Lady Cultivator - Chapter 219 - Out of the Pagoda

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Chapter 219: Out of the Pagoda

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Thus, the Dao-Achieving Pagoda was once again filled with hustle and bustle.

The two elders remained in seclusion as they tried to refine the magic weapon. The four juniors, on the other hand, were occupied with pill-concocting, recuperating, and drawing talismans.

Because Wei Haolan’s injuries hadn’t healed completely and Xia Qing wasn’t good at any other things, Mo Tiange told Xia Qing the techniques for refining some special medicinal pills then she herself took on the matter of creating talismans along with Tang Shen.

Now that they had a definite objective, the atmosphere inside the Dao-Achieving Pagoda was very tense, but it was also full of hope.

The talisman the two elders talked about was a high level talisman. Although Foundation Building cultivators could draw it, they’d need a lot of practice before they could draw it successfully. Nevertheless, the talisman paper and ink required to create this talisman had to be produced with special materials. Because of that, to decrease wastage of the materials, both Mo Tiange and Tang Shen started to practice from low level talismans.

Mo Tiange had no talents in talisman-drawing. Of the few arts, her talents surpassed others’ only in formations while her skills in pill-concocting were just so-so. In talisman drawing, however, she wasn’t talented at all. Nonetheless, this talisman had to be drawn no matter what, so she could only throw herself into practicing.

Fortunately, Tang Shen’s skills in talisman-drawing were surprisingly good, thus taking much pressure off Mo Tiange.

The fourth floor of the Dao-Achieving Pagoda was once again closed. The two elders were engrossed in refining magic weapons, Wei Haolan was in deep meditation to heal her injuries, Xia Qing was immersed in concocting medicinal pills, and Mo Tiange and Tang Shen went all out in drawing talismans.

Their preparations lasted another four years.

In fact, Wei Haolan’s injuries healed completely in the first year of their preparations, and Xia Qing also joined them in creating talismans in the second year. After three years, Tang Shen finally managed to create the Poison-Resisting Talisman.

As for the two elders, they eventually came out of their meditation after four years.

The six people once again gathered together.

“Elders, have you perhaps succeeded in refining the magic weapon?”

“Correct.” There was a hint of delight in Elder Qingyi’s hoarse voice. “After failing several times, we finally managed to refine the magic weapon to defeat that devil cultivator!”

The four juniors smiled simultaneously.

They’d been trapped inside this Dao-Achieving Pagoda for twenty years, but now, they could finally leave.

Although Mo Tiange didn’t look too excited, she was also very happy inside. This time, she went out traveling for the sake of gaining experience to develop her mental state, but she really never expected she’d spend more than twenty years in the process. After being gone for more than twenty years, she really wondered what the situation in Xuanqing School was like now. Would that cheap master of hers still be an embarrassing old man as usual? Had Zhenji built his foundation? Was everything well in her small Immortal’s Cave?

Thinking about these things really made her itch to quickly grow a pair of wings, so she could directly fly across the Demonic Mountain Range back to Xuanqing School.

The Dao-Achieving Pagoda, which had been closed for twenty years, was finally opened again.

The two disciples of the so-called Divine Dragon Sect guarding the pagoda were just chatting idly as usual. Ever since they were assigned to guard the Dao-Achieving Pagoda, more than a dozen years had passed without any incident, so they’d long forgotten Ren Yufeng’s orders. They just chatted about nonsense, got drunk and gambled every day.

When they arrived below the Dao-Achieving Pagoda and the original Transporting Formation emitted a burst of bright light, the two gamblers were still throwing the dice, gambling away their spirit stones for the month.

Right after the six people emerged on the Transporting Formation, the two elders sneered. Immediately afterward, Elder Qingmiao waved, emitting a powerful spiritual aura pressure to trap them.

The two low level cultivators raised their eyes in confusion and finally saw the six people on the Transporting Formation. Both immediately had their mouths open agape and for a moment, they seemed to have lost their ability to speak.

Nevertheless, they didn’t have a chance to say anything under the spiritual aura pressure. As their eyes widened, blood started to flow from their seven orifices. Before long, they quietly fell head first to the ground.

“Hmph!” Elder Qingmiao said, “Assigning these kinds of people as guards—really shameful!”

Elder Qingyi said, “Don’t mind them; just do what we need to do! Xia Qing, Shen’er, you two go look for Bixuan Court’s original disciples—tell them we’ve come out. As for other individual cultivators, don’t make things difficult for them if they surrender, but if they remain stubborn, kill them immediately!”

“Yes!” Xia Qing and Tang Shen answered as they accepted the order.

“Haolan, Tiange, you two go and activate the great mountain-protecting formation. We must never let that devil cultivator escape.”


Elder Qingyi waved again. “Alright, let’s split up. When you’re finished, gather at the conference hall.”

The four juniors split up into two groups then went to perform their respective tasks.

Bixuan Court’s great mountain-protecting formation was also arranged by Mo Yaoqing. With her intelligence and resources, this great mountain-protecting formation was naturally very powerful. However, twenty years earlier, Shangguan Yunhao harbored evil intentions and colluded with Ren Yufeng, deactivating the great mountain-protecting formation, hence rendering this formation ineffective.

The two elders had long prepared a good plan. On one hand, they were going to look for the original disciples, exterminating Ren Yufeng’s lackeys along the way. On the other hand, they would also reactivate the great mountain-protecting formation to block Ren Yufeng from escaping. By doing those two things, their odds of success in killing Ren Yufeng was already more than 80%.

Mo Tiange flew towards the great mountain-protecting formation along with Wei Haolan. Along their way, they saw many low level cultivators, although neither of them paid those cultivators any attention.

It was only after they were far away from Bixuan Court’s batch of pavilions and pagodas and saw a towering watchtower that Wei Haolan finally stopped. “Elder Mo, please give me a hand.”

Mo Tiange nodded. A great mountain-protecting formation with such a vast scope could hardly be activated by one person.

Ren Yufeng had long turned into a devil cultivator. Even though he created the so-called Divine Dragon Sect, the sect was just like a group of secular world bandits, making the mountain his nest, nothing more—it simply didn’t resemble a cultivation group at all. He didn’t understand the function of this great mountain-protecting formation, so there wasn’t a single person inside the watchtower now.

Mo Tiange’s proficiency in formations was beyond that of other cultivators of the same realm. After Wei Haolan took out the diagram for the formation, the two of them began repairing each part according to the diagram. They took a very long time before they finally managed to repair every broken part.

At that moment, they already felt spiritual aura fluctuations coming from inside Bixuan Court. The two elders and Ren Yufeng must’ve already started fighting.

The two of them were rather worried. They spent some time to continue sensing the spiritual aura fluctuations but eventually, Mo Tiange said, “The two elders should be alright. Among these spiritual aura fluctuations, the dead aura isn’t strong—presumably, it’s under pressure by the two elders.”

Feeling rather astonished, Wei Haolan glanced at Mo Tiange before she nodded. The size of Bixuan Court reached almost several dozen square kilometers, and they were also five kilometers away from the core at least, but Mo Tiange was unexpectedly able to sense the spiritual aura fluctuations clearly—obviously, her divine sense must be very strong. This realization amazed Wei Haolan. The two elders’ indeed had extraordinary foresight. Elder Mo was still so young, but she already had such skills. Presumably, she would be able to advance to the Core Formation realm soon. If that was the case, although Elder Mo wouldn’t stay in Bixuan Court for long, she would definitely show Bixuan Court some care when she had enough strength.

The two of them focused on placing spirit stones; each was engrossed in their respective thoughts. This great mountain-protecting formation needed a huge number of spirit stones to be activated. These past years, this formation had been in a half-wasted state; its spirit stones had long been pilfered. Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan had to spend a lot of time before they finally finished filling it with spirit stones.

Soon after they finished, Wei Haolan activated the great mountain-protecting formation. A deafening buzzing rang out inside the watchtower and along with it, a burst of white light flashed, brightening the entire watchtower in an instant.

Following that noise, a layer of faint mist emerged in the sky above Bixuan Court. This mist grew increasingly denser until it eventually formed a protective barrier.

Bixuan Court’s great mountain-protecting formation was now active; everyone inside the formation was shielded and at the same time, every entry and exit road was now shut.

Upon seeing the formation active, Wei Haolan said, “Elder Mo, let’s go and help the others.”

Mo Tiange nodded. Apart from killing Ren Yufeng, there were many other things to be done. Besides, although Xia Qing and Tang Shen were much stronger than they were twenty years ago, incidents might still occur.

The two people got onto their respective magic weapons then flew towards the core of Bixuan Court.

At that moment, the situation in Bixuan Court was already chaotic.

The spiritual aura fluctuations were becoming more and more violent—presumably, the two elders were having an all-out fight against Ren Yufeng. As for the so-called Divine Dragon Sect disciples Ren Yufeng mustered, not all of them were Bixuan Court’s original disciples; there were some individual cultivators, and some were even covered by dead aura just like Ren Yufeng, although their dead aura wasn’t as strong as Ren Yufeng’s.

Once Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan saw those disciples, they both pasted the Poison-Resisting Talismans they’d prepared on their bodies. They used their divine senses to locate Xia Qing’s and Tang Shen’s positions and flew over together.

They could already see Xia Qing’s and Tang Shen’s figures from a distance. Xia Qing and Tang Shen were having fights of magical power against a group of people—two early stage Foundation Building as well as more than a dozen Aura Refining disciples who were all covered in dead aura. These people were most likely Ren Yufeng’s disciples and grand-disciples.

“Senior Martial Sister Sect Head, Senior Martial Sister Mo!” Xia Qing shouted out loud when she saw them.

She and Tang Shen both had Poison-Resisting Talismans pasted on their bodies, so these people couldn’t do anything to them. However, the two of them weren’t good in fights of magical powers, so they hadn’t been able to subdue this group.

Both Mo Tiange and Wei Haolan moved to attack.

Wei Haolan summoned a cold ice mirror which then emitted a beam of cold ice magic.

Mo Tiange, on the other hand, simply raised her hand. The Shuttle of Flying Apsara moved with ease and power. She studied Mo Yaoqing’s personal notes all these years inside the Dao-Achieving Pagoda, and she studied a lot of secrets for magical power fights, so now, her employment of the Shuttle of Flying Apsara was extremely sharp.

Corpses fell everywhere the Shuttle of Flying Apsara went. The two early stage Foundation Building cultivators were extremely flustered; they had to fight against Wei Haolan’s cold ice magic and dodge the Shuttle of Flying Apsara at the same time. These four people obviously wore Poison-Resisting Talismans, and their dead aura simply couldn’t break through their protection, so they were simply at a loss for what to do.

Seeing the two early stage Foundation Building cultivators’ condition, both Xia Qing and Tang Shen didn’t hesitate to take out their magic tools to attack them. Soon, the two of them finally managed to kill their opponents.

Xia Qing put away her magic tools then came over to greet them: “Senior Martial Sisters, are you alright?”

“We’re fine,” Wei Haolan said as she looked at their surroundings. Except for the ten-odd devil cultivators they killed, there was no one else there. “Where’s everyone? Have you spread the news?”

Xia Qing answered dejectedly, “That devil cultivator… He tortured many people so badly that they turned like him. Their mindsets have changed—they basically didn’t listen to our advice, so we had no other choice but to kill them… There were also some rational ones, but they were too weak, so we let them hide first.”

A wrinkle emerged on Wei Haolan’s brows. “Tell all of them to come out. They understand the current situation inside the group the best. Let them guide us in exterminating the devil cultivators.”


They quickly found the cultivators Ren Yufeng enslaved. Many of them were original disciples of Bixuan Court, so many burst into tears when they saw Wei Haolan. Those people had been bullied by Ren Yufeng for twenty years. Now that they finally had a chance to take revenge, they were beside themselves with joy, wholeheartedly leading the four people all over the place to clean up all the people Ren Yufeng had turned into devil cultivators.

The four of them split up into three teams; Xia Qing and Tange Shen took one path, Wei Haolan took one path, and Mo Tiange took another path in purging all of the devil cultivators in Bixuan Court. Their dead auras were far weaker than Ren Yufeng’s, and the four of them had Poison-Resisting Talismans pasted on their bodies, so in just a short while, they managed to exterminate the devil cultivators scattered all over Bixuan Court.

By the end, everyone’s attention fell on the core area of Bixuan Court, the area where the conference hall was located.

The sky above the hall had been firmly covered by the great mountain-protecting formation. Under the protective barrier, Ren Yufeng, who was completely covered in black aura, was fighting the two elders.