Lady Cultivator - Chapter 283 - Venting

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Chapter 283: Venting

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She must be dreaming. Maybe when she woke up, she’d find herself in the Virtual Sky World as she must’ve fallen asleep while cultivating.

But, would she have fallen asleep while cultivating? As a Core Formation cultivator, would she have fallen asleep while cultivating?

Then this must be an illusion, must be an illusion…

She tried to convince herself for a long time, but when she opened her eyes, all she saw was still the rock wall and that face.

She wasn’t dreaming.

Thus, she eventually lost it and pushed the person in front of her with her all, not caring whether he would crash into the rock wall. Anyway, he was a Core Formation—he wouldn’t die just because he crashed into a rock wall. She then groped around for something to hit him, but her surroundings were bare—how could there be anything to hit him with? So, she put her hand into her Qiankun Bag. Paying no attention to what she grabbed inside, she hurled everything at him.


She didn’t stop; she still senselessly kept picking up things and hurling them at him because she couldn’t stand it if she didn’t.

“Oh!” A painful groan rang out in her ears. She stopped, gasping for breath and glaring at the person who was still under her nose despite all the pushing.

Now that she stopped, Qin Xi finally lowered his sleeve, which he used to shield his face, and he said helplessly, “My… my wound was hit.”

When Mo Tiange calmed down slightly, she finally remembered the mangled, untreated wound on his back. With a cold face, she said, “Turn around.”

“…” After a moment’s pause, he obediently turned around. Their clothes brushed against each other’s.

“Clothes off!”

Although he knew she told him to take off his clothes to treat his wound, Qin Xi still couldn’t help but have slightly crooked thoughts. Nevertheless, he still untied his belt and took off his robe.

Behind him, Mo Tiange harshly peeled off all of his inner clothing then, using the dim skylight, she started to examine his wound.

The giant eagle’s claws were extremely sharp, so the wounds from its scratches were also very deep. Moreover, his wound just knocked into the rock wall—the blood, which had originally already coagulated, oozed out once more.

Mo Tiange put her hands into her Qiankun Bag, but she couldn’t find the thing she wanted even after fumbling around for a while. Recalling that she’d just thrown many medicinal pill bottles, she had no other choice but to look down and search around. She finally found a jade bottle after much difficulty. After unplugging the stopper, she poured the ice-cold medicinal liquid onto her palm and directly patted it onto his wound with vengeance.

He didn’t call out, but the flesh around the wound trembled, allowing her to savor the joy of retaliation.

Her mood improved significantly after retaliating, so she now used the medicinal liquid to clean his wound carefully. She then sprinkled some medicinal powders on the wound and she used a little curative spell so that his wound would no longer look so horrifying. In the end, she used a small flying sword to cut some of the clothing he took off, using it to bind up his injury.

By the time Mo Tiange finished everything, she once again felt something was amiss.

This was a narrow space with a half-naked man next to her—one that had done such a thing to her just a moment ago!

Consequently, after some thought, she said, “Put on your clothes!”

He stroked his nose, leaned sideways and said innocently, “You’ve torn my clothes apart.”

“…” Mo Tiange was speechless. Her anger flared up again, but recalling his wound, she forcibly repressed her anger. She angrily said through gritted teeth: “Do you only have this single piece of clothing?”

Of course he had more. They weren’t mortals, and a Qiankun Bag could contain so many things—could it be that he really hadn’t put any clothes inside?

Qin Xi moved; he had no other choice but to fumble in his Qiankun Bag for his clothes. “But you’ve bound me up like this—it’s hard for me to put this on…”

“…” Mo Tiange furiously glared at him. “Give it to me!”

Upon taking his clothes, she helped him get dressed rather crudely. This way, she kept on accidentally brushing against his naked skin. At first, her heart was filled with a kind of unfamiliar fire as she felt furious from the bottom of her heart. In the end, however, her feelings turned into awkwardness.

She’d lived for more than eighty years old. Among mortals, she could be considered an old grandmother with her current age. Nevertheless, she was a cultivator who had always been painstakingly engrossed in cultivating—she’d never encountered this kind of matter. Within the past eighty-some years, it was only when she was a child that she often saw boys swimming in the river on the village’s border, but they were all children…

Fortunately, this process didn’t take too long. She soon finished helping him put his clothes on, finishing by tying his belt.

“Done!” she said then moved back.

In the next second, however, her waist was taken into his arms. Her position was unstable, so she fell forward, right into his embrace.

She put a fight to get up, but he tightened his arms, thus rendering her struggle completely useless. He was almost a head taller than her, so when he hugged her like this, she couldn’t even free her head from his chest—her whole body was wholly drowned in his embrace. The anger that had already subsided once again made an appearance. She opened her mouth then ruthlessly bit his chest.

Such a bite only caused him to let out a muffled groan, so she no longer bit him. As she loosened her hold on him, tears that she originally thought would never appear again fell, one drop after another.

What was this all about? What did he want? In one moment, he’d be so cold towards her, but in the next moment, he’d be like this! He’d always been so good towards her that she couldn’t help but misunderstand him, but his words always made him appear cold. In one moment, he was Qin Xi, but in the next moment, he was Qin Shoujing… She’d acknowledged him as Qin Shoujing and buried all the feelings she had for Qin Xi deep in her heart, but as Qin Shoujing, he…

“Qin Shoujing, what do you want in the end?!” She wiped away her tears and forced herself to ask calmly, “Didn’t you say you didn’t want anything from me? Then what are you doing now?”

He was silent for a long time, but he didn’t loosen his hands. A long time later, he finally said slowly, “I… I wanted to ask you—what did you mean back then?” He held her waist, pulled her even closer towards him and lifted her head up, not giving her the slightest chance to escape. “I’m Qin Xi or Qin Shoujing—what’s the difference?”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?” He continued to pursue the matter. “I ended my Closed Door Meditation for you. I went out looking for medicine for you and practically lost half my life in the process. But why did you say such a thing to me in return?”


“You’re not going to answer?” His lips came down on hers, and he started biting hers bit by bit. He seemed to be both kissing and biting her. Then he voiced his question through her teeth: “What do I want? Why don’t you ask: what do you want me to do?”

“I…” This time, it was him who didn’t let her answer. Her waist was tightly secured. This time, his kisses no longer caressed her lips softly. Now, he gnawed on her lips almost as if he wanted to devour her.

He never knew he was such a violent person, but at this moment, his heart was full of desire to ruin her. He didn’t want to let her escape. He didn’t want to let her say those hurtful words. He didn’t want to see her alienated expression. He wanted to imprison her by his side so she wouldn’t be able to move and could no longer use such a seemingly unintentional but indifferent gaze to hurt him.

Uniforms from cultivation groups normally couldn’t be torn. It was unclear what method he used, but theirs were almost ripped apart completely by him. The space was so narrow that Mo Tiange couldn’t even struggle free, not to mention the fact that he was grabbing her waist with so much force and holding her wrists captive.

An ice-cold hand went in from under the hem of her robe, and it glided along until it eventually touched silky flesh, bringing about a kind of disturbing ache. While they couldn’t speak, his kisses never stopped.

Their erratic breathing and the narrow space amplified stifling, repressed emotions. The sudden burst of passion burned like fire, but it also drowned them like water.

Mo Tiange exerted much effort, trying to swim to the surface of the water. Although this kind of feeling was addictive, she instinctively thought she ought to stop, so when she finally managed to free her hand, she ruthlessly flung it, slapping his face with a loud “slap!”.

Everything was silent.

“Let me go,” she said with a repressed voice.

Qin Xi was silent for a long time but in the end, he still let go. “I’m sorry.”

Nevertheless, his apology actually made Mo Tiange lose her composure. She suddenly grabbed him by his collar and rigidly held him still. “What are you sorry for? You think you have something to apologize for?”

“I apologize for my conduct.” His voice finally regained its calm, but he then said, “But I said nothing wrong, so I won’t apologize for that.”


He continued on: “I really don’t understand what kind of woman you are. You’re normally as competitive as men, but when it comes to feelings, you become timid and draw back. You also always do things that hurt others and say words that hurt others!”

“I don’t know what kind of man you are either. In one moment, you say one thing, but in the next, you do the complete opposite!” Mo Tiange, whose anger was fanned by what he said, practically lost control of her temper now. “You said you did all that for me? For more than thirty years, you avoided me and never thought about coming clean about your identity—although I already knew, you didn’t give me any explanation! Yes, I’ve long known you were Qin Shoujing and I also didn’t care about your deception, but you didn’t even say anything! Did you maybe think that what you did was just a matter of course? Did you perhaps think you didn’t need to even give a bit of explanation?”


“Shut up!” she shouted and pushed him to the back then continued to grab him by his collar. “That year, you obviously knew I harbored feelings towards Senior Martial Brother Qin, yet you kept your distance. I wasn’t stupid, so I didn’t harbor any delusions either. I’m also a cultivator. I also want to walk on the way of the Dao towards immortal ascension. When it came to feelings or whatever, I could control them, I could endure them, but, but… You were always fickle. In good times, you treated me extremely well, but some time afterward, you’d avoid me. Do you know how moved I was when you came to save me during the demonic beast riot? I thought: maybe you did have a tiny bit of affection towards me? Could I maybe have some expectations? But when we were out, you immediately used that kind of condescending attitude towards me. Yes, I knew my cultivation level was much inferior to yours. In your eyes, I was just a little cultivator who wasn’t even worth a glance. But if you looked down on me, why did you have to be so considerate and so gentle towards me?!”

She hung her head and tried to control her trembling lips so that he wouldn’t see. “I guessed you were Qin Shoujing. I knew I was paranoid, but I also knew you didn’t have to treat me like that if you harbored any ill intentions towards me, so I told myself that maybe you had your own reasons. Since you didn’t say anything, I just took you as Senior Martial Brother Qin and treated you the same way as before. But what was the result? When the demonic beast riot ended, I returned with my life intact and managed to see you again, but you actually pretended not to see me! You looked down on me!”

“I didn’t look down on you. I never said—”

“But your attitude said so!” she shouted louder to cut him off. “You saw me walking towards you, but you turned around and walked away without even sparing me a glance! Yes, my cultivation level was very low—was it so humiliating to you that I became your junior martial sister? But it was you who made master accept me as his disciple to start with!”

“It’s not—”

“Don’t deny it!” she said out loud, even rather hysterically. “At that time, I understood. You weren’t Senior Martial Brother Qin; you were Qin Shoujing, a high above ‘senior’ whom I owed graces to but stood a whole world apart from me!”


“You said I hurt you? Qin Shoujing, Master Daoist Shoujing, on what grounds do you think you can turn around and walk away when you don’t like me but turn back again and see me whenever you feel like it? I really want to ask—what do you take me as? You’re indifferent and heartless in one moment, but in the next, you’re warm and gentle! Back then after you turned around and walked away, you avoided me for thirty five years—how else did you want me to think about it? I didn’t want to harbor any wishful thoughts anymore!”