Lady Cultivator - Chapter 213 - Pure Yang Constitution

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Chapter 213: Pure Yang Constitution

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Mo Tiange considered a couple things before disclosing her secret Pure Yin Constitution.

First, Bixuan Court was a cultivation group for female cultivators. Among the six people in this pagoda, only Tang Shen was male and based on his actions so far, it was very unlikely he could do anything damaging to her. If Elder Qingxi was here, maybe she’d try to do something to her for Tang Shen’s sake. Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao, however, had no reason to force her.

Second, the six of them were trapped inside this Dao-Achieving Pagoda together, so now they were all in the same boat. There was no need for Elder Qingyi or Elder Qingmiao to harm her.

Third, although cultivators in the cultivation world were self-centered, cultivators from cultivation groups were extremely respectful towards the founder of their groups. Out of consideration for Mo Yaoqing, they wouldn’t do anything to her.

The last reason, which was also the most important one, was that Mo Tiange only obtained Mo Yaoqing’s Art of Sunu manual without any other secret techniques. If Bixuan Court was a cultivation group founded by Mo Yaoqing, there was a huge possibility that Mo Yaoqing ultimately passed away here and that meant the belongings and secret techniques she left behind would most likely be here too! She already guessed why Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao called her and Tang Shen upstairs—they must be needing people to help them. If they knew she was their founder’s descendant who also possessed their founder’s special constitution, they might pass some of their founder’s secret techniques onto her. There was a powerful enemy close by; she was in dire need of increasing her strength.

She’d won her bet.

Upon finding out she was Mo Yaoqing’s descendant and confirming she also possessed a Pure Yin Constitution, Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao gave her a Jade Slip that reportedly contained some of Mo Yaoqing’s personalized secret techniques.

Regarding this matter, Elder Qingyi let out an emotional sigh and said, “It’s really a pity you’re not a disciple of Bixuan Court. Otherwise…”

Mo Tiange just smiled but didn’t answer. They were hoping she’d remain in Bixuan Court, but that was simply impossible. Even though the founder of Bixuan Court was the ancestor of the Mo family, she wouldn’t leave Xuanqing School just to help Bixuan Court get back on its feet again. She really didn’t have the slightest interest in matters regarding the strength of groups—her only goal was to achieve the Dao and ascending to become a real immortal.

However, there was a special relationship between her and Bixuan Court; if she became somewhat successful, she could take care of it in the future.

In the following days, in addition to recuperating, Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao also taught Tang Shen some spells and gave Mo Tiange pointers on how to heal her injuries.

As it turned out, the only thing dead aura feared was fire. Therefore, they had no other solution except for slowly using their Dantian Real Fire to swallow and dissolve it. However, Foundation Building cultivators’ Dantian Real Fire was extremely weak, while Ren Yufeng’s dead aura was quite difficult to deal with—Mo Tiange would need at least ten years before she could completely dissolve this dead aura. Besides, Elder Qingyi’s and Elder Qingmiao’s injuries were far worse than hers, so they definitely couldn’t help her.

Actually, Mo Tiange wasn’t too anxious about it herself. She could endure loneliness well, and she was still very young, so it really didn’t matter if she wasted some time here.

Her calmness made Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao admire her, but at the same time, the more they felt it was a pity that Mo Tiange had already joined a cultivation group; she would never leave Xuanqing School just to join Bixuan Court.

Nevertheless, Mo Tiange felt that after they found out about her secret, the two elders and Tang Shen looked at her differently. The two elders weren’t that bad, but Tang Shen… his gaze always made her feel rather conflicted.

Could it be that Tang Shen now had some ideas about her? That wasn’t impossible. The great-great-grandmother who dearly loved him was mutilated, and he had no news whatsoever about his other relatives. It wasn’t impossible that he wanted to take revenge and was thinking about using her to achieve that. But with that delicate personality of his, Mo Tiange simply wasn’t worried about him at all.

Before she could ask them about this suspicious matter, the two elders already requested to see her first.

“Seniors.” Mo Tiange called out as she stepped onto the fourth floor. Presently, the third floor had become their place, the four juniors, to recuperate and cultivate. The two elders needed quiet, so they moved to the fourth floor to continue with their recuperation.

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao smiled when they saw her coming. “Tiange, quickly come here and sit.” After learning about her past, the two of them treated her much more intimately than before. Both called her by her real name now.

Mo Tiange bowed and still gave them a salute before sitting on a small chair across from the two elders.

“How are your injuries these days?” asked Elder Qingyi.

Mo Tiange answered calmly, “There’s been no progress. This dead aura’s indeed hard to deal with—I have to refine it slowly for now.”

The two elders naturally understood this; they were just looking for a topic to start the conversation. The two glanced at each other but in the end, it was Elder Qingyi who spoke.

“There’s this matter… the two of us have been thinking for a long time and we thought we should let you know,” Elder Qingyi said slowly, “To be honest, before you told us about your life experience, we never thought there could be such a coincidence.”

Upon seeing how cautious the two elders looked, Mo Tiange’s expression also became solemn. “Senior, if you have something to say, please don’t hesitate. Is anything wrong?”

“No,” Elder Qingmiao said. She looked as if she was emotionally moved by something. “On the contrary, it’s a good thing.”

Mo Tiange frowned, feeling extremely confused.

Elder Qingyi chuckled. “Forget it; I’ll just speak frankly with you. Presumably, you also noticed that we weren’t too surprised when we discovered you possess a Pure Yin Constitution. In fact, the reason’s very simple—although we’ve never seen anyone with a Pure Yin Constitution before, we’ve seen someone with a Pure Yang Constitution.”

Mo Tiange was stunned. She immediately recalled Tang Shen’s behavior in the past few days, causing her expression to sink almost instantly.

Her expression made Elder Qingmiao smile. She said, “It seems you’ve already guessed it. You’re right. That was the most important reason why Shen’er, that child, was extremely doted on by Junior Martial Sister Qingxi and was vied for by every disciple in the group.”

So that was the reason! Even though Bixuan Court was a cultivation group for female cultivators, even though Linhai didn’t have many high level male cultivators, it just didn’t make sense that a male cultivator, with such a weak temper and who was a mess like Tang Shen, was so popular. So that was the real reason!

Mo Tiange composed herself then said faintly, “Then… What do Seniors think about this?”

Someone with a Pure Yang Constitution was naturally the best Dual Cultivation partner for someone with a Pure Yin Constitution, but both of these two constitutions were extremely rare. Take Yuan Bao and Mo Yaoqing, for example. One possessed a Pure Yang Constitution, while the other possessed a Pure Yin Constitution. However, although they were cultivators from the same era, there was actually an age difference of several hundred years between them. Furthermore, they were also located extremely far apart. If it wasn’t because they both happened to run into Zhong Muling, the two of them most likely would never have met each other in their entire lifetimes.

Nonetheless, although pure Yang and pure Yin were innately a pair, both Yuan Bao and Mo Yaoqing didn’t even have a good opinion of each other, so they never intended to perform Dual Cultivation with each other.

Mo Tiange had never thought she’d meet a male cultivator with a Pure Yang Constitution who lived in the same era as her. Furthermore, his age and cultivation level were quite close to hers. Once, she’d also wondered if she was Mo Yaoqing, would she have performed Dual Cultivation with Yuan Bao? Nevertheless, she crushed this idea as soon as it emerged in her mind. Correct! The path towards immortality was hard, but one had to depend on their own efforts on the path of cultivation. Relying on Dual Cultivation went against the original idea of cultivation. Besides, she didn’t think it was worth handing over her body just for that.

As she stared at Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao, Mo Tiange made up her mind. If they made a request regarding this matter, she definitely wouldn’t agree. She wasn’t afraid they’d force her—could outsiders force something like this on her? Moreover, they lacked manpower. According to reason, they wouldn’t voluntarily choose to have a falling out with her.

Elder Qingyi seemed to have seen through Mo Tiange’s thoughts. She then said with a smile, “Tiange, with your current cultivation level, I presume you won’t have any problems forming your Gold Core even without performing Dual Cultivation. However, Dual Cultivation still brings a lot of benefits; you should consider it thoroughly.”

Mo Tiange felt her taut nerves loosening; based on what Elder Qingyi said, she seemed to have no intention of coercing her into it. Although she already made up her mind, she still didn’t want to enter any conflicts with them, considering their current situation. It would naturally be best if they had no intentions of forcing her.

“Seniors, please don’t bring up this matter again in the future. I heard my ancestor also ran into a male cultivator with a Pure Yang Constitution once, but she never intended to perform Dual Cultivation with him—presumably, my ancestor was also a proud person who disdained using this kind of method in her journey on the path towards immortality. Although my cultivation level falls short of my ancestor’s, my intention of looking for the Dao and achieving immortality is the same.”

Mo Tiange’s words rendered the two elders speechless.

Selfishly speaking, they naturally hoped Mo Tiange and Tang Shen could be Dual Cultivation partners. That way, even if Mo Tiange ultimately had to return to Xuanqing School, she could still leave Bixuan Court some hope. Besides, when someone with a Pure Yang Constitution and someone with a Pure Yin Constitution performed Dual Cultivation, the benefits were unquestionable—their cultivation levels would advance very quickly!

However, they all knew what kind of person Tang Shen was; his cultivation level was ordinary, and he had a weak personality. While other female cultivators in their group might still take a liking to his appearance, Mo Tiange came from Kunwu—this wasn’t enough to pique her interest.

But the most important thing was that they brought up Dual Cultivation so Mo Tiange could think it over. With Tang Shen’s character, he was doomed to be stalled in his cultivation progress. If Mo Tiange herself was opposed to the idea, then there was nothing they could do about it.

When Elder Qingyi thought up to this point, she couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh. “Since you’ve already made up your mind, we can’t do anything. That being the case, you can rest assured; that child Shen’er won’t do anything improper to you.”

Mo Tiange wasn’t at all worried about that. She also wouldn’t be afraid even if Tang Shen developed some ideas about her later.

“In addition to this, we still had another matter we wanted to propose to you,” Elder Qingyi said thoughtfully.

As long as they didn’t force her to perform Dual Cultivation, Mo Tiange wouldn’t mind doing a few things for Bixuan Court. “Senior can speak openly. If it’s something within my power, I’ll naturally carry it out.”

Elder Qingyi smiled then said, “Since you have such a connection to my group, we originally hoped you could remain in Bixuan Court, but you have a staunch Dao Heart and you’re also unwilling to be disturbed by daily affairs, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to insist. However, you also have a clear understanding of Bixuan Court’s current situation. Even if more than half our disciples manage to escape and survive, after we kill that devil cultivator, we’ll still have to expend a lot of energy to rebuild Bixuan Court.”

“That devil cultivator’s evil technique is so awful, but Junior Martial Sister Qingmiao and I have already figured out how to deal with him. However, that means the duty of rebuilding the group will fall on our juniors. Haolan’s injuries are too heavy. Even if she heals, I’m afraid her cultivation level would regress back to the Aura Refining realm. Xia Qing and Tang Shen cannot deal with everyday affairs… Therefore, we hope you’ll agree to become our guest elder.”

With a slight wrinkle on her brows, Mo Tiange asked, “Seniors, are you planning to sacrifice your lives to kill Ren Yufeng?”

The two elders could only smile bitterly. She’d sharply sensed their intention from their words.

Elder Qingmiao said, “Yes. The injuries Senior Martial Sister Qingyi and I sustained this time somewhat affected our lifespans—we can only live for another thirty to fifty years at most. Among the six people in this pagoda, Haolan’s severely injured, so it’d be very hard for her to have any big achievements in the future; as for Xia Qing and Tang Shen, both of them aren’t too committed to cultivation… If the two of us really fell, there’d really be no hope for Bixuan Court. Because of that, we might as well bet on this. If we can exterminate that devil cultivator, it shouldn’t be a problem to rebuild Bixuan Court with Haolan’s ability at managing things.” At that point, the two elders both looked at her. “Therefore, Tiange, we hope you can be Bixuan Court’s guest elder so your presence can intimidate those who refuse to obey.”