Lady Cultivator - Chapter 252 - Gravely Injured

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Chapter 252: Gravely Injured

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The sky above the Clear Spring Peak was cloudless, full of barely discernible spiritual aura.

Mo Tiange stood in the air with her eyes closed. Her two palms were facing each other with a thread of thin spiritual aura rotating in a circle between them.

This thread of spiritual aura was thin at first, but it gradually thickened until finally, it converged and showed a very strong orange color.

A deep frown was etched on Mo Tiange’s face; it was as if she was enduring something. Before long, however, that lump of spiritual aura suddenly grew drastically and enveloped her entire body, thus turning into a spiritual aura barrier.

Mo Tiange opened her eyes then heaved a sigh of relief.

After obtaining this lump of Yang spiritual aura, the real Origin finally appeared inside her body. Unfortunately, the amount of this spiritual aura was indeed little, so she could only use it in a few small spells. This one was a small spell recorded inside Taiyuan Record; it was called “the Art of Temporary Origin.”

In this spell, spiritual auras were used to protect oneself. It consumed only a little bit of spiritual aura, but its defensive ability was quite good. If one was already proficient in using it, they’d be able to absorb many attacks during fights of magical powers. In fights of magical powers between cultivators in the Foundation Building realm and higher, their magic tools could usually create spiritual aura attacks, so when those cultivators fought each other, they always put up spiritual aura barriers. “The Art of Temporary Origin ” was also a kind of spiritual aura barrier, but it consumed much less spiritual aura than ordinary ones.

Just as she was practicing the art repeatedly, Mo Tiange suddenly felt her heart skip a beat, and she intuitively gazed into the distance.

Qin Xi felt the spiritual aura inside his body running amok and becoming completely uncontrollable, severely injuring his meridians and consequently, causing him to suddenly vomit a mouthful of blood.

From the air, a human-shaped object covered all over in black aura gradually descended to the ground while letting out waves of cold laughter. “Qin Shoujing, how does it feel? The taste of devil aura plaguing your body is unpleasant, isn’t it?”

Qin Xi stood up shakily as he wiped the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. He looked pale, but his gaze was still calm. “It’s just so-so.”

Upon hearing what he said, the man standing several dozen feet away from him instantly burst out laughing. “As expected of Qin Jinghe’s disciple—tough enough!”

Although he said that, he waved his hand again, hurling another thread of black aura to wind around Qin Xi. Qin Xi had no means of retreat; in a moment, he was already bound by that black aura. All of a sudden, however, flame emerged from his hands, and it surprisingly managed to force that black aura back a bit.

“Huh?” That person was utterly shocked. “You can actually beat my Primordial Devil Aura?”

Qin Xi chuckled softly. A long, domineering, fiery sword with astonishing spiritual aura suddenly appeared in his hand. With this sword in possession, he even showed some might, despite his injuries.

“Three Yang Real Fire Sword… is this Three Yang Real Fire Sword?” that person mumbled to himself; his tone was suffused with interest. “Junior, you’re really interesting. To be able to force back my Primordial Devil Aura, you can also be considered a unique treasure. Unfortunately, today you’re doomed to be destroyed in my hands! Hehe, I like talented people, and you’re also quite a character—I’ll let you see whether or not your Three Yang Real Fire Sword can injure me.”

Qin Xi said nothing. The blaze on his sword brightened even more as it floated to the air and placed itself in front of him.

He gazed at the sword; a hint of killing intent flashed in his gaze. Immediately after, he lifted his gaze and looked at the monster who was covered in black aura.

That person seemed to become even more excited when he saw the way Qin Xi was looking at him. He was excitedly waiting for the counterattacks of this interesting junior.

Three Yang Real Fire Sword slowly floated up, blazing even fiercer. Qin Xi closed his eyes and gathered his aura, seemingly about to make his attack—

All of a sudden, he changed his set of hand seals midway, causing the Three Yang Real Fire on his sword to suddenly burst into an inferno ball that shot towards that person. As for Qin Xi himself, in a flash, he turned into a beam of flight light which fled to another direction.

That person waved, and in an instant, the inferno ball that had arrived in front of him was completely extinguished—its previous might was nowhere to be seen. When that person looked at the flight light that was already far away from him now, his expression changed. “Qin Shoujing! As a junior, you’re really treacherous!”

That brat simply didn’t even think about fighting him; he was simply let him believe so and consequently, that brat took advantage of this distraction to flee!

Nevertheless, although that person was fuming with anger, he didn’t really take the matter seriously. Qin Shoujing was, in the end, a Core Formation cultivator; no matter how intelligent or cunning Qin Shoujing was, the disparity in their strength was too huge, so he basically had no need to worry.

Because of that, upon locking his divine sense on Qin Shoujing, that person unhurriedly turned into a mass of black clouds, which then chased after Qin Shoujing in the direction he fled.

However, the more he chased, the more he felt something was amiss. Qin Shoujing was practically fleeing to the border of his divine sense scope, so he almost lost track of Qin Shoujing several times. Such a speed… How could that be a Core Formation cultivator’s Fleeing Technique?

The matter perplexed and annoyed him at the same time, so he immediately went all out in using his Fleeing Technique to quickly chase after Qin Shoujing.

In the short moment Mo Tiange hesitated, several beams of bright rays emerged in the sky above Mount Taikang.

The yellow one was Lord Daoist Zhenyang, the red one was Lord Daoist Jinghe, the blue one was Lord Daoist Miaoyi, and the green one was Lord Daoist Xuanyin.

In a flash, four Nascent Soul cultivators already soared to the sky, and each of them simultaneously gazed into the distance.

Lord Daoist Zhenyang was the first to have a change of expression. “Bad! It’s that old man Song Feng!”

Lord Daoist Jinghe’s expression also became livid. “He actually dared to come and kill in our Mount Taikang!”

A wrinkle emerged on Lord Daoist Zhenyang’s brows. He then promptly said: “Junior Martial Brother Jinghe will follow me; Junior Martial Sister Miaoyi, Junior Martial Brother Xuanyin, you two stay here and back us up!”

As soon as Lord Daoist Miaoyi and Lord Daoist Xuanyin both answered with “yes,” they saw the two Nascent Soul cultivators with the highest cultivation levels in Xuanqing School fleeing into the distance in just an instant.

Mo Tiange, who’d been watching all of this from the distance, sank into contemplation. What was happening in the end? Why would her master and those several martial uncles have looked so grave?

Just as she was debating whether she should go towards them or not, Lord Daoist Miaoyi already beckoned at her.

Delighted, Mo Tiange immediately flew over. “Martial Uncle Miaoyi, Martial Uncle Xuanyin,” she greeted.

With a friendly expression on her face, Lord Daoist Miaoyi asked, “Tiange, what are you doing here?”

Mo Tiange and Lord Daoist Xuanyin originally came from the same division, so she didn’t need to avoid the topic in front of him. As for Lord Daoist Miaoyi, although there weren’t many connections between her and Clear Spring Peak, she had always been cordial towards juniors like them. Because of that, upon hearing her question, Mo Tiange answered forthrightly, “My heart’s been hammering uncontrollably—could it be that something huge is happening?”

Lord Daoist Miaoyi seemed to be quite flabbergasted upon hearing what Mo Tiange said, but she soon answered, “There’s indeed a big problem. However, with your master and your Martial Uncle Zhenyang here, you don’t need to worry about anything. You better go back first lest you’d get involved.”

With four Nascent Soul cultivators present, she was indeed in no place to meddle. Mo Tiange was helpless; she could only answer: “Yes.”

Once she left, Lord Daoist Miaoyi glanced at Lord Daoist Xuanyin and said, “Junior Martial Brother Xuanyin, your junior martial sister has a sharp sense.”

Lord Daoist Xuanyin, who’d been spreading his divine sense, opened his eyes, but instead of answering, he said, “Song Feng that monster… would he really come to our Mount Taikang to kill? In any case, our Xuanqing School is one of the very best cultivation groups in the Celestial Pole—he has quite the courage!”

Lord Daoist Miaoyi smiled and said, “At your Soul-Formation Ceremony, didn’t he also come and make a mess? That old man Song Feng has always relied on his terrifying skills in fights of magical powers—I’m afraid he might’ve even dared to rush in even if it was Tiandao Sect.”

Lord Daoist Xuanyin shook his head then said with a sigh: “I wonder if master and Martial Uncle Zhenyang will make it in time to rescue Junior Martial Brother Shoujing.”

“That’ll depend on his luck.” After she said that, Lord Daoist Miaoyi no longer spoke. The two of them just focused on spreading their divine senses to examine the situation in the distance.

None of Xuanqing School cultivators who were under the Nascent Soul realm knew what was going on, but the two of them were very clear about it—somewhere not too far from them, a fight for survival was happening.

How could a Core Formation cultivator escape unscathed from a great late stage Nascent Soul cultivator? They all knew that with a bit of carelessness from himself, or perhaps from Lord Daoist Zhenyang and Lord Daoist Jinghe, Qin Shoujing’s life could be considered forfeited.

After some time, a delighted expression emerged on Lord Daoist Miaoyi’s face. She said, “Junior Martial Brother Xuanyin, let’s meet them.”

Xuanyin grunted as an answer. In the next second, the two of them also turned into beams of flight lights which soon faded away from the sky above Mount Taikang.

Mo Tiange stood in front of Shangqing Palace, watching the empty sky in silence. Her heart was in a mess, but she couldn’t tell why she felt so.

Before long, several silhouettes finally appeared in the sky. Lord Daoist Zhenyang and Lord Daoist Miaoyi left first, but Lord Daoist Xuanyin followed Lord Daoist Jinghe towards Clear Spring Peak while supporting someone up with his hands.

Mo Tiange watched them attentively. When she got a clear look at the miserable-looking person leaning on Lord Daoist Xuanyin, her eyes widened instantly.

“Tiange?” Lord Daoist Jinghe seemed to be a bit surprised to see her there, but he immediately said, “There’s no time—let’s go!” After he said that, he immediately took the lead to walk into Shangqing Palace.

Lord Daoist Xuanyin followed closely behind him, all the while supporting the unconscious Qin Xi up with his hands.

Mo Tiange also followed after them.

The moment Lord Daoist Xuanyin laid Qin Xi down, Lord Daoist Jinghe immediately fed Qin Xi several medicinal pills then used his spiritual aura to treat his injuries.

The severity of Qin Xi’s injuries could be seen with the naked eye—his robes were dyed with several bloodstains, his complexion was ashen, his eyes were closed, and the spiritual auras in his whole body were amok.

So her heart had been a mess just now because he was injured? Who could injure him to this point and also alarm four Nascent Soul cultivators at the school? Her mind was chaotic; she couldn’t come up with an answer.

Lord Daoist Xuanyin, who noticed her distracted state, whispered, “Tiange, if you’re worried, you can go outside first and wait lest you disturb master.”

Just as Mo Tiange wanted to answer, they suddenly heard Lord Daoist Jinghe say: “No, Tiange, come here.”

Mo Tiange was stunned but she still went over. “Master?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe said while pointing at Qin Xi: “Right now, the spiritual auras inside his body are in chaos, and both his meridians and dantian are injured. Although I’ve used medicinal pills and my spiritual aura to suppress his injuries, they’re far from enough to sort out his spiritual auras. The injuries his meridians and dantian suffered are too severe; if we use too much strength, we’ll only worsen his injuries. However, your Yin spiritual auras and his spiritual auras are mutually attracted to each other and furthermore, your Yin spiritual auras are gentle in nature—we can try using your auras.”

Mo Tiange didn’t understand what he meant. “Master…”

“Don’t tarry!” Lord Daoist Jinghe shouted with a grave expression, “Quick! Put your spiritual auras into his body, nourish his body slowly and lead his spiritual aura back into his meridians. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you how to do it!”

There was no time for a detailed explanation. Lord Daoist Jinghe immediately propped Qin Xi up, then he ordered Mo Tiange to place her palms on the Lingtai Point on Qin Xi’s back from which she should pour her spiritual auras into his body.

Mo Tiange did as she was told. She slowly poured her spiritual auras into his body, but right after she did so, she couldn’t help but tremble all over.

The spiritual auras inside Qin Xi’s body were completely out of control! Cultivators’ spiritual auras were normally contained inside their meridians where they roamed around just like blood before converging in their dantians. However, the spiritual auras inside Qin Xi’s body were now scattered all over his body and simply weren’t bound by his meridians.

This kind of situation was quite dangerous. Cultivators cultivated both their meridians and their physical bodies. However, they always attached more importance on meridians than their physical bodies. Although their physical bodies were also full of spiritual auras, they definitely couldn’t stand the kind of dense spiritual auras typically roaming inside the meridians. The higher the cultivation level, the graver this situation would be.

Qin Xi was already a peak stage Core Formation cultivator now; the density of the spiritual auras inside his body was no small matter. At this moment, these spiritual auras were scattered all over his body, and their strength already riddled his body with internal injuries. If it wasn’t because he practiced Body-Refining Technique, he probably would’ve lost half of his life already.

When Mo Tiange inserted her spiritual auras into his body, it was indeed “a clay ox entering the sea”—it disappeared, leaving no trace to be found, so she was simply powerless in guiding his spiritual auras.

The gap between their cultivation levels was too huge.

“Master…” Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly discovered that her own spiritual auras also become uncontrollable. There seemed to be a kind of force pulling it, so it surged violently into Qin Xi’s body.