Lady Cultivator - Chapter 191 - Bixuan Court

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Chapter 191: Bixuan Court

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When Mo Tiange walked out of the restaurant, she already had a destination. She walked straight following the main street and as she expected, she soon saw a very luxurious restaurant called Blue Cloud Building.

Right after she entered the restaurant, a waiter immediately came over to greet her with a big smile on his face. “Fairy, please head upstairs, please head upstairs.”

Mo Tiange nodded then followed the waiter upstairs until she reached the third floor.

As soon as she stepped onto the third floor, she immediately felt several gazes falling on her.

She examined the surrounding situation discreetly.

The third floor was a bit less gorgeous but was also a bit more graceful than the floors below. About five or six mahogany tables were placed in this spacious room, and there was some distance between each table as well as plants as partitions—it looked extremely elegant.

Right now, three of the tables were already occupied by guests who were all cultivators. All of them were males, and their cultivation levels were all in the Aura Refining realm.

Mo Tiange pondered this situation. Bixuan Court could be considered a small or medium-sized cultivation group after all, so if individual cultivators were able to cultivate until the Foundation Building realm, they would’ve most likely been scouted long ago even though they were male cultivators.

On the first table were two middle-aged men who were chatting loudly with each other. When they saw her, they took another brief look at her in astonishment but soon looked away and continued to chat with each other.

On the second table, both young and old cultivators were present, chatting idly. When they saw her coming up, their gazes were immediately fixated on her, seemingly trying to guess her origin.

The third table was occupied by three raucous young men. They seemed to be the children of some cultivation families because they didn’t look as impoverished as individual cultivators.

“Fairy, this way please.” The waiter led Mo Tiange towards an empty table. Once Mo Tiange took a seat, he swiftly offered her tea then asked, “Fairy, what would you like to order?”

Mo Tiange gave it some thought before answering: “Some refreshments would be good.”

“Sure, sure,” the waiter said compliantly, “Fairy, please wait for a moment—the refreshments will be arriving soon.”

The waiter then went downstairs. As for Mo Tiange, she raised the teacup and started to drink leisurely.

The manager of the small restaurant from earlier told her that in Linhai Town, cultivators and mortals lived together. Mortals were extremely reverent towards cultivators, so cultivators enjoyed enormous privileges there. In Linhai Town, no matter whether it was Bixuan Court disciples or individual cultivators, all were treated with the utmost respect by all mortals. The mortals even went as far as to prepare some facilities specifically for cultivators, just like the third floor of this Blue Cloud Building for example.

This was Linhai Town’s biggest restaurant; reportedly, the boss had a very good relationship with the fairies of Bixuan Court. The third floor of this Blue Cloud Building was only open for cultivators. All cultivators, even those who were just in the first layer of the Aura Refining realm, could eat and drink here completely free of charge. Therefore, whether it was the disciples of Bixuan Court or the children of a cultivation clan or perhaps individual cultivators, every cultivator in the vicinity of Linhai Town would always come to Blue Cloud Building whenever they had spare time to hang out and exchange news with each other.

After Mo Tiange learned about this, she no longer said much more and directly went to this place.

The reason why she didn’t ask the manager about everything she wanted to know directly was because the manager was a mortal—some news was comparably more reliable when heard from cultivators.

As she sat here now, she had long sized up everyone on the three other tables. She was wearing the Spirit-Concealing Pendant, so she could deliberately suppress her cultivation level, allowing others to sense her cultivation level as being in the Aura Refining realm and at the same time rendering others incapable of examining her realm further. Among the roughly eight to nine cultivators currently present in the room, the highest cultivation level they had among them was the sixth layer of the Aura Refining realm, so they couldn’t detect anything off about her.

Not too long after the waiter went downstairs, the youngsters on the third table glanced at each other. Immediately afterward, one of them stood up and walked towards her.

“Fellow Daoist, my name’s Wei Ziming, pleased to meet you.”

Mo Tiange pretended to have just noticed him. She stood up and cupped her hands in greeting. “My name’s Ye Xiaotian. Greetings to Fellow Daoist Wei.”

Upon seeing her returning his greetings politely, delight flashed across Wei Ziming’s face as he once again cupped his hands. “So it’s Miss Ye.”

Just now he called her “Fellow Daoist” but now it suddenly changed into “Miss.” Mo Tiange smiled, unperturbed, “Fellow Daoist Wei’s too courteous. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh, it’s actually like this.” Mo Tiange’s approachableness made a smile blossom widely on Wei Ziming’s face. “Is Miss perhaps all alone? If you are, since we were fated to meet, how about we discuss the path towards immortality?”

Mo Tiange sat there precisely because she was waiting for someone to take the initiative to talk to her, so once she heard what Wei Ziming said, it took her only a moment of thought before she smiled and answered, “Since Fellow Daoist Wei has kind intentions, how could I refuse? Sitting here by myself is boring, so I better accept Fellow Daoist’s invitation.”

Wei Ziming was delighted. “Miss, please come to our table here.” He then shouted loudly, “Waiter! Upstairs!”

A burst of “thump, thump, thump” noises of hurried footsteps rang out. Soon after, a waiter ran upstairs, and he happened to be carrying Mo Tiange’s refreshment in his hands.

Wei Ziming waved his hand and said, “Clear up our table and prepare new, fresh food for us.”

The waiter’s eyes traveled around. He understood what was going on with one look and immediately nodded and bowed compliantly. “Yes, yes.” He then put the refreshments on the side, tidied up the three people’s tables then went downstairs again.

Since the third floor was arranged specifically for cultivators, the waiters were naturally attentive. Very quickly, several people went up, serving all kinds of hot and cold delicacies and wine—cultivators gradually cut themselves off worldly food only after they reached the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm; none of these people had reached the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm yet, so they naturally still ate and drank like mortals.

“Miss Ye, please,” Wei Ziming said with a smile. The two other young cultivators at his table also stood up; both showed a very kind bearing.

Mo Tiange saluted the two of them briefly before she sat down.

As soon as she took her seat, Wei Ziming attentively poured some wine for her. “Miss Ye, let me give you an introduction first—these are my two fellow Daoists, Huang Zhifeng and Yue Yang.”

Mo Tiange’s eyes fell on those two people. Wei Ziming gave off a rather romantic young master’s vibe, and while Huang Zhifeng was less graceful than him, he was more charming. As for Yue Yang, he was very bashful and seemed to be the youngest among them—he seemed to still be in his teens.

Among the three of them, the one whose cultivation level was the highest was Wei Ziming. He was in the fifth layer of the Aura Refining realm while the other two were both in the fourth layer.

She made some conjectures inwardly. These three people were undoubtedly children of cultivation clans. She had quite a lot of experience now, so she generally wouldn’t make mistakes in appraising others.

“My name’s Ye Xiaotian; greetings to Fellow Daoists.” She politely raised her hand to salute them.

Her attitude seemed to have flattered the two of them. The two of them quickly saluted her back while repeatedly saying: “We don’t dare.”

Mo Tiange was a bit baffled by their reaction. Even if her apparent cultivation level was higher than theirs, she suppressed it until only about the seventh layer of the Aura Refining realm; they didn’t need to act like this…

Once the four of them finished exchanging greetings, Wei Ziming lifted his cup while saying with a smile, “May I know which Bixuan Court’s fairy Miss Ye’s master is?”

Mo Tiange chuckled then said faintly, “I’m not a disciple of Bixuan Court.”

“Ah?” What she said stunned the three people. Wei Ziming only blinked his eyes as if he could hardly believe her. He stuttered, “Miss… you, you have this kind of cultivation level; how could you possibly not be a Bixuan Court disciple?”

With a smile, Mo Tiange said, “To be honest, I’m an individual cultivator from Kunwu. I came here by accident, but I have no idea as to how to leave.”

While Mo Tiange spoke, she secretly observed their responses. However, she only saw the three of them showing amazed expressions.

Huang Zhifeng cast a glance at his companions then asked, “Miss Ye, you’re not from our Linhai region?”

Mo Tiange nodded. “I’m not.”

The three people looked at each other; there was both surprise and delight in their eyes. In the end, Wei Ziming spoke again, and he seemed very excited this time. “It’s really never crossed my mind that Miss Ye was actually a foreigner! Foreigners rarely come to Linhai region, and it’s also very hard for us to leave. Miss Ye, how did you come to Linhai?”

A faint smile emerged on Mo Tiange’s face. “I came through a Transporting Formation.”

“A Transporting Formation!?” the three people exclaimed in surprise. Soon after, Huang Zhifeng said anxiously, “Miss, do you know a place with a Transporting Formation that can connect Linhai and Kunwu? It’s not Bixuan Court’s Transporting Formation, right?”

“Fellow Daoists misunderstood me.” After seeing their responses, Mo Tiange already had an idea of the situation. “I came here through a Transporting Formation with random destinations; it wasn’t a Transporting Formation with a fixed destination.”

“Oh…” Once she said that, the three of them simultaneously looked disappointed.

Mo Tiange glanced at them; her mind was starting to understand what was going on. In the beginning, these three people thought she was a disciple of Bixuan Court, so they were very cordial and polite towards her. Due to the huge influence Bixuan Court had over Linhai, the status of female cultivators here was much higher than that of male cultivators, so these three people intended to befriend her. At the same time, because Bixuan Court female disciples had always been proud, they were quite flattered with how she treated them.

Later, when she said she wasn’t a disciple of Bixuan Court, these three people weren’t at all disappointed. Instead, they seemed surprised and excited. She could guess why. The female disciples of Bixuan Court were most likely too haughty and as it happened, practically all the mortal women born with spiritual roots in Linhai would join Bixuan Court, so these three people rarely met female cultivators they could get close to, hence the surprise and delight.

Ultimately, when they learned she came from outside, the first thing they asked about was the Transporting Formation, and they even looked extremely disappointed once they heard there was no Transporting Formation in Linhai. Apparently, the cultivators here were also trapped within this small area and weren’t able to leave, and because of that, they were very interested in Transporting Formations.

That being the case, Linhai’s cultivators also didn’t have any effective way of leaving—presumably, it wouldn’t be easy for her to go back to Kunwu without going through Bixuan Court.

The moment her mind finished contemplating the situation, Mo Tiange put on a perfectly astonished expression.”Could it be that in this place, there’s no Transporting Formation to leave? Or perhaps other ways out?”

Huang Zhifeng shook his head then said with a bitter smile, “Miss Ye, we’ll be honest with you—our small Linhai area on the coast of the Eastern Sea is isolated from the rest of the world by the Demonic Mountain. To our west is the Devil Path region, and to our east is the sea; we simply have no way out of this place.”

The astonishment on Mo Tiange’s face became even stronger, and with that astonishment, there was also a touch of panic. “Then what should I do? I… I still have to go back to Kunwu…”

Yue Yang, who hadn’t said anything until now, suddenly spoke, “Miss Ye doesn’t have to worry. If you were a male cultivator, this would indeed be a rather difficult situation. However, you’re a woman—you definitely can ask Bixuan Court for help.”

“En?” Mo Tiange put on a puzzled look. “What does Fellow Daoist Yue mean? Does Bixuan Court have a Transporting Formation?”

Wei Ziming took over but instead of answering, he asked, “Miss Ye, do you know about the matters related to the cultivation world in Linhai?”

Mo Tiange nodded. “When I arrived, I already asked around, so I know a bit about it.”

Wei Ziming continued on: “In Linhai, the only cultivation group present is Bixuan Court, and it’s a cultivation group for female cultivators.” After reaching this point, a hint of embarrassment emerged on his face. “Because of that, female cultivators have a slightly higher status than male cultivators do. Every female cultivator can join Bixuan Court as long as they possess spiritual roots, but it’s a different case for us male cultivators. Only male cultivators with excellent spiritual roots or high cultivation levels will have a chance of being accepted as outer disciples by Bixuan Court. In addition, it’s only after they perform Dual Cultivation with one of the female disciples that they can be considered genuine Bixuan Court disciples. This also applies to cultivators from outside Linhai region. All these years, although it’s rarely happened, foreign cultivators have indeed shown up here sometimes. If they were female cultivators, then they were either recruited by Bixuan Court or they paid a certain price for Bixuan Court to transport them out of Linhai. Nevertheless, male cultivators don’t have such luck—they have to pay an even bigger cost if they want to leave Linhai. Therefore, Miss Ye, you can definitely ask Bixuan Court for help—maybe they’ll be willing to let you leave.”

Mo Tiange was silent for a while but she eventually nodded. “So that’s how things are. Many thanks to Fellow Daoists for the information.”

After hesitating for a bit, Huang Zhifeng said, “Miss Ye, your cultivation level is higher than ours; I think Bixuan Court’s definitely going to try to recruit you. If you’re only an individual cultivator in Kunwu, it’d be better for you to join Bixuan Court. Bixuan Court’s a cultivation group for female cultivators, so it indeed provides much care to its female disciples. If you join Bixuan Court, maybe you’d be able to build your foundation.”

Mo Tiange showed an awkward expression. “But I want to go back to Kunwu…”

Wei Ziming said, “Miss Ye, if you don’t want to join Bixuan Court and instead want to return to Kunwu, I think I better warn you about something first.” Once he reached this point, he suddenly stopped to make sure there was a Sound-Insulating Barrier around them before continuing. “Bixuan Court’s influence in Linhai is enormous; they always mean what they say. If they really wanted to recruit you and you ended up angering them because you don’t comply… no good will come from that.”

Wei Ziming spoke very tactfully, but Mo Tiange could sense the warning in his words. It seemed her initial guess was right—Bixuan Court wasn’t just very powerful, but they were also very tyrannical in handling things, so she mustn’t rashly offend them.

After some thought, she smiled and said, “Fellow Daoists, thank you for warning me. Are all of you cultivators from the area? Could it be that you’ve never left this place?”

Huang Zhifeng smiled wryly. “Miss, truth be told, we came from local, small cultivation clans. However, not to mention us, but even none of the elders in our clans ever left this place. Ay~ It’s all because of Linhai’s unusual terrain that most of our Linhai’s cultivators never leave their whole lives. But what can we do? Only Bixuan Court has a method of leaving this place, but they’re not willing to open the Transporting Formation to the public.”

Wei Ziming then said with a sigh, “Our greatest wish is to cultivate until the tenth layer of the Aura Refining realm so we can join Bixuan Court, succeed in building our foundation then perform Dual Cultivation with Bixuan Court female disciples. This is the only way we’ll get a chance to leave this place.”

Yue Yang had a wistful look on his face when he spoke: “According to what my father told me, our Yue Clan had an ancestor who once left Linhai, and when he came back, he told the younger generation that the world outside was very big. He first talked about Kunwu, a long mountain range spreading about thousands of miles from east to west. Aura Refining cultivators like us would have to walk for more than half a year to go from one end to the other! There are also many cultivation clans outside. My ancestor said that outside, high level cultivators are mostly male cultivators. Female cultivators, on the other hand…” Yue Yang suddenly stopped and dropped the subject, casting an apologetic look at Mo Tiange. “Miss Ye, please don’t mind me. I was talking without thinking thoroughly.”

Mo Tiange chuckled. “It doesn’t matter. What Fellow Daoist Yue said is true. In Kunwu, high level cultivators are predominantly male cultivators.”

Seeing that she really didn’t take offense at what he said, Yue Yang smiled gratefully. He then asked, “Miss Ye, you’re from Kunwu; can you tell us a bit about the outside world?”

“Oh, well… Fellow Daoists, what do you want to know?”

Upon seeing that she was willing to talk about the outside world, the three people’s eyes brightened in an instant. Wei Ziming asked, “Miss Ye, how big is Kunwu? Are there really countless cultivation groups? How many cultivators are in the biggest ones? Do they have a lot of Nascent Soul cultivators?”

Wei Ziming was really impatient—he actually asked a bunch of questions in one go!

Smiling, Mo Tiange said, “No need to be anxious, Fellow Daoist Wei—let me think first. En… How big is Kunwu… I don’t know either, but Foundation Building cultivators would have to fly for about a couple months to travel from east to west. As for Aura Refining cultivators, it’s indeed like Fellow Daoist Yue said; it’d take them more than half a year. That being the case, it should be at least several thousand miles but it’s probably more. Regarding the cultivation groups in Kunwu, there are roughly several hundred of them. The majority are just small cultivation groups which might have only about several hundred disciples, and the foundation Building realm is usually the highest cultivation level they have among them. Big cultivation groups, on the other hand, might easily have several thousand Aura Refining disciples, hundreds of Foundation Building disciples, and also several Nascent Soul cultivators.”

“Wow, they have so many people!” Yue Yang exclaimed, “Bixuan Court only has about a thousand disciples, and they only have several dozen Foundation Building disciples…”

“Really?” Mo Tiange took this opportunity and asked, “Then does Bixuan Court have any Core Formation cultivators?”

Yue Yang nodded. “Bixuan Court currently has three Core Formation cultivators.”

“Oh… In that case, in Kunwu it would only be considered a small or medium cultivation group.” Three Core Formation cultivators didn’t count for much in Kunwu. Back then, Yunwu Sect even had about seven or eight Core Formation cultivators, but it was also just a medium cultivation group. If that kind of medium cultivation group had a Nascent Soul cultivator, they could grow into a big cultivation group. If they didn’t, however, they could only maintain their status as a medium cultivation group.

Wei Ziming and the others were completely amazed to hear her talking so lightly about Bixuan Court. “Bixuan Court wouldn’t be considered a big cultivation group in Kunwu? What do Kunwu’s big cultivation groups look like? Do they have to have Nascent Soul cultivators to be considered a big group?”

Mo Tiange nodded. “Correct. Even slightly powerful medium cultivation groups all have Nascent Soul cultivators keeping watch over their groups, let alone big cultivation groups. I reckon in all of Kunwu, there must be about fifty to sixty Nascent Soul cultivators, and more than half of them are part of the seven great cultivation groups.”

“The seven great cultivation groups?” Huang Zhifeng said, “I once heard that among the seven great cultivation groups of the Celestial Pole, six of them are located in Kunwu. They’re extraordinarily powerful, and they also have a lot of Nascent Soul cultivators in their groups.”

Mo Tiange shook her head then said with a smile, “How can there be a lot of Nascent Soul cultivators? The Nascent Soul realm isn’t so easy to reach; even Tiandao Sect, which claims to be the greatest cultivation group in the Celestial Pole, only has no more than seven Nascent Soul cultivators, and that’s when they’re at their peak.”

“Seven Nascent Soul cultivators…” A yearnful look emerged on the three people’s faces. For them, Nascent Soul cultivators existed only in legends. It’d been a long time since there was a Nascent Soul cultivator in Bixuan Court. It was said that aside from the founder of Bixuan Court, there was only one other Nascent Soul cultivator who appeared about a thousand years ago. After that cultivator passed away, there had been no one else who could breakthrough into the Nascent Soul realm. There also weren’t many who could advance to the Core Formation realm either.

“Miss Ye, can you tell us more about the seven great cultivation groups?” If their original attitude towards her was considered polite, then their current attitude was already suffused with familiarity and the desire to fawn. Although these three were children of cultivation clans and Mo Tiange claimed to be an individual cultivator, they had been trapped in Linhai while Mo Tiange came from Kunwu—she’d seen much more of the world than they had.

With a smile, Mo Tiange said, “Sure, it’s no trouble.”

“The seven great cultivation groups of the Celestial Pole are: Tiandao Sect, Xuanqing School, Gujian Sect, Zhengfa Sect, Biyun Sect, Lingshou Sect, and Danding School. Among them, Zhengfa Sect is located in the northernmost glacial zone and only has one branch in Kunwu. Tiandao Sect is known as the greatest cultivation group. It has the most disciples compared to other cultivation groups; it has about six to seven thousand Aura Refining disciples…”

Mo Tiange talked about the outside world to them, but at the same time, she also gradually incorporated Bixuan Court into their conversation. Seeing how frank she was in her answers, the three people also talked about Bixuan Court to her without the slightest reservations.

Linhai couldn’t be considered large. It only had one big town, and there were only about 10,000 fishermen and farmers live in the surrounding area, so Bixuan Court’s scope also wasn’t big.

Including its outer disciples in the calculation, the total number of disciples Bixuan Court had barely reached a thousand. It had about thirty or forty Foundation Building disciples and three Core Formation cultivators. As for Nascent Soul cultivators, it’d been a long time since they had one. Among the three Core Formation cultivators, one was in the middle stage of the Core Formation realm, while the other two were both in the early stage of the Core Formation realm.

Bixuan Court’s conduct had always been tyrannical. Because they were the only cultivation group in this area, they were the only one as well as the biggest one, so they inevitably became haughty. Usually, they behaved as if they were high above everyone in their interactions with individual cultivators.

“Ay!” Wei Ziming sighed then said, “It’s a pity we can’t leave. If we could, I’d definitely look for a cultivation group and cultivate diligently—we certainly wouldn’t be pushed around by a group of women.”

Once she heard this, Mo Tiange’s gaze fell on Wei Ziming. “Fellow Daoist Wei, do you feel you’re being pushed around by women?”

Realizing that he said the wrong thing, Wei Ziming promptly smiled and said, “Miss Ye, please don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that… the way Bixuan Court handles things is indeed rather overbearing. Normally in Linhai, they have the last word, so I was just a bit…”

Mo Tiange smiled. She then said faintly, “Even if Bixuan Court wasn’t a cultivation group for female cultivators, would that make any difference? Those who possess enormous power would inevitably become overbearing; it isn’t specific to women.”

“Ye, Miss Ye’s right.” Wei Ziming also smiled. “I had a slip of the tongue.”

Mo Tiange waved her hand. “It doesn’t matter.” She took a brief pause then said with a sigh, “Aside from everything else, the Nascent Soul sovereign who founded Bixuan Court was really amazing. Women, when cultivating to become immortals, are always encumbered by their emotions, so they’re often not decisive enough. Nevertheless, this sovereign was actually able to establish such a foundation here—this is indeed hard to come by.”

These were her sincere thoughts. There were also female cultivation groups in Kunwu, but there weren’t any among them as powerful as Bixuan Court, and most of them were just small cultivation groups under the control of others. Bixuan Court was the only and biggest cultivation group here. Although the difficult terrain was a contributing factor, establishing such a cultivation group was still hard to achieve.

“True that.” Huang Zhifeng’s gaze was filled with admiration. “Although we dislike the way Bixuan Court handles things, regarding the sovereign who founded Bixuan Court, us people in Linhai don’t have any dissatisfaction at all.”

It wasn’t just Huang Zhifeng who held such sentiments. Yue Yang also nodded and said, “What Big Brother Huang said is correct. The sovereign who founded Bixuan Court is the beacon and idol in the hearts of Linhai cultivators.”

“Oh?” Mo Tiange’s interest was piqued. “Can Fellow Daoists tell me about her?”

Huang Zhifeng said, “If we’re going to talk about the founder of Bixuan Court, then we have to start from the origins of Linhai. A hundred thousand years ago, cultivators of the Righteous Path and the Devil Path in the Celestial Pole waged a war against each other. Eventually, the Devil Path was defeated; they moved to the north of the Demonic Mountain and no longer set foot in Kunwu. Once the Devil Path arrived in the northeast, they immediately moved over to a mountain range on the north side of the Demonic Mountain. This mountain range was completely covered by forests, had many mountains and valleys, and its terrain was extremely complicated. Coincidentally, the Eastern Sea only had a small piece of area attached to it, and this small area was perfectly squeezed between that mountain range and the Eastern Sea, hence forming an isolated land. To its east was the sea, to its west was the mountain range where the Devil Path existed, while there were no passable roads to the south and north.”

“… The people of Linhai lived like that for several thousand of years, completely isolated from other areas of the Celestial Pole. Here, the cultivation techniques aren’t complete, resources are limited, and there are no high level cultivators. Even when someone talented shows up, it’s very hard for them to make some achievements. Even pill-concocting and tool-refining also gradually died out. Once in a while, there were also cultivators who came to Linhai by accident, and they’d pass a few cultivation techniques and the Law of Pill-Concocting and Tool-Refining to us.”

Huang Zhifeng drank his tea before continuing. “Approximately 10,000 years ago, a female cultivator also accidentally arrived in this place. What made her different from the others was that her cultivation level was extremely high as she was a Nascent Soul cultivator. At that time, even Foundation Building cultivators were rarely seen in Linhai—there were only one or two of them in total—but all of a sudden, we had a Nascent Soul cultivator, so every cultivator in Linhai naturally viewed her as their most respected one. That person was the Nascent Soul sovereign who founded Bixuan Court, Primordial Lady Bishui.”

“When we said Primordial Lady Bishui was amazing, we weren’t talking about how she founded Bixuan Court here; with her status as a Nascent Soul cultivator, founding a cultivation group here was too easy. What was amazing about her was that not only did she found a cultivation group, but she also established Linhai Town. She even created a Transporting Formation, enabling us people of Linhai to finally go to other places in the Celestial Pole through the Transporting Formation!”

“Correct.” Wei Ziming nodded. “As for why she set up a cultivation group for female cultivators, people said Primordial Lady Bishui once saved a female cultivator who was treated as a Human Furnace by Kunwu’s cultivators and because of that, she founded Bixuan Court.”

“So that was what happened…” Mo Tiange muttered as she became lost in her thoughts. It was no wonder that in Bixuan Court, female cultivators were honored while the male cultivators had low statuses… so this was actually the reason. If this was indeed the case, then not only was that Primordial Lady Bishui worthy of respect, but other Bixuan Court disciples also weren’t tyrannical. Their senior was once treated as a Human Furnace by male cultivators; they naturally wouldn’t be nice to male cultivators.

Thinking about it made her even feel some respect for them. It must’ve been hard for those female cultivators to ultimately strive to improve themselves and stand on their own feet.