Lady Cultivator - Chapter 210 - Crisis

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Chapter 210: Crisis

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Mo Tiange had long known that Shangguan Yunhao would end up like this. Ren Yufeng loathed cultivation groups’ high-aptitude disciples the most, and Shangguan Yunhao was obviously one, so how could he possibly have teamed up with Shangguan Yunhao sincerely?

Not only did he not have self-insight, but he was also as stupid as a pig. Shangguan Yunhao falling into this situation was well-deserved.

Nevertheless, a sliver of sadness still flitted across Elder Qingyi’s and Elder Qingmiao’s faces when they looked at his corpse. This was, in the end, the disciple they raised for more than a hundred years—how could they be completely indifferent upon seeing him die by someone else’s hands?

As Ren Yufeng looked at the female cultivators before him, a gloomy smile slowly took shape on his face. “Since he’s dead, it’s your turn now!”

Elder Qingmiao pushed Wei Haolan towards Mo Tiange, who stood behind them, then she swung the golden rope in her hand and sneered, “It isn’t clear whose turn it is now!”

“Then let’s see for ourselves!” Ren Yufeng said while he once again moved his devil aura.

Seeing as they began fighting again, Mo Tiange helped Wei Haolan up and led her to a corner. “Sect Head Wei, how are you feeling?”

Wei Haolan coughed up blood then struggled to speak, “I…”

“Don’t talk!” Mo Tiange took out a curative medicinal pill and fed it to her. “The two elders are here; you should recover first.”

Wei Haolan nodded then swallowed the pill. Without further ado, she sat cross-legged in meditation.

Mo Tiange lifted her eyes and saw the two elders and Ren Yufeng fighting fiercely. Although Ren Yufeng was strong now, the two elders weren’t at a disadvantage at all. Furthermore, their teamwork was excellent, so their odds of winning were comparably large.

However, Mo Tiange felt something was wrong about this—Ren Yufeng was too confident. It couldn’t be because he colluded with Shangguan Yunhao; he obviously didn’t really take Shangguan Yunhao seriously. In fact, it was very likely that he just used Shangguan Yunhao to learn about the situation inside Bixuan Court and break through Bixuan Court’s restrictions and formations.

So, where did his confidence come from?

Mo Tiange really couldn’t understand this.

In any case, she had never been the type to sit quietly while awaiting her death. Now that she felt something was wrong, she took out a simple formation method from inside her robe and laid a Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation around her.

Right after, she moved several magic weapons and magic tools where she could easily retrieve them. The magic talismans Lord Daoist Jinghe prepared for her were also ready in her hands. She then focused her attention on the status of their fight. If a life-threatening moment came up, she intended to directly escape into her Virtual Sky World.

Although she had many treasures, the discrepancy in strength between cultivators in the Core Formation realm and cultivators in the Foundation Building realm was too huge. If both Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao couldn’t hold on, she had no choice but to save her own life first.

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao’s teamwork was superb. Elder Qingyi’s jade bottle was used to defend while Elder Qingmiao’s golden rope was used to attack. When one attacked, the other defended, and when one stepped forwards, the other stepped back—there wasn’t even the slightest gap in their teamwork. Ren Yufeng, who couldn’t gain an advantage over them, started to look impatient.

After fighting for a while, Ren Yufeng finally lost his patience. As he used a thread of devil aura to block Elder Qingmiao’s attack, he said coldly, “Old women, you both are quite skillful; it seems I have to use my unique skill!”

Mo Tiange was watching with rapt attention. She had assumed Ren Yufeng had something to fall back on, but she didn’t know what kind of technique he would come up with in the end.

Elder Qingyi still fought the same as before, using her willow branch to sprinkle spiritual mist which turned into body-protecting spiritual light.

Ren Yufeng let out a cold laugh. “A tiny bit of light dares to vie for splendor with the sun and the moon! Hmph! I’ll show you what I’m capable of!”

The moment he finished talking, he used both hands to form hand seals. A puff of dense, pure devil aura covered his whole body and in an instant, it started to rotate around him.

This devil aura was unusual. Mo Tiange’s attention had been fixated on Ren Yufeng, so she immediately noticed a sudden change in his momentum. It seemed… it seemed like his cultivation suddenly soared. However, she wasn’t a Core Formation cultivator, so she couldn’t see the specific stage his cultivation had soared to.

Elder Qingyi reacted very quickly. She immediately shouted, “Qingmiao, Black Tortoise Shield!”

Elder Qingmiao promptly took out a tiny, shield-shaped magic weapon. She then raised her hand, causing the shield to fly to the air and swell in a flash.

“Hmph!” Ren Yufeng watched this scene coldly. “Overestimating yourself!”

Seeing Ren Yufeng’s gaze made Mo Tiange intuitively take out her White Silk Handkerchief, transforming it into a brick wall which stood in front of her to shield her.

Ren Yufeng finally made his move. He hurled another devil aura sphere but this time, the momentum of the sphere was much more powerful than the last one.

“Bang!” The devil aura, Elder Qingyi’s spiritual mist, and Elder Qingmiao’s black shield collided together.

Mo Tiange felt her head spin and a split second later, her body was blown away then heavily slammed into the wall.

A moment later, she struggled to crawl up from the ground. Her eyes were filled with overwhelming fear.

This momentum… this was definitely not the momentum of an early stage Core Formation cultivator! Ren Yufeng must’ve practiced some kind of secret technique these past few months. That was the only explanation for him having this kind of trick.

If she hadn’t laid the Four Symbols Hundred Flowers Formation and had the White Silk Handkerchief shielding her, she definitely wouldn’t have only sustained injuries just now—her life would’ve most likely flown away just like that.

Ever since she obtained the White Silk Handkerchief, she’d had many fights, including a fight against a fifth rank demonic beast. However, this was the first time she sustained injuries as heavy as these after she used the White Silk Handkerchief.

“Cough!” She wasn’t the only one heavily injured. Behind her, Wei Haolan, who’d already been heavily injured, had her head laid askew on her shoulder as she fainted.

Mo Tiange turned towards Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao. Both of them were still standing now, but one’s magic weapon was shattered and was now in a state of shock, while the other, who had originally been injured, was now vomiting a mouthful of blood, looking extremely pale.

“You…” Elder Qingyi glared at Ren Yufeng. “What kind of heretical art is this?!”

Ren Yufeng watched the scene in front of him with satisfaction as he walked forward step by step. “Who told you this was the magic of the Devil Path? I’m the son of the divine dragon; this is the divine dragon’s secret technique!”

“Divine dragon’s secret technique?” Elder Qingmiao returned to her senses and glowered at him. “You’re completely covered by devil aura, but you still dare to say you’re the son of the divine dragon? Shameless!”

“You—” Ren Yufeng once again raised his hand; fury was etched on his face.

Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao simultaneously put their guard up. Their defensive magic weapons were broken now, and they also weren’t rich cultivators with many belongings—they barely had any defensive talismans now.

Ren Yufeng didn’t employ another devil aura attack like he did before. Instead, he smiled dementedly at them. “It would really be a pity if I didn’t allow you to experience this personally!”

Personally experience what?

Before Mo Tiange could guess what Ren Yufeng meant, she saw him extending his hand, shouting loudly, “Rise!”

In a flash, both Elder Qingyi and Elder Qingmiao turned pale with fright!

The remaining devil aura left from the previous attack suddenly rushed forth as if it was alive!

The devil aura moved slowly towards them in winding movement.

The two elders were thunderstruck. They took a step back, but the devil aura immediately moved one step forward. They wanted to use spiritual aura to force apart the devil aura, but it was to no avail; the demonic aura easily broke through their defense.

“Senior Martial Sister!” Elder Qingmiao called out somewhat anxiously.

Although Elder Qingyi was a bit calmer, her injuries were also much heavier—she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to now.

The devil aura was getting closer and closer to them. They could practically feel the queerness of the devil aura—gloomy, freezing cold, and lifeless; it made their blood run cold.

“Senior Martial Sister, what is this?!”

Elder Qingyi was extremely pale, but her face was filled with deep shock. “This is dead aura, dead aura! I get it now…”

Dead aura? Mo Tiange was stupefied. Right now, the little bit of black aura around her also started to move towards her.

“Correct, this person’s cultivating with dead aura! He absorbed dead people’s dead aura!” It was no wonder disciples had gone missing lately; they were probably utilized for Ren Yufeng to practice this evil technique!

Elder Qingmiao knew what dead aura was, so her face turned pale in an instant.

Dead aura… was, in fact, a kind of special spiritual aura. Mortals called living aura “Yang aura” and dead aura “Yin aura” when in reality, the cultivation world didn’t view aura like that. There was both Yin and Yang in living aura, and most people’s living aura included cycles of both Yin and Yang. Dead aura, however, was different. It wasn’t among the five elements, and it was also outside the scope of Yin and Yang.

Because of that, humans could never be in contact with dead aura. If they were, they’d be corroded by it slowly until they lost their lives, thus turning them into dead people.

As the name implied, dead aura was an aura that could only exist in dead people’s bodies.

Nowadays, the Righteous Path and the Devil Path had been isolated from each other for too long, so no one knew whether cultivators from the Devil Path could cultivate with dead aura or not. Nonetheless, they knew one thing—cultivators from the Righteous Path definitely wouldn’t cultivate with dead aura!

“Senior Martial Sister!” Elder Qingmiao panicked a little. “What should we do?”

Elder Qingyi wasn’t in much better condition, but she eventually managed to calm down. After pondering the matter, she clenched her teeth and said, “Dantian Real Fire! Dead aura’s afraid of fire!”

But Ren Yufeng was still here; how could they possibly have time to refine the dead aura that had invaded their bodies?

“Senior Martial Sisters!” Elder Qingxi called out as she finally walked out of the room. Her face was pale, and her body seemed like it was empty; obviously, she still hadn’t recovered her spiritual aura yet. “I’ll block him!”

“Junior Martial Sister Qingxi!”

Elder Qingxi remained silent, but a flower basket had now appeared in her hands. The flowers inside the basket seemed as if they were just picked a moment ago; their fragrance spread everywhere.

“Hmph!” Ren Yufeng didn’t consider Elder Qingxi a threat in the slightest. He let out a cold laugh as dead aura wandered and twirled around his fingers.

Elder Qingxi’s expression looked heavy. She put her hand into the flower basket then tossed some flower petals forward.

These petals were clearly as light as feathers, but they carried raging spiritual aura within them which scattered on Ren Yufeng directly.

Ren Yufeng’s face looked calm. He merely lifted his hand, gathering the dead aura between his fingers.

The moment the petals ran into the dead aura, they heard soft sizzling noises—the petals had unexpectedly turned black in a split second as they were corroded by the dead aura!

Elder Qingxi’s expression changed. “You—”

“HAHAHAHA!” Ren Yufeng laughed out loud. “You’re overestimating your capabilities!” He then shook his sleeves and made a brandishing movement, hurling a thread of black aura forward from inside his sleeve. The black aura then wound around Elder Qingxi.

“AH!” Elder Qingxi screamed in pain. The flower basket in her hand fell to the ground.

Upon witnessing the situation before her, Mo Tiange hardened her heart then pointed at the space between her eyebrows. If even the three elders couldn’t stop him, she would only lose her life in vain if she stayed there, so she better escape into the Virtual Sky World for a while.

The pearl embedded between her eyebrows emitted light. She murmured some incantations then slipped a thread of spiritual aura into the pearl. In an instant, that light brightened and completely submerged her within it.

The blinding light faded very quickly. Soon after, Mo Tiange, who thought she was already inside the Virtual Sky World, was completely shocked.

She hadn’t moved!

She hadn’t entered the Virtual Sky World—what was going on?

Mo Tiange’s face lost all its color. However, she once again pointed to the space between her eyebrows to summon the pearl. The pearl emitted light again, but it still didn’t have an effect although she cast the required art to enter the Virtual Sky World.

She instantly entered panic mode. Why couldn’t she enter the Virtual Sky World? This was her only means of escape! What should she do now that she couldn’t enter the Virtual Sky World?

All of a sudden, she felt an ache coming from her arm. When she looked down, she saw that there seemed to be a thread of barely noticeable dead aura coiled around her arm. In that moment, it felt as if she received enlightenment.

Dead aura! The dead aura was damaging her Body of Origin, making her body unable to form the Primal Chaos and consequently, preventing her from opening the Virtual Sky World!

But the three elders obviously couldn’t hold off Ren Yufeng for much longer, and with Ren Yufeng’s current distorted personality, he definitely wouldn’t spare her life.

What should she do? What should she do? The current situation practically made Mo Tiange drown in her own cold sweat.