Lady Cultivator - Chapter 285 - Two Morons

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Chapter 285: Two Morons

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Qin Xi was stunned, but he soon grabbed her hands back. “What do you mean I was deceived?”

Mo Tiange sneered. “Those two childish, old brats! When they left, they simply never thought of seeing me again. Being a Human Furnace or whatever you said… impossible!”

“…” If those two old codgers didn’t intend to come back, then it was simply impossible for them to catch him and make him Tiange’s Human Furnace…

Once this fact dawned on him, Qin Xi was completely petrified.

T-t-then… All these years, what had he been in anguish for?

“Are you sure?” he asked doubtfully, “They really didn’t intend to come back?”

“I’m sure, completely sure!” Mo Tiange was panting with rage when she spoke. “At that time, I’d just built my foundation, and Deification cultivators like them could easily spend a thousand years in Closed Door Meditation—who knows whether I’ll still be alive or not when they come back? Only you, this idiot, would believe them!”

“…” After giving it some thought, Qin Xi still felt something wasn’t quite right. “But… but if that was indeed the case, why would they transform my constitution?”

Mo Tiange continued to sneer. “They’re Deification cultivators; they were idle and bored—could they not have fun by teasing small cultivators? You still dare to say I have a suspicious nature… they gave you benefits and while they were at it, they also fooled you!”

“…” Fine, he was successfully deceived. Moreover, he was deceived for dozens of years, in anguish for dozens of years… If those two old codgers found out, they would be very proud of themselves.

Having been in the Deification realm for thousands of years, had they perhaps gone mad from boredom? They were obviously benefitting him, but they had to pretend like they were scheming against him, not wanting him to feel grateful and insisting on making him loathe them instead.

In the end, what did he waste dozens of years anguishing over this kind of matter for?!

After figuring out this point, the two of them were both silent. One had been rendered speechless, while the other was gnashing her teeth in rage.

It was only a long time later that she heard Qin Xi’s voice again. “Tiange.”

“What?!” she answered fiercely.

“You… cough!”

“What are you you-ing about? Can you just talk directly if you have something to say?”

Instead of answering, Qin Xi extended his hand to pick up an outer robe which had been casually thrown aside. He draped it over her shoulder and even spared the time to carefully cover her up.

Mo Tiange originally didn’t know what he wanted to do, but as she watched his actions, it finally dawned on her that her clothes weren’t intact. Her lapels were torn, and her underwear was partly visible… She instantly swatted his hands away, wrapped herself up then shrunk into a ball.

“…” He didn’t know if he felt like he “hadn’t had enough,” but he knew he was very disappointed. Had he known she’d be like this earlier, he wouldn’t have reminded her…

“What do you think you’re looking at?!”

“…” With a smile, he came closer and said softly, “You’re blushing.”

Mo Tiange seemed stunned for a second, but then, while holding the robe in place with one hand, she groped around and started hitting him with whatever she could get a hold of with her other hand.

“Tiange!” He was a cultivator and wouldn’t die just from being hit like this, but… she was too violent! Why had he never known she was this kind of person before?

As he became the target of such ferocious beating, Qin Xi eventually couldn’t put up with it anymore either. He grabbed her hands and held them firmly on her chest. “Stop messing around. Are you trying to beat me to death?”

“It’d be good if I could beat you to death!” Mo Tiange said as she struggled to free her hands. “Please die and let me watch!”

“You—” This was simply a nonsensical tantrum!

“What’s wrong with me? Qin Shoujing, let me go! What you did today was already outrageous enough!”

“I…” Fine, it was indeed a bit outrageous. However, if it wasn’t because he was already certain about her feelings, he wouldn’t…

“Aren’t you going to let go?!” As her attempt to get free bore no fruit, the anger in her heart burned more and more fiercely. Thus, she pushed him using all her strength.

This push was indeed successful, but his back also crashed into the rock wall because of her push. All of a sudden, he let out a muffled groan and stopped moving.

She managed to free herself, but when she saw him covered in a cold sweat, she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

It took him quite a while before he could show her a bleak smile. He wanted to lift his hand but couldn’t, so he could only say with a frown, “My back…”

His back was wounded! Mo Tiange felt a bit regretful when she remembered his back, but it was already late, so she could only ask, “Can you move?”

He shook his head. “Wait a moment.” He waited for a while, covered in a cold sweat. Once the pain seemed to have subsided, he finally moved his body, showing his back to her.

Mo Tiange’s heart seemed to shake when she saw the back of his newly-changed robe dripping with blood. She then looked towards the rock wall and discovered it was also dyed with blood all over. Obviously, that push of hers directly made his wound crack open again from crashing into the rock wall.

“Take off your clothes,” she said after a while.

Qin Xi obediently went to untie his belt. However, although his hands trembled for a long time, he still failed to lift them. In the end, he could only look at her and say helplessly, “It’s too painful. Even moving my hands feels very painful.”

“…” Mo Tiange stayed still for a good while before she moved, helping him untie his belt with her head lowered. This time, it went much more smoothly but also felt much more embarrassing. Previously, she only focused on treating his wound, so she basically had no other thoughts. This time, they had even kissed and hugged…

She kept her head lowered as she didn’t dare to look at his face. It was only when she started taking off the back of his clothes and no longer worried about him looking at her face that she finally sighed with relief and engrossed herself with dressing his wound again.

She untied the previous sash wrapping and sure enough, his wound had cracked open. Just like before, she treated his wound, wrapped it up properly, then helped him put on a new set of clothes. During the whole process, she kept her head lowered and didn’t say a single word.

Once she finished, she pretended like nothing happened and started to tidy up the medicinal pill bottles she hurled all over the cave.

“Cough!” On the contrary, Qin Xi once again felt restless and wanted to attract her attention.

“What? Just settle down if you want your wound to get better!”

“I’m not…” He said a couple of words then pulled her hand fawningly before continuing. “I haven’t finished speaking!”

“What else did you want to say?”

“Well…” Having been interrupted and not knowing where to begin, Qin Xi was conflicted for quite a long time before he eventually said, “In short, those thirty five years… it was just me failing to understand, so…”

“You finally came back afterward. You entered the Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation and consequently injured your sea of knowledge. At that time, I finally realized that no matter what the two Deification seniors said, my feelings for you have always been there.”

“Feelings?” Mo Tiange looked at him with a gaze filled with skepticism. “Do you have feelings for me?”

“Why would you think I had no feelings for you?” Qin Xi, who was dumbfounded, asked back.

“How could I know you had feelings for me?” Mo Tiange felt even more baffled. “Did you tell me? Did you?”

“…” Fine, he didn’t. “But I expressed it very clearly, okay?”

“Clearly? In which way?”

“I… I ended my Closed Door Meditation only because I sensed something bad had happened to you. In order for you to wake up earlier, I also went out looking for medicine… I also took you to Demonic Mountain with me. If it were anyone else, I would’ve been too lazy to care!”


“What does your expression mean?”

“It’s an expression that says you’re a moron!” Mo Tiange could no longer hold back. She swatted his hand away, not caring about his newly bandaged wound. “Yes, those things you did always made me think you had feelings for me. But just after I thought so, you’d treat me coldly, hinting that I shouldn’t delude myself!”

“I…” For a moment, Qin Xi was tongue-tied. “I never had such intentions!”

Mo Tiange sneered. “I couldn’t give a damn whether you had those intentions or not—those are the intentions you displayed!”

“…” She still hadn’t cooled down. She was throwing a tantrum. Qin Xi took a deep breath then said, “Alright, I’m telling you now—you misunderstood me, I… I actually think about you every day. I think about you even in my dreams. I think about you to the point where I’m going crazy because of it. This way, you understand?”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Qin Xi felt anxious. He had never said those kinds of words before, and he didn’t intend to say them again in the future. “Could it be that you want to back out again?”

“What do you mean again?” Mo Tiange finally said.

“Isn’t that it?” Qin Xi said with a bit of confusion. “In the beginning, I sensed that you started to develop different feelings towards me, but at that time, I felt you were an intelligent person—you certainly knew how to control yourself, so I didn’t say anything. Later, I finally understood and came out of my Closed Door Meditation, but you coldly turned around and walked away. Master said that you needed time to come to terms with everything, so I didn’t disturb you and just focused on forming my Nascent Soul. However, more than ten years passed, yet you still didn’t come looking for me. Immediately afterward, you formed your Gold Core… If you still have feelings for me, how were you able to form your Gold Core?”


“Say something!”

Withholding the urge to give him another beating, Mo Tiange said through gritted teeth, “Why couldn’t I have formed my Gold Core? You didn’t tell me, so how could I have known you did all that for me? Maybe you did all that simply because my father entrusted me to you, so you went out looking for medicine on my behalf… It was just that you didn’t expect the consequences to be that severe.”

Qin Xi was speechless. He didn’t say anything because he thought his actions were already enough to show her his feelings, yet Mo Tiange was afraid she’d misunderstand and didn’t dare to hope, so she never truly knew.

Some time passed before he continued to question her. “Then what about you? What did you think in the end?”

“What else could I have thought? Since you seemed unwilling, I didn’t dare to insist either. You focused whole-heartedly on your soul-formation, so why should I have clung to this matter?”

“I couldn’t form my Nascent Soul because of you, but you say you didn’t dare to insist?!” Qin Xi couldn’t hold back from asking her.

“How could I possibly have known?!” Mo Tiange hung her head. Although she still seemed like she was unwilling to concede, her momentum seemed to weaken. “I… You didn’t tell me…”

“You didn’t tell me either!” Qin Xi said, “You said I’m a moron, but from I see, you’re not much better! If it wasn’t because you stubbornly bottled your feelings inside, would I have thought you no longer had any feelings for me? You said I didn’t say anything, but did you? Not only did you not say anything, but you also didn’t bother to ask.”

Mo Tiange’s anger flared up once more. Considering the fact that he was wounded, she could only ventilate her anger through words: “Why do I have to be the one to speak and ask? You’re fickle, always at sixes and sevens, but you still want me to be able to understand everything? I’m not so smart that I can understand the twists and turns of your mind!”

“You’re unreasonable!”

“You’re the one who’s unreasonable!”

The two people glared at each other. In any case, from their point of view, it was the other party’s fault. After they glared at each other for a while, Qin Xi was the first to yield. He reached out to tug at her sleeve then said softly, “Alright, you’re right. So, do you understand now?”


He smiled fawningly then stepped forward, wanting to hug her, but his hands were swatted away. Nevertheless, he unyieldingly went to pull her hand. “I’m a moron. You also became a moron in accompanying me. In short, we’re two morons—this is fair, right?”


“Then… If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it that you’re not angry anymore.”

“… I’m not a moron.”

“Okay, you’re not. However, we’ve wasted a lot of time already. From now on, let’s not waste any more time, okay?”


“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as your agreement.”

“I don’t—”

He stopped her from finishing the rest of her sentence. Hence, he smiled very cheerfully. “You really agree.”