Lady Cultivator - Chapter 159 - Killing Each Other

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Chapter 159: Killing Each Other

Translator: Cenniwdyl Editor: Henyee

Yan Ruoshu sent out the Group Summoning Talisman. However, the Summoning Talisman only rose up and flew around for a while before it once again fell back into Yan Ruoshu’s hands.

“This…” Yan Ruoshu felt a bit baffled about what she should do.

Mo Tiange frowned then said, “Forget it. It seems that inside this illusory Formation, even a Summoning Talisman is useless.” Since this was an Illusory Formation, there were naturally some limitations to their actions. What should she do this time? If this entire valley was an Illusory Formation, where was the exit?

This valley was surrounded by cliffs, so there was only the sky… Mo Tiange raised her head and gazed at the sky but shook her head immediately after. Even though Foundation Building cultivators could fly, the sky was most likely within the range of this Illusory Formation.

The two of them wandered about the valley, but after failing to find the others, they went back to the stone statue and sat on top of the altar.

Upon seeing how Mo Tiange remained calm despite being trapped there, Yan Ruoshu unconsciously became rather dependent on her. In order to lessen her anxiety, she pulled Mo Tiange into a conversation.

As it turned out, they, the three female cultivators of Bixuan Court previously rushed towards this place along with Mo Tiange. But Mo Tiange later accelerated her speed, so they fell far behind.

Probably one hour after Mo Tiange, Daoist Fangzheng and the others entered the valley. Yan Ruoshu’s group and the two male cultivators also met each other on that cliff. The two male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang were also cultivators from the same cultivation group. From the Aura Refining cultivators on that cliff, they learned that four Foundation cultivators already entered the cliff together and that there were gales, miasma and the like in the valley. Thus, the five of them formed a group and entered the valley together.

Unlike Mo Tiange’s group, the five of them, guided by the two male cultivators, laid a formation to withstand the gales. However, how could this formation, which was laid according to compass points, be better than Mo Tiange’s White Silk Handkerchief? They’d just gone about a thousand feet down but they already struggled to resist the gales. At that point, they didn’t know what happened, but the gales suddenly weakened, allowing them to smoothly descend to the valley. Once they arrived at the valley, they unexpectedly discovered that the valley was peaceful and beautiful, just like a fairyland—it was completely different from the dangerous gales and miasma above. They only looked around the valley for a while before finding this stone statue.

By now, Mo Tiange already had a general idea of what happened. After she was swept away by the gales, she fainted for a short while. Afterward, she found the stone statue then broke the formation. As a result, the gales weakened and consequently, the five of them were able to reach the valley smoothly.

After realizing what happened, Mo Tiange felt even more uncertain. That formation was already several thousands of years old; it had long lost its original power, so she was able to break it without much effort. Nevertheless, she never expected that it was actually able to affect the gales in the valley. That being the case, didn’t that mean the original power of this formation was far more formidable than what she previously imagined?

The small, hidden spirit vein, the formation on the altar, the mysterious Five Elements Platforms, and the Illusory Formation they couldn’t wake up from despite knowing clearly that everything was fake showed that the master of this place was truly terrible! Furthermore, this valley was obviously as beautiful as paradise, but the air high above it was covered with miasma and gales; it was as if it was deliberately made that way so people wouldn’t find out about its existence. Putting all of this together, this place actually sounded like a place where an expert lived in seclusion.

However, how should the stone statue and the altar be interpreted? Those two together in one spot looked like they were part of a secular world God-worshipping ritual, but there were traces of cultivators everywhere in this place. Could it be that there used to be mortals in this valley, and they considered the cultivator who lived here as a God and worshipped them?

While Mo Tiange was pondering several possibilities, Yan Ruoshu was still blabbering on and on. Mo Tiange was annoyed, so she directly stood up and called out, “Fellow Daoist Yan.”

Yan Ruoshu was surprised.

“We better look for the others separately. If we run into others, we’ll meet again here.”

“This…” Yan Ruoshu was a bit flustered. If she had to walk by herself, she was indeed quite scared.

Seeing the fear across Yan Ruoshu’s face as well as her embarrassment in saying anything, Mo Tiange’s heart softened. Mo Tiange indeed found the overly-weak Yan Ruoshu an eyesore, but Yam Ruoshu was nothing but a rather timid woman who didn’t have any ill intentions.

Mo Tiange softened her tone and said, “If Fellow Daoist thinks this is inconvenient, you can stay here and wait for me. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

What Mo Tiange said made Yan Ruoshu nod gratefully. “Okay. Big Sister Ye, you have to be careful.”

Mo Tiange gave her a faint smile, controlled the White Silk Handkerchief and flew up.

Back when she was with Yan Ruoshu, they only searched for the others briefly. Now that Yan Ruoshu wasn’t blabbering next to her, Mo Tiange cautiously looked for the others from one stone platform to the other.

In this T-shaped valley, the stone statue was located right within the hook at the end of the T-shaped valley. From above the valley, she saw that there were still one vertical and one horizontal long valley path ahead.

The trees were really too numerous, too tall, and too lush, so it was hard for her to fly. Mo Tiange immediately got down from her White Silk Handkerchief then walked randomly along the vine bridges. Whenever she found a Five Elements Platform, she’d get onto it and let it take her to the next area. Perhaps the others also did the same as her because just by doing this, she was able to run into some of them.

Just as she walked along the vine bridges among the trees while listening to the chirping of the insects, the twittering of the birds by the mountain streams, and the noises of spiritual beasts romping about, a weird thought suddenly emerged in Mo Tiange’s mind. She thought she wouldn’t mind if she lived a secluded life for the rest of her life in this kind of fairyland-like place.

Nevertheless, this idea only flashed in her head for an instant before she promptly swept it out of her mind. She already had the Virtual Sky World; wasn’t it also a fairyland? With the Virtual Sky World, there was nothing to envy here. If she let this idea thrive, she might not be able to leave this Illusory Formation for the rest of her life for real!

After walking for a while, her divine sense suddenly sensed faint spiritual aura fluctuations. Mo Tiange was invigorated. Without any further considerations, she rushed towards the spot where the spiritual aura fluctuations came from, moving alternately between the vine bridges and Five Elements Platforms.

The spiritual aura fluctuations became increasingly apparent. She could already sense that the source was three fighting cultivators. Among the three, one had a spiritual aura which she seemed to be familiar with.

She stepped onto another Five Elements Platform. Right after it made a turn to a certain corner, Mo Tiange could already see what was happening.

Three people were there; those two male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang and Daoist Fangzheng. She didn’t know what happened to the three of them, but they were actually having an all-out fight as if they’d lost all reason. In addition, there was also something strange about them; although the two male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang joined hands in fighting Daoist Fangzheng, they also put a spoke in the each other’s wheels from time to time. This was simply three parties trying to kill each other!

If this was only a simple encounter on the road, Mo Tiange absolutely wouldn’t pay attention to them; even if the three of them perished together, it wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Nonetheless, they encountered the Illusory Formation in this valley together. Furthermore, back then, they each stood on one platform from the five colored stone platforms. Who knew whether the death of one person would cause problems for the others or not?

Once this thought flashed in her mind, Mo Tiange summoned the White Silk Handkerchief then flew at a lightning speed towards them and shouted, “Stop!”

Those three people simultaneously turned to look at her. All of a sudden, however, they all changed direction. Magic tools and spells came to attack her one after another!

Daoist Fangzheng shouted, “Fellow Daoist Ye, you shouldn’t interfere! I’m the one who found this first!”

Mo Tiange was dumbfounded, but before she could think about what he meant, the three people’s magic tools already attacked her. She raised her hand, causing a brick wall to fall in front of her and completely block their attacks. At the same time, she also hurled the Shuttle of Flying Apsara towards them and released a tremendous spiritual aura pressure using the Soul-Refining Art. The three people immediately felt their minds becoming dull and their movements becoming slower. A split second later, all of them had been surrounded by the Shuttle of Flying Apsara which had turned into numerous golden rays.

But these people also weren’t mediocre. From the nine people trapped in this valley, five were in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm: the Yao couple and the Bixuan Court female disciples. The four others were all in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm.

Mo Tiange didn’t feel afraid at all despite fighting three middle stage Foundation Building cultivators at the same time. However, even though she wasn’t afraid, she still had a hard time in this fight.

By using the spiritual aura pressure generated from the second layer of the Soul-Refining Art to gain the upper hand then making the Shuttle of Flying Apsara multiply into threes, Mo Tiange had managed to simultaneously trap the three people. A second later, the three of them finally reacted; each started to resist.

Daoist Fangzheng used a horsetail whisk. Although it wasn’t a high grade magic tool, he had the advantage of abundant experience. As for the two male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang, while one took out his sword, the other was unexpectedly a talisman cultivator. With the three people attacking her at the same time, no matter how powerful Mo Tiange’s magic weapon was, she was still in a critical situation from being ganged up upon.

At this time, the time she spent comparing notes with Ye Jingwen finally showed its benefit.

Ye Jingwen was a sword cultivator. His techniques in fights of magical powers far exceeded those of ordinary cultivators in the same realm as him. He had an immensely powerful move known as Thousand Square Destruction Lightsaber. It allowed him to release several hundred beams of sword aura to attack his opponent—fighting that move was the same as fighting several cultivators at the same time.

Now that she saw the three people simultaneously coming to attack her, Mo Tiange already prepared herself with her Soul-Refining Art. She released a tremendous spiritual aura pressure for a while, withdrew her Shuttle of Flying Apsara then immediately directed it towards the talisman cultivator surnamed Wang. At the same time, she also activated the Enchanting Lantern and used the White Silk Handkerchief to block their attacks.

She used many tricks and moves at the same time; it was as if there weren’t any pauses between each move at all. This was the result of her practice matches with Ye Jingwen. The quicker her moves and the more methods she used, the higher her odds of success would be.

As the Enchanting Lantern emitted a bright light, she used the Shuttle of Flying Apsara to lay a formation and the Soul-Refining Art to pressure them. For a while, the three people were forced to a halt from being suppressed by her.

Mo Tiange shouted, “Wake up! This is an Illusory Formation!”

Mo Tiange’s words, as well as having their divine senses suppressed by her Soul-Refining Art, made the three of them dumbfounded. Their minds finally regained some clarity.

Mo Tiange grabbed this opportunity and continued to shout, “Whatever you’re thinking will show up here! You mustn’t let yourself fall into this trap!”

The three people finally came to a complete stop. With a face filled with doubt, Daoist Fangzheng said, “This is fake?”

Mo Tiange heaved a relieved sigh. “Correct. What did you guys just think? You can all try thinking of something else.”

They skeptically turned around to look at something behind them. This time, Mo Tiange finally noticed a completely snow-white flower full of immortal’s aura on the rock wall; it seemed as if a fairy had descended to the world.

She had a sudden realization. This was White Jade Snow Lotus, a rare breed passed on from the Distant Past era. It could be concocted into a type of medicinal pill known as Heavenly Fragrant Pill. This pill could help people make a realm-breakthrough and could work even on Nascent Soul cultivators. It was no wonder the three of them were fighting for that flower.

However, she had several of them inside her Virtual Sky World, and all were far older than this one, so she didn’t see any need for it.

In fact, the three people had been observing her all along. The moment they saw her taking interest in that thing, they’d immediately kill her. But when Mo Tiange saw this White Jade Snow Lotus, she only showed surprise for an instant and immediately returned to her calm expression. Now, they finally listened to her and tried to think of other things.

The White Jade Snow Lotus suddenly transformed into dark greenish smoke which dispersed in the air. What appeared now was a spiritual plant covered with dense purple clouds. It swayed gently in the wind, full of spiritual aura.

Purple Slough Grass! The three people had a huge change of expression. They looked at each other but remained silent.

Knowing that they now believed what she said, Mo Tiange sighed in relief, withdrew her magic weapons and magic tools, and walked towards them. “You’ve seen it. Whatever you think in your mind will appear in front of you here. Whether it’s spiritual plants or unique flowers, they’re all fake.”

Daoist Fangzheng’s face turned red one moment and white in the next. In the end, he heaved a long sigh. “It seems that this old man is still too impatient. In fact, I actually have to thank the master of this place. If it wasn’t because of this Illusory Formation, I wouldn’t have realized that I almost have an Inner Demon.”

Based on what Daoist Fangzheng said, the one who imagined a White Jade Snow Lotus here was himself. But this was reasonable. He wasn’t young and he had no group backing him—he was certainly the most anxious among them. The medicinal pill concocted from White Jade Snow Lotus could help a cultivator in making a realm-breakthrough, so it was definitely something he needed now. Because of that, from the moment he arrived there, he was already hoping he could find this kind of unique medicine.

Upon hearing what Mo Tiange and Daoist Fangzheng said, the male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang looked rather uncomfortable. Not only did the two of them believe the flower was real, but they even had a falling out with each other for it. Even if the two of them didn’t mention this matter, resentment toward each other was already born inside their hearts.

Daoist Fangzheng cupped his hands towards Mo Tiange and said sincerely, “Fellow Daoist Ye, thank you for this.”

Mo Tiange nodded, accepting his thanks. She then asked, “Fellow Daoist Fangzheng, Fellow Daoist Lu, Fellow Daoist Wang, how did you guys end up here?”

The one who answered was still Daoist Fangzheng. “After I vanished from above the Five Elements Platform, I found myself not too far from here. I walked slowly towards this direction and when I passed this place, I discovered there was a White Jade Snow Lotus here. Just as I was about to pick it up, these two fellow Daoists rushed over…”

He cast a glance at the two people. Although he was still courteous, there was a bit of disdain in his gaze. Obviously, when they saw the flower, they also wanted to put it into their own pockets and even had a falling out with their fellow disciple just for it.

Mo Tiange wasn’t interested in delving further into this matter, so she only swept her gaze over the two people surnamed Lu and Wang then asked, “Have you seen the others?”

The three people all shook their heads.

Daoist Fangzheng asked, “Fellow Daoist Ye, how about you? What’ve you encountered here?”

Mo Tiange said, “I was teleported to the stone statue area and met Fellow Daoist Yan, but Fellow Daoist Yan and her two martial sisters were separated. As for Fellow Daoist Yao and his wife, I haven’t seen them.”

“In that case, how did Fellow Daoist Ye know this was an Illusory Formation? Did you perhaps run into something?” The cultivator surnamed Lu interrupted them. There was suspicion in his eyes; obviously, he thought she also ran into the same problem as them.

Mo Tiange said faintly, “When Fellow Daoist Yan and I met, we realized we were wearing clothes like the clothes on the stone statue, so we instantly knew something was up. Sure enough, after we did a test, we confirmed this was undoubtedly an Illusory Formation.”

“Oh?” Her answer came rather as a surprise for the two people surnamed Lu and Wang. However, since they already saw her means, they didn’t dare to say anything. This little girl might look gentle, but she was terrifying when she acted; her movements were as fast as thunder, and her magic weapons were hard to tackle. Although she was in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm like them, she dared to fight the three of them by herself and furthermore, she didn’t look like she was at a disadvantage at all.

At first, because they were cultivators from a cultivation group, they didn’t really think much of cultivators who lived in the secular world. They thought this female cultivator was just an individual cultivator like the Yao couple and Daoist Fangzheng, but she was unexpectedly very powerful! By now, they were sure that Mo Tiange was also a cultivator from a cultivation group.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, what should we do know?” The three of them almost killed each other but they were fortunately brought to their senses by Mo Tiange. Because of that, Daoist Fangzheng was now extremely polite towards her.

Mo Tiange gave it a bit of thought before answering: “We better find the others first. On the Five Elements Platforms, we occupied a platform each. We don’t know what would happen if the others don’t make it through; it would be bad if something happened to them and impacted us.”

The three others thought over her comments and felt that what she said was quite reasonable. Their parties each stood on one of the Five Elements Platforms, so maybe they’d been considered one group. What would they do if one of them didn’t pass this Illusory Formation test and this formation changed into a killing formation? Losing their lives just because of that would be a waste.

“Fellow Daoist Ye’s right.” Daoist Fangzheng was the first to show his agreement.

The two people surnamed Lu and Wang glanced at each other before they also nodded. “Then should we go looking for the others now?”

“Let’s look separately,” Mo Tiange said, “This way, we’ll be able to find them faster. Fellow Daoist Yan and I agreed on meeting at the stone statue area, so if we find the others, we’ll go and meet there.”

“En. How about the four of us split up into two groups, just in case? Going alone will make us susceptible to other traps; having someone else next to us to keep us on our toes isn’t a bad idea,” Daoist Fangzheng proposed.

The two male cultivators looked conflicted and said nothing. They’d just fought each other, so a distance had clearly formed between them. Nevertheless, in this unfamiliar environment, they still trusted each other more than they trusted the others.

“Let’s do it that way then,” Mo Tiange said, “Fellow Daoist Lu, Fellow Daoist Wang, you two are fellow disciples, so naturally you’ll be together. Fellow Daoist Fangzheng and I will be one group. Is that alright?”

How could the two surnamed Lu and Wang not agree? Both of them nodded and so, the four people split into two groups.

Because she was with Daoist Fangzheng, Mo Tiange felt her burden lessening slightly. Daoist Fangzheng was an old cultivator who had wandered the cultivation world for a long time; he wouldn’t blabber continuously like Yan Ruoshu did and he was more experienced than her in handling things. They quickly went looking for the others.

Daoist Fangzheng and the two male cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang fought at the T-junction of the T-shaped valley. Since Mo Tiange came from the direction of the stone statue, the two groups naturally went in the other two directions of the horizontal part of the T-shaped valley.

“Fellow Daoist Ye!” In the middle of their search, Daoist Fangzheng suddenly shouted from the opposite stone platform.

Mo Tiange turned around and saw Daoist Fangzheng, who was standing on another Five Elements Platform, beckon at her then point in a specific direction.

She closed her eyes then released her divine sense. Sure enough, she found a subtle spiritual aura fluctuation. She couldn’t help but admire Daoist Fangzheng’s divine sense. Before they reached the valley, she already knew he must’ve also practiced a technique that strengthened his divine sense, but she never expected his divine sense to be that strong. He was able to pick up what she missed. It seemed that the phrase “the older, the wiser” was indeed correct. Although his cultivation level was slightly lower than hers, this Daoist Fangzheng really wasn’t someone she could look down upon.

The two of them flew towards the source of the spiritual aura fluctuation. Before long, they could already hear fighting noises. The ones fighting were actually Yan Ruoshu’s two junior martial sisters!

Mo Tiange was rather dumbfounded. She understood when the two cultivators surnamed Lu and Wang fought. After all, male cultivators cared more about worldly possessions than female cultivators did and had a more aggressive nature, so when they ran into treasures, there was a high chance they would fight each other for it even if they came from the same cultivation group. But these two were female cultivators! Female cultivators rarely came to blows when they ran into conflict. Besides, these two were fellow martial sisters from the same cultivation group!

Daoist Fangzheng was also dumbfounded, but the two of them continued to fly towards them. As they expected, they saw the two female cultivators from Bixuan Court beating each other. Moreover, judging by how their fight looked, it seemed they weren’t showing each other any mercy at all.

“Slut!” a female cultivator in black shouted between their fight, “You still dare to fight me!”

The other woman, who was wearing yellow clothes and whom Mo Tiange remembered once being addressed by the woman in black as Junior Martial Sister Yun, withdrew her jade ring magic tool and “hmphed.””Senior Martial Sister Liu, you were the one who attacked me first!”

“You—” Senior Martial Sister Liu’s face was twisted; her expression was filled with hate.

“Fellow Daoist Ye!” Before they could fly closer, Daoist Fangzheng suddenly stopped and said in a whisper, “Take a look over there.”

Mo Tiange’s stare shifted towards the direction he pointed at. She then saw a man in a white robe at a spot not too far from the two female cultivators. He was elegant and extremely handsome.

There was a spiritual aura fluctuation on the body of that white-robed man. Upon examining him for a moment, she realized his cultivation level was in the early stage Foundation Building realm. She muttered doubtfully, “This… isn’t a real person, right?”

A wrinkle appeared on Daoist Fangzheng’s brows. He shook his head and said, “I don’t think it is.”

Mo Tiange already knew this Illusory Formation could fabricate a second rank spiritual beast. Presumably, creating an early stage Foundation Building cultivator also wouldn’t be a problem for it, would it? Since that man was at the place where the two women were currently fighting, he was most likely the cause for their fight.

Ay~ Another fight over feelings… Sure enough, for female cultivators, feelings were still more important than treasures.

At that moment, the one called Junior Martial Sister Yun leaned towards the white-robed male cultivator. She said coquettishly, “Big Brother Tang, take a look. Senior Martial Sister Liu, she…”

Before she finished speaking, Senior Martial Sister Liu already swung her magic tool, which was a long whip, and said furiously, “Yun Hanyan! You shouldn’t bully others too much! Aside from pretending to be weak and pitiful, what else can you do? You’re slandering me by saying I hit you when it’s obviously, you humiliated me first, so I…”

The woman called Yun Hanyan only cast a glance at her and soon turned to look at the male cultivator again. She said, “Big Brother Tang, you know I’m not that kind of person. I…”

“Yun Hanyan!” Senior Martial Sister Liu couldn’t help but shout angrily once she saw Yun Hanyan starting to wipe her tears and pretending to be weak. Without further ado, she swung her whip again.

A brawl once again broke out among the two of them.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but rub the space between her eyebrows. Did those two really not notice something was off with “Big Brother Tang”? Funny they were fighting for this man’s affection when they couldn’t even tell whether he was real or not!

Although spiritual beasts and so on could be replicated, humans were too complicated to be replicated. Even if they were successfully replicated, there were always differences in the details. If they really liked him, they’d naturally be able to recognize that this was only an imitation.

Daoist Fangzheng flew towards them, shouting loudly, “Fellow Daoists!”

His arrival finally put a stop to their fight. Nevertheless, they still sent each other hostile glares and only paid Daoist Fangzheng a little attention.

Eventually, Senior Martial Sister Liu remembered him. She asked, “Fellow Daoist, is there a problem?”

Daoist Fangzheng was irritated that these two people couldn’t distinguish what was important at the present moment, so he just raised his hand without saying anything, causing his magic tool to rush towards the white-robed male cultivator.

The two women both turned pale with fright. The two people, whose fight was still in full swing a moment ago, rushed towards Daoist Fangzheng together to attack him.

By that time, Mo Tiange already caught up to them. She hurled the White Silk Handkerchief forward, completely blocking the attacks of their magic tools, consequently allowing Daoist Fangzheng to attack the white-robed male cultivator unhindered.

Faced with Daoist Fangzheng’s offense, the white-robed cultivator suddenly retreated. He then summoned a flying sword and attacked Daoist Fangzheng.

Daoist Fangzheng never expected that a fake phantom could retreat and counterattack. He remained stunned for a brief moment, but it caused him to react one step too slow. The flying sword managed to nick him and cut half his sleeve.

“Eh?” Daoist Fangzheng held his half-cut sleeve, thoroughly shocked by what just happened.

Mo Tiange shouted, “Fellow Daoist Fangzheng, that phantom has the strength of the real person! You must be careful!”

Daoist Fangzheng regained his train of thought and promptly dodged to the side. He raised his hand again, using magic to fight the white-robed male cultivator.

Under normal circumstances, individual cultivators couldn’t compare to cultivators from cultivation groups or cultivation clans. Because they lacked magic tools, talismans, spirit stones and the like, and they also weren’t equipped with good cultivation techniques, they were normally weaker during fights of magical powers. Nevertheless, some outstanding individual cultivators did exist, and they weren’t at all inferior to cultivators from cultivation groups. Because they encountered many more difficulties on their road to immortality, their perseverance and patience surpassed those of ordinary cultivators, and they were also much more experienced. Individual cultivators who lived for a long time and stood above everyone all had outstanding wisdom and terrifying magical power.

Although Daoist Fangzheng couldn’t be considered someone with outstanding wisdom, he roamed the cultivation world for several hundred years. Since he was able to mingle with people of the cultivation world until he was now in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm and still live safely and soundly, that proved he was far better than other people in some respects. Judging by how he stood his ground for such a long time when he fought those two people surnamed Lu and Wang, Mo Tiange could already see some clues to his strength.

This white-robed male cultivator was only in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, so his cultivation level was slightly lower than Daoist Fangzheng’s. He was also just a phantom; although this Illusory Formation made him almost identical to the real person, he was less flexible compared to the real person in a fight of magical powers. Before long, it seemed like he was going to be defeated by Daoist Fangzheng.

Watching their “Big Brother Tang” in constant mortal peril with their eyes made both Yun Hanyan and Senior Martial Sister Liu scared witless. They were furious—they couldn’t go to him because Mo Tiange was blocking their path. The two of them glanced at each other then simultaneously rushed to attack Mo Tiange.

Upon seeing one of them using several magic tools at once and the other hurling a thick stack of talismans as if they were in a life or death fight against her, Mo Tiange also became angry. She wanted to give them a lesson, so she decided to show them no mercy.

Both the Shuttle of Flying Apsara and the White Silk Handkerchief were used – one to attack and one to defend – to resolve this ambush. She then used the Soul-Refining Art, releasing her spiritual aura pressure in an instant and thus paralyzing the two women. Mo Tiange was merciless. The golden ray of the Shuttle of Flying Apsara multiplied from one into two, from two into four, and then each went to pierce the two women from different directions.

The golden rays rained down upon them menacingly; their momentum was monstrous. Moreover, because Mo Tiange used the spiritual aura pressure from the Soul-Refining Art to suppress them, the two women were powerless to fight back. They could only look on as those golden rays pierced their bodies.

“AH—” Two shouts emerged at the same time.

Mo Tiange withdrew her magic weapon and magic tool then landed on the ground, staring coldly at the two women.

Another “AH!” came from the other side as Daoist Fangzheng killed the white-robed phantom.

The two women simultaneously turned when they heard that shout. Both yelled out loud, “Big Brother Tang—” Regardless of their injuries, both crawled up, rushed unsteadily towards the white-robed male cultivator, and threw themselves at him. They instantly burst out crying once they saw he was no longer breathing.

Mo Tiange and Daoist Fangzheng glanced at each other; both had frowns etched on their faces.

Daoist Fangzheng was already accustomed to seeing mundane affairs like this, so he really disliked this kind of senselessness from these cultivation group disciples. As for Mo Tiange, she was dissatisfied that those two women still didn’t realize anything was amiss up until now.

“You two…” After crying for some time, Senior Martial Sister Liu crawled up tearfully. A fierce expression appeared on her face. “I’ll kill you!”

Mo Tiange was furious. She “hmphed,” raised her hand but immediately pushed it down. The golden rays, which she had pierced into them mercilessly a moment ago, suddenly broke from inside their bodies. The two women once again shouted “AH!” and fell to the ground; their shoulders were wounded.

“Think about the likelihood of your Big Brother Tang being here!” Mo Tiange shouted, “You can’t even distinguish a phantom from the real thing! If I had known earlier, I would’ve let you two kill each other!”

The two women were dumbfounded upon hearing what she said. With their tear-stained faces, they stared blankly at her.

“A phantom?” Senior Martial Sister Liu asked hoarsely.

Mo Tiange looked away, too annoyed to talk to them. With no other choice, Daoist Fangzheng stepped forward to explain: “Fellow Daoists, think carefully; how did your senior martial brother come here?”

For a moment, the two women were stumped for words. They cast a glance at each other and soon after, Yun Hanyan hesitatingly said, “I and… Senior Martial Sister Liu walked until we reached this place. As we talked, we suddenly saw Big Brother Tang walking towards us from over there.”

“Then what did you two say to your Big Brother Tang?”

“…” The two women were silent. After a while, Senior Martial Sister Liu finally spoke: “We had a fight right after we saw Big Brother Tang…”

So that was what happened. These two women…

Daoist Fangzheng couldn’t stand it anymore either. He furrowed his brows tightly and said, “Cool your heads and think; if you two fought like this, would your Big Brother Tang really say nothing?”

The two women were silent again. The mournful expressions on their faces finally disappeared.

Because they started fighting right after they saw their “Big Brother Tang,” they basically didn’t have time to think about the reactions he ought to have. This was why that phantom didn’t say anything and merely watched in a daze. But the annoying thing was that despite how that phantom had no reactions at all, these two women still couldn’t tell it was a fake!

“That’ll do!” Mo Tiange said coldly, “Wipe your tears away, treat your wounds and follow us!”丁字 : T-shaped. The T-like Chinese character (丁) has a hook at the end of its vertical stroke.