Lady Cultivator - Chapter 207 - Started Concocting

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Chapter 207: Started Concocting

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Mo Tiange rushed back into the small hut with Feifei in her arms. For a moment, she was at a loss over what to do.

Feifei was still a small, first rank spiritual beast, so it definitely couldn’t bear this spiritual aura, but how could she draw this spiritual aura out of its body?

All of a sudden, an idea emerged in her mind, and she immediately came to a decision. She took out several spirit stones and formation discs then rapidly laid a formation. This formation was a kind of defense formation known as Prison Formation. It was most suitable for defending against spiritual aura attacks, but she made a slight modification to it, hoping it could suppress the spiritual aura inside Feifei’s body, thus giving Feifei an easier time.

Right afterward, she pressed the top of Feifei’s head and inserted her own spiritual aura into its body to examine its condition.

The golden aura didn’t make her spiritual aura rebound, but it was extremely tough and flooded all Feifei’s meridians, so no matter how hard Mo Tiange tried to pry inside, she couldn’t penetrate deeper. In fact, she only got as far as the entrance of Feifei’s meridians after exerting much effort and after that, she couldn’t forge ahead any further.

After spending a long time trying to examine it to no avail, Mo Tiange felt helpless and had to give up. This spiritual aura exceeded her current capabilities, so she was basically helpless.

Without any other choice, Mo Tiange could only carry Feifei in her arms while continuously feeding it curative medicinal pills and painkillers, hoping the pills could make it feel a bit better.

One second after another, time gradually passed by. At first, Feifei was still able to roll around in pain, but now, it had no strength left. Its big, black eyes were dull and full of anguish.

Nevertheless, Mo Tiange could sense that the spiritual aura was getting weaker. Feifei’s body also seemed like it was being transformed, and its pain also eased up.

Mo Tiange was shocked. She then said, “Feifei, hang on a bit longer!”

Apparently, animal instincts were never wrong—this spiritual aura was indeed beneficial for Feifei. Maybe it’d be alright as long as it managed to hang on.

Feifei made “wuwu” squeaks as it struggled to withstand this force.

Mo Tiange suddenly remembered her own situation when she built her foundation. She then said hurriedly, “Feifei, maybe you’re going to advance in rank! Don’t resist the spiritual aura—guide it!”

Although Feifei couldn’t understand what she was saying, its divine comprehension allowed it to sense her meaning, so it promptly acted according to her instructions.

Sure enough, its pain eased up while the spiritual aura blended into Feifei’s meridians.

Mo Tiange finally sighed and said, “Everything’s fine now. Later on, you just need to guide this spiritual aura properly.”

The realm-breakthroughs of spiritual beasts weren’t the same as humans’. Their bodies seemed to possess the memory of the Distant Past era, and they also possessed innate astuteness regarding the fusion of spiritual aura. Because of that, spiritual beasts had a much easier time during realm-breakthroughs compared to human cultivators. However, there was minimal spiritual aura in the current world and moreover, there weren’t many cultivators who could constantly feed their spiritual beasts medicinal pills, so there weren’t many high-ranking spiritual beasts.

Right now, Feifei was already starting to be free of spiritual aura running amok inside its body. Mo Tiange could sense it was currently advancing to the next rank, so she knew it was basically saved already.

Spiritual Beasts’ intuition was really extraordinary—in one go, Feifei found a spiritual plant that could advance its rank. Back then, Xiaohuo was the same; when she raised it inside the Virtual Sky World, it ate something which caused it to advance and its Ardent Yang Real Fire transformed into Sun Real Fire. This made her wonder if Feifei would also have special abilities after eating this Flowerless Golden Fruit.

Nonetheless, she had no time to wait for Feifei to finish its realm-breakthrough—Bixuan Court was still waiting for her to concoct the Clear Sky Pills.

Mo Tiange placed Feifei inside the Prison Formation to let it continue with its realm-breakthrough on its own, then she sat down and meditated for some time. Once she finished adjusting her breath, she thought to herself then decided to sort out her magic weapons and magic tools.

She didn’t know why, but when she thought about starting the concoction process, the space between her eyebrows continuously pulsed.

Mo Tiange put on the Heaven and Earth Cloud-Silk Armor and the Cloud-Treading Boots then placed the White Silk Handkerchief, the Shuttle of Flying Apsara, the Enchanting Lantern, and the Land-Fleeing Ruler in easily-accessible spots. After a moment of hesitation, she also put the two stone sculpture puppets in her Qiankun Bag, just in case.

Once she finished her preparations, it was about time. Now that everything went smoothly with Feifei, she immediately exited the Virtual Sky World, allowing Feifei to continue on its progress slowly. After all, a realm-breakthrough wasn’t a matter that could finish within a day or two; it might even take half a year.

Not long after she came out, she heard Yi Qiu calling for her outside: “Senior Ye, are you ready?”

She withdrew the defensive formation she laid on the house then left the room. Yi Liu and Yi Qiu were already waiting for her outside.

“Alright. Let’s go.”


The three Core Formation elders were already waiting for her inside when she arrived at the concocting room. Mo Tiange stepped forward and greeted them: “Greetings to the three Elders.”

The three people nodded then Elder Qingyi said with a smile, “Little Friend Ye doesn’t have to be too polite—we’re counting on you today.”

With a smile, Mo Tiange cupped her hands towards them and directly went to examine the preparations, forgoing all other pleasantries.

“Fellow Daoist Ye.” Xia Qing suddenly appeared in front of Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange was naturally startled. Xia Qing looked beaten; her gaze was dull, and her voice also sounded hoarse.

“Fellow Daoist Xia, what happened to you?”

Xia Qing said while rubbing her eyes, “Nothing. I’m just too tired.”

“We’re going to concoct the pills today; shouldn’t you have rested properly yesterday?”

Wei Haolan walked over from the side, chuckling. “Junior Martial Sister Xia has been busy preparing the materials for the past few days and she was too excited yesterday, so she hasn’t been able to enter a meditative state, so this is the result.”

Mo Tiange was stunned. She thought only mortals would be like this; no matter how excited a cultivator was, they could immediately enter a meditative state with a little bit of self-control, especially since Xia Qing was only a Foundation Building cultivator. Ay~ this Xia Qing was too obsessed with pill-concocting.

Xia Qing said, “Once I thought about concocting the Clear Sky Pills, I couldn’t calm myself down. Well, forget it. Today, I’ll just be an observer. The most important thing is still watching Fellow Daoist Ye concoct the pills.”

Helpless, Mo Tiange said, “In that case, Fellow Daoist Xia can stay on the side and watch.”

Xia Qing nodded, picked up her spirits then continued directing other disciples in their work.

Wei Haolan came closer to Mo Tiange. “Fellow Daoist Ye, please take a look and see if anything else is lacking with the preparations. If everything looks okay, we can begin now.”

Mo Tiange briefly examined the medicinal plants and pill furnace prepared for her. She mumbled to herself for some time then laid a simple Spirit-Gathering Formation around the pill furnace. “Alright, we can start.”

There seemed to be a hint of astonishment in Wei Haolan’s face when she saw Mo Tiange’s Spirit-Gathering Formation. Nevertheless, she nodded then went to invite the three elders.

“Fellow Daoist Xia.”

Xia Qing came over immediately after hearing Mo Tiange’s call. “Fellow Daoist Ye, is there anything wrong?”

“Tell the cultivators with no tasks to step out—we’re going to start in a moment.”

“Sure! Sure!” Xia Qing was thrilled. She directly turned around and rushed towards the part-time disciples, shouting loudly, “That’ll do! Go and wait outside! You mustn’t come in no matter what.”

“Yes.” It was such a rare opportunity for them to see the concoction process for high-grade Core Formation realm medicinal pills, yet they weren’t allowed to watch—the part-time disciples naturally felt unwilling, but they didn’t dare disobey. They left, following Xia Qing’s orders.

Soon after, Elder Qingxi came over. “Little Friend Ye, what should I do now?”

Mo Tiange said, “Please sit here, Senior. You only need to use your Dantian Real Fire.”

Elder Qingxi nodded then sat cross-legged next to the pill furnace.

Mo Tiange eventually lifted her gaze. She saw that Elder Qingmiao was also sitting cross-legged on the side, but Elder Qingyi was walking towards the door.

In her confusion, Mo Tiange pulled Wei Haolan aside then asked in a whisper, “Sect Head Wei, what’s Elder Qingyi doing?”

Wei Haolan said, “The elders have decided. Elder Qingyi will be on guard while the other two elders will take turns providing you with the concocting fire.”

“Oh,” Mo Tiange said with a nod, “The elders thought things through thoroughly. It’d naturally be best if there’s always an elder on guard.” In any case, two elders were already sufficient to provide Mo Tiange with their concocting fire.

Wei Haolan nodded. “Fellow Daoist Ye may start; I won’t keep you any longer.”

“En.” Mo Tiange turned around and said to Elder Qingxi, “Senior, let’s begin.”

Elder Qingxi put her palms together, moved her spiritual aura, then made a pushing movement with her right hand. A thread of spiritual aura gushed out of her right palm; it immediately turned into Dantian Real Fire, which went straight towards the bottom of the pill furnace.

A Core Formation cultivator’s Dantian Real Fire was many times better than the original Earthly Fire used there, so the pill furnace practically warmed up in an instant.

Mo Tiange opened the pill furnace and quickly threw in several kinds of spiritual plants. Right afterward, she closed the pill furnace again, focusing to sense the condition of the spiritual plants inside the furnace with her divine sense.

Several kinds of spiritual plants quickly transformed into liquids and blended together, emitting a strong medicinal fragrance. Although the process wasn’t as fast as if she used Sun Real Fire, this was still many times faster than if she had used the original Earthly Fire there.

In fact, if she concocted Clear Sky Pills using her Purple Wooden Furnace, she would probably finish in half a day. However, she mustn’t take out her Purple Wooden Furnace. Not to mention the fact that it was a magic weapon used by a Deification cultivator, but just the Sunstone sealed inside it alone was very precious.

Inside the pill furnace, several kinds of medicinal liquids were changing violently. Mo Tiange sat cross-legged and closed her eyes, but her divine sense was never lax even for a brief moment as she followed the changes happening inside closely.

At that moment, with Elder Qingyi guarding outside and the part-time disciples driven away, only five people remained inside the concocting room. Mo Tiange was engrossed in paying attention to the situation inside the pill furnace and Elder Qingxi was focused on employing her Dantian Real Fire, while Elder Qingmiao, Wei Haolan, and Xia Qing were all watching the progress attentively.

With the slow passage of time, Elder Qingxi’s complexion gradually turned pale. She had now employed her Dantian Real Fire for almost six hours, so she had consumed a lot of spiritual aura.

Mo Tiange opened her eyes and immediately noticed this situation. She then said, “Senior Qingmiao, please come and take Elder Qingxi’s place.”

Upon hearing what she said, Elder Qingmiao stood up and walked over. She sat next to Elder Qingxi then used her spiritual aura to emit her Dantian Real Fire.

In the split second Elder Qingmiao’s Dantian Real Fire was about to touch the pill furnace, Elder Qingxi’s withdrew hers. Then with Wei Haolan’s assistance, she sat by the side and started meditating to recover her spiritual aura.

Mo Tiange monitored the situation for a moment and noticed that Elder Qingmiao’s and Elder Qingxi’s Dantian Real Fires were very similar. This was actually better than what she expected. Although the effects of a discrepancy in the fire weren’t major, it’d be better if concocting fires were as stable as possible. That way, they could avoid uncontrollable situations such as variations occurring during spiritual plant transformations.

“Seniors, you can decide amongst yourselves when you want to switch turns. It’d be best if you didn’t wait until your spiritual aura’s completely exhausted before you switched. That way, you’ll have a slightly easier time when you recover your spiritual aura.”

Elder Qingmiao grunted in response then once again immersed herself in employing her Dantian Real Fire.

Mo Tiange, who sensed that the materials inside the furnace were more or less ready, opened the pill furnace then threw in most of the remaining materials. Immediately afterward, she quickly closed the furnace again and sat on the side, starting to form numerous hand seals with her hands.

It was quite simple to concoct Soul-Solidifying Pills. Clear Sky Pills, however, were considered high-grade medicinal pills—many hand seals were needed during the concocting process. Mo Tiange formed one incomparably complicated hand seal after another in succession. There were practically no pauses between her movements; they flowed naturally and smoothly just like moving clouds and flowing water, causing Xia Qing, who was watching from the side, to widen her eyes in amazement.

Such a complicated set of hand seals certainly had to be studied and practiced for a long time before one could use them proficiently. Xia Qing admitted that her skills were still lacking, but she really wondered how skilled at concocting Fellow Daoist Ye was—Fellow Daoist Ye wasn’t a concoctions master who specialized in concocting medicinal pills, yet Fellow Daoist Ye was much more proficient than her!

In fact, Mo Tiange’s proficiency came from countless practice. Her concocting skills were extremely ordinary, but she concocted many high-grade medicinal pills, thus allowing her to practice her hand seal formation skills.

Back then, she also watched Qin Xi’s technique in forming hand seals and at that time, she also gasped in amazement. After she started concocting on her own, she finally realized that she had underestimated him. For him to possess that kind of exquisite seal-forming skill, remember complicated hand seals after only looking at them one time, and possess much more advanced concocting skills than her… How could these possibly be achieved by an ordinary cultivator who just advanced to the Foundation Building realm?

She sighed in her heart, but she then closed her eyes and once again focused her attention on sensing the situation inside the pill furnace.