Lady Cultivator - Chapter 239 - Junior Martial Sister Jiang

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Chapter 239: Junior Martial Sister Jiang

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Luo Fengxue could break out of the formation by relying on a bit of luck.

Although she was only one step away from the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm, she was still in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm in the end, and the terribleness of the Five-Spirits Formation far exceeded her imagination—she practically moved in a flurry. She originally thought she’d be transported out in the first test, but she then discovered her luck was quite good; she happened to have brought talismans with a restraining effect, so she passed through the test and smoothly broke out of the formation.

However, the scene in front of her baffled her. Why was there a conflict between Senior Martial Brother Ye and Bai Yanfei?

She called Ye Jingwen ” senior martial brother 1 ” because the two of them were both Lord Daoist Jinghe’s grand-disciples 2 before and they were also both quite close to Mo Tiange; they were quite familiar with each other, so she hadn’t changed the way she addressed him.

She looked towards the two people standing across from Ye Jingwen then called politely: “Junior Martial Brother Bai.” As for the other person, she actually recognized him—he was one of the people she told Mo Tiange to be careful of. Nevertheless, she was now a Nascent Soul cultivator’s disciple, so she didn’t need to take the initiative to greet him at all.

When Bai Yanfei saw Luo Fengxue, he actually didn’t recognize her, so he could only call out perfunctorily: “Senior Martial Sister.” Dong Shiyang, on the other hand, did recognize her. He helplessly saluted: “Martial Uncle Luo.”

As she examined the situation before her, Luo Fengxue asked Ye Jingwen in a whisper: “Senior Martial Brother Ye, what’s going on?”

Ye Jingwen grudgingly said, “They obviously came out of other areas, but they wanted to pick the spiritual plants in my area.”

“Oh…” Luo Fengxue’s eyes shifted. The moment she saw the barren areas in the adjacent area, she roughly understood what happened. However, she wasn’t as impulsive as Ye Jingwen. Still with a smile, she said, “It’s just a small matter; we can talk this through properly.”

This incident was also the result of a momentary impulsive act on Bai Yanfei’s part, so now that Luo Fengxue gave him a way out, he immediately agreed. “Oh… Since Senior Martial Sister said so…”

On the contrary, Dong Shiyang seemed a bit anxious. He pulled in Bai Yanfei because he wanted to pick more spiritual plants; if Bai Yanfei agreed to compromise, didn’t it mean he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the situation? Therefore, he said, “In that case, Junior Martial Brother Ye should apologize to our Martial Uncle Bai, then we’ll consider this matter finished.”

Once this remark was out, anger once again emerged on Ye Jingwen’s face. “What did you say?!”

Dong Shiyang saw that even though Luo Fengxue was senior to them, her cultivation level was low, so he’d long come up with a plan. He ignored Ye Jingwen’s angry look and continued to say: “You were rude to Martial Uncle Bai; you ought to apologize.”

Ye Jingwen fell into his trap. He sneered: “It’s Martial Uncle Bai who ought to apologize. Despite personally seeing that his Morning Sun Peak junior wasn’t abiding by the rules, he still took the lead in causing trouble! I didn’t even ask Martial Uncle Bai to apologize, yet you actually want me to apologize? Are you trying to say there’s no place for reason at Xuanqing School and that everything depends on seniority?”

Bai Yanfei originally still had a bit of a guilty conscience, but when he heard what Ye Jingwen said, his anger once again flourished. “Junior, you’re unreasonable! Who allowed you to use this kind of tone to talk to me? Does seniority rank not matter at Xuanqing School?”

“Junior Martial Brother Bai, Senior Martial Brother Ye!” Luo Fengxue quickly interrupted while furtively casting Dong Shiyang a death glare. With a smile pasted on her face, she said, “We’re still doing the test now. If you have something to say, we can discuss it later after we finish.”

With Luo Fengxue smoothing things over, the two people finally regained some calm. Just as they were about to back down, however, someone else came towards them.

“Isn’t this Senior Martial Brother Bai? Your talent’s outstanding and your status is high—how can you bicker with a junior? If word of this matter gets out, you’ll really disgrace Martial Uncle Zhenyang!”

A ridiculing woman’s voice rang out, causing everyone to turn their eyes towards the direction it came from. Immediately afterward, Luo Fengxue secretly shouted “bad!” inside her heart. How could this Junior Martial Sister Jiang also show up here? These two people running into each other… wouldn’t it be a melee if they tore each other to pieces?

Although Bai Yanfei’s anger was blazing, he wasn’t an unreasonable person. He knew he was originally in the wrong; it was just that he couldn’t let go of his pride. But now, after hearing Junior Martial Sister Jiang’s voice, he didn’t have any rationality left.

He coldly cast her a glance then said, “Whether I’d disgrace my master or not—does it have anything to do with Junior Martial Sister Jiang? It’s enough as long as I don’t disgrace Drifting Cloud Peak. Or could it be… the one you’re eager for me to disgrace is Drifting Cloud Peak?”

What he said had a hidden meaning. If the two of them had nothing to do with each other, he naturally wouldn’t have anything to do with Drifting Cloud Peak. For him to disgrace Drifting Cloud Peak, the two of them naturally had to have some kind of relationship between them first. Moreover, he also used the words “eager for”—he naturally implied that this Junior Martial Sister Jiang was eager to be in a relationship with him.

Even ordinary women would be angry upon hearing such remarks, let alone someone widely known as being overbearing like Junior Martial Sister Jiang. Without a word, she immediately took out a colored ribbon and held it in her hand. She obviously intended to attack.

“…” Luo Fengxue really didn’t know what to say. When Ye Jingwen and Bai Yanfei were in the middle of a dispute, she could still smooth things over, but for the dispute between this Junior Martial Sister Jiang and Bai Yanfei, she thought she better not get involved no matter what status she had or she’d only attract trouble for herself.

Therefore, as soon as she saw this scene, she immediately pulled Ye Jingwen along with her and discreetly withdrew to the back.

Junior Martial Sister Jiang indeed lived up to their expectations; she started attacking by swinging her colored ribbon towards Bai Yanfei. Her cultivation level was only in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, but this colored ribbon was indeed a difficult magic weapon to deal with, so Bai Yanfei didn’t dare to underestimate it. The crescent-shaped blade swung in a criss-cross fashion; the knife lights reflected each other, tearing open the spiritual aura boundary of the colored ribbon.

The two people exchanged blows; the area was filled with crisscrossing spiritual auras.

Upon seeing this scene, Dong Shiyang really didn’t know whether he should feel happy or sad. If anyone hadn’t yet broken out of the formation in one area, that area would still retain its Illusory Formation, so they wouldn’t be able to see the spiritual plants. This was why he came to Ye Jingwen’s area to freeload. Nevertheless, right now, with people breaking out of the formation one after another, it’d be hard for him to freeload, so he might as well go to another area and try his luck there. Unfortunately, his Martial Uncle Bai was fighting with someone; it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to leave now.

As Dong Shiyang moved here and there in panic, Luo Fengxue, who felt he was unpleasing to the eye, hinted at Ye Jingwen with her eyes. A split second later, she shouted: “Surnamed Dong! You dare to attack me?!”

Ye Jingwen, who got her hint, immediately said in response: “Dong Shiyang! I understand if you want to hit me, but why do you have to plot against Junior Martial Sister Luo too?! Junior Martial Sister Luo’s only in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm!” Immediately afterward, he made a pointing gesture, directing his flying sword towards Dong Shiyang.

Dong Shiyang’s expression changed. He shouted: “You—” But before he could say anything further, Ye Jingwen’s flying sword was already at him.

Mo Tiange had been picking spiritual plants along the way, and this was the scene she saw upon her arrival.

She was a bit baffled. What kind of situation is this? Bai Yanfei’s fighting Junior Martial Sister Jiang, and Big Brother Ye’s also taking the initiative to attack a late stage Foundation Building cultivator. Then there’s also Luo Fengxue, who secretly looks very proud of herself.

“Tiange!” Luo Fengxue was the first to spot her. “Tiange! Someone’s bullying me!”

Upon hearing Luo Fengxue’s voice, Mo Tiange had no other choice but to head over. “What’s wrong?” she asked with suspicion. Was Luo Fengxue’s expression the expression of someone being bullied? Besides, although that cultivator was in the late stage, his technique in fights of magical power was very average. With Ye Jingwen here, how could that cultivator possibly get a chance to bully her?

Luo Fengxue grinned and blinked at her, but she spoke in a panicked tone: “That person! He just plotted against me! I was lucky Senior Martial Brother Ye’s here!”

After receiving a glance from Luo Fengxue then noticing that the person was one of the people Luo Fengxue reminded her to be careful of, Mo Tiange vaguely understood what was happening, so she immediately responded: “Rest assured! Since he dared to bully you, we’ll let him taste a bit of suffering!”

Dong Shiyang was very slick. Now that Mo Tiange, who was also a late stage Foundation Building cultivator, arrived, he immediately called out: “Junior Martial Brother Ye, Martial Uncle Luo! It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t, didn’t—”

How could Ye Jingwen spare him? Taking advantage of the moment Dong Shiyang spoke, a flying sword shot forward; swift and powerful sword aura tore open Dong Shiyang’s defense, allowing the sword to pierce into his right arm.

“AH!” Dong Shiyang screamed.

Ye Jingwen recalled his flying sword, saying coldly, “This is a lesson for you. As a person, you better behave a bit more properly!”

Dong Shiyang fell sprawling to the ground. With Bai Yanfei fighting fiercely and simply having no time to care for him, as well as Ye Jingwen, Luo Fengxue, and Mo Tiange eying him coldly from the side, he didn’t dare to say anything. He also stopped caring about being shameful or not; he just crawled up then directly fled away.

Once that person left, Ye Jingwen’s flying sword returned to its scabbard. He then walked back to them while greeting Mo Tiange, “Tiange, such a coincidence! You’re also here.”

Mo Tiange smiled. “If it wasn’t for that coincidence, I wouldn’t have been able to see this play.” She then lowered her voice. “What were you guys doing?”

Luo Fengxue then started to whisper, recounting everything that happened to her a moment ago.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but chuckle once she learned of the whole matter. “So you’re also not honest.”

Luo Fengxue covered her mouth. “I’ve often seen this kind of thing happening between disciples; sometimes, I also imitate them when necessary. That person’s heart isn’t on the correct path; so what if we accused him wrongly?”

Using evil to control evil… Mo Tiange had no objection to this. Her gaze soon fell on Bai Yanfei and Junior Martial Sister Jiang, who were still completely engrossed in their brawl. To her surprise, however, she found that there seemed to be some hidden situations in this fight.

Bai Yanfei wasn’t that weird. His cultivation level was higher than Junior Martial Sister Jiang, so he wasn’t in danger at all. Nevertheless, maybe because he was hindered by the school rules, he looked like he didn’t dare to hurt Junior Martial Sister Jiang. Meanwhile, Junior Martial Sister Jiang also looked a bit strange. She obviously attacked leniently…

Luo Fengxue, who noticed her line of sight, came close and whispered in her ear: “You notice it too, right? This is why I said they’d definitely end up together.”

In fact, Bai Yanfei was indeed quite good; aside from his rather childish character, his looks were quite good, his aptitude was terrific, progress in his cultivation level was just around the corner, and he also had Lord Daoist Zhenyang as his backing—Junior Martial Sister Jiang had a good eye. If she didn’t pick Bai Yanfei, she might not pick anybody else based on her temper and high taste.

The three of them watched from the sidelines for a while, chatting and laughing all the while. Just as they were about to leave, however, they heard Junior Martial Sister Jiang shouting behind them: “You’re not allowed to leave!”

Mo Tiange and the two others stopped in their tracks and looked at each other, but they eventually turned around. Luo Fengxue said, “Junior Martial Sister Jiang, is something the matter?”

Junior Martial Sister Jiang swept her gaze past the three of them before finally fixating on Mo Tiange. She then lifted her chin and asked, “You’re that Senior Martial Sister Mo?”

“You’re that”? Mo Tiange took note of Junior Martial Sister Jiang’s tone but answered nonetheless: “I am. Does Junior Martial Sister Jiang need anything of me?” She still used an amiable tone because she had no intention of making an enemy.

Junior Martial Sister Jiang proceeded by looking her up and down. Once she finished sizing her up, she turned around and glared at Bai Yanfei. “This is the Senior Martial Sister Mo you formerly wooed? How do I fall short of her?”

Bai Yanfei felt ashamed when he saw Mo Tiange, so he’d been pretending he didn’t see her. Now that he was being questioned so straightforwardly in front of everyone, he finally lost some of his calm and shouted: “What does it have to do with you?!”

Junior Martial Sister Jiang’s shapely eyebrows wrinkled as she frowned; her colored ribbon swung, causing another round of spiritual aura fluctuation. “Bai Yanfei! I really don’t understand. Which part of me, Jiang Min, do you dislike? No matter whether it’s cultivation level, or aptitude, or age—which part of me isn’t good? It’s obviously you who keeps thinking about Senior Martial Sister Mo. Hmph! You dislike me? Aren’t you also disliked by Senior Martial Sister Mo? You’re just the same as me!”

Her tone was suffused with a bit of disdain, successfully causing redness to spread on Bai Yanfei’s face. He glared furiously at Jiang Min, asking, “I’m not going to do Dual Cultivation with you. What are you continuing to pester me for? Do you really want to marry me that much?”

Junior Martial Sister Jiang unexpectedly wasn’t angered by him. Her gaze remained filled with disdain as she spoke, “I’m just baffled. Did you perhaps feel ashamed because you were rejected by Senior Martial Sister Mo, so you wanted to do the same to me as vengeance? Bai Yanfei, did doing so make you feel very satisfied?”

“You—” Bai Yanfei’s face changed from red to purple.

Junior Martial Sister Jiang still didn’t spare him. “Did rejecting me sooth your heart? You guys look down on me for being rejected by Senior Martial Sister Mo. You’ve seen this now, right? Junior Martial Sister Jiang’s been rejected by me!”

She imitated Bai Yanfei’s tone when she said that latter part, and her imitation was indeed quite similar, causing the three other spectators to make “pffft” sounds as they snorted.

Although Junior Martial Sister Jiang was overbearing, from some points of view, she was, in fact, still quite cute.