Lady Cultivator - Chapter 281 - Giant Eagles

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Chapter 281: Giant Eagles

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The two of them cautiously stepped out of the small crack and once again stepped on to the flying cloud. They formed several layers of defenses then slowly flew upward.

At that moment, however, they suddenly heard the screech of an eagle.

The two of them turned to look; both were instantly frightened.

They saw that an agile silhouette was flitting across the volatile spiritual aura and devil aura not too far from them. Upon careful examination, they discovered it was a giant horned-eagle.

“Sixth rank demonic beast!” Qin Xi frowned. The sword formation created from the Three Yang Real Fire Sword brightened, while the flying cloud now started to descend.

“Over there! There’s more than one!” Mo Tiange pointed in another direction, where three other giant eagles were also flying in the sky, and they were also sixth rank demonic beasts.

One sixth rank demonic beast was fine, but four of them… A sixth rank demonic beast was equivalent to a middle stage Core Formation cultivator. Moreover, they were flying in the air, and there were drifting restrictions, gales, and lightning from the surging spiritual aura and devil aura around them!

Mo Tiange felt her head was covered in a cold sweat.

Qin Xi was still very calm. His flying cloud also continued to fly downward.

The lone giant eagle once again screeched, and they immediately felt the attention of the four giant eagles all focused on their bodies. The eagles screeched to each other then flapped their wings and flew towards the two of them.

They’re up to no good! When she realized this, Mo Tiange had already taken out several magic weapons, as well as a stack of magic talismans Lord Daoist Jinghe bestowed upon her. In the air, these native giant eagles were at an absolute advantage. Even if the two of them had higher cultivation levels and more moves, they’d fall from here if they were careless even for a bit. They had already flown for almost a day. If they fell from here, they’d definitely die without a burial place.

In just a short while, those giant eagles already reached the two of them. They flew as fast as lightning—their speed in the air was truly astonishing.

Qin Xi was still maneuvering his flying cloud to fly downward. Seeing as those giant horned-eagles were now pouncing on them, spiritual light gathered in his right hand, and the physical body of the Three Yang Real Fire Sword soon materialized in his hand. He raised his hand just in time, knocking the eagle’s talons with his sword aura.

This force… Mo Tiange’s face paled. Sure enough, the demonic beasts on Demonic Mountain evolved differently. Such a formidable force… If they were outside Demonic Mountain, how could these be mere sixth rank demonic beasts?

She didn’t have time to think too deeply about this, because another giant eagle had already rushed over. Mo Tiange took out the soil element square seal, but just as she was about to use it, Qin Xi suddenly stopped her. “Using magic weapons here isn’t suitable. Big movements will cause the restrictions to collapse.”

Mo Tiange was stunned. “This…”

Qin Xi once again beat the first giant eagle back. Right now, his flying cloud had already descended to the place they were hiding at a moment ago. He pushed Mo Tiange inside. “Get in!”

“I…” Mo Tiange didn’t immediately do as she was told. She looked around and saw the four eagles continuously throwing themselves at the two of them. Qin Xi was worried about the restrictions, so he didn’t fight back. Instead, he used the sword formation formed from the sword aura of the Three Yang Real Fire Sword to block the eagles’ attacks. Nevertheless, the strength of those giant eagles was too immense, and they also cleverly attacked in turns—Qin Xi was in complete, passive defense.

“I can help!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Qin Xi didn’t even look at her. His gaze shifted back and forth between the several giant eagles.

“You… have a plan?”

This time, he didn’t even respond to her. He directly pushed her to the crack then used his own body to block it.

With him behaving like this, Mo Tiange had to go in even though she didn’t want to. Having no other choice, she could only lean sideways then cautiously climb into the crack. Just as she was about to pull Qin Xi inside, he withdrew his hand from her.

“Senior Martial Brother!” Mo Tiange said somewhat anxiously, “You’re not coming in?”

Qin Xi didn’t answer. He used both hands to form a sword art, and the sword formation suddenly emitted a bright light. Under the watch of the four giant eagles, how could he possibly have the time to go inside?

Mo Tiange couldn’t see what was happening outside; she could only observe through her divine sense. The four giant eagles screeched, then, one by one, they pounced on Qin Xi.

He didn’t even move, bearing the spiritual aura attacks of those giant eagles head-on. When the sword formation finally gathered enough spiritual aura, he finally waved his hand. A beam of red sword aura went after one of the giant eagles.

Killing the enemy one by one… this was their only option.

Relying on its agile movements, that eagle flapped its wings and dodged the attack.

Qin Xi’s sword light indeed couldn’t catch up with the speed of that eagle. However, just as that giant eagle thought it easily dodged the attack, it saw the sword light making a turn and once again chasing after it.

That giant eagle let out a long, sharp screech. Then, with a sharp whizzing noise, the sword light lashed on to its giant body. Blood splattered everywhere and feathers fluttered about in the air. The giant eagle fell headfirst from the cliff.

Mo Tiange was on the verge of letting out a sigh of relief, but her divine sense suddenly sensed the other three giant eagles rushing over together.

“Watch out!” She shouted out in warning, but Qin Xi had just wasted a lot of spiritual aura, so he reacted late. Almost instinctively, Mo Tiange used her Soul-Refining Art and lashed out.

“Uh…” She didn’t know what the situation was like outside; she only felt pain from her divine sense fracturing. She vomited a mouthful of blood and sank into a half-conscious state in almost an instant!

Her divine sense… was severed. After a while, she finally realized what had happened to her.

“Settle down; don’t move!” Qin Xi turned around and sent her a death glare, but right at that moment, the three giant eagles she obstructed earlier once again started to attack. Six wings flapped at the same time, and they pounced on him.

Qin Xi hurriedly raised his hand. The Three Yang Real Fire Sword managed to block the attack from the front, but it didn’t block the one coming from behind. The protective barrier, which was already on the verge of collapsing from the numerous attacks a moment ago, cracked in one touch. In a flash, an eagle’s wing fanned him directly from behind while its talons pierced his back, causing blood to splatter the moment they made contact.

His body swayed. Blood flooded his back.

Qin Xi clenched his teeth and ignored his wounds. He fumbled around his waist for a defensive talisman, which he then immediately pasted on his body and formed another protective barrier.

Mo Tiange only saw that he was injured, but she couldn’t see the situation outside. With no time to think, she made the White Silk Handkerchief spread open and wind itself around him.

This time, he finally didn’t reject her help. He’d personally seen the power of this defensive magic weapon. While it might not be able to withstand every attack, it could at least lighten the pressure on him significantly.

However, he still instructed her: “If the spiritual aura consumption is too great, call it back!”

Mo Tiange was startled and responded with a compliant grunt, but she already had another plan in her heart. There wasn’t much she could do here, and this was the only thing she could do.

Now that he had the protection of the White Silk Handkerchief, Qin Xi finally had a slightly easier time. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t attend to the wounds on his back, so blood was still flowing all over. In this region, there were countless drifting restrictions, and spiritual aura and devil aura were intermingling. He was afraid that the restrictions would collapse, so he simply didn’t dare to use other magic weapons. He could only hold on using his sword formation, fighting a two-headed eagle with finely controlled sword auras.

But he couldn’t hold on like this for long. A thought suddenly flitted across his mind. Not to mention the restrictions and the gales, but even a drifting lump of devil aura like the one a while ago would already be enough to make him suffer!

He turned to look at Mo Tiange, who was inside the cave. On the other side, the three other giant eagles were even more resentful due to their companion’s death, so they rushed over once again. Qin Xi let out a soft, inaudible sigh then flung his hand. The Three Yang Real Fire Sword transformed into a red light again and revolved around him. He then clasped his hands and closed his eyes, unexpectedly paying no heed to the attacks of the three giant eagles in the slightest.

Those three giant eagles were full of hate towards him because of their companion’s death, so their attacks became more and more frenzied.

Three beams of spiritual aura heavily struck the protective barrier. Mo Tiange only felt that her meridians were numb. No matter how astonishing the White Silk Handkerchief’s defensive power was, the amount of spiritual aura it consumed to defend against such formidable attacks was also great. Thus, Mo Tiange quickly swallowed many Restorative Panaceas.

After a brief pause, the three giant eagles once again pounced on him. This time, Mo Tiange could no longer maintain the White Silk Handkerchief’s defense. The fog retreated and turned back into the White Silk Handkerchief as it could no longer maintain its defensive form.

For the third time, Qin Xi bore the attacks of the three giant eagles.

He was already injured now. After withstanding so many spiritual aura attacks, the protective barrier around him already had holes in it—even the spiritual light protecting his body was quivering and seemed like it was going to disperse any second. Now, he almost fell headfirst as the three giant eagles knocked into his defense. Anxious, Mo Tiange didn’t have time to think and directly used her Soul-Refining Art again.

Those giant eagles most likely grew in this particular environment. They weren’t afraid of the gales or restrictions, and they weren’t afraid of devil aura either. Their divine senses had also evolved. When Mo Tiange used the Soul-Refining Art just now, although she injured one of those eagles, she herself was also severely injured.

Nevertheless, she could see that Qin Xi was initializing some kind of magic art, so she had to block the eagles in his stead. Otherwise, he’d most likely be heavily injured before he could completely put the magic art to use!

The three giant eagles rushed over again. The sword formation, which was the outermost layer of Qin Xi’s defense, emitted a buzzing noise—it held off some of the attacks, but it soon broke down.

Then those attacks directly crashed into Mo Tiange’s divine sense.

In a split second, Mo Tiange once again experienced pain from her divine sense being torn apart. That kind of pain was much more severe than any physical pain. It felt as if her head was repeatedly struck hard and her brain would burst at any moment.

However, this time, the attacks were blocked in the end.

But Mo Tiange also knew that she basically couldn’t do anything in the next round of attacks. She’d just advanced to the Core Formation realm; whether it was her magic weapon or skills, both were still lacking. Even if she had a strong enough magic weapon, she wouldn’t dare to use it because Qin Xi already said that if they used magic weapons and caused large movements, they might cause the restrictions to collapse.

The fuzzy feeling in Mo Tiange’s brain gradually faded. She opened her eyes only to see a burst of light coming from outside.

Qin Xi’s body was shrouded in a glaring white light, and a white bead flashed from where his dantian was. Although she had never seen it before, Mo Tiange knew this must be Yang Spiritual Bead!

Yang spiritual aura surged, causing the Yin spiritual aura inside Mo Tiange’s body to also become restless.

Under the light of the Yang Spiritual Bead, those three giant eagles glided across the sky but didn’t dare to come near momentarily as they seemed to not understand what it was. Their demonic beast instincts told them this must be a dangerous thing. Thus, one of the eagles screeched, and the three giant eagles once again flapped their wings, wrapped themselves in spiritual aura then rushed together towards Qin Xi.

Attacks from demonic beasts were this simple. They had innately sharp claws and teeth and weapon-like bodies. Such simple attacks were already enough to give cultivators headaches.

Spiritual aura converged. The white light softly obstructed the three giant eagles’ attacks almost effortlessly.

Soon afterward, the white light burst open and spread everywhere, completely enveloping the three giant eagles inside it. The eagles didn’t know what was going on. Inside the dense Yang spiritual aura, they just flapped their wings, trying to fly out. But the Yang spiritual aura firmly wrapped around them, rendering them unable to move even an inch. Gradually, they even lost the ability to flap their wings.

The red sword light brightened once more, and a sword formation was once again formed. As those giant eagles screeched in a panic, the sword formation slowly moved to pierce them.

With a few “pu pu” stabbing noises, they were pierced by sword lights and fell from the cliff.

“Senior Martial Brother!” Mo Tiange nimbly caught Qin Xi, who almost fell after those eagles. She then pulled him into the cave with much effort.