Lady Cultivator - Chapter 275 - Killing Beasts

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Chapter 275: Killing Beasts

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“It’s a ship…” Lei Dongqing said stupidly.

Madam Feng rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t you think we know that?”

Lei Dongqing might’ve also felt he acted a little stupid and touched his own bald head without refuting.

Qin Xi stared at it for a while then suddenly exclaimed, “Is it… a magic weapon?!”

Mo Tiange was a little surprised, and she took a closer look at the object. This gaily-painted boat was made of unique materials and was filled with spiritual aura; if it wasn’t a magic weapon, what else could it be? As such a big magic weapon, its materials were evidently very rare, so how many spirit stones had been used to create this?

“It should be a magic weapon owned by cultivators from the Distant Past era…” Jing Xingzhi murmured.

That was exactly what the others thought too. Daoist Kumu said, “This magic weapon… How can we take it with us?”

Qin Xi shook his head. “We can’t.”

The others directed their eyes on him at the same time. This magic weapon looked very powerful, especially in real combat. No one could resist the temptation of possessing it as long as they laid eyes on it, but Qin XI said they couldn’t take it?

Qin Xi swept his calm and cold gaze over them then continued with a poker face: “Think about it. How much effort would it take to take such a powerful magic weapon? It would be long enough for the Nascent Soul cultivators to find us here.”

“…” Some of them fell into deep consideration.

Madam Feng said, “Qin Shoujing, are you telling us all to give it up?”

“We must give it up!” Qin Xi said with absolute certainty. “Regardless of whether we can succeed or not, even if we could successfully take it without attracting the attention of Nascent Soul cultivators, what about the Core Formation cultivators nearby? Could you avoid them all? Don’t forget our real purpose; it’s not cost-effective to waste too much time here.”

Madam Feng looked at the ship again and wasn’t convinced. “Our ultimate goal is nothing more than to obtain some benefits, whether it be spiritual objects or spiritual treasures. If we can take this magic weapon, why take other risks?”

Qin Xi shook his head. “Whatever. You can take it if you want, but I’m out.”

“…” Daoist Kumu and the others were all hesitant. They all knew that the magic weapon was truly attractive, and it probably contained some other treasures inside, but what Qin Xi said also made sense. They’d known Qin Xi for some time and knew that if he said he didn’t want it, he truly didn’t. But the magic weapon before them now was really…

Seeing their expressions, Qin Xi said indifferently, “In that case, my Junior Sister and I will march on first. We’ll wait for you at the Rosy Clouds Ridge. Come to us when you’re done.”

After he was done talking, he didn’t wait for them to answer but gave Mo Tiange a look then turned into a flight light and flew away along the ground.

Mo Tiange followed closely without any hesitation.

As they left, the others became even more hesitant. After waiting for a long time, Lei Dongqing asked tentatively, “Fellow Daoist Kumu, friends, what do you say?”

After being silent for a while, Daoist Kumu finally made up his mind. “We made it all the way here, so let’s just give it a try. If it doesn’t work, we can retreat.”

Tong Tianyun nodded. “That’s right. This magic weapon is far too great—if we let it go, we would’ve come here in vain.” He looked in the direction where Qin Xi and Mo Tiange left, and he continued, “Besides, that Qin Shoujing guy has always been a cautious person, and he’s in no shortage of magic weapons, but we are.”

After flying tons of miles away in a short time, Qin Xi slowed down.

Mo Tiange paused and went up to fly side by side with him.

“Senior Martial Brother Shoujing, did you really not want that magic weapon?”

Qin Xi shook his head. “It’s too big. It must take a lot of effort to take it. Also, it’s just a magic weapon—even if we took it, how would we distribute it?”

Mo Tiange was a little stunned and said, “It could be shared… I felt there were many streams of spiritual aura inside, and it might contain many kinds of magic weapons.”

“Even so, we don’t have to take the risk,” Qin Xi said. “The magic weapon was surrounded by restrictions which wouldn’t be broken in a short time. Over time, there would definitely be conflict. The place we’re going to is dangerous, so it’s more important to save our strength.”

Mo Tiange thought for a while and felt what he said seemed reasonable, so she didn’t say anything more. “Right…”

As they talked, the two flew hundreds of miles away. They passed the flat ground and came to an uphill road.

Qin Xi stopped and put away his flying cloud. He meditated in silence for a moment and lifted his left hand. With dazzling golden lights flashing around his arm, the Three Yang Real Fire Sword revealed its shape in his palm. Instead of holding it, he waved his hand and made the sword turn into a red light, spreading out before them.

Although Mo Tiange had guessed his identity, she rarely saw him casting spells. There was just one instance when he was fighting Jing Xingzhi, but the fight was over as soon as it started. The method Qin Xi was using now wasn’t rare, but you could see that his supernatural power was pure and strong. It was more difficult to transform shapes into aura than transform aura into shapes. Mo Tiange wondered what level his natal magic weapon was refined to that could allow him to use this method so easily like using his own hands.

Mo Tiange secretly memorized the way he cast spells, because this was what she needed to learn.

With the protection of the spiritual aura transformed from the Three Yang Real Fire Sword, their journey became much safer. At least they wouldn’t be hurt by floating tiny restrictions like Madam Feng was just now.

It was silent all the way. Then suddenly, Mo Tiange felt something was a little off and asked, “Senior Brother, why haven’t we seen any demonic beasts?”

Qin Xi paused for a while and answered, “Demonic Mountain has a peculiar terrain and few demonic beasts could live in such a restrictive environment. You should pray you don’t meet them; otherwise, if you come across any one of them, it will be a bitter battle.”

“… I see.”

The gale suddenly became strong when they passed a gentle slope ordinary Foundation Building Cultivators couldn’t pass through. The two strengthened their protective spiritual auras separately then continued moving on.

Suddenly, Qin Xi’s eyes narrowed and he looked around alertly.

After this period of getting along with each other, Mo Tiange had become very trusting of Qin Xi’s danger instincts. As soon as she saw him with such an expression, she released the White Silk Handkerchief and it floated around herself as she prepared many magic weapons in hand.

“You nailed it.” Qin Xi compressed his lips. “There are demonic beasts around.”

Mo Tiange wasn’t very surprised. She concentrated and observed the surroundings carefully, and sure enough, she discovered vague spiritual aura approaching in waves. The demonic beasts that could survive in such strong gales must be very powerful. Mo Tiange didn’t dare to act casually, but she looked around alertly.

The spiritual aura waves fluctuated even more fiercely. Qin Xi raised his arm and gathered the red light to form the Three Yang Real Fire Sword again, which surrounded him. Then the sword aura was waved off.

“Roar…” The sound of the beast’s roar came in the wind. Sensing the spiritual aura approaching in the air, Mo Tiange turned around and was startled a little.

A demonic beast landed on its four feet. It was covered in gray fur with eyes like a wolf, but it had the posture of a leopard with white teeth and sharp claws. What was particularly surprising was that it had a pair of extremely tiny wings on its back—they were so small that she thought it couldn’t fly at all.

“It’s a wind beast.” Qin Xi stood before her. His Three Yang Real Fire Sword had flown back, and there lay a wind beast’s body in the near distance.

Mo Tiange turned around again and took precautions with her back to Qin Xi. One wind beast wasn’t scary, but they were now surrounded by a group of wind beasts! Among these beasts, the one with the highest cultivation level was of the sixth rank, and the lowest cultivation level was third or fourth rank. But a total of dozens of wind beasts were now surrounding them.

In a fight, there might be no time to defend themselves. With this thought in mind, Mo Tiange waved off the White Silk Handkerchief and turned it into a mass of mist, protecting her body all over.

“Use the golden fire magic weapon!” Qin Xi shouted. He attacked the wind beasts before him with the Three Yang Real Fire Sword again, red light spreading all over.

Mo Tiange also raised her hand. A flying sword appeared in her palm which she then held. She didn’t have many magic weapons; among her collection, only this flying sword had metal attributes and was the most suitable magic weapon to start an attack for the time being.

Meanwhile, she untied her spiritual beast bag and Xiaohuo jumped out of it.

Having advanced to the fifth rank and in possession of Sun Real Fire, Xiaohuo had become a qualified fighting spiritual beast. Since it could read Mo Tiange’s mind, it immediately rushed at the wind beasts nearby without needing a command.

The magic art these wind beasts used was surely the magic art of wind. When they opened their mouths and blew, extremely fast gusts of wind approached them which were even stronger than gales. The moment Mo Tiange saw a wind beast opening its mouth, the wind already blinded her. With the protection of her White Silk Handkerchief, she didn’t avoid it. Instead, she released the flying sword to strike forward. She cooperated with Xiaohuo to try to kill the same demonic beast.

But then she felt the scene blurring a little before her eyes… The magic art of wind was actually so powerful!

Qin Xi gave her a glance and didn’t say anything. It would be impractical if he told her to dodge. The advantage of wind beasts was their speed, and if she dodged, she would have no time to fight back, thus giving her no way to defeat them. It’d be better for her to just strike back while under attack.

After several rounds of fighting, Mo Tiange gradually learned the wind beasts’ pace of magic arts usage and figured out how to reduce their lethality. Also, Xiaohuo’s Sun Real Fire was indeed very powerful, and they soon killed all the wind beasts below the fifth rank.

On Qin Xi’s side, more than half the wind beasts had been killed, and he also pulled two more sixth rank wind beasts over to him, which reduced the pressure on Mo Tiange significantly. So now, Mo Tiange only needed to handle two fifth rank wind beasts.

She swallowed a medicinal pill and stabbed one of the wind beasts with the flying sword. Seeing this, Xiaohuo also rushed out with its mouth open. But this time, the other wind beast took the opportunity to rush over.

Mo Tiange remained motionless. She closed her hands, gathering the spiritual aura between them and pushed it out. The mass of spiritual aura materialized. After cultivators advanced to the Core Formation realm, their spiritual aura alone would be powerful enough. But the spiritual aura Mo Tiange pushed out could barely take the wind beasts’ attacks.

Mo Tiange frowned. When she was in the Foundation Building realm, she once fought against fifth rank demonic beasts. Now she’d advanced to the Core Formation realm, so ordinary fifth rank demonic beasts should be no match for her. However, it was so difficult to kill these wind beasts—sure enough, even ordinary demonic beasts on Demonic Mountain weren’t common at all.

Fortunately, she had Xiaohuo with her. Xiaohuo was also in the fifth rank, and the fire-element magic art it practiced was very destructive. Even so, it took them a lot of effort to kill the two fifth rank wind beasts.

Watching the last wind beast fall down from Xiaohuo’s Sun Real Fire, Mo Tiange breathed a sigh of relief. She put away her sword and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

This was just a warm-up fight, yet it took so much effort. It was true that Demonic Mountain was a place with all kinds of dangers.

Qin Xi had killed the two sixth rank wind beasts earlier than her. After he saw that she also finished her fight and relaxed a little, he said, “We should move on.”

It sounded completely impersonal, but Mo Tiange didn’t seem to feel anything. The battle made her realize that she had to be strong for herself or else she would be a burden, and this was the last thing she wanted. So, she put Xiaohuo into the spiritual beast bag and followed without saying a word.