Lady Cultivator - Chapter 220 - A Life or Death Fight

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Chapter 220: A Life or Death Fight

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Ren Yufeng looked at the scene below him; his face was distorted in anger. Among Bixuan Court’s vast area, several hundred cultivators stood scattered all around, but none of them possessed dead aura. He then directed his furious glare at the two women in front of him. “Old women, you’ve destroyed my good deeds!”

Elder Qingmiao brandished her whip. Under her gauze hat, her expression was ice cold. “Devil cultivator! Death’s already knocking on your door but you still dare to be this arrogant!”

“Death’s knocking on my door?” Ren Yufeng threw them a contemptuous glance. Cruelty emerged on his face as he continued on: “Even if death’s coming, I’ll make sure you meet it first!”

“Hmph!” Elder Qingyi looked at him coldly and lowered her enclosed fists on her chest. “As long as we can kill you, so what if two old women like us have to die? You killed my disciples and destroyed my Bixuan Court; today, us martial sisters will definitely avenge ourselves!”

Ren Yufeng remained arrogant. “Haha! It’ll depend on whether or not you have the skills!”

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao stopped talking. The two of them glanced at each other then both formed hand seals to use an art.

The two elders’ bodies suddenly emitted a bright red light—dense and darkly beautiful, just like blood. The light got brighter and brighter and along with it, the blood-red color also got increasingly denser. Gradually, the light from the two elders’ bodies merged into one.

Watching this scene indeed made Ren Yufeng cautious. He’d fought the two elders for a while and he thought he could definitely beat them very quickly with his divine art, but in the end, he surprisingly found himself at a disadvantage.

Although his mind was abnormal, it didn’t make him a fool. He immediately understood that the two elders must’ve practiced some kind of secret technique inside the pagoda, so their power was able to grow to such a degree in just a short span of twenty years.

Nevertheless, he also didn’t want to admit defeat. With “the divine dragon’s breath”, he would soon advance into the Nascent Soul realm, then into the Deification realm, moving unhindered in the human world, and ascending to become a real immortal! What did two old women count for? He definitely could kill them!

With that thought in mind, the dead aura around Ren Yufeng’s body suddenly grew more intense. The face hidden behind all that black aura also became fiercer.

A split second later, the three people made their moves. As the two elders, who were engulfed within that red light, launched their spiritual aura, Ren Yufeng also shot his dead aura towards them.

The magic weapon the two elders took four years to refine was called the Soul-Restraining Whip. Right now, Ren Yufeng couldn’t be considered human anymore; he was all thin and dried up just like a skeleton, but objects that normally could injure physical bodies were nothing to him, so the elders came up with this magic weapon. This magic weapon specialized in attacking primordial spirits—Ren Yufeng would indeed have a hard time protecting himself from it. His dead aura could protect his physical body, but it couldn’t protect his primordial spirit. A while ago, he’d suffered quite a lot of damage from it.

The two elders normally cooperated well; one would advance while the other one would retreat, but now, the two of them changed up their routine. Right now, both of them completely forwent their defense and focused completely on attacking.

The spectators below were unable to move their eyes from the fierce fight going on in the air.

The result of this fight of magical powers would affect their future.

Would they continue to be enslaved or would they finally be able to live as humans? Of course, all of them naturally hoped for the latter, but it wasn’t their time to choose now. They could only wait—wait for the result of this fight.

Both the red light and the black aura got denser and denser to the point that nothing could be seen anymore. Many people had a hard time breathing under the spiritual aura pressures.

In response to this situation, Wei Haolan shouted out loud, “Junior Martial Sister Xia, Junior Martial Brother Tang, take them to a place farther from here!” Most of these people were only in the Aura Refining realm; how could they possibly withstand such spiritual aura pressures?

Xia Qing and Tang Shen heard her command.

However, before the two of them could act, Ren Yufeng suddenly stopped in the air. As if he heard Wei Haolan’s voice, he suddenly turned around and rushed downward.

The two elders immediately followed after him, but Ren Yufeng was too fast, so they couldn’t block his way.

Wei Haolan was also frightened to see his movements, but then, she suddenly saw that Mo Tiange was also in the direction Ren Yufeng was going. “Elder Mo?!”

Mo Tiange already sensed the surging dead aura, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she pasted another Poison-Resisting Talisman on her body and summoned the White Silk Handkerchief. It instantly grew as big as a woven mat and rushed towards Ren Yufeng.

The moment Ren Yufeng saw her, a hint of hatred emerged on his black aura-covered face. He even ignored everyone else and pounced directly on her.

Mo Tiange hastily retreated while placing the White Silk Handkerchief in front of her as protection. She put some pressure on the Cloud-Treading Boots then a storm-like noise suddenly rang out in her ears. In a split second, she already disappeared and reappeared several dozen feet behind Ren Yufeng.

This was Flash of Storm, the Instant Transportation Technique engraved on the wall of Wanderer Ziwei’s Immortal’s Cave. Because Wanderer Ziwei already modified it, it could also be used by Foundation Building cultivators—this technique was the only one whose engraving was still intact. Mo Tiange spent a very long time these past twenty years studying it and could finally use it now.

Ren Yufeng obviously didn’t see anything because he just stood still in both astonishment and confusion. Right at that moment, the two elders finally caught up with him, and the Soul-Restraining Whip was once again lashed towards Ren Yufeng.

“AH!” Ren Yufeng, who got whipped head-on because he failed to concentrate, screamed.

Upon receiving this single hit, Ren Yufeng immediately turned around and glared furiously at Mo Tiange; the dead aura on his body was surging.

Nevertheless, the two elders didn’t give him any time to rest. They simultaneously cast their secret arts, causing the Soul-Restraining Whip to emit a blood-red light then once again swinging it down towards Ren Yufeng.

Unwilling to accept death, Ren Yufeng gathered his dead aura and once again plunged into a life or death battle.

Mo Tiange quietly landed. Seeing as every low level cultivator had retreated as far as they could, she heaved a sigh then hinted at Wei Haolan that the two of them should also withdraw a bit further from the area.

They knew well that the two elders’ cultivation levels were already in the peak stage of the Core Formation realm, and Ren Yufeng’s dead aura was also clearly denser than twenty years ago, so this fight could be considered one of the strongest fights below the Nascent Soul realm—it wasn’t something cultivators at their level could be involved in. In fact, they couldn’t even see how the fight was going. They only saw dead aura and the red light entangled with each other while sensing the incredibly fierce spiritual aura fluctuations.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but recall Martial Uncle Zhenyang and her master’s fight against Master Song Feng which occurred during Martial Uncle Xuanyin’s Soul-Formation Ceremony. Although the momentum of this fight wasn’t as strong, this fight was much fiercer. In the end, Nascent Soul cultivators cherished their lives. They, on the other hand… were now fighting with their lives!

“Look!” Wei Haolan pointed at the sky. During the fight, the red light flourished and enveloped all the dead aura.

Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan quickly glanced at each other; excitement filled their hearts.

Unfortunately, the dead aura gradually swelled again, almost overwhelming the red light.

For a moment, the fight was in a stalemate, causing Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan, who were watching it, to tremble in fear.

What would happen if they lost? They really didn’t dare to think about the consequences. If they lost… and the two elders lost their lives, Bixuan Court could never be rebuilt and they would also experience another round of massacres.

Once Mo Tiange thought up to this point, she looked down to stare at her hands. She’d already dissolved all the dead aura on her body, so if the situation worsened, she could enter the Virtual Sky World to hide. Nevertheless, she was facing this calamity together with these people; they’d gotten along with each other for twenty years, and two elders were even sacrificing their lives now—that ending wasn’t the one she hoped for.

“Elders!” Wei Haolan suddenly screamed.

Mo Tiange looked up and right afterward, she felt her heart sinking—the dead aura in the sky was flourishing even more now. She immediately prepared herself. If… if the two elders really lost, she’d take Wei Haolan to hide inside the Virtual Sky World for a while.

However, just as the red light had practically been eliminated completely, it suddenly burst. At the same time, they heard Elder Qingyi shouting: “Die!”

The red light burst everywhere just like blood, suddenly breaking the dead aura apart.

“AH!” Ren Yufeng let out a blood-curdling scream as he lost control of the dead aura on his body. Just like a drop of ink dissolving in water, the dead aura gradually faded.

With three almost simultaneous “plopping” noises, the three people slammed into the ground as they fell from the air one after another.

The existing momentum scattered, and the spiritual aura gradually disappeared—the spiritual aura pressure of peak stage Core Formation cultivators could no longer be felt.

Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan continued to look at the three figures, but upon seeing the three people not making even the smallest movements, they couldn’t help but run over.

“Elders! Elders!” Wei Haolan shouted as she threw herself at the two elders.

Two gauze hats tumbled down, exposing the dull, dried up faces underneath that looked just like old trees that had died long ago, gruff and bleak.

Elder Qingyi opened her eyes with much difficulty and directed her gaze towards Ren Yufeng. When she saw that he wasn’t moving and the dead aura on his body was dissipating, she finally revealed a seemingly smiling expression then exchanged glances with Elder Qingmiao, who was now equally unable to talk. The two of them smiled and eventually closed their eyes.

“Elders!” Wei Haolan screamed out loud. Her eyes were filled with grief.

After examining their situations briefly, Mo Tiange patted Wei Haolan’s shoulder and shook her head. The two elders couldn’t be saved.

How could Wei Haolan not have known? She simply had a hard time accepting this fact.

Seeing the way Wei Haolan reacted, Mo Tiange understood that Wei Haolan certainly needed time to come to terms with the elders’ passing, so she let Wei Haolan be and walked towards Ren Yufeng. Before she met Ren Yufeng, she’d never thought she would one day be oppressed by someone to the point where she practically couldn’t do anything. A cultivator with no background or even talent was actually able to force her to waste twenty years, completely helpless.

One must never look down on anyone. Inside this variable-filled cultivation world, an Aura Refining cultivator whom you thought was unimportant might become much stronger than yourself in the future.

With a long sigh, Mo Tiange took Ren Yufeng’s Qiankun Bag then hurled out a fire element talisman, burning Ren Yufeng’s corpse thoroughly. When she looked up and saw the dead aura which hadn’t completely dispersed, she couldn’t help but furrow her brows. This dead aura wouldn’t completely disperse in just a short while, so it seemed it would be a very long time before they could allow others to set foot in this place.

Xia Qing and Tang Shen also ran over to them. Upon seeing the two elders’ bodies, both of them were in a daze and fell kneeling on the ground with a “plop.” “Elders…”

Unlike the two of them, Wei Haolan instead stood up then calmly wiped the tears off her face. “The two elders have done everything they wanted to do. It’s our turn now.”

“Senior Martial Sister…”

“Junior Martial Sister Xia, take the two elders’ remains to the Dao-Achieving Pagoda. Junior Martial Brother Tang, no matter whether they were Bixuan Court disciples or not, tell everyone to gather at the monastery.”

“…Yes.” Both Xia Qing and Tang Shen then stood up and went to perform their respective tasks.

“Elder Mo,” Wei Haolan said as she looked at Mo Tiange, “The two elders have already passed away; you’re now our Bixuan Court’s only elder, so please come with me to pacify the other disciples.”

“… Alright; I’ll naturally do as requested.”

Tang Shen moved very quickly. In just five minutes, every cultivator inside Bixuan Court was already gathered at the monastery. Some of those people were joyous and excited, but some others looked anxious and frightened.

The joyous and excited ones were Bixuan Court’s original disciples. Within the past twenty years, they’d received all kinds of torture, and they now finally reached this day. The frightened ones were the individual cultivators Ren Yufeng recruited, and almost all of them were male cultivators. Although they were never bullied or humiliated when Bixuan Court was existent, they also never had the chance to lift up their heads. When Bixuan Court was exterminated, they felt happy at first but then, they also gradually realized that joining a cultivation group wasn’t that great either.

Wei Haolan floated in mid-air, watching the numerous cultivators below with a very cold expression on her face. She said, “Disciples, our Bixuan Court has gone through a calamity. In the end, Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao finally managed to put an end to our foe at the cost of their lives! From today onward, we’ll reestablish our Bixuan Court—you’ll all return to our group.”

Before she finished speaking, the Bixuan Court disciples below her already let out loud cheers. They’d waited for this day for a very long time!

Wei Haolan raised her hand, putting a stop to their cheers. “In addition, as the Sect Head of Bixuan Court, I now announce that from now on, Bixuan Court’s no longer a cultivation group for female cultivators. No matter whether it’s men or women, as long as they can pass our test, both can be accepted as official disciples!”

This news caused an uproar among everyone present. Every male cultivator who wasn’t a Bixuan Court disciple fixated their eyes on Wei Haolan.

Nevertheless, many more original Bixuan Court Foundation Building female cultivators shouted: “Senior Martial Sister Sect Head!”

But Wei Haolan simply cast them a faint glance. “This is the command the two elders left behind.” She then turned her attention towards the others and said, “To those who aren’t Bixuan Court’s disciples, as long as you haven’t bullied anyone, we’ll let bygones be bygones! In two days, we’ll hold a group-reestablishing ceremony and at the same time, we’ll have a recruitment for new disciples!”