Lady Cultivator - Chapter 211 - Into the Pagoda

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Chapter 211: Into the Pagoda

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Mo Tiange never cared that she really depended on the Virtual Sky World. Since she was lucky enough to obtain such a unique treasure that couldn’t be stolen, she naturally had to put it to good use.

Up until now, she always had much fewer misgivings when encountering danger compared to other people because she had the Virtual Sky World backing her up.

However, never once had it crossed her mind that there’d be a day when she actually couldn’t enter the Virtual Sky World!

Watching Elder Qingxi being encircled by the dead aura, Mo Tiange was flooded by a cold sweat. If the Virtual Sky World wasn’t an option, she had to think of another way to escape. In this current situation, she definitely couldn’t fight Ren Yufeng.

“Senior Martial Sister!” Xia Qing shouted as she staggered out of the concocting room. She also had bloodstains on her chest—obviously, she was also injured by the spiritual aura fluctuation from their fights of magical power.

Wei Haolan had now lost consciousness completely. She was injured by spiritual aura fluctuations twice in a row; the first time, she was impacted head-on, but the second time, the Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation around her weakened the spiritual aura pressure and Mo Tiange also happened to activate her White Silk Handkerchief; otherwise, she might’ve lost her life already.

Mo Tiange looked up, watching the scene in front of her anxiously.

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao were severely injured and they were also trapped by the dead aura. Elder Qingxi was fighting Ren Yufeng by herself, but she was at a disadvantage.

Ren Yufeng seemed to be enjoying himself, just like a cat teasing a mouse. He could obviously defeat Elder Qingxi very quickly, but he was just leisurely watching Elder Qingxi struggling to hold on; his eyes were filled with ruthless delight.

“Senior Martial Sisters!” Elder Qingxi suddenly called out. Her face showed a determined expression.

Both Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao shifted their eyes towards her and saw Elder Qingxi tossing aside her flower basket magic weapon then putting her palms together. In an instant, her whole body emitted bright spiritual light. Elder Qingxi then shouted, “Take them away!”

Mo Tiange didn’t understand what was going on, but she saw grief emerging on Elder Qingyi’s and Elder Qingmiao’s faces. “Junior Martial Sister…”

Elder Qingxi looked cold and solemn, and her gaze also seemed decisive; she’d obviously made some kind of decision. The spiritual light on her body grew increasingly brighter, almost preventing the others from opening their eyes.

Nevertheless, Ren Yufeng laughed out loud. “You want to blow up your Gold Core? Naive!”

A strange smile bloomed on Elder Qingxi’s face. “Am I?”

Before Ren Yufeng could consider what her words meant, the spiritual light suddenly burst and enveloped him completely. Even his dead aura was also confined firmly within the spiritual light.

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao quickly made up their minds. They shouted, “Go!” They both then picked up a disciple and fled outside quickly.

The ones they grabbed were naturally Wei Haolan and Xia Qing; after all, Mo Tiange was only an outsider.

However, Mo Tiange also made full use of this split second to activate the Land-Fleeing Ruler—

This Land-Fleeing Ruler, along with the Heaven and Earth Cloud-Silk Armor, were things stolen from the sect head’s main hall when she fled from Yunwu Sect back then. These two things were useless for Qin Xi, so he gave them to her in passing.

This Land-Fleeing Ruler could move its user several dozen to several hundred kilometers away at a time—the destination was completely random. Mo Tiange rarely used it. Firstly, she didn’t need to run if she was confronting Foundation Building cultivators, and several dozen to several hundred kilometers wasn’t much distance if she was up against a Core Formation cultivator; secondly, she didn’t know where she would end up—she might even end up in an even more dangerous place; thirdly, it cost too much spiritual aura, so it was very hard to activate—it was normally better for her to directly enter the Virtual Sky World.

But today, she had no other choice but to use it. She couldn’t enter the Virtual Sky World, and her spiritual aura was still full. Furthermore, she was still within Bixuan Court’s territory; presumably, there was nothing dangerous around. Even if there was, it definitely wouldn’t be more dangerous than Ren Yufeng.

Mo Tiange smoothly activated the Land-Fleeing Ruler. When its blinding rays finally faded, Mo Tiange opened her eyes again.

Before her was a towering pagoda floating in the sky—it was actually the Dao-Achieving Pagoda!

Although Bixuan Court was vast, if she was moved several hundred kilometers away, she should’ve ended up outside the group. It seemed… this time, she had just been moved several dozen kilometers away.

Time was of the essence, so Mo Tiange wanted to quickly continue with her escape. Just as she was about to do so, however, she stopped in her tracks and turned her head towards the direction she came from.

She saw Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao running over, carrying Wei Haolan and Xia Qing with them.

The two elders were both dumbfounded to see Mo Tiange standing there. “Little Friend Ye, how did you…” Core Formation cultivators had astonishing speed and furthermore, they’d left her behind just now—how could she have arrived here in just a split second?

Without waiting for her to answer, Elder Qingyi already spoke again: “There’s no time; talk after we get inside.”

Elder Qingmiao nodded. The two of them then started making hand seals to activate the Transporting Formation into the pagoda.

Elder Qingyi turned towards Mo Tiange and said, “Little Friend Ye, since you also managed to escape, you might as well hide in the pagoda with us.”

Mo Tiange was just thinking about how she couldn’t outrun Ren Yufeng no matter how fast she fled, so when she heard what Elder Qingyi said, she immediately nodded. “Many thanks to Seniors.”

The five of them entered the Transporting Formation. With a flash of blinding light, they entered the pagoda.

Elder Qingmiao hesitated for a moment but in the end, she finally said, “What about the other disciples?”

Elder Qingyi’s eyes were suffused with anguish as she shook her head. “There’s no time; they’re too slow. By the time they reach the pagoda, that devil cultivator would already be here.”

Upon hearing Elder Qingyi’s words, Elder Qingmiao clenched her teeth then lifted her palm, creating a beam of spiritual light which she used to close the Transporting Formation.

When the Transporting Formation was closed, the two elders put down the two juniors they were carrying then smiled bitterly at each other. By closing the Transporting Formation, they’d abandoned more than a thousand Bixuan Court disciples.

Xia Qing raised her head to look at the two elders and asked, “Martial Uncles, what about Martial Uncle Qingxi?”

This question made Elder Qingmiao sigh. Her expression also turned sad. “Your Martial Uncle Qingxi’s using a secret blood prohibition technique—she definitely won’t make it out alive.”

Xia Qing was stunned. “Then… then will she be able to kill that devil cultivator?”

Elder Qingyi shook her head. “That devil cultivator’s magical power’s abnormal, and he also possesses dead aura… I’m afraid your Martial Uncle Qingxi can only block him for a while—she won’t be able to kill him.”

Xia Qing bit her lips. “If that’s the case, our Bixuan Court…”

Elder Qingyi closed her eyes. When she spoke again, her voice trembled. “We can’t do anything… Those disciples… they have to depend on their own luck…”

Elder Qingmiao heaved a deep sigh; her gaze was a bit vacant as if she was staring into the distance. “Several thousand years of Bixuan Court’s existence will probably be destroyed in our hands…”

Everyone sank into silence for some time until Elder Qingyi finally spoke again with a resolute expression. “That’ll do; we should recuperate for now. If the group’s destroyed, we just need to rebuild it again.”

Elder Qingmiao remained silent for a moment but she eventually nodded. “What Senior Martial Sister said is right; we can’t let Junior Martial Sister Qingxi’s sacrifice end up in vain.”

Wei Haolan’s injuries were severe, and the two elders’ injuries also weren’t trivial; Xia Qing was the only one with comparably light injuries.

As the five of them went up to the third floor, Elder Qinyi looked at Mo Tiange, who was following at the rear silently, and said, “Little Friend Ye, you can see that we’re either old, weak, or injured—we don’t have the capacity to take care of you, so you can do as you please as long as you don’t touch the restrictions inside the pagoda.”

Mo Tiange debated internally for a moment but eventually asked, “Senior Qingyi, is this pagoda safe?”

“This pagoda was established by the founder of our group, Primordial Lady Bishui. There are many restrictions here which can’t be broken by even Nascent Soul cultivators. No matter how terrifying that devil cultivator is, he’s still in the Core Formation realm—I believe he won’t be able to do anything to break into this pagoda.”

Mo Tiange felt a bit relieved upon hearing that. However, when she thought of the countless Bixuan Court disciples outside, she heaved another sigh. Although she always preferred to work alone, the fact that more than a thousand people might lose their lives just like that wasn’t a happy matter. Especially when that Ren Yufeng arrived in Linhai alongside her.

After deliberating, Mo Tiange took out a jade bottle from inside her robe. “Seniors, these are secret healing pills my master bestowed upon me before I left; maybe they can be of use to you. Since you’ve allowed me into the pagoda to hide, please consider these as my repayment.”

With a nod, Elder Qingyi accepted the bottle. “Thank you.”

They were facing a deadly enemy now, so nobody had any other improper thoughts. Aside from Xia Qing, who was watching over Wei Haolan, all of them were recuperating.

The injuries Mo Tiange sustained weren’t light either, but the most important thing was that her body carried a bit of dead aura. If she couldn’t remove this dead aura, she wouldn’t be able to enter the Virtual Sky World. Just thinking about this already gave Mo Tiange a severe headache.

Helpless, she could only go to a corner and recuperate for the time being. Since the two elders knew about dead aura, maybe they could help her find a way to remove it later. Now, however, she had to recuperate first.

Before long, the Transporting Formation emitted a spiritual aura fluctuation. Mo Tiange opened her eyes and was shocked by what she saw.

Xia Qing called out: “Senior Martial Brother Tang! How are you here?”

The one who now emerged from the Transporting Formation was actually Tang Shen! He also stared at everyone in front of him in astonishment.

“Shen’er,” Elder Qingyi called out, “Have you been staying here?”

Tang Shen nodded. “Last time, great-great-grandmother said I was insensible, so she told me to meditate facing the wall for a month…” Last time… Presumably, it was because he asked Mo Tiange to take him along when she left.

Once he noticed that everyone was injured, Tang Shen was a bit alarmed. “Elders, what happened?”

Elder Qingmiao sighed then said, “Shen’er, you can be considered lucky—finally your great-great-grandmother didn’t sacrifice herself in vain.”

Tang Shen was dazed. “Elder, you mean…”

Xia Qing rubbed her eyes, saying in a whisper, “Senior Martial Brother Tang, when we were concocting pills, Senior Martial Brother Shangguan ganged up on us with a devil cultivator and injured the three elders. To give us a chance of escaping, Elder Qingxi used the secret blood prohibition technique…”

Tang Shen felt as if he was struck by lightning. “The secret blood prohibition technique…”

Xia Qing nodded, all the while wiping her tears and sobbing. “That devil cultivator was too terrible, we… we could only escape and hide in the pagoda. Right now, senior martial sister sect head’s heavily injured, and the two elders aren’t much better… The other disciples… we really had no chance of helping them…”

Those short sentences allowed Tang Shen to understand what happened. His face became extremely pale in a flash. “How could that be…”

Just a moment ago, he was still the beloved descendant of Elder Qingxi, and Bixuan Court was still the most powerful cultivation group in Linhai. But in a short while, he lost his great-great-grandmother, and Bixuan Court was also facing an unprecedented catastrophe.

“Then… What about my mother? My aunts? There were also, also…”

Elder Qingyi heaved a long sigh before she spoke. “Shen’er, you shouldn’t wallow in grief; there’s really nothing we can do… Although your great-great-grandmother used the secret blood prohibition technique, I’m afraid she can only hinder that devil cultivator for a while—we simply had no time to warn the disciples…”

Xia Qing said in a whisper, “Just now, the two elders told the disciples to scatter and flee—they’ll have to rely on their own luck…”

Tang Shen swayed on his feet and eventually fell to the ground. “They… They…”

Before Tang Shen could finish talking, a voice rang out from outside: “Old women! Why do you not care about your disciples? Do you think I won’t be able to do anything just because you hid in the pagoda? Hmph!”

Mo Tiange’s expression changed. She stood up then walked to the small window on the side of the pagoda.

She saw Ren Yufeng’s whole body completely enshrouded by black aura; his arrogance was surging. “You’re not going to come out? I’ll kill all your disciples!”

Elder Qingyi shook her head, saying, “Don’t mind him—we’d just be delivering our lives in vain if we came out.”

Outside, Ren Yufeng continued to shout: “What? Aren’t you going to come out and take a look at your junior martial sister? She tried to kill me in vain, so I killed her. I even cut up her corpse, HAHAHAHA…”

What Ren Yufeng said shocked Tang Shen greatly. He was shaking as he ran towards one of the windows. Sure enough, he saw Ren Yufeng carrying a head in his hand—it was Elder Qingxi!

“Great-great-grandmother…” Tang Shen called. A split second later, his eyes blackened, and with a “bang,” he fell to the ground.

“Fellow Daoist Tang!”