Lady Cultivator - Chapter 203 - Receiving a Spiritual Beast

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Chapter 203: Receiving a Spiritual Beast

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Once they finished discussing the business at hand, they continued on chatting for a while before Elder Qingmiao finally left.

Mo Tiange sighed with relief. Everything she said to Elder Qingmiao was half true and half false. Although she wasn’t worried Elder Qingmiao would treat her harshly, it was still hard for her to feel at ease in front of a Core Formation cultivator.

The moment Elder Qingmiao left, Yi Liu and Yi Qiu came over. “Senior Ye.”

“En,” Mo Tiange said while wiping her face, “Why did you guys take so long?”

Yi Liu said, “Junior came back earlier, but because Elder Qingmiao was here, Junior didn’t dare to interrupt your conversation.”

Although that might be the case, it was very likely that she was already back when Hua Yilin was here but didn’t dare to enter. After all, despite the fact that the Sect Head’s official hall was far, she shouldn’t have taken this long. Nevertheless, Mo Tiange didn’t blame them. They were Bixuan Court disciples after all—they definitely mustn’t offend an elder’s descendant.

“Have you talked to Sect Head Wei?”

Yi Liu answered, “Junior already explained to the Sect Head, and she told me to invite Senior to her hall to talk.”

Originally, she wanted to see Wei Haolan to talk about her departure, but now that Elder Qingmiao said those things to her, she no longer needed to talk about it. However, Elder Qingmiao’s request ought to be discussed with Wei Haolan too. After all, the elders just made the request; some of the things related to the implementation of the request still had to be handled by the Sect Head.

Mo Tiange said, “En, let’s go.” Moreover, she thought she better tell Wei Haolan about Tang Shen. In case something really happened, she didn’t want to be dragged into the matter.

She walked silently. When she arrived at the hall, Wei Haolan was already waiting for her. Wei Haolan, who saw her arriving, affectionately came forward to welcome her. “Fellow Daoist Ye, I’m very sorry for making you wait a long time; I was hindered by some daily affairs.”

Smiling, Mo Tiange returned her greeting. “Sect Head Wei’s too polite. You weren’t making me wait; on the contrary, it’s me who came late.”

Wei Haolan invited her to enter, and they sat on the master and guest seats respectively. A maid came in bringing their tea. In the several months Mo Tiange had been there, Bixuan Court always provided her with excellent treatment as their guest.

Once the two of them took their seats, Wei Haolan said with a smile, “I have some idea as to why Fellow Daoist Ye’s was looking for me today, but… Fellow Daoist Ye must’ve already seen my group’s Elder Qingmiao, right?”

Mo Tiange answered honestly, “Yes, I originally came to take my leave, but it’s no longer needed now.”

Wei Haolan seemed to have long been aware of Elder Qingmiao’s plan, so when she heard Mo Tiange’s answer, she immediately said, “It seems Fellow Daoist Ye’s accepted Elder Qingmiso’s request.”

Mo Tiange nodded. “Since Elder Qingmiao asked me sincerely, I can only trespass on Sect Head Wei’s hospitality for several more days.”

Wei Haolan smiled in delight. “What’s Fellow Daoist Ye saying? Everyone in the group will be happy if you stay longer. But… Is there anything Fellow Daoist Ye wants us to prepare for this matter? If there’s anything that’s not to your taste, please don’t hesitate to tell us.”

“About this…” Mo Tiange mused. Regarding concocting-related matters that weren’t to her taste, there were a lot. For example, the spiritual aura in the location where the concocting room was located wasn’t abundant enough, the grade of the pill furnace wasn’t high enough, the Earthly Fire wasn’t good enough… Nevertheless, Bixuan Court didn’t have what it took to fulfill her requirements.

“Sect Head Wei, the Earthly Fire in your concocting room can be used to concoct other medicinal pills, but it’s not quite good enough to concoct Clear Sky Pills. A better concocting fire should increase the odds of successful concoction.”

“Oh?” Wei Haolan promptly said, “What concocting fire does Fellow Daoist Ye think we should use instead? If we can find it, I’ll definitely dispatch the force of my entire group to find it for you.”

Mo Tiange smiled. “That won’t be necessary. When we talk about concocting fire, the most common one is naturally cultivators’ Dantian Real Fire, and after that are the external fires which include Earthly Fire and Heavenly Fire. The best ones among them are the Three Great Real Fires—Sun Real Fire, Polar Real Fire, and Samadhi Real Fire. Among these three, the easiest to come by is Polar Real Fire; it exists naturally once an Earthly Fire vein has reached a certain grade. However, this isn’t something that can show up just because one wants one to. Therefore, after thinking this through, I can only ask the three Core Formation elders to help me.”

Puzzled, Wei Haolan asked, “What do the three elders need to do to find a good concocting fire?”

“We don’t need to search,” Mo Tiange said as she shook her head. “We can only come across Sun Real Fire by chance, and it’s been years since Samadhi Real Fire was last seen—the Three Great Real Fires aren’t something we can find immediately. The only fire that can create comparable results to that of the Three Great Real Fires is the Dantian Real Fire of high-level cultivators. Although the concocting fire of Core Formation cultivators isn’t as good as the Three Great Real Fires, it’s still a lot better than the Earthly Fire currently in use in your concocting room—it should be enough to concoct Clear Sky Pills.”

“Oh, I see.” Wei Haolan understood her meaning and said, “So Fellow Daoist Ye wants to ask the three elders to use their Dantian Real Fires to assist you in concocting?”

“Yes.” Mo Tiange nodded. “Of course, the three elders can take turns resting. According to my estimates, even if this method will take a bit longer, three days should be enough.”

“This…” Wei Haolan looked conflicted. She pondered the matter for a moment then asked, “Fellow Daoist Ye, the three elders have the highest cultivation levels at Bixuan Court; normally, nobody dares to offend us because the three of them are here—if all of them were preoccupied with this matter…”

“I understand what Sect Head Wei means,” Mo Tiange said with a smile, “That’s why I said the three elders could take turns. Having one elder providing me with her Dantian Real Fire at a time will suffice.”

“Then what about the state of their spiritual aura consumption? When an elder supplies you with Dantian Real Fire, would the other two elders be in recovery?”

Mo Tiange shook her head. “Rest assured, Sect Head Wei. According to my estimates, when an elder exhausts her spiritual aura, another elder should be finished recovering. If they take Restorative Panaceas, their recovering speeds will be even quicker.”

“Oh, I see…” In that case, there would always be an elder on standby with full spiritual aura. Wei Haolan, who now felt relieved, smiled and said, “This matter’s easy; I’ll personally explain it to the three elders in a bit. But aside from this, does Fellow Daoist Ye have any other requests?”

Mo Tiange thought for some time but eventually shook her head. “For the time being, I don’t.”

Her answer made Wei Haolan sigh with relief. This single requirement of hers required help from the three Core Formation cultivators; if she had any other requirements, Wei Haolan really didn’t know whether she could accomplish them or not.

“That being the case, Fellow Daoist Ye should use these next few days to rest properly. In a few days, the materials will be ready, and I’ll call Fellow Daoist Ye to examine them.”

Mo Tiange nodded. She indeed had to rest for a few days and bring her body up to its optimal state; that way, she would be able to sense things more acutely. But… Mo Tiange looked conflicted, but in the end, she still said, “Sect Head Wei, there’s one other matter I’m not sure whether I should tell you or not.”

“Oh? What matter?” Wei Haolan felt a bit suspicious upon seeing Mo Tiange’s expression.

Mo Tiange said, “Just now, Fellow Daoist Tang Shen from your group asked me whether or not it’s possible for me to take him when I leave.”

“Huh?” Wei Haolan was dumbfounded but soon felt alarmed. Her sharp gaze was instantly fixated on Mo Tiange.

Knowing that Wei Haolan misunderstood her, Mo Tiange sighed then continued on: “I know Fellow Daoist Tang’s the beloved descendant of the elder in your group, so I refused. Please pardon me, Sect Head Wei, but Fellow Daoist Tang has never traveled outside before… If he wants someone to take him, he should’ve chosen his fellow disciples—it’s not good for me to get involved with this.”

Wei Haolan was a very perceptive person, so she immediately caught Mo Tiange’s meaning. A smile quickly formed on her face. “Fellow Daoist Ye’s too polite. This matter was presumably mentioned by Junior Martial Brother Tang out of impulse—it was inappropriate, so it was only right for Fellow Daoist Ye to refuse.”

Since Wei Haolan understood her meaning, Mo Tiange also smiled and said, “Alright, since I told Sect Head Wei about this matter, I’m going to go back and rest now. As for the other odds and ends, I’ll have to bother Sect Head Wei to deal with them.”

“Of course. Fellow Daoist Ye, please.” Wei Haolan amiably saw her out.

Upon returning to the guest house, the maid called Liusu was already waiting for Mo Tiange outside. She was carrying a pure white-furred spiritual beast in her arms. It didn’t possess much spiritual aura—it seemed to only be a first rank beast.

The moment she saw Mo Tiange, Liusu bowed and saluted her. “Senior Ye, Junior was ordered by grandmaster to bring the Feifei over.”

“No need to be too polite.” Mo Tiange looked at the Feifei Liusu was carrying then asked curiously, “This is a Feifei? Why does it look like it’s just a first rank beast?”

Liusu answered, “Senior, this Feifei’s still a cub. It was just born when our grandmaster caught it not too long ago. Furthermore, the Feifeis originally aren’t spiritual beasts with prominent cultivation levels. The adult ones generally only reach the second or the third rank. However, they have a kind of mystical ability—they can coexist peacefully with other spiritual beasts no matter how fierce they are.”

“I see…” Mo Tiange reached out to caress this little, raccoon-like, kitten-sized beast. Its eyes were closed. Maybe it was sleeping, seeing as it wasn’t moving at all and just allowed others to pet it.

Liusu handed the Feifei over. “Senior Ye, this spiritual beast already hatched, so it can’t recognize a master. However, Senior can use divine comprehension to establish a contract with it, thus making it obey you.”

“A contract?” Mo Tiange said with a frown, “Aren’t contracts with spiritual beasts meant to be contracts to make them recognize us as their masters?”

Liusu seemed to be stunned by her question but she soon smiled and said, “Senior, do you not know that there’s another kind of spiritual beast contract which is a double-side contract?” When she saw Mo Tiange’s clueless look, Liusu proceeded to explain, “Senior’s understanding of spiritual beasts must be not too deep, right? If the spiritual beasts haven’t yet hatched, we can drop our blood to make them recognize us as their masters, but if they already hatched, we can establish a master-subordinate contract with them. However, this requires our divine comprehension to be stronger than the spiritual beast’s to work. In this kind of contract, not only will the spiritual beasts not harm their masters, but the masters also cannot harm the spiritual beasts.”

“Ah, so that’s the case…” Mo Tiange understood the general idea. Generally speaking, after a spiritual beast recognized its master, its whole self would belong to its master, including its life, while the master wouldn’t have any obligation to it. In this master-subordinate contract, however, the master could only order the spiritual beast to do what it was told, but this wasn’t equivalent to possessing the spiritual beast.

Now that she understood, Mo Tiange asked, “Miss, is it possible for you to tell me how to establish a master-subordinate contract?”

Liusu smiled. “This isn’t a secret technique or anything, so of course I can.” She then proceeded to explain everything about establishing a contract in detail. In the end, she added: “Senior should rest assured; this master-subordinate contract can always be removed. Elder Qingmiao already removed the contract she placed, so Senior can establish a new contract with the Feifei.”

“I understand; please help me relay my thanks to your grandmaster.”

Liusu handed her a Jade Slip containing information on how to raise a Feifei then bowed and withdrew from the guest house.

Once Liusu left, both Yi Liu and Yi Qiu came and surrounded her.

“So this is Feifei! How cute!”

“True; it looks just like a raccoon dog but much cuter!”

The two of them had been with Mo Tiange for quite some time, so they already knew her character well and dared to get close.

Seeing how the two of them were acting made Mo Tiange chuckle. “Don’t tell me you two have also never seen a Feifei before?”

“But it’s true,” Yi Qiu finally lifted her gaze from the Feifei and said, “Feifeis are incredibly rare. Although they don’t have any attack power, their skills in looking for spiritual objects is quite good and furthermore, they look so cute. Every time one appears on the market, their prices are always extremely high—how could we possibly have the money to buy one?”

Yi Qiu continued on: “Even if we had the money, we wouldn’t be able to buy one. How could we possibly buy one when even the Sect Head doesn’t have one?”


In that case, this Feifei was indeed rare. Elder Qingmiao really made a sacrifice just to get in her good books.