Lady Cultivator - Chapter 223 - Farewell

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Chapter 223: Farewell

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Mo Tiange remained in Bixuan Court for approximately another month. The matters related to the group’s reestablishment progressed smoothly.

Just like Yi Liu and Yi Qiu said, the issue regarding Ren Yufeng surprisingly gave Bixuan Court a chance at a rebirth.

When she first arrived in Linhai, Bixuan Court happened to be in a decline. There weren’t many people in Linhai; there weren’t many with spiritual roots, and there were even fewer with good aptitudes. Moreover, Bixuan Court only accepted female cultivators while male cultivators had to pay a high price if they wanted to become official disciples. This unfair situation created fierce conflict.

Although Bixuan Court never bullied others without any reason, being the only cultivation group in Linhai inevitably made it tyrannical. This kind of tyranny was whitewashed under the purpose of achieving peace and security, while in fact, there were turbulent currents behind all of this. Had the currents broken through that facade, they would’ve created a catastrophe.

But no one had ever expected Bixuan Court would suffer this kind of catastrophe instead. Its most outstanding disciple, who was also the disciple with the highest possibility of advancing to the Core Formation realm, as well as its three Core Formation elders, all died, and it was almost completely exterminated…

Those who were equally out of luck as Bixuan Court were Linhai’s individual cultivators, who also lived in fear and trepidation. This situation actually resolved the conflict between Bixuan Court and those individual cultivators, allowing them to stand in unity. Furthermore, during Bixuan Court’s reestablishment, Wei Haolan’s declaration about the abolition of the group practice of accepting only female cultivators also promoted Bixuan Court’s image transformation even more.

From now on, Bixuan Court wasn’t just a female cultivation group—it was now a cultivation group that belonged to Linhai.

As for the internal part of Bixuan Court, they already decided on who the two temporary elders would be, and one of them was Tang Shen. This guy had been cultivating diligently for twenty years; he progressed at lightning speed, and his handsome looks faded, but he unexpectedly became the number one expert in Bixuan Court. The previously feeble young master, who only had a charming face but was viewed as an enemy by every other male cultivator, surprisingly went through a complete change—this was indeed amazing.

For Mo Tiange, this was a good thing. Since Tang Shen had grown up, Wei Haolan wouldn’t be left alone and helpless, and that’d mean she could leave a bit sooner.

Thus, Mo Tiange took her leave of Wei Haolan.

Wei Haolan actually wanted to keep her there longer, but upon seeing how determined Mo Tiange was to leave and moreover, Mo Tiange had indeed been in Linhai for too long, Wei Haolan didn’t protest.

In the end, they’d gone through many tribulations together and were now comrades on the same boat; when Mo Tiange was about to leave, Wei Haolan personally came to see her off.

“Elder Ye, these are the offerings for our group elder. After you leave, it might be several dozen years before we can meet again, so I’ll just give them to you now.”

Seeing Wei Haolan’s sincere smile made Mo Tiange take the Qiankun Bag and feel it with her hands. This weight… There ought to be at least over ten thousand spirit stones inside! This amount was extremely huge for Linhai cultivators!

“Sect Head, the group has just been re-established—this is the time when you need spirit stones the most. Over ten thousand spirit stones aren’t a small sum; are you really okay giving them to me?”

Wei Haolan chuckled and said, “If this was several days ago, maybe I wouldn’t have been willing. Now, however, it’s really alright.”

“Oh?” Mo Tiange said with bewilderment, “Why’s that?”

Wei Haolan deliberately didn’t answer her question. “Take a guess.”

Mo took some time to ponder then answered, “Could it be because you’ve found some kind of treasure?”

“Correct!” Wei Haolan said with a grin, “A few days ago, some disciples reported they’d found a spirit stone mine in the sea. It isn’t far and there’s no high ranking demonic beast in the vicinity—it’s entirely available to be mined.”

“Really?” Mo Tiange was surprised. This was indeed firewood in snowy weather! “Congratulations!”

“Thanks.” Wei Haolan beamed. “It’s indeed as the saying goes: ‘One is destined for good fortune after surviving a great disaster’! Our Bixuan Court didn’t lose out in the face of this calamity and now, we’re encountering one happy occasion after another.”

“That being the case, I can leave without any worries.”

Now that this topic was brought up, Wei Haolan felt rather reluctant and said, “Elder Ye, I’m really a bit unwilling to see you leave.”

Mo Tiange chuckled. “What’s the deal with ‘willing’ and ‘unwilling’? We’ll eventually meet again someday.”

“So that means… you’re still going to come back here?”

“Since I’ve accepted the guest elder position, I’ll naturally come back if I have the time.”

Wei Haolan nodded then said with a sigh, “Cultivators should never be this attached to anything; I know this. Elder Ye, you’re so broad-minded… Presumably, you’ll definitely succeed in forming your Gold Core.”

Mo Tiange showed a small smile. “Whether I can succeed or not still depends on the will of the heavens.” She paused for a moment then continued on: “After I return to the mountain, I’ll directly enter Closed Door Meditation until I form my Gold Core. I think… even if we meet again, we’d probably meet in several dozen years.” She was now in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm. She’d have to spend at least twenty years to advance from the late stage to the peak stage, and if she failed to form her Gold Core several times… Although her aptitude was very different now, there was nothing certain about matters like realm-breakthroughs.

Upon hearing that, Wei Haolan immediately asked, “Then how can we find you? Can we go to Xuanqing School?”

Mo Tiange pondered the matter then took out a jade talisman from inside her robe. “This is a Thousand of Miles Sound-Transmitting Talisman; I’ve sealed a thread of my divine sense inside it. If you have something urgent and need to look for me, just crush it and I’ll immediately sense it. At that time, I’ll come as quickly as possible.” She took another short moment to think before continuing on: “If you want to find me, the one you have to ask for when you’re in Xuanqing School is Mo Tiange, the disciple of Lord Daoist Jinghe from Clear Spring Peak.”

Wei Haolan seemed to be thinking about something as she took the Sound-Transmitting Talisman. “Elder Ye, in the beginning, you seemed to have said you’re a disciple of Lord Daoist Xuanyin? I didn’t remember incorrectly, did I?”

Mo Tiange had no other choice but to apologize about it. “I’m sorry; I wasn’t telling the truth back then. Actually, my master is Lord Daoist Jinghe. Lord Daoist Xuanyin’s my master first disciple. Before I built my foundation, I was always under the tutelage of this senior martial brother of mine.”

“… I see,” Wei Haolan said with a hint of surprise and admiration, “Your senior martial brother’s also a Nascent Soul cultivator… It seems your master’s quite extraordinary…”

“My master… is very good.” A slight smile emerged on her face as she thought about Lord Daoist Jinghe. Having not seen him for twenty years, she really missed that unruly master of hers. Although he was always unreasonable and childish, although he always did things that made people split between laughter and tears, and although he had an eccentric temperament and was as capricious as a child, he always treated her genuinely.

The two of them continued to chat for some time before they eventually headed towards the Transporting Formation.

Wei Haolan led Mo Tiange through many turns. Mo Tiange didn’t know how many turns they passed before they finally arrived at a completely ordinary small building.

This small building was obviously dilapidated, but there were intact formations outside. Wei Haolan had to expend some effort to open all the restrictions.

Mo Tiange said with amazement, “Sect Head, could it be that this is where the Transporting Formation is?” She heard the Transporting Formation leading to the outside world was very mysterious. Within the past twenty years, Ren Yufeng also wanted to use that formation to go outside, but he had never been able to find it. It was surprisingly located inside such an ordinary small building?

Chuckling, Wei Haolan said, “Unexpected, right? In fact, we didn’t normally come through this way; the conference hall had a tunnel that led to this place. If disciples had to go out, they went through that path. However, we only sent a group of disciples out once every several years, and they were our trusted disciples, so this secret has been protected very well.”

Mo Tiange nodded then started to look around, but her mind was actually remembering Yan Ruoshu’s group whom she met in Ziwei’s Immortal’s Cave. When she got to know them, she never thought that she’d one day be entangled with Bixuan Court like this or even more unexpectedly, become a Bixuan Court elder. Nevertheless, it just so happened that Bixuan Court had undergone a great catastrophe these past twenty years—there were too many missing disciples, so no one questioned their whereabouts anymore.

However, she also didn’t need to worry about this matter. In any case, the deaths of Yan Ruoshu and her two martial sisters had nothing to do with her at all.

They entered the small building and went along a stone path, heading down to the underground area. “Sect Head, Elder Ye.” The disciple guarding the path saluted them with a bow.

Wei Haolan nodded then proceeded to lead Mo Tiange towards the innermost room.

This was a very complicated Star Map Formation. There were dots of rays on it that seemed to form some kinds of constellation, but after more thorough examination, there were some unusual differences in it.

Wei Haolan, who noticed Mo Tiange’s gaze, said, “There are strange restrictions on Demonic Mountain, so ordinary Transporting Formations cannot transport us past it. According to a former elder, this Transporting Formation is a kind of ancient Transporting Formation, though we never knew where the founder obtained it.”

“I see…” Sure enough, Mo Yaoqing’s proficiency in formations was quite outstanding. Unfortunately, she hadn’t written too much about it in her personal notes.

“Elder Ye.” Wei Haolan wrinkled her brows lightly; she didn’t immediately lead Mo Tiange into the Transporting Formation. In the end, however, she couldn’t help but smile. “Although one escorts a guest a thousand miles, the parting must come at last—I’m being overly sentimental again.”

Mo Tiange also chuckled. They’d gotten along for twenty years, and she really liked Wei Haolan’s temper. Wei Haolan was a firm, frank and straightforward person. She valued profits highly and liked to balance things out—she was ruthless but heroic at the same time. Everyone had their own flaws. It was indeed not easy to encounter this kind of woman among cultivators.

After muttering to herself pensively for some time, Wei Haolan finally said, “What do you think if I first hid your whereabouts for the next two years and just told the others you’re in Closed Door Meditation? Although Junior Martial Brother Tang’s pretty good now, he’s still too inexperienced in the end.”

Mo Tiange unconsciously nodded, but when she finally processed what Wei Haolan said, she laughed and said, “Sect Head, why did your words sound so awkward to me? Junior Martial Brother Tang’s still a bit older than me!”

“Age doesn’t count for much in cultivation,” Wei Haolan said with a chuckle, “Although you’re young, you’re very mature. Junior Martial Brother Tang can never catch up with you in this regard.”

This sentence… Mo Tiange had to reflect on herself for a bit. “Although you’re young, you’re very mature” —this sentence… didn’t it mean her mentality was much older than her real age? Oh… Although for a cultivator, being a bit mature was always a good thing, for women, that sounded as if they’d aged prematurely.

By the time they finished chatting, Mo Tiange stepped into the Transporting Formation, and Wei Haolan personally laid down each spirit stone into place.

“Then… I’ll be taking my leave first.”

Wei Haolan smiled. “We’ll meet again someday, Elder Ye… Oh, no, I think I still prefer to call you Fellow Daoist Ye more.”

As Mo Tiange cupped her hand towards her, the Transporting Formation started to emit a bright light.

At the last moment, Mo Tiange suddenly remembered something. She hurriedly took out something from her Qiankun Bag and threw it towards Wei Haolan. “Sect Head, this is—” Before she could finish speaking, she already vanished from the Transporting Formation.

Wei Haolan was baffled, but she still picked up the small case from the ground. When she opened it, it was actually filled with rows of neatly arranged jade bottles!

She then took out one of the jade bottles and opened the stopper. Immediately afterward, shock and delight flashed across her face. She hastily went on to open the second jade bottle, the third and so on… The shock and delight in her expression increasingly became more apparent. In the end, she hugged the case tightly in her embrace and gazed at the already empty Transporting Formation. “Elder Ye, thank you.”

The first bottle was filled with Foundation-Building Pills, the second one was filled with Soul-Strengthening Pills, and the third one was the same… These medicinal pills would be enough to groom a batch of Foundation Building cultivators and could even support a Foundation Building cultivator until they reached the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm.

This Elder Ye… She didn’t accept Bixuan Court’s offering without reciprocating after all.

Once the light from the Transporting Formation faded, Mo Tiange was already standing on Kunwu’s land.

She softly took a sniff of the rich spiritual aura in the air then gazed at the unbroken alpines in the distance—Kunwu, this was really Kunwu! She was finally back!

Before she could calm her excited self down, a beam of light rose into the air from somewhere far away. This beam of light got brighter and brighter as it approached—it was unexpectedly a feather that emitted light!

Mo Tiange extended her hand. The moment the feather landed on her palm, it instantly turned into a talisman paper.

This was Xuanqing School’s Group Summoning Talisman!