Lady Cultivator - Chapter 292 - One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

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Chapter 292: One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy

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She got separated from Qin Xi.

And as she realized that, Mo Tiange sighed.

There were so many oddities in Immortal’s Ruins that she had to think twice before taking each step. In such case, it was really difficult to move a single step without any trustworthy people at her side.

To Qin Xi, Jing Xingzhi might be a person whom he could trust, but to her, he was not. This man was a typical utilitarian. He was habitually attentive to women and made so many goo-goo eyes at her along the way, but actually, he measured people only by their strength deep inside. If she showed any potential of slowing things down, she would be left behind unceremoniously.

Upon thinking of this, Mo Tiange braced herself. No matter how, she had to hang in there and find Qin Xi.

“Fellow Daoist Jing, what do you think of the current situation?”

Hearing what she asked, Jing Xingzhi was lazy and said, “There’s something wrong with the fog.”

Of course she knew there was something wrong! Seeing that Jing Xingzhi was treating her so perfunctorily, Mo Tiange also said quite impolitely, “With your knowledge, Fellow Daoist Jing, I’m sure you know more than that, don’t you?”

Jing Xingzhi laughed, gave her a glance, and answered, “Yes, and I also know that the fog has much influence on divine senses. Fellow Daoist Qingwei, your divine sense doesn’t work here.”

Mo Tiange moved her eyes and didn’t say a word then. Obviously, with such an attitude, Jing Xingzhi was just waiting to see what solutions she could think of to deal with the present situation. If she had a solution, perhaps he would do his best to help her; if not, he probably wouldn’t want to march forward with a burden.

After realizing that, Mo Tiange pondered it with her head down.

The fog, the divine sense, and the sudden disappearance.

She asked, “Fellow Daoist Jing, how did you feel when we got separated just now?”

Jing Xingzhi thought about it for a while and said, “How did I feel… I didn’t feel anything special. It seemed I was just distracted for a moment, and when I came to myself, you were both gone.”

Mo Tiange nodded. “So the fog can paralyze our divine senses and make us have incorrect perceptions.”

Jing Xingzhi nodded to show his initial agreement.

Mo Tiange continued, “But I’m afraid that’s not all. Even if it can paralyze our divine senses, it shouldn’t have made it so that when we reacted, we were all lost. So presumably, it can also mislead our senses.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Xingzhi gave her another look filled with praise.

Mo Tiange didn’t get the meaning of his look and continued, “As that’s the case, we shouldn’t believe in our divine senses and our senses then.”

Jing Xingzhi smiled. “In this case, Fellow Daoist Qingwei, do you have any solutions?”

His attitude was very casual and he obviously didn’t think Mo Tiange could solve their immediate problem.

Mo Tiange said nothing, took out her flying sword from her Qiankun Bag, and began to draw something on the ground with her head down.

In fact, Jing Xingzhi clearly knew in his heart that Qin Xi was an arrogant person, and since his Junior Sister was accepted by Lord Daoist Jinghe as his disciple and was highly valued, she must have a unique strength. Jing Xingzhi didn’t believe Qin Shoujing would take a fancy to an idiot. But meanwhile, Jing Xingzhi didn’t really think much of Mo Tiange. He believed her title of “genius” was mostly exaggerated. A person who progressed in cultivation quickly wasn’t necessarily strong, and a person who had good comprehension wasn’t necessarily quick-witted. But when he saw the pattern Mo Tiange drew on the ground, his look became serious. “This…”

Mo Tiange put away her flying sword and took out the Sound-Transmitting Jade Talisman under her clothes. It was a Thousands-Of-Miles Sound-Transmitting Jade Talisman, which she originally prepared ahead of time in the event of potential separation. She didn’t have many of them on her though, so when they were separated, she didn’t use it immediately to prevent it from being wasted in the misty fog.

Red flames arose on the Sound-Transmitting Jade Talisman and it was about to fly through the air. But after flying only several inches, the flames fell down surprisingly.

Jing Xingzhi was disappointed. “Even your Sound-Transmitting Talisman doesn’t work?”

Mo Tiange paused for only a moment, then she took out the flying sword again and continued drawing on the ground.

What she drew was the orientation of a kind of ancient Eight-Trigrams pattern of array, which she learned from the Xuanji Formation Book. In the fog, only a few feet were visible to the naked eye, and if they walked at random, they would be as confused as headless chicken that couldn’t figure out their direction. If they walked along the Eight-Trigrams pattern, at least they’d know which direction they were heading and wouldn’t go off course. Even if it was a dead end, they could return the same way.

After finishing the Eight-Trigrams pattern, Mo Tiange carefully studied her surroundings to make sure there was no danger, then she picked one direction and took the initiative to march forward.

Jing Xingzhi lowered his head and looked at the pattern she drew; he said nothing and just followed her.

This time, they didn’t lose each other. Now that they knew the fog might paralyze their divine senses, both of them were very wary.

As they walked a long way, Mo Tiange drew the pattern again, and the procedure was repeated several times like this.

Since the Sound-Transmitting Talisman didn’t work, she could only leave marks. Although Qin Xi wasn’t proficient in formations, he could at least recognize her handwriting. If he saw the pattern and walked along it, they would find each other.

As she drew and walked like this, they went further and further…

Qin Xi quickly realized he was lost, and just as he turned his head, Mo Tiange and Jing Xingzhi were nowhere to be found.

He didn’t panic; he released the Three Yang Real Fire Sword to surround himself then closed his eyes, spreading his divine sense.

But soon, he discovered his divine sense couldn’t be spread and even his Sound-Transmitting Talisman didn’t work.

Aware of his situation, Qin Xi thought for a while and did the same thing as Mo Tiange: he took a medicinal pill and sat in meditation. Unfortunately, no one appeared to pat him on the shoulder during his quiet time.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and discovered his divine sense still couldn’t spread out in the mist, so it looked like the fog itself had blocked his divine sense, instead of his divine sense being invaded by the fog.

He sat for a while then chose a different solution from Mo Tiange’s method of dealing with the situation. He wasn’t good at formations, so he didn’t think of leaving marks with patterns. Instead, he waved his sleeves and basked in the Three Yang Real Fire Sword’s sword light, directing it toward the fog.

Forced by the red sword light, the fog dispersed. However, when Qin Xi stopped for a moment, the fog came back again.

Qin Xi stopped. The mist was similar to smoke which wasn’t corrosive but also wasn’t affected by his sword light. Thinking about it for a while, he raised the sword body and cut two of his right fingers on it. The blood flowed out, creating a dazzling light.

He didn’t tell Jing Xingzhi the truth—that Extreme Yang Real Fire could be used against the enemy.

He waved the Three Yang Real Fire Sword again, and forced by the Extreme Yang Real Fire, the fog was finally burnt out little by little, showing some brightness.

Qin Xi stopped the Extreme Yang Real Fire and walked over carefully.

After walking a short distance, he heard a loud bang.

Qin Xi listened carefully and his expression changed. It was the noise of a fight of magical powers! And the noise was quite loud; it could be inferred that the cultivators involved were at least above the Nascent Soul realm.

He only thought for a moment then used some movement techniques and ran toward the source of the noise. He’d been separated from Tiange, but he was sure she wasn’t too far away. The noise was so loud that Tiange must’ve also heard it, and they could meet there.

He flew with great concentration for a while. He didn’t notice the mist around him getting more and more thin. He finally ran out of range of the fog.

But this didn’t bring Qin Xi any relief, because as soon as he got out of the fog, he was spotted by several divine senses.

This place was a huge crater, and it was said that the crater was the legacy of some kind of earth-shaking fire magic art used by immortals from the Distant Past. The fire had been burning for millions of years. It was also said that the fire in the volcano was equivalent to Samadhi Real Fire. Unfortunately, in all these years, no one had been able to take the real fire out of it.

Now, at the edge of this crater, there was a total of four Nascent Soul cultivators standing on both sides. On one side were three people, while on the other was only a cultivator covered in black.

Qin Xi swept a gaze over and frowned. The Nascent Soul cultivator who stood alone on one side was Master Song Feng, the first late realm Nascent Soul cultivator in the Celestial Pole!

Qin Xi acted calmly on the surface, but he secretly complained in his heart. He wasn’t worried about the other Nascent Soul cultivators. After all, he was Lord Daoist Jinghe’s valued disciple and had a high cultivation level; they would give face to him anyway. If not, he could still run away. But this Master Song Feng was different! The man held a grudge against both him and his master, and he was very strong. On Mount Taikang last time, he was almost killed by Master Song Feng! If it wasn’t for him using the secret technique in time and if other Nascent Soul cultivators of the same sect didn’t come to help, he would’ve been long gone. But now, he encountered this man on Demonic Mountain again… He only hoped Tiange wouldn’t come—otherwise, the two of them would both be in trouble.

“Gee!” Master Song Feng was very surprised to see him, and he said with a smile, “God has been good to me today! Qin Shoujing, I can’t believe you delivered yourself to my door!”

At that moment, Qin Xi swept his gaze over the three Nascent Soul cultivators opposite Master Song Feng, composing himself a bit. They were all middle realm Nascent Soul cultivators, including a young female cultivator, a middle-aged scholar, and a comely Daoist priest.

He knew them all. The young female cultivator and middle-aged scholar wore elegant white clothes with green jade hairpins and clouds embroidered on their sleeves; they were dual cultivation Dao companions from Biyun Sect. The female cultivator was called Ding Luan, and the scholar was called Feng Xiao. They were known as Luan and Feng Immortal Companions in the Celestial Pole, and they were the only dual cultivation Dao companions whose cultivation levels were both above the middle of the Nascent Soul realm in the Celestial Pole; they were very famous. The comely Daoist priest’s last name was Ji. He was called Daoist Ji and was from Tiandao Sect.

All three of them were quite good friends with his Master, and judging from the expressions on their faces, it seemed they’d all turned against Master Song Feng. In that case, they might protect him at some point.

Thinking this, Qin Xi smiled and saluted the three Nascent Soul cultivators politely, ignoring Master Song Feng. “Senior Ding, Senior Feng, and Senior Ji, it’s been a long time since we met. How are you doing?”

Seeing that he was so polite, Ding Luan smiled. “You’re from the Qin family, young kid. Why are you here? Where’s your master?”

Theoretically, Qin Xi was now two hundred years old. He could be considered young among Core Formation cultivators, but he wasn’t young enough to be called a kid. Yet the thing was that while Ding Luan looked young, she was actually almost seven to eight hundred years old, so she had the qualifications to call him kid, and he should even be thankful.

Qin Xi said, “I came to Demonic Mountain this time at the command of my Master. He isn’t far away now and will come soon.” Of course he just made that up to tell Master Song Feng that his Master was here!

Upon hearing this, Master Song Feng snorted, “Qin Shoujing, do you think I’ll believe your nonsense? It’s good you delivered yourself to my door today. After I deal with the three of them, I’ll also dispose you conveniently. I’ll take revenge for my poor disciple!”

Before Qin Xi said anything, Feng Xiao sneered. “Old Song Feng, aren’t you afraid of losing your tongue in the wind by talking so big?! You really think you’re the number one cultivator in the Celestial Pole and no one can defeat you? You’re alone. Although the three of us have lower cultivation levels than you, we aren’t easy to dispose of!”

“Haha!” There was black aura floating all over Master Song Feng, and his tone was very disdainful. “What Luan and Feng Immortal Companions? I really look down on you! It’s hard to say who will lose his tongue first!”