Lady Cultivator - Chapter 258 - Core-Formation Ceremony

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Chapter 258: Core-Formation Ceremony

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The time of her Core-Formation Ceremony was quickly decided.

Qin Shoujing and Li Lingxi failed their soul-formation one after another, dealing a heavy blow to Xuanqing School disciples’ passion for cultivating. It was at this moment that Mo Tiange happened to form her Gold Core, just in time to raise the disciples’ morale. Consequently, Mo Tiange, who originally intended to keep a low-profile, eventually found her Core-Formation Ceremony much grander than she expected.

Of course, a Core-Formation Ceremony couldn’t be compared to a Soul-Formation Ceremony. Not only did they not invite cultivators from other cultivation groups to participate, but they even invited only cultivators in the Foundation Building realm and higher from the school to attend. As for the Aura Refining disciples, they were presumably allowed to come, but it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t.

Nevertheless, in previous Core-Formation Ceremonies, only one or two Nascent Soul cultivators and at most half of the Core Formation cultivators attended. This time, however, aside from Lord Daoist Huayan who was in Closed Door Meditation, the other five Nascent Soul cultivators all came. Moreover, except for those who were traveling outside or in Closed Door Meditation, a total of forty-some Core Formation cultivators all showed up. Because of this, Mo Tiange’s Core-Formation Ceremony naturally looked grand.

Core-Formation Ceremonies had always been held on the peak where that cultivator came from, so Mo Tiange’s ceremony was naturally held on Clear Spring Peak.

For this matter, the steward’s hall of Clear Spring Peak chose the largest Ningxin Hall and festively decorated it, doing their best to make it grand.

When the day arrived, it happened to be winter, and snowflakes floated around on Clear Spring Peak. Snow filled the whole sky as if it was another form of celebration.

Mo Tiange had long changed into the new Daoist robes sent to her by the steward’s hall. A white gown, light blue buttoned robe, white and blue outer robe… Coupled with embroidered collars and sleeves with primordial trigrams and Yin Yang patterns as well as the lotus crown she put on, Mo Tiange already looked like an immortal, solemn and graceful even without any other superfluous ornaments.

For some reason, after she formed her Gold Core, although there was nothing different between her current and previous appearance, she obviously looked much fresher and more elegant than she did when she was in the Aura Refining or Foundation Building realms. When Mo Tiange asked Lord Daoist Jinghe about it, he replied: “What you practice is Sunu Art of the Origin, and part of it came from the Art of Sunu. Wasn’t that art able to preserve women’s youthfulness and make them more beautiful? What’s happening to you is most likely because of this art.”

Now that she already formed her Gold Core, she didn’t care about this. In any case, no matter how her appearance changed, it could hardly make people in the cultivation world perceive her to be extremely beautiful. At most, it would only make people reward her with some praise.

By the time Mo Tiange arrived at Ningxin Hall, the hall was already filled with several hundred cultivators who were at least in the Foundation Building realm. Outside the hall were countless Aura Refining disciples who’d braved the wind and snow to come and watch.

With a smile on her face, she walked into Ningxin Hall.

Four Nascent Soul Lord Daoists stood at the front most area, flanked by several dozens of Core Formation elders led by School Head Shen. Behind these elders stood numerous Foundation Building disciples.

All Nascent Soul Lord Daoists looked joyful. Out of consideration for those Nascent Soul Lord Daoists, even if these elders didn’t feel any particular way about this matter, they still showed a bit of a smile. As for the Foundation Building disciples behind them, they were filled with both admiration and jealousy. Not too long ago, Mo Tiange was only a Foundation Building cultivator like them. Now, however, she made a giant leap, thus turning into a high level cultivator.

This was only a Core-Formation Ceremony, so there was no need for Lord Daoist Zhenyang to personally preside over the ceremony. Instead, they had School Head Shen stepping in this time.

Upon seeing her coming inside, School Head Shen led her to the center of the hall to face the Three Pure Ones, hinting at her to kneel, kowtow and offer some incense. Then, he said loudly, “Xuanqing School disciple, Mo Tiange of Clear Spring Peak, has formed her Gold Core and joins the ranks of Core Formation cultivators today. As per Xuanqing School’s rules, she’s now conferred with an elder position.”

School Head Shen was also a Core Formation cultivator, so Mo Tiange didn’t need to kneel to him. She only gave him a salute to show him respect. Immediately afterward, she accepted the elder identity tablet with both hands as well as the first offering after she formed her Gold Core.

Once she accepted her identity tablet, School Head Shen said, “Junior Martial Sister Mo, from now on, you’re an elder in Xuanqing School. When everything is alright, you may enjoy the school’s offerings every year, but when something happens, I hope you’ll protect the interests and reputation of Xuanqing School.”

“Yes, I will comply with Senior Martial Brother School Head’s orders.”

School Head Shen continued on: “You’ve already advanced into the Core Formation realm; as per Xuanqing School’s rules, may the master bestow her with a Daoist name.”

The moment he finished speaking, someone immediately arranged a praying mat in front of Lord Daoist Jinghe. Mo Tiange took several steps forward then knelt on the praying mat.

Looking completely solemn, Lord Daoist Jinghe said, “My disciple Tiange, you’re extremely talented and outstandingly intelligent. You have a staunch Dao Heart and you’re also wise. Now, you’ve formed your Gold Core, but you mustn’t be conceited or complacent. You have to bear in mind that you have yet to reach the Great Dao. In the future, you still have to work hard and cannot slack off.”

As long as a disciple made a realm-breakthrough, they’d definitely receive some praise, but only a few would be praised as “extremely talented.” Lord Daoist Jinghe justified praising Mo Tiange as “extremely talented” based on the fact that Spiritual Roots of the Origin only appeared once every several thousand years. When it came to talent, there were presumably no cultivators existing nowadays who were more talented than her—of course, those Deification cultivators had long gone into seclusion, so they weren’t included.

“Disciple will definitely follow Master’s instructions.”

Lord Daoist Jinghe showed a small smile. He then muttered while stroking his short beard with his right hand: “The path towards the Great Dao is full of trials and tribulations. The path towards deification is vague, and the path towards immortality is obscure—they are profound, mysterious, and unfathomable. Since you’re seeking the path towards immortality, your mental state needs to be ‘ peaceful 1 ‘ and ‘ quiet 2 .’ At the same time, in looking for the Dao, you must be devoted to ‘ subtleness 3 ‘—you mustn’t be reckless or rash, and you have to pacify your heart and maintain your quietness 4 . Therefore, Master bestows to you the Daoist name ‘Qingwei’.”

Mo Tiange’s gaze flickered, but her face was expressionless. She kowtowed softly then said, “Qingwei thanks Master for the bestowal.”

Lord Daoist Jinghe nodded with a smile.

Upon seeing this, School Head Shen said, “Since you’ve kowtowed and thanked your master for his grace, Junior Martial Sister Qingwei, you may rise.”

Mo Tiange once again saluted. She then stood up and walked to the center under School Head Shen’s lead. Immediately afterward, School Head Shen announced loudly: “Disciples, as the School Head, I hereby announce—Clear Spring Peak disciple, Mo Tiange, has been bestowed a name by her master, Lord Daoist Jinghe. From today onwards, she’ll be known as Master Daoist Qingwei.”

The moment School Head Shen finished speaking, the Core Formation cultivators standing on the two opposite sides all congratulated her. “Congratulations Junior Martial Sister Qingwei for advancing into the Core Formation realm.”

After that, all Foundation Building disciples also saluted her. “Disciples congratulate Martial Uncle Qingwei.”

The Aura Refining disciples’ voices also rang out from outside the hall: “Disciples congratulate Master Daoist Qingwei.”

Even though her heart was originally calm, Mo Tiange started to feel excited when she was faced with congratulations with such a powerful momentum. The Core-Formation Celebration was held and she’d been bestowed with a Daoist name by her master—she was already a school elder at Xuanqing School.

Mo Tiange’s eyes got a bit moist. Now that she had taken the first step of a high level cultivator, she couldn’t help but recall some people whom she lost within these eighty plus years of her life. The mother who brought her up on her own, the father she never met, the second uncle who exhausted his life for her sake, Tianqiao who was dragged down by her… If they found out about her accomplishments, they would be happy too, right? She was already a Core Formation cultivator now, and she was also an elder at Xuanqing School, one of the very best cultivation groups in the Celestial Pole. She no longer needed to run and hide everywhere, and she also no longer needed to live in fear. She could now walk in the sunshine with a head held up high and a straight back.

Thus, the Core-Formation Ceremony finally ended. Amongst the wind and snow, the Aura Refining and Foundation Building disciples left one after another, while the Nascent Soul cultivators also went back to their respective Immortal’s Caves. Only the Core Formation cultivators remained as they wanted to socialize and make friends with this newly proclaimed Junior Martial Sister Qingwei.

In the past, although this junior martial sister was Lord Daoist Jinghe’s disciple, she was, in the end, a Foundation Building cultivator, so there was no need for them to interact much with her. It was different now. This junior martial sister succeeded in forming her Gold Core at such a young age, and her talents were reportedly rarely seen in a millennium. Moreover, she had such a protective master like Lord Daoist Jinghe. Presumably, her future would be very bright, so there was nothing wrong with forming friendships with her.

Mo Tiange was drowned in the crowd and couldn’t get away. She could only brave herself and socialize with these senior martial siblings from her school.

Who said cultivators could be detached from worldly affairs? Although they left the secular world, they could hardly disengage themselves from worldly affairs like this.

On a certain mountaintop at Clear Spring Peak, someone stood in the flurries with his hands behind his back, gazing in the direction of Ningxin Hall silently.

Snow fell on his pitch-black hair and seeped into his blue clothes and white robe, but he remained as still as a statue.

Lord Daoist Jinghe landed behind him then walked through the snow-covered ground towards him. “Why didn’t you come to the Core-Formation Ceremony?”

A snowflake fell on his eyelashes but it soon melted, giving off an ice-cold sensation that seeped into his bones. He shifted his gaze and said hoarsely, “What could’ve happened if I went?”

“Nothing.” Lord Daoist Jinghe, who was in a very good mood, walked over and stood next to him, ignoring his gloomy mood. With a smirk, he said, “But you’d have gone if someone else formed their Gold Core, right?”

Qin Xi didn’t answer. He wasn’t stupid. This master obviously came to tease him; why should he respond to him and let him have his way?

The two of them stood in the snowfall for a while; both were silent. After some time, Qin Xi suddenly spoke: “The path towards the Great Dao is full of trials and tribulations. The path towards deification is vague, and the path towards immortality is obscure—they are profound, mysterious, and unfathomable. Since you’re seeking the path towards immortality, your mental state needs to be ‘peaceful’ and ‘quiet.’ At the same time, in looking for the Dao, you must be devoted to ‘subtleness’—you mustn’t be reckless or rash, and you have to pacify your heart and maintain your quietness. Therefore, Master bestows to you the Daoist name ‘Shoujing.’ Master, when you bestow a Daoist name to your disciple, do you specifically choose these words to be said?”

“…” Lord Daoist Jinghe let out a hollow laugh, “Hehe, when you were young, did you not participate in your Senior Martial Brother Qingyuan’s Core-Formation Ceremony?”

“…” That was something that happened a very long time ago; his memories about it were vague. At that time, his master didn’t say these words… Sure enough… even during a serious occasion like a Core-Formation Ceremony, this childish old man still couldn’t refrain from playing around( * 5 ). But what was the point of this? Being childish… wasn’t him, had never been him…

Qin Xi shook his head. “From now on, there’s only Mo Qingwei. There will no longer be Mo Tiange.”

His voice sounded normal, but it carried an inexplicable sorrow within.

Lord Daoist Jinghe couldn’t help but cast him a sidelong glance. “Brat, you—I’m indeed getting old; I can’t understand. Didn’t I tell you before? If you want something, look for it and take it; you can even snatch it. In cultivating, you only need to go with your heart. Who told you to dawdle around and wallow in your unreasonable demands? Tiange already formed her Gold Core. The gap between you two has decreased. Why did you become even more forlorn instead?”

Qin Xi chuckled softly. In the snowfall, his laughter projected the kind of chill brought about by a cold heart. “Master, why was she able to form her Gold Core? Because she has no entanglements in her heart—she might not even want anything.”

Lord Daoist Jinghe was stunned. He seemed to somewhat understand what Qin Xi meant. “You… You’re saying… she doesn’t have you in her heart?”

“What other explanation could there be?” He was so discouraged that he looked beaten and dejected. “I’m trapped in my Inner Demon. I’ve tried three times to form my Nascent Soul, but I haven’t made the slightest progress. She, on the other hand, has an unmoved heart, and she could smoothly form her Gold Core… We both know how difficult the Inner Demon is during core-formation, especially for someone who’s tackling their core-formation for the first time and hasn’t experienced an Inner Demon before. But she was able to pass this hurdle easily.”

“…” Lord Daoist Jinghe surprisingly felt like he had nothing to say. For cultivators who were tackling their core-formation for the first time and hadn’t experienced an Inner Demon before, the slightest entanglements in their hearts would be magnified countless times, causing them to be absorbed inside them, and they wouldn’t know how to get free. But Tiange… It was unlikely she reached the realm of forgetting emotions, right?

“Master, what should I do? How should I continue on? I still won’t be able to form my Nascent Soul in ten years, a hundred years, or even until my lifespan’s exhausted…”

In regards to this question, Lord Daoist Jinghe felt he couldn’t come up with an answer. This was the first time this child asked him what he should do using such a bewildered tone. In the past hundred plus years, Qin Xi had never needed help from others. He was always on his own, but he still walked firmly on the path towards immortality, looking for the Great Dao.

He suddenly felt that meeting Tiange was indeed a calamity for him.