Lady Cultivator - Chapter 221 - The So-Called Divine Dragon Secret Technique

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Chapter 221: The So-Called Divine Dragon Secret Technique

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Wei Haolan’s announcement made waves in Linhai.

Bixuan Court had stood in Linhai as a female cultivation group for several thousand years. Everyone had long been accustomed to it and had also accepted their fates. Now that they learned that Bixuan Court changed their policy and would start recruiting male disciples, all male cultivators in the Linhai area were beside themselves with joy. Bixuan Court female cultivators, on the other hand, felt somewhat at a loss because this change also meant they would no longer have any special privileges.

“Senior Martial Sister Sect Head!” Someone already came looking for them in the evening that very day.

Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan were discussing some important matters, so when they heard someone calling Wei Haolan, the two of them glanced at each other.

Everything had to be rearranged or rebuilt. What was originally the conference hall was now temporarily sealed off; the place they were in now was only an ordinary room, and there were also no disciples guarding the door.

Upon seeing that Mo Tiange didn’t have any objections, Wei Haolan waved her hand, removing the Sound-Insulating Barrier around them. “Come in.”

The one walking into the room was Senior Martial Sister Yang, who once had a jealous fight against Hua Yilin, that unruly, high and mighty young miss.

After Ren Yufeng was killed, Xia Qing brought the two elders’ bodies back to the Dao-Achieving Pagoda to be worshiped then everyone threw themselves into reestablishing the group. The first thing they tackled was revising the roster of Bixuan Court disciples.

According to the disciples who remained, the year Ren Yufeng suddenly appeared, all of them were caught off guard. Some died, some escaped, but the majority didn’t have time to run away—many managed to survive only because they suffered all kinds of torture first.

Fortunately, because Ren Yufeng was infested with dead aura, he gradually lost ordinary human desires. Otherwise, considering that their group was a female cultivation group, a lot of women might have been subjected to humiliation. Nevertheless, the people he recruited were all accepted regardless of their backgrounds, so some also had improper morality. When she heard about this matter, Wei Haolan showed no mercy—those who’d been identified to have performed immoral acts were all beheaded with no exception. Luckily, there weren’t many of those people. Among the individual cultivators recruited by Ren Yufeng, there were only a few who lost their humanity like him. The majority of Bixuan Court disciples only went through some suffering but were luckily spared from being tarnished.

Thus, they proceeded to bestow kindness and at the same time, show their might. Everyone, whether they were Bixuan Court disciples or not, finally calmed down. They could now proceed with the next thing they needed to handle, which was specific matters regarding reestablishing the group.

“Senior Martial Sister Sect Head.” Senior Martial Sister Yang greeted her, but instead of continuing to speak, she glanced at Mo Tiange.

Wei Haolan said, “Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao have long decided to invite this… Fellow Daoist Ye to be the guest elder of our Bixuan Court. Just speak if you have something to say; there’s no need to hide anything.”

It was also Mo Tiange’s request that they didn’t divulge her real name. Since the name she used in Bixuan Court was “Ye Xiaotian,” there was no need to change it back and forth. Besides, she hadn’t yet reported these matters to her master—she better maintain a low-profile for the time being. Wei Haolan didn’t really care about this, so she just followed Mo Tiange’s wishes.

“… Yes.” That Senior Martial Sister Yang took several more glances at Mo Tiange before she cautiously asked, “Senior Martial Sister Sect Head, you said our Bixuan Court is no longer a female cultivation group from now on… does that mean… offerings and so on will be decreased?”

They’d just escaped a calamity yet the thing she cared about was this! Wei Haolan couldn’t help but frown and say, “You don’t have to worry about this. The two elders had long made a decision before they passed away.”

“Oh, I see…” Senior Martial Sister Yang laughed dryly then shot Mo Tiange another glance. “Then… Since the two elders already passed away, aren’t we going to choose new elders?”

“Of course,” Wei Haolan said honestly, “We’re going to choose two temporary elders; the two of them and I will be in charge of main affairs. As for the future, we’ll act according to the rules of our group—as long as a disciple advances to the Core Formation realm, they’ll automatically be promoted to an elder.”

Without waiting for Senior Martial Sister Yang to ask any further, Wei Haolan continued on bluntly: “Junior Martial Sister Yang, we’re trying to reestablish our group, so there are a lot of things that need to be handled—I really have no time to answer these questions of yours. If you’re idle, can you go help Junior Martial Sister Xia and Junior Martial Brother Tang?”

“… Of course.” The sect head commanded her so bluntly; what else could she do?

When Senior Martial Sister Yang left, Wei Haolan, who felt frustrated, threw the new roster in her hands onto the table somewhat angrily. She then said satirically, “I’ve said this before—calling the disciples back wouldn’t be hard, but helping them rebuild their self-esteem would be very hard. Now, however, it seems we have to add another issue to the list—wanting them to set aside their selfishness is even harder! What time do they think it is? The two elders passed away, but look at the type of fellows we rescued!”

Mo Tiange said consolingly, “Those types of people exist everywhere. Sect Head, no need to be too angry because of them. There are many more important things that need to be done.”

Wei Haolan nodded. “You’re right. It just pissed me off that they can’t differentiate between what’s important and what’s not; it really makes me angry!”

“Then just don’t place much hope on them,” Mo Tiange said faintly, “In any case, the two elders already made decisions regarding these matters; we just need to act as they told us to.”

Hearing the two elders being mentioned made Wei Haolan silent. After a while, she finally took a deep breath and pulled herself together. “In two days, we’ll first cremate the two elders and enshrine them along with the founder. In the future, when we burn joss sticks for the founder, the two elders will also have their shares.”

Mo Tiange didn’t have any objections. “That’s just what we ought to do. Without the two elders, Bixuan Court can never be reestablished.”

“In addition… Elder Ye,” Wei Haolan once again corrected the way she called Mo Tiange, “I already told Junior Martial Sister Xia and Junior Martial Brother Tang to choose some reliable people to recruit disciples, but I need you to show your might to intimidate them, just in case.”

Mo Tiange nodded. Bixuan Court would no longer accept just female cultivators. In the beginning, there were bound to be bad people mixed into the recruits, so intimidating them was a must.

“Other matters… they’re still too chaotic now. I’ll talk about them when I’ve figured them out. Elder Ye, you’ve also worked hard—you should get some rest first. There are still a lot of things we need to handle later.”

“Alright.” Mo Tiange didn’t reject her suggestion. She really wasn’t good with cultivation group affairs, so she couldn’t be of much help now. Because of that, she might as well go back and adjust her condition, raising her vigor so she could deter those who refused to comply.

After exiting Wei Haolan’s room, Mo Tiange randomly chose a room in the residence, laid a defensive formation then went straight into the Virtual Sky World which she hadn’t entered for a very long time.

Inside the Virtual Sky World, the bamboo was still rustling, and the breeze was still blowing gently—everything was still exactly the same as it was twenty years ago.

In the beginning, she indeed couldn’t enter the Virtual Sky World. Afterward, she didn’t have a chance to enter.

These past twenty years passed by both simply and complicatedly. Inside the Dao-Achieving Pagoda, aside from cultivating and recuperating, they couldn’t do anything else. Nevertheless, in order to defeat Ren Yufeng, all of them made countless plans, practically causing all of them to be both mentally and physically exhausted.

Now… She was finally free…

Mo Tiange dragged her beaten body into the small hut.

All of a sudden, a golden dumpling ran out of the small hut. Upon seeing Mo Tiange, it immediately threw itself at her.

Mo Tiange reached out to catch it. “Long time no see, Feifei,” she said while caressing its head.

This guy was the Feifei she abandoned inside the Virtual Sky World for twenty years right when it was facing a realm-breakthrough. Right now, it was already in the second rank, and the white fur on its body had also turned into golden fur.

Feifei arched itself in her embrace. Although they hadn’t seen each other for twenty years, they were already bound by a contract, so Feifei didn’t show any alienation towards her at all.

Mo Tiange returned to the small hut then put Feifei down. “I’m really tired. You go play on your own first, alright?”

Feifei seemed to be more spiritual than before—it seemed to understand what she said. It stared at her with its black, beady eyes for quite a while then jumped onto her shoulder and placed its paw on her head.

In a flash, a thread of warm current flowed out of Feifei’s paw. Mo Tiange only felt a warm current spreading all over her body. Every bit of fatigue she had in her body instantly vanished without a trace.

Feifei could make people forget their worries… So this was true indeed.

A long while later, Mo Tiange finally regained consciousness. The tiredness she felt, whether it was physical or mental tiredness, already disappeared. Feifei squeaked, leaped from her shoulder to her embrace, then arched itself as if it wanted to be praised.

With a smile, Mo Tiange stroked its head and said, “Thank you.”

Receiving her praise made Feifei so happy that it started to roll around in her embrace.

Still holding Feifei in her arms, Mo Tiange took out a Qiankun Bag from inside her robe and sank into contemplation.

This was Ren Yufeng’s Qiankun Bag. Although she took it, they were busy with too much these past few days, so she forgot to give it to Wei Haolan.

An idea emerged in her mind as she looked at the Qiankun Bag, so Mo Tiange stuck her hand in and started to fumble for something. In the end, she eventually fished out a heavy stone tablet from inside the Qiankun Bag. It was the stone tablet Ren Yufeng obtained in the ancient sacrificial temple, the one that recorded the so-called divine dragon secret technique.

This stone tablet looked completely normal on the surface. The drawings on top of it were also very simple. At the very top was a dragon skeleton drawing and a human who seemed to be casting some kind of art. Underneath it and on the sides were many human bodies in various positions. Those human bodies also had some patterns drawn on them, which were seemingly methods of operating spiritual aura. In addition, simple words were also engraved on the sides, but these ancient words had long gone extinct, so she didn’t understand what they meant.

Strangely, there was really nothing unusual about it.

She couldn’t help but reach out to stroke the tablet. However, the split second her hand came into contact with the patterns on the stone tablet, she suddenly felt numb all over. Immediately afterward, all kinds of strange thoughts were transmitted to her from the stone tablet.

Various scenes emerged in her mind…

Dragons flying in the air, wars, corpses… In the end, a man stood above dragon bones, seemingly absorbing the divine dragon’s breath. Strangely, the aura absorbed into his body was black aura. On the other hand, the divine dragon’s breath was getting increasingly denser, and its vitality was also getting stronger and stronger…

“Wuwu” squeaking noises suddenly rang out in her ears. Feifei suddenly leaped and took a nip at her finger.

The pain from her fingertip pulled Mo Tiange’s mind back. Cold sweat immediately rained down her body. Sure enough, something was definitely wrong with this so-called divine dragon secret technique! It wasn’t that there was something wrong with the drawings or the way people comprehended it; rather, it itself was a kind of heretical art! This stone tablet possessed an amazing force. The moment people came into contact with it, their minds would be completely drawn to it. If it wasn’t for Feifei who roused her from that delusion in time, the consequences would be extremely terrifying to think about!

Once her thoughts reached this point, Mo Tiange hugged Feifei, feeling extremely glad. “Fortunately you saved me! Really, thank you, Feifei!”

Feifei crooked its head and stared at her. A moment later, it jumped down, kicked the stone tablet far away with its short back legs then shook its head towards her.

“This thing cannot be touched?” Mo Tiange guessed its meaning through her divine comprehension.

Feifei made several “wuwu” squeaks again then walked towards her and placed its paw on her hand.

That miraculous power once again appeared and very quickly calmed Mo Tiange down again.

“Alright, I understand.” The existence of the contract resulted in an absolute trust of each other, so Mo Tiange believed Feifei without any hesitation.

She no longer paid any attention to the stone tablet, which had been kicked some place on the side, and she continued to examine Ren Yufeng’s Qiankun Bag. There were still a lot of things inside.

Spirit stones, materials, magic tools… There was nothing unusual about the contents except that the number of spirit stones he had was way more than she expected. The materials were quite good, but the magic tools were just average.

Oh, right! Ren Yufeng, who’d practiced that evil technique, no longer needed magic tools. His dead aura was his best weapon.

As for these materials and spirit stones, he most likely got them from plundering in Linhai all these years, right? She couldn’t determine this just based on spirit stones, but among the materials, there were a lot of beast cores and characteristic goods of the Eastern Sea, so her guess ought to be right.

Upon contemplating the matter, Mo Tiange finally decided to return this Qiankun Bag to Wei Haolan. She wasn’t interested in these materials, and she also didn’t lack spirit stones. For Bixuan Court, which had just been reestablished, however, these would help out in their hour of need.