Lady Cultivator - Chapter 236 - Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation

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Chapter 236: Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation

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The several people Luo Fengxue pointed out for Mo Tiange were all in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm; some were even already in the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm, ready to attempt to form their Gold Cores. Among them, there were both elite and ordinary disciples.

“These people all plan to try forming their Gold Cores in the near future, and their natures also aren’t that good, so you have to pay special attention to them. In addition, even if it’s not someone among these people, as long as they’re in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm, you still have to be a bit careful when you run into them.”

Although Luo Fengxue’s cultivation wasn’t that outstanding, the way she conducted herself was extremely old-school. Mo Tiange took her words to heart and said, “I understand.”

Luo Fengxue smiled again. “In fact, you also don’t need to be overly careful. In any case, this formation itself is meant to test and train disciples—even if something goes wrong, you’ll just be transported out at most. Besides, with grandmaster’s personality, even if you can’t obtain anything, you definitely won’t be lacking when it’s time for you to form your Gold Core.”

A smile also emerged on Mo Tiange’s face. “You really do understand your grandmaster.”

( Boxno vel. co m ) “How could I possibly not?” Luo Fengxue giggled and said, “As long as we can grasp grandmaster’s personality, it’s really too easy to get things from him.”

Mo Tiange suddenly felt the urge to laugh. Other people said Lord Daoist Jinghe was overbearing, bloodthirsty, and temperamental, but his disciples and grand-disciples managed to grasp his tendencies so they could have their way.

As the two of them chatted, a Nascent Soul and several Core Formation cultivators walked in from outside. It was Lord Daoist Zhenyang, who was the head grand supreme elder, as well as the school head and several stewarding elders.

Upon arriving, Lord Daoist Zhenyang directly took a seat on the master seat then closed his eyes and remained silent. Next to him, the school head stepped forward.

The school head, Shen Yijian, was Lord Daoist Zhenyang’s disciple. Although he was known as the school head of Xuanqing School, in fact, all the decisions for major events were still in Lord Daoist Zhenyang’s hands, while the minor matters were all handled by the stewards of each peak. As the school head, Shen Yijian only handled matters that were neither big nor small and stepped up to speak on Lord Daoist Zhenyang’s behalf.

But in any case, he was the school head of Xuanqing School. Both his identity and status were a lot higher than Foundation Building disciples like them, so when they saw him stepping forward, the disciples, who were just chatting around, instantly became quiet.

Shen Yijian swept his gaze over the main hall then said: “Disciples, presumably, the master of each peak has generally told you about the important matter for which we summoned all of you back to the mountain. Today, I’ll tell you more about it in detail. Not too long ago, we found a magic formation under the main peak. This formation’s extremely complex; it’s equivalent to a gigantic formation assembled from more than several hundred thousand small formations. After being studied by several grand supreme elders, we realized this magic formation wasn’t dangerous at all—it must’ve been used by a cultivation group from the Middle Ages to test their disciples. Right now, more than a hundred thousand years have passed, but this magic formation still retains some of its functions—a small portion of things used as disciple rewards also remains in good condition. Moreover, the most important point is that the spiritual aura and the environment from several hundred thousand years ago were still preserved inside this magic formation. After growing for more than a hundred thousand years, the originally ordinary spiritual plants have now become immense treasures in our current world!”

After this point, Shen Yijian examined the disciples’ reactions. As he expected, although some news of the formation had leaked, there were still many ordinary disciples who didn’t know about the specific situation. Right now, they were whispering to each other, discussing the matter with gusto.

Shen Yijian raised his hand, putting a stop to everyone’s whispering. “Everyone should be able to understand… this is a huge growth opportunity for Xuanqing School! If we use the spiritual plants that grow inside this magic formation to concoct medicinal pills, our school might come up with a lot of high level cultivators! After being studied by several grand supreme elders, we found that this formation’s most effective if Foundation Building disciples enter, so we summoned all of you back. Everyone will have an equal opportunity. You’ll pick spiritual plants inside the formation, and the school will reward you with medicinal pills according to how many spiritual plants you pick.”

Rewarded with medicinal pills! Although they’d long gotten wind of this, happy expressions still emerged on the Foundation Building disciples’ faces upon obtaining affirmation from the school head. From the Aura Refining realm to the Foundation Building realm, the value of medicinal pills definitely wasn’t as simple as helping one to advance one realm higher. Aura Refining disciples’ Aura-Nourishing Pills only cost two spirit stones each, so it definitely wasn’t a big deal for those who were quite rich to constantly take them. In the Foundation Building realm, however, even for elite disciples, they only received a ration of twenty Soul-Strengthening Pills each year, and the number was even fewer for ordinary disciples.

Because of that, for Foundation Building disciples like them, while they could forgo anything else, they definitely couldn’t let these rewarded medicinal pills slip by.

“Alright. Everyone now understands the ins and outs. Now, I’ll talk to you about the characteristics of this magic formation.” Upon seeing the enthusiastic mood of the disciples below, Shen Yijian nodded with a smile. “After being studied by several grand supreme elders, we found that this magic formation was the ‘Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation’ recorded in ancient books. Everyone mustn’t underestimate it; every single magic formation is created from a combination of several kinds of formations, and this formation is no exception. As for what kind of powers this formation has, there are no detailed records of them in ancient books. Nevertheless, several grand supreme elders already went to explore the formation—the purpose of this formation was purely to test and train disciples. There are no mortal dangers inside…”

“This formation’s roughly divided into three sections. The first section is Five Spirits Killing Body. In this section, all disciples are shut in one obstacle after another and have to fight to break out of it. Everyone may do as they wish—the number of obstacles one can pass in the end depends on one’s abilities. Remember this: passing the obstacles isn’t the purpose. Every time you arrive at an obstacle, you only have to collect the spiritual plants growing in the surrounding area.”

“The second section: Five Hindrances Overturning Senses. In this section, everyone has to be particularly careful. You have to guard your mind and not use your divine sense—be careful of the five hindrances: greed, anger, stupidity, laziness, doubt. If you’re plagued by the five hindrances, not only would you be immediately transported out of the formation, but your mental state would also sustain some damage for a short period of time. You must definitely not treat this point lightly.”

“The last section: Five Confusions Plaguing Spirit. The five confusions are: confused heart, confused wisdom, confused idea, confused soul, and confused intentions. They’re complicated to explain, but in fact, it’s enough for you to remember this point—no matter what appears in front of you, you just have to distinguish between what’s real and fake and hold fast to your Dao Heart!”

Once he finished saying all this, Shen Yijian looked at Lord Daoist Zhenyang. It was only after he saw that Lord Daoist Zhenyang didn’t seem to have any objections that he continued on: “Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation… As long as you bear ‘Ten Thousand Laws of Nature’ in mind, you’ll definitely walk until the end! Alright, I’ll give you some time to think about how you’re going to handle this assignment.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a disciple immediately asked, “Martial Uncle School Head, may I ask—when we enter this formation, are we allowed to go in groups?”

School Head Shen answered, “This formation changes infinitely. Once you enter, it’s out of your control, so you can only go in by yourself.”

Sounds of discussion inside the hall immediately grew louder.

While outsiders couldn’t be trusted, most of the people in cultivation groups still had their own close friends. When one was out trying to gain experience, one would be much more at ease if they had their close friends by their side. If one was on their own, the dangers they’d have to face would increase.

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue had long known about this, so they didn’t react much.

Another disciple stood up. “Martial Uncle School Head, may I ask—will we run into each other inside the magic formation?”

School Head Shen smiled. “Of course! There are more than three hundred of you. Although the magic formation is big, it’s impossible to separate all of you from each other. Provided that you run into your fellow disciples, I hope you can help each other out and handle the difficulties together.”

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue glanced at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes. Although all of them were fellow disciples, it was unavoidable that everyone had someone they felt was unpleasant, and furthermore, they were now competing against each other—there might be those who’d help each other, but there would also be some who’d injure each other, so they still had to depend on their own selves.

A while later, the scene gradually quieted down. Seeing as everyone already accepted the task, School Head Shen said, “Since everyone’s ready, you may now enter the formation.”

Nearly three hundred Foundation Building disciples came pouring out of the main hall. Immediately afterward, each went onto their respective flying magic tools and flew majestically following the school head and other elders towards the foot of the main peak.

At that moment, Mo Tiange finally spotted Ye Zhenji among the crowd, chatting excitedly with his friend, Hualing. She flew over and called out: “Zhenji?”

“Ah, Auntie!” Although the two of them were already same-realm cultivators, one was in the early stage of Foundation Building realm, while the other one was in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm. The difference between them was still very huge.

Mo Tiange asked in a low voice: “Has your master prepared things for you?”

Ye Zhenji nodded. “En, master gave me many talismans and unique treasures. He’s also told me what I should do.”

“That’s good then.” She took a moment to think then took out several bottles of medicinal pills from inside her robe. “Take these… Don’t be stingy about using them—take them when you have to take them.”

“En.” He knew his aunt didn’t lack medicinal pills, so Ye Zhenji also accepted them straightforwardly.

Mo Tiange, who still felt worried, once again warned him: “You just have to do your best. There’s no need to force yourself. The most important thing is to protect yourself. By all means, don’t get hurt.”

“Got it.” In fact, Ye Zhenji felt very excited about this magic formation test. Before he built his foundation, he only made one trip back to the secular world. While after he built his foundation, the most he did was going down the mountain with his fellow martial siblings to handle some small errands, so he never truly went out to gain experience.

When she finally finished her lecture, Mo Tiange smiled at Hualing then flew back to her own group.

Luo Fengxue, who witnessed everything, came to her side and said with a smile: “You really do love this nephew of yours. He’s Martial Uncle Shoujing’s only disciple; could he possibly lack anything? Stop worrying for nothing.”

Now that Luo Fengxue mentioned this matter, Mo Tiange actually felt a bit depressed instead. She just shook her head and said nothing in return.

The group of people quickly flew to the valley floor then stood in formation just like before.

The moment everyone was finally gathered, the school head and several elders stepped forward; each started to make hand seals. All of a sudden, each of them emitted a burst of white light from their bodies. Those white lights grew brighter and brighter until they eventually merged into one and rushed towards a rock wall.

That white light disappeared right when it came into contact with the rock wall. A split second later, however, a dark cave opening appeared on that very rock wall.

The school head and the elders then started to lay an incomparably complicated formation in front of the cave opening, embedding one piece of high grade spirit stone after another in it.

Seeing these high grade spirit stones made the Foundation Building disciples’ eyes brighten.

Those were high grade spirit stones! For Foundation Building disciples like them, medium grade spirit stones were already rare, yet these elders took out at least several hundred high grade spirit stones!

Once the spirit stones were all embedded properly, several elders cooperated together and slammed the formation with their palms. The formation emitted a flash of spiritual light and right afterward, several hundred spirit stones glinted then began exporting spiritual aura in an unending stream.

School Head Shen turned around, saying loudly: “Disciples, as you can see, there are too many spirit stones required to activate this magic formation. After we start it this time, we have to wait at least thirty to fifty years before we can activate it again, so I hope everyone can make good use of this opportunity!”

School Head Shen gave a hint then retreated to the side along with other elders. “That’ll do. You can start now. You can go inside one by one starting from left to right.”

The first row in the formation was them, disciples of Nascent Soul cultivators. There weren’t many of them. Right now, Xuanqing School had a total of six Nascent Soul cultivators. Among them, five already advanced to the Nascent Soul realm for several hundred years, so there were only a few Foundation Building cultivators among their disciples. It was only Lord Daoist Xuanyin, who advanced not too long ago, whose disciples were all in the Foundation Building realm. Combined together, there were only about twenty of them in total.

After Luo Fengxue, who stood one row in front of her, went in, Mo Tiange also stepped forward and went towards the Ten Thousand Laws of Nature Formation.

As she crossed the supporting formation outside and into the cave opening on the rock wall, Mo Tiange only felt as if there was a flash of darkness followed by a flash of light in front of her. When she regained her vision and looked around, she discovered she was standing above a very vast water surface.