seemed like it would target the Luan and Feng couple in a moment.

But in an instant, the black long knife suddenly changed directions and cut toward the right side from behind.

“Ahh—” Daoist Ji let out a scream. He had secretly moved to Master Song Feng’s back just now.

Hearing Daoist Ji’s cries with his own ears, Qin Xi’s first thought was that this person really wasn’t dumb, but then he realized Master Song Feng was really a powerful late realm Nascent Soul cultivator. As a bystander, Qin Xi didn’t even notice Daoist Ji’s movements, but Master Song Feng could counterplot and sell the dummy during their fierce fighting.

“Hmph!” Master Song Feng snorted. “You really think I didn’t notice?!”

A malevolent expression immediately appeared on Daoist Ji’s comely and innocent face. He ignored the devil aura knife which had sunk into his shoulder, and he suddenly flicked with both his hands. An extremely tiny object flew over to Master Song Feng’s face. Master Song Feng tried to avoid it, but the two of them were so close that he couldn’t avoid it and was struck.

As soon as the object hit Master Song Feng, it immediately exploded with a huge “rumble”.

“Ah!” Now this was a scream let out by Master Song Feng.

This time, it was Daoist Ji who sneered. He grabbed the devil aura knife in his shoulder and pulled it out then threw it away. He said hoarsely, “Old Song Feng, how does the Detonator taste?”

The Primordial Devil Aura around Master Song Feng gathered and spread, and it looked like he’d been badly injured.

Ding Luan and Feng Xiao looked at each other, then started an attack at the same time.

As Master Song Feng was about to be attacked by the three united Nascent Soul cultivators, a black shadow flashed and Master Song Feng disappeared in an instant. He reappeared in midair and the black aura gathered around him again.

“Ignorant children!” Master Song Feng grunted with his cold voice. “You really thought I’d be trampled by you with that attack?!”

He was now floating in midair and the Primordial Devil Aura hadn’t been reduced by even a little. It seemed he wasn’t injured at all.

The other three Nascent Soul cultivators were all stunned, revealing surprised expressions.

“Fellow Daoist Ji,” Ding Luan said in a low voice, “this…”

Daoist Ji was also very surprised. His expression kept shifting like the clouds, and he stared intently at Master Song Feng, saying, “Impossible. He’s just bluffing! You know the Detonator’s power, Fellow Daoists. This old man was hit, and I definitely don’t believe he’s safe and sound!”

Feng Xiao also hesitated and said, “Fellow Daoist Ji’s right, Sister Luan. We can’t be fooled by him!”

Upon hearing what her husband said, Ding Luan dropped her doubt and put away her Chinese zither, preparing for a fight.

At this time, a number of flying lights suddenly flashed across the horizon and came over their way.

There were two groups of people coming from two directions.

“That’s… Old Daoist Fuling!” Feng Xiao murmured as one of the groups of people got closer.

Daoist Ji darkened his face a little. “A hundred years ago, I had some grudge against this Old Daoist. I’m afraid he…”

Ding Luan and Feng Xiao were silent. Actually, Old Daoist Fuling should be called Swordsman Fuling. He was one of the Nascent Soul swordsmen in Gujian Sect and used to be a Daoist, so he’d dressed like a Daoist the whole time and they all called him Old Daoist.

These people all came from seven schools and sects, and up until now, they hadn’t turned against each other violently for the sake of preserving friendship. But now, faced with benefits, it was hard to say what was going to happen.

Another group of people also came closer now. Daoist Ji frowned more heavily. “Qin Jinghe…”

Ding Luan and Feng Xiao looked at each other, eyes a little mysterious. Theoretically, they had a good relationship with Qin Jinghe, but the problem was that they had turned against Master Song Feng for the purpose of grabbing treasures. When faced with treasures, who knew if he would resort to violence or not?

At the moment, Feng Xiao glanced at Qin Xi on the side unnoticeably. Ding Luan nodded at him in secret.

Feng Xiao suddenly moved and flashed to Qin Xi’s side in an instant and smiled. “Kid, can you do us a favor?”

Although Qin Xi was always alert, Feng Xiao was a middle realm Nascent Soul cultivator, after all. As Qin Xi had just summoned the Three Yang Real Fire Sword, Feng Xiao came from above to slap down his head.