Lady Cultivator - Chapter 225 - The Scene’s Still the Same

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Chapter 225: The Scene’s Still the Same

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Now that the topic had turned to soul formation-related matters, several Foundation Building finally let out their inner chatterboxes. They flew back to Mount Taikang, chatting all the way. The anxiety they had at the beginning that something had happened at the school also faded. In fact, aside from running into other fellow disciples who were also going back to the school, they encountered absolutely nothing strange along their way. If anything happened to Xuanqing School, Kunwu presumably wouldn’t be as quiet as it was now.

Mo Tiange heard a lot of news along the way, so now, she at least knew her master was safe and sound. In addition, that Senior Martial Brother Shoujing of hers was going to attempt to form his Nascent Soul soon.

Thinking about it made her quiet as she couldn’t figure out how to feel about it. She was about to form her Gold Core, but he was going to form his Nascent Soul soon. The distance between them was still this far…

Nevertheless, she would never be impatient just because of this. All these years, she’d been keeping what her master taught her firmly at heart. She could now be considered a heavenly-gifted genius, so she didn’t need to worry that she’d fail to make a realm-breakthrough during her lifespan. It’d be best if she could be like Martial Uncle Xuanyin, who still insisted on steadily proceeding one step at a time, despite being extremely talented.

This melancholic feeling only swept past her heart, but she was able to control it very quickly. Compared to the Way of Dao which was required to ascend to being a real immortal, a bit of emotion indeed didn’t count for much. Besides, that kind of relationship was bound to cause a knot inside her heart. That being the case, why should she insist on something that was imperfect to begin with?

They continued to travel like that day and night and after a month, they finally arrived at Mount Taikang.

Below her was an array of unending mountain ranges with mighty towering peaks and a brocade-like sea of clouds. Spiritual aura was everywhere, and immortal aura lingered in the air.

A towering main peak reaching up to thousands of feet high was surrounded by six slightly shorter peaks, making the cluster of peaks look like a blooming lotus. Endless roof tiles and eaves could sporadically be seen through the gaps in the mountainous forest. Disciples in blue robes and white coats were shuffling about here and there.

After being gone for more than twenty years, she finally came back.

Mo Tiange watched the scenes below her with nostalgia. Crossing tens of thousands of miles from east Kunwu… This made her recalled that year, when she hadn’t yet built her foundation. From Yunwu Sect, it took her no less than two months to reach Xuanqing School. That person seemed cold but he was actually very considerate. He knew she couldn’t travel day and night because her cultivation level was too low, so…

“Senior Martial Brothers and Sisters.” A patrolling cultivator came over and cupped his hands towards everyone as a greeting. “You must be exhausted from your journey. Please go back to your respective Immortal’s Caves and rest first.”

Among them, the old man surnamed Yan was very chatty. At that moment, he immediately pulled the Foundation Building cultivator leading the group to a stop then asked, “Senior Martial Brother, may I ask, is anything important happening that caused the division to call us all back?”

The leading cultivator shook his head. “This will be explained by the grandmaster in your respective peaks; it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to talk about it too much. I’m sorry, but please head back first.”

Since his refusal was so evident, the old man couldn’t do anything more. He could only enter the great mountain-protecting formation along with everyone else, and each cultivator went back to their respective peak.

Mo Tiange came to a halt in mid-air for a moment. She lifted her gaze to look at the great mountain-protecting formation which was in a half-defensive state then she looked down to gaze at Mount Taikang which seemed no different from how it looked twenty years ago. As she proceeded towards Clear Spring Peak, she thought inwardly: Such caution… It seems like everything’s just as Old Man Yan said—some people are going to attempt to form their Nascent Soul.

However, even if the school had cultivators trying to form their Nascent Souls, it still wouldn’t have summoned all its Foundation Building cultivators back. Back when Martial Uncle Xuanyin formed his Nascent Soul, the school was just a bit more closely guarded than usual, and that was it.

Unable to come up with the reason behind this, Mo Tiange shook her head then tossed this matter to the back of her mind. In any case, she was already back; she could just ask around to find out the reason, right? That embarrassing master of hers was the grandmaster of Clear Spring Peak; even if other people didn’t know the inside story, she’d definitely find out.

While her mind was wandering around, she had already arrived before she knew it. Mo Tiange lifted her eyes and looked around. There wasn’t any change in the landscapes and buildings; it was just that all the cultivators passing by didn’t recognize her.

Back when she was tossed all around the place by her master, she mingled in Mengxue Hall for several months and often went to the main peak to give sermons, so most of the Aura Refining disciples in the entire school recognized her. After she took control of the affairs at Shangqing Palace in particular, everyone from the top to the bottom of Clear Spring Peak respectfully called her either “Grandmaster Mo” or “Martial Uncle Mo.”

Now, however, all the disciples she ran into on her way up Clear Spring Peak only curiously sized her up, and their gazes were suffused with unrecognition. When they saw her passing by, they just stood by the side to make way for her and bowed their heads as a form of respect towards a Foundation Building senior. Only a few comparably old Aura Refining disciples called out “Grandmaster Mo” to her in surprise, and their acts provoked the astonished stares of the younger cultivators.

A small smile appeared on Mo Tiange’s face as she looked up to gaze at the sky above the Clear Spring Peak. Twenty two years… A generation of newcomers had replaced the old people. None of these newly-admitted disciples or young disciples, who were all busy in Clear Spring Peak, recognized her. As for the disciples who did recognize her, if they hadn’t already advanced to the Foundation Building realm in these long twenty two years, they’d probably also feel that time passed by without a trace and would continue to cultivate wholeheartedly, right?

For high level cultivators, a short period of twenty two years was actually the best time for Aura Refining cultivators.

“This… Senior Martial Sister?” Just as she was about to enter Shangqing Palace, she was stopped by the disciples guarding the door who then looked her up and down with gazes full of doubt. “Senior Martial Sister, this is Grandmaster Jinghe’s Immortal’s Cave—you cannot enter unless you’re summoned.”

She was stunned but burst into laughter a split second later. As it turned out, not only did the Aura Refining disciples not recognize her, but even these Foundation Building cultivators also didn’t recognize her.

Nevertheless, her laughter displeased the door-keeping disciple. He put on a solemn look then said, “Senior Martial Sister, grandmaster’s temper isn’t good—you better leave quickly.”

She waved her hand. Just as she was about to talk, she heard someone calling incredulously from the side. “Martial Uncle Mo?!”

Upon turning her head to the side, she discovered it was actually Mingxia, who often served by Lord Daoist Jinghe’s side and was one of his favorites.

Mo Tiange showed a slight smile. “Mingxia, long time no see.”

Being greeted in such a friendly manner by Mo Tiange really gave Mingxia a scare. At Shangqing Palace before, because those maids thought they had her master’s backing, acted arrogantly and Qin, Qi, Shu, and Hua schemed against her, Mo Tiange was accustomed to speaking bluntly to them. She occasionally even scolded them if she was angry. Even though they became obedient afterward, she didn’t feel like paying them any attention, so she very rarely smiled at them.

After not seeing each other for twenty two years, to suddenly see Mo Tiange’s smiling face and hear her speaking with such a soft voice was indeed… Could it be that this person was a fake?

What she didn’t know was that after being on the outside for so many years, Mo Tiange had experienced and seen many things, so her horizons were a lot broader now—she naturally wouldn’t care about minor past conflicts. Besides, she hadn’t returned for so long that she now felt happy just to see the grass or trees at Xuanqing School, let alone old acquaintances.

“What? You don’t recognize me?”

Mingxia looked her up and down for a while before she finally felt certain and allowed a smile to appear on her face. “Martial Uncle Mo, you finally came back! Grandmaster was just complaining about how you haven’t sent any messages back for so many years.”

Mo Tiange smiled, but before she could answer, she already saw the door-keeping disciple staring at her in amazement. “Martial… Martial Uncle Mo?”

“Exactly,” Mingxia said to that person, “She’s the last disciple of our grandmaster, Martial Uncle Mo. Martial Uncle Mo finally came back after more than twenty years and yet, you actually stopped her at the door?”

The disciple scratched his head. Although he felt embarrassed, he didn’t panic. Instead, he respectfully saluted her and said, “Please forgive me, Martial Uncle Mo. I’ve never met you before, so I didn’t recognize you. I hope Martial Uncle doesn’t blame me.”

The disciple was decent in his manner of speech. Besides, Mo Tiange wasn’t angry at all, so she naturally wouldn’t feel too bothered. She said with a smile, “Never mind. Now, can I enter?”

He immediately nodded then moved to the side to make way for her.

Mo Tiange dusted off her sleeves then made her way slowly into Shangqing Palace which she hadn’t entered for more than twenty years.

“Brat, you were finally willing to come back!” That ludicrous master of hers was still in a half-reclining position on his dragon couch. His cheeks hadn’t become droopy, and the corners of his eyes were still free of wrinkles—he was still so handsome, graceful, and noble but indolent. Right now, he was lazily flipping through the pages of a book. He didn’t even lift his line of sight from the book when he spoke: “Take a look—even the door-keeper doesn’t recognize you!”

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but curve up the corners of her lips upon seeing this familiar scene. She brushed off her sleeves then dropped softly to her knees. “Disciple didn’t return for more than twenty years and made Master worry; Disciple’s asking for Master’s punishment.”

“Cough! Cough!” Lord Daoist accidentally swallowed the unchewed plum in his mouth along with its seed, choking on it so badly that he almost fainted.

“Grandmaster!” Mingxia hurriedly ran over and gave him some tea.

A moment later, Lord Daoist Jinghe finally recovered his breath. He returned the teacup to Mingxia then sat up, all the while glowering at Mo Tiange. “Damn girl! Are you trying to choke your master to death?!”

The smile on Mo Tiange’s face remained. She widened her eyes innocently and said, “Disciple didn’t do anything—Disciple even paid respects to Master very politely!”

“You—” Lord Daoist Jinghe had just choked on a plum, but now, he was once again choking on Mo Tiange’s words. He could do nothing aside from glaring at her.

But after glaring at her for just a moment, his expression immediately changed into a joyous one. “Aiya! You’re doing pretty good I see! Not only have you made a realm-breakthrough, but your realm’s also very stable! En, you haven’t been gone in vain these past twenty years. Come here, let me take a look,” he said while cheerfully beckoning her over.

Mo Tiange stood up then walked over.

Lord Daoist Jinghe then grabbed her wrist, from which he inserted his spiritual aura into her meridians. A while later—

“Good! This way’s the correct one!” Having quickly examined the condition inside her body, Lord Daoist Jinghe let go of her hand, picked up a plum and threw it to her. “You’re still the obedient one! Here, let Master reward you.”

Mo Tiange caught the plum that seemed to have a hint of spiritual aura, feeling torn between laughter and tears. “Master, as your beloved disciple, I’ve been gone for more than twenty years and finally managed to come back after going through a lot of difficulties—why aren’t you asking me anything?”

Lord Daoist Jinghe also picked up a plum for himself and gnawed on it. He said rather disapprovingly, “Beloved disciple? Do I have anyone like that?” He then looked her up and down in disgust. “I see you can still run and jump around. Besides, not only have you made a realm-breakthrough, but you also seem to be in a pleasant mood. What else do I have to ask you about?”

“Ask me how I’ve fared these past twenty years, what I’ve been through… As a master, shouldn’t you analyze the matters for your disciple?” What kind of master was this? She hadn’t been back for twenty years, but when she finally did come back after going through a lot of difficulties, he just rewarded her with a plum? He didn’t even ask her anything! Even when she was still under the tutelage of Martial Uncle Xuanyin, it wasn’t like this! Not to mention her second uncle—every time she encountered something troubling, he’d analyze the matter deeper for her, telling her what to take away from it and how she should deal with similar matters next time.

Hearing what she said made Lord Daoist Jinghe roll his eyes. “What kind of person is your master? Just by sensing your meridians, I already know you’re faring extremely well now! As for what you’ve experienced, you need to analyze and comprehend those on your own! Would telling you outright be of any use? You’re not a child anyway!”

Mo Tiange was dumbfounded but smiled cheerfully immediately after. Correct! It was different after all. She was no longer a small Aura Refining cultivator who needed to be supported by others to proceed forward. Her master also wasn’t her second uncle or Martial Uncle Xuanyin; he had his own way of caring for her and his own way of teaching her. Why should she demand him to be the same as others?

“Alright then.” Mo Tiange pulled up a chair to sit in front of him. “Although Master doesn’t have anything to say, Disciples does have a lot of things to ask!”