Lady Cultivator - Chapter 131 - Mayhem

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Chapter 131: Mayhem

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In the quietness of the main hall, only the clinking noises of bottles and jars from Kuang Zhu’s ointment-concocting could be heard.

Mo Tiange and Ye Jingwen stood in front of Zhan Bai, watching the Gujian Sect cultivators in front of them. The two of them looked extremely calm, but it was precisely this kind of calmness that made others uneasy.

Wan Hongan had personally witnessed the abilities of these two people. On top of that, there was still Kuang Zhu, the only late stage Foundation Building cultivator among them. Thus, he couldn’t help but feel quite anxious.

He turned to look at his fellow Gujian Sect disciples. A threat of aggression flashed across his eyes. He then stepped forward and called out loud, “Senior Martial Brother Kuang, these two were the ones who ambushed and killed my fellow disciples! Please give us Gujian Sect disciples an explanation!”

When Kuang Zhu heard his voice, Kuang Zhu glanced at him but right after, he once again looked down and continued mixing his ingredients.

Upon seeing this response, Wan Hongan finally couldn’t maintain the semblance of calm on his face. He angrily yelled, “Kuang Zhu! What do you mean by this!?”

“What do we mean?” The one who spoke was the normally reticent Zhan Bai. He swept his gaze over the Gujian Sect disciples indifferently. His voice was clear and emotionless. “What do you mean? Do you want us to explain everything out loud to embarrass you all?”

Zhan Bai was extremely blunt. Out of shame, Wan Hongan immediately became furious. “You!!!”

Mo Tiange softly raised her gaze. A mocking smile appeared on her face. This was really ridiculous. Everyone was aware of what happened. It’d be better if they didn’t beat around the bush—they’d all just end up fighting anyway. What did they need all this pretense for!?

Wan Hongan looked back at his fellow Gujian Sect disciples. Ruthlessness flitted across his face. In a split second, five black-clothed Gujian Sect cultivators pulled out their swords and changed their positions, preparing to lay their formation.

The moment they saw this, both Mo Tiange and Ye Jingwen used their respective magic tools to disrupt them from getting into position.

Mo Tiange deftly maneuvered her Shuttle of Flying Apsara, which directly rushed towards one of the early stage Foundation Building cultivators. At the same time, she also hurled several flying needles forward. On the other side, Ye Jingwen’s flying sword also dove straight towards Wan Hongan.

Under attack from these two people, the five Gujian Sect cultivators’ positions were messed up. Upon seeing this, Mo Tiange once again brandished her hand, sending countless flying needles towards her opponents.

Unfortunately, the space was too small, so they couldn’t use talismans. This problem didn’t really hinder sword cultivators, but for ordinary cultivators like them, this disadvantage weakened their abilities.

“Get into position properly! I’ll block them!” Wan Hongan shouted.

Ye Jingwen sneered, “Do you have what it takes to block us?”

None of the Xuanqing School disciples were pure sword cultivators, including Ye Jingwen. As he maneuvered his flying sword, he also held another magic tool in his hand and directed it towards Wang Hongan.

He was ambushed by Wan Hongan first, but now the thief dared to cry thief—Ye Jingwen was naturally resentful towards this Wan Hongan. Hence, all his attacks were directed towards Wan Hongan.

Mo Tiange glanced at him. She understood why he was behaving like this, so she mustered her spirit and continued disturbing the others’ footwork so that they couldn’t lay the Thousand Shapes Star Formation.

Their fight was in full swing. Zhan Bai stood in front of Xiaoguzi and Xiaozui, vigilantly guarding them in the event stray attacks accidentally came towards them. Kuang Zhu was still engrossed in the thing on the table, fiddling with bottles and jars as if he didn’t see any of the things happening in front of him.

Mo Tiange and Ye Jingwen were stronger than ordinary middle stage Foundation Building cultivators. Even though they were fighting against five people, they weren’t at all in a disadvantageous position. Before long, the Gujian Sect cultivators started to lose their composure. Upon noticing that Xiaoguzi and Xiaozui had withdrawn into the corner, one of them shouted, “Hit those two Aura Refining brats!”

Both Mo Tiange and Ye Jingwen frowned. Zhan Bai raised his head and looked at Kuang Zhu, who had stopped fiddling with his ointments.

Ye Jingwen withdrew his flying sword then poured his spiritual aura into the blade. Spiritual aura, almost visible to the naked eye, suddenly floated onto the surface of the blade. Bit by bit, spiritual aura covered and rotated around the blade incessantly. It almost looked like a vortex. From the time spiritual aura emerged until it finished taking its form, the entire process only took an instant. Ye Jingwen once again swung his arm, causing the spiritual aura vortex to grow to the size of ten feet, shielding all of them.

Every attack coming from Guajian Sect cultivators was swallowed by the vortex. Their spiritual aura was also deflected by the vortex. By the time the vortex disappeared, countless attacks had failed to achieve their purpose.

The Gujian Sect cultivators turned pale. However, they soon recalled their flying swords and continued to attack.

Mo Tiange summoned her White Silk Handkerchief. All of a sudden, countless bricks fell from the air, piling up until they finally formed a brick wall in front of Mo Tiange and the others. Once again, all the oncoming attacks were blocked.

By now, Gujian Sect cultivators were in a complete panic. If they weren’t sword cultivators, who were supposed to be stronger than ordinary cultivators in fights of magical powers, they would’ve fallen already.

Wan Hongan shouted, “Sword aura! Use your sword aura!”

After he finished shouting, Gujian Sect cultivators transformed the power of their swords. One after another, sword auras immediately flooded the main hall.

These sword auras weren’t close to their bodies, but they could already feel a ghastly chill in the air. Grazed by these sword auras, all the stones and jade bricks inside the main hall suddenly showed numerous cracks.

Mo Tiange once again used her White Silk Handkerchief. However, the sword auras practically flooded the entire main hall. No matter which side she blocked, some auras still slipped through.

Ye Jingwen was also in the same situation. For Foundation Building cultivators like them, these sword auras were nothing to be afraid of. Even if they faced them head-on, those sword auras couldn’t break through the spiritual aura defense on their bodies. But for Aura Refining disciples, those sword auras were terrifying. Even though Zhan Bai did his best and completely shielded them, cut wounds still appeared on Xiaoguzi’s and Xiaozui’s bodies.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but feel outraged. She withdrew the White Silk Handkerchief and the Shuttle of Flying Apsara then released her divine sense—she was ready to kill her opponents!

At this time, a robe flitted pass her eyes. In a flash, Kuang Zhu was standing in front of them, flinging his sleeves. Countless powdery objects flew out of his sleeves and gradually interweaved, forming a net. It looked like light-white fog, but it successfully obstructed their opponents’ flying swords.

By the time the white fog subsided, Wan Hongan, whose whole body was sprinkled with white powder, wrathfully shouted, “Kuang Zhu!”

Kuang Zhu just smiled indifferently. Although he was angry, he still acted gracefully. “You should scram! This place won’t accept people like you guys!”

This time, it wasn’t only Wan Hongan, but even the other Gujian Sect cultivators looked angry. Someone shouted, “Kuang Zhu! What makes you have the gall to drive us out!?”

Kuang Zhu “hmphed,” making no attempts to cover up his disgust. ” Just because I can take away your lives! It’s fine if you just fight one another—I’d just turn a blind eye! But you actually caused a ruckus so blatantly! That being the case, let’s shed all the pretense of being cordial! We don’t need to play this game anymore!”

“You!!!” Wang Hongan’s face distorted. “Stop thinking so highly of yourself just because you’re a late stage Foundation Building cultivator! We have so many people on our side; we won’t necessarily lose to you guys!”

Kuang Zhu let out a soft chuckle. “If you speak another sentence, I’ll take your life!”

This sounded like a simple threat. The Gujian Sect cultivators also viewed it as such. However, a faint murderous intent that emerged in Kuang Zhu’s ice-cold expression made them speechless.

The one who finally broke the silence was Ye Jingwen. He took a step forward and said, “Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu, you have good intentions; according to reason, I should listen to you. However, I actually want all of them to remain here.”

Fury once again appeared on Wan Hongan’s face, but it was infused with hidden nervousness. In fact, he already felt quite regretful. He thought that he could gain the upper hand based on Gujian Sect’s strengths in fights of magical powers. However, he never expected these people to be this powerful. He already knew how terribly strong Kuang Zhu and Ye Jingwen were, but he didn’t expect that this Xuanqing School female newcomer would also be very difficult to deal with. Furthermore, these three people were in higher realms than them, so even if sword cultivators were very good in fights of magical powers, their odds of success were still pathetically low.

Kuang Zhu tossed Ye Jingwen a faint glance. “Kill them if you want to. You might spare us from feeling annoyed at seeing them!”

Ye Jingwen smiled and cupped his hands towards him. He then looked back to glance at Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange returned his smile. The two of them summoned their respective flying swords and magic tools. Their murderous intentions were no longer hidden.