Lady Cultivator - Chapter 128 - Qianmen Ridge

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Chapter 128: Qianmen Ridge

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The breeze was blowing softly, revealing the soft rustling sounds of bamboo leaves. Gentle rippling noises could be heard from the meandering brook nearby.

If it wasn’t so quiet to the point that no human presence could be sensed, this would’ve been the most beautiful utopia.

Inside the Virtual Sky World, Mo Tiange tucked her hands inside her sleeves and slowly strolled along the brook. Behind her was a squirrel-like little beast. It was chasing after flying butterflies as it followed her.

She had raised this little Inferno Beast inside the Virtual Sky World for quite some time. It was unclear what spiritual plants it ate, but its cultivation rank had advanced by leaps and bounds. These days, it was already a second rank beast.

Perhaps it was because she and the Virtual Sky World were interlinked, or perhaps it was because the little Inferno Beast felt grateful to her, but the beast was very close to her despite having no contractual relationship with her—it was almost as if it was her contractual spiritual beast.

She managed to escape from the fifth rank Two-Headed Eagle after exerting much effort that time. Once she entered the Virtual Sky World, she was in a near-death state and was in a coma for several months straight. During that time, this little Inferno Beast always fed her some spiritual plants. At last, after several months, she gradually regained her strength and was able to meditate to heal her injuries. Her dantian and meridians had once been reconstructed with the Five-Spirit Fruit, forming her current Five-Spirit Cultivating Body; she was tough and resilient. Hence, she unexpectedly made it through her injuries.

The Green Pendant Pills from Yu Clan were indeed good items to have. They were useful for treating both internal and external injuries. After she took them, all her injuries were actually healed in just a few months’ time.

Although her injuries were healed, Mo Tiange still didn’t want to leave. She could hear the movements outside the Virtual Sky World and right now, the battle was very fierce, so she thought she’d better stay inside the Virtual Sky World to avoid it.

Regarding Luo Fengxue and the others, she already did her best for them. Whether they lived or died depended on their own luck.

Thus, she spent her days inside the Virtual Sky World cultivating, concocting medicinal pills, tending to the medicinal fields and reading ancient books.

The previous master of this Virtual Sky World was from the Distant Past era. Every cultivation technique manual he owned was related to the Origin, which was just right for Mo Tiange.

As for the little Inferno Beast, whether it was because some mutation occurred or because the Ardent Yang Real Fire in its body was able to advance, its Ardent Yang Real Fire evolved into Sun Real Fire after its breakthrough. The quality of its fire surpassed even Danding School’s Earthly Fire.

Because of this, Mo Tiange once again began practicing concocting pills. The timing was just right as she recently obtained a lot of ancient pill recipes from Danding School.

It was also time for her to sort out the medicinal fields inside this Virtual Sky World.

There were countless spiritual plants belonging to the Distant Past era there, piling up for hundreds of thousands of years. They were numerous and grew close to each other, covering every inch of the medicinal fields. In some areas there were too many plants, creating a nutrient deficiency and making the plants almost wilt.

Based on her memory about the Virtual Sky World, Mo Tiange began harvesting the plants that should be harvested, weeding out those that should be weeded, and sorting the plants according to their classification.

Perhaps it was because the cultivation level of this Virtual Sky World’s previous master was too high, but many of the spiritual plants there weren’t usable by Mo Tiange yet. Consequently, she could only use jade cases to store them after she harvested them. Because of that, she built another small bamboo house among the bamboo forest that would act as a storage room.

Some of the spiritual plants were also materials for basic medicinal pills, so she directly harvested them for concocting pills.

By the time she finished sorting out the medicinal fields, the small bamboo house was jam-packed with spiritual plants. Countless weeds were also piled on the ground in front of the bamboo house.

Afraid that some spiritual plants would lose their medicinal efficacy after being harvested, Mo Tiange had to use all of them to concoct medicinal pills—some of them were even several millenniums old. This unexpectedly caused her concocting technique to develop by leaps and bounds.

Thinking back on this matter, Mo Tiange put on a bitter smile. If other people found out these spiritual plants, which were extremely precious and rare in the outside world, were used by her to practice concocting pills, they would certainly slap her to death.

In fact, she wanted to bring them outside and exchange them for spirit stones; but she didn’t dare to go out because the current state of the outside world was too chaotic.

Several months passed by, but the battle outside was still in full swing.

Mo Tiange used all of the harvested spiritual plants to concoct the first batch of medicinal pills. She had the most materials to concoct Aura-Stabilizing Pills, Look-Preserving Pills, and Longevity Pills. She also concocted some Clear Sky Pills. It was actually Spirit-Gathering Pills, which could be useful for her now, that she had a problem with. It was probably because there was a large gap in realm between her and the previous master of the Virtual Sky World that the spiritual plants required to concoct Spirit-Gathering pills were rather scarce there. Hence, she could only concoct a few bottles of them.

After concocting medicinal pills, she looked at the bottles on the ground and smiled wryly. These medicinal pills could make her extremely rich outside, but since she was trapped inside, they weren’t of much use.

Aura-Stabilizing Pills were used to nurse spiritual aura; she had no need for them right now. Clear Sky Pills were needed by Core Formation cultivators to cultivate; she also had no use for them right now. As for Look-Preserving Pills and Longevity Pills, she took one of each.

Regarding Look-Preserving Pills, it was probably because the cultivation technique she practiced already preserved her youth, so it didn’t seem to have any effect.

The Longevity Pill, on the other hand, caused her to feel a burning sensation in her whole body after she took it. For a short while, she was unable to control the spiritual aura in her body and she was forced to adjust her breathing. Once the spiritual aura in her body calmed down, she suddenly felt a fantastic, hard-to-describe sensation. It was as if… as if her lifespan was limitless.

A Foundation Building cultivator’s lifespan was approximately 300 to 400 years. Right now, she was only twenty-five years old, so at the very least, she would live for another 300 years. If the Longevity Pill added 500 years to her lifespan, that would mean she still had another 800 years left in her lifespan!

She was very happy about this. In 800 years, no matter how bad she was, she would definitely be able to advance to the Core Formation realm, wouldn’t she? If her luck was good, even advancing to the Nascent Soul realm wouldn’t be a problem.

When she finished concocting all those medicinal pills, Mo Tiange’s current concocting technique far surpassed her previous concocting technique. Her success rate in concocting medicinal pills like Longevity Pills was 50%; even if she was compared to Concoctions Master, she wouldn’t be much worse.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many pill recipes among the ancient books there. The ones present couldn’t be comprehended considering her current realm. Hence, her progress in concocting pills had to stop there for the time being.

Nevertheless, there was also good news. She finally had a preliminary result from working on her Soul-Refining Art. Not only was it able to refine an entity, but it was also able to transform that entity into a flying knife capable of injuring others without any trace.

She passed her days like this for several more months.

When the situation outside calmed down slightly and minimal people were fighting in the area, it had been two years since Mo Tiange first entered the Virtual Sky World to hide. In those two years, her concocting technique had progressed at an unfathomable speed and her Soul-Refining Art already showed some preliminary results. Therefore, after two years, she finally decided to go out and take a look at the situation outside.

The mountaintop lay barren. Rocks were everywhere. The vegetation was all dried up and withered. The ground was now dark red in color.

This scene was what greeted her eyes the moment she exited the Virtual Sky World.

She remembered that when she entered the Virtual Sky World, the area was still covered with lush grass and fragrant wildflowers. She hadn’t expected that in just two years, it would become this barren.

Shattered rocks showed traces of magic used in the area. The ground was dark red in color because it was contaminated by blood.

Mo Tiange heaved a soft sigh, wondering if her old friends had survived such a bitter war.

She lifted up her sleeve and got onto the White Silk Handkerchief. Riding the White Silk Handkerchief, she transformed into a beam of light that flashed swiftly like a flying swan towards the west.

Everything below her was in the same state as the mountaintop from a moment ago as far as her eyes could see. Almost all flowers, grass and trees were destroyed. The stones on the mountains were cracked—some were even razed to the ground. Traces of blood were all over the area. Fortunately, she didn’t see any corpses.

There was unexpectedly no one around. Apparently, the war had been finished for some time.

With furrowed brows, Mo Tiange continued to fly west. Even if the demonic beast riot ended already, there was no way she wouldn’t encounter a single living soul. She had to find some people and ask them about the current situation.

After flying for about four hours, Mo Tiange’s divine sense finally perceived cultivators’ presences. Delighted, she flew towards the area where she sensed their presences. Sure enough, after flying for a short while, she saw traces of cultivators.

Before her eyes were ruins—a half-crumbled city wall, a magnificent yet dilapidated palace, and many half-collapsed houses. As she swept her gaze over the surrounding area, Mo Tiange surmised that this place was most likely the encampment of a big cultivation clan.

However, there was something odd about this—there wasn’t even a single defense formation above the area. Sometimes, there were people going in and out of the intact buildings but judging from their clothes, they didn’t seem to be part of the same cultivation group.

She pondered for a moment then decided to fly down.

Once she landed, she looked up and examined her surroundings. As she had expected, this place didn’t even have a gatekeeper.

A wooden-looking cultivator in blood-stained robes came out from inside the ruins.

“Excuse me, Fellow Daoist!” Mo Tiange called.

The expression of that cultivator suddenly stiffened. It was only after he tossed her a glance and realized she was a Foundation Building cultivator that a small smile appeared on his face. “Senior, is there anything I can help you with?”

Mo Tiange put on a friendly expression and asked, “May I ask what this place is?”

That cultivator was stunned. He asked somewhat incredulously, “Senior, you really don’t know what this place is?” He quickly ran his gaze over her for the second time, only to find her wearing Xuanqing School’s uniform. Her clothes were clean and she looked very neat indeed. “Is this perhaps Senior’s first time leaving the school?”

She was rather startled by his question. However, after a moment of silence, she smiled without answering.

Assuming that he guessed correctly, the cultivator said, “This is Qianmen Ridge of Mount Tianhuo. Senior probably doesn’t know, but after almost three years of war, it’s now like this everywhere. Because the death toll of human cultivators was too high, we formed an alliance led by the seven great cultivation groups and placed stations in almost every area to lead the survivors…”

“I see…” No wonder the cultivators there were wearing various kinds of clothes.

Mo Tiange once again cupped her hands and said with a smile, “In that case, may I see the manager this place?”

That cultivator repeatedly bowed towards her. “Senior mustn’t be too polite, I don’t deserve it. The manager of Qianmen Ridge happens to also be a senior from Xuanqing School. Senior is a disciple of Xuanqing School, so you can certainly go and see him—you just need to go to the main hall.”

“Really?” Mo Tiange was rather surprised. She thought that since this was Danding School’s Mount Tianhuo, the manager would also be a disciple from Danding School.

“I wouldn’t dare lie to Senior.”

Mo Tiange nodded then smiled at that cultivator. “That being the case, I have to thank you for your help.”

That person repeatedly said, “I don’t deserve Senior’s gratitude.”

Upon parting with that person, Mo Tiange slowly made her way into the ruins.

Outside the main hall, there were finally cultivators acting as doorkeepers, although she didn’t know which cultivation groups these two came from. When they saw her, one of them took a step forward and said respectfully, “Senior from Xuanqing School, may I see your identity tablet?”

Flabbergasted, Mo Tiange asked, “What identity tablet?”

The two disciples guarding the door gave her an odd stare, but the one who spoke to her immediately said, “Identity tablet for our Kunwu Alliance. Senior is Xuanqing School’s disciple, so when Senior left the mountain, your master should’ve given it to you.”

Mo Tiange chuckled once she heard his explanation. “I see… But I don’t have an identity tablet.”

Her answer instantly made the two door-keeping disciples tense.

Mo Tiange smiled and continued to explain: “I’m a Xuanqing School’s disciple who left the mountain two years ago. Because I was injured in battle, I’ve been recuperating in a secret location. It was only after my injuries healed that I came out. Therefore, I don’t have a so-called alliance identity tablet. I do have an identity tablet from Xuanqing School though. You can give it to it to your manager and let him examine it.” When she finished speaking, she took out her Xuanqing School identity tablet and gave it to them.

Seeing her calm, composed attitude, that disciple braved himself and took the identity tablet. “In that case, Senior – no offense – please wait here for a moment.”

Because Mo Tiange nodded affably, that disciple became less nervous and went inside.

Before long, Mo Tiange saw the disciple running out hurriedly then cupping his hands towards her. “Senior, the manager is inviting you to come inside.”

Mo Tiange nodded with a smile and proceeded into the main hall.

Although the exterior of this main hall was half-collapsed, the interior was surprisingly intact. However, the scene inside was beyond Mo Tiange’s expectations. She thought that since this was the manager’s site, it must be a quiet place. She never thought that the inside would be bustling with activity. There were a lot of people moving here and there. Furthermore, injured people were everywhere. Apparently, this was also a place for treating the injured.

“Xiaobai!” Mo Tiange suddenly heard a rather familiar voice. With a glace, she could already spot a youth in Xuanqing School’s uniform. His cultivation level was in the peak stage of the Foundation Building realm. Although he seemed to be an indifferent person, every movement of his revealed gracefulness. At this moment, he was crouching on the ground, examining an injured cultivator.

“Coming!” an early stage Foundation Building youngster responded.

The youth pointed with his chin. “I’ll hand this person over to you.”


After passing the injured person over to someone else, that youth stood up, took out a handkerchief then began wiping his hands. His movements were neither too hurried nor too slow. He then took the identity table on the table and his gaze shifted towards Mo Tiange.

Mo Tiange already recognized him. He was actually Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu, who she once met on Luoyan Cliff.

Kuang Zhu lifted her identity tablet as he swept an inquiring gaze over her. Even though he was scrutinizing her, his actions didn’t displease her because his gaze remained indifferent and held no contempt.

“Mo Tiange?”

Mo Tiange cupped her hands. “Yes. Greetings to Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu.”

Kuang Zhu gave her back her identity tablet. “Didn’t you come to Danding School two years ago?”

Mo Tiange had long prepared herself to answer this question. She explained, “I was severely injured by a fifth rank demonic beast in the battle in Yu Clan’s area. I used a secret technique to flee but fainted right after; in fact, I fainted for several months. After several months, I eventually regained consciousness. However, because my injuries were too heavy, I was afraid to come out and went looking for a secret place to hide and recuperate instead.”

“Oh…” It wasn’t clear whether Kuang Zhu accepted her explanation or not. He just turned around, walked past several desks, headed towards the tallest desk, and began looking for something on that desk.

Eventually, he found a blank identity tablet. He engraved several words on its surface before he gave it to her. “This is your alliance’s identity tablet. In the future, you’ll just need to show this.”

“Thank you, Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu.” She accepted the identity tablet and put it into her purse. The next moment, Kuang Zhu bypassed her to treat another injured person, causing her to hastily call out, “Senior Martial Brother!”

Even though Kuang Zhu heard her call, he didn’t stop and continued to examine that injured person. He just said indifferently, “Is there anything else?”

“…” Seeing him like this, Mo Tiange suddenly found it difficult to say what she wanted to say. It took her a long time to finally find her voice again. “Is there anything I must do now?”

“There isn’t.” This time, Kuang Zhu didn’t even spare her a glance. “You just need to mind your own business.”

She was rather full of disbelief when she heard his answer. She said, “Isn’t Senior Martial Brother the manager of this place? Shouldn’t you assign tasks to us?”

Kuang Zhu softly “hmph-ed” then said, “Tasks? Just go kill your monsters! If there are any problems, I’ll tell you myself!”

“… Oh…” Mo Tiange was baffled. However, despite her confusion, she understood that this Senior Martial Brother Kuang Zhu seemed to dislike being disturbed by others. Thus, she steeled herself and asked him one last question. “Senior Martial Brother, who should I look for if I have questions?”

Kuang Zhu had just finished performing a healing spell. He looked up and cast a glance at her before turning his head and calling out loud, “Xiaoguzi!”

“Here!” an Aura Refining youngster answered.

Kuang Zhu spoke to the youngster while pointing at her. “This martial uncle has something to ask. Since you’re idle, just talk to her.”

That youngster glanced at her as his eyes shifted around. In the end, he smiled and said, “Martial Uncle, this isn’t the right place to talk. Please come with me.”

Mo Tiange felt rather helpless as she watched Kuang Zhu once again immersing himself in examining an injured person. But at least now she had someone willing to answer her questions. She smiled at that youngster and said, “Thank you.”

The youngster led her to one of the corners of the hall. Mo Tiange didn’t know where he got them, but he brought out two chairs which had broken legs. He cast a simple spell and asked her to sit with a smile. “I don’t deserve to accept Martial Uncle’s thanks for such a small thing. If Martial Uncle has questions, Martial Uncle can directly ask me. I have no intention of boasting, but no one knows the situation around here better than me.”

“Is that so?” This youngster was full of smiles but his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, causing Mo Tiange to have a good impression of him. She said with a smile, “Alright, if you can tell me about the things I want to know, I’ll give you an equally good reward in return. What do you think?”

The youngster’s eyes brightened. “What kind of good reward?”

Mo Tiange opened her palm and said, “This is something I picked up by accident. If you need it, you can use it yourself. If you don’t, exchanging them for several hundred spirit stones isn’t a bad idea either.”

The youngster picked up the snow-white medicinal pill on her palm with a curious expression on his face. “This… I don’t know what this is.”

Mo Tiange smiled secretively and said, “In fact, I’m not too sure what this thing is called either. However, I believed this ought to be a medicinal pill to treat spiritual aura deviation. You can go and ask your elder first. If you’re lucky, it might be worth lots of money; but you can’t blame me if you’re not lucky.” This was one of the Aura-Stabilizing Pills she refined. Among the several kinds of medicinal pills she had, it was comparably less valuable.

That youngster grinned happily as he grabbed that medicinal pill. “Alright, Martial Uncle doesn’t have to hesitate, you may ask me anything.”

“Confident, aren’t you?” He hadn’t answered her questions, but he already took the medicinal pill.

The youngster fiddled with the medicinal pill without answering.

“I want to ask you about a few people. The first one is Martial Uncle Xuanyin of Clear Spring Peak, second is his female disciples, and the last is a disciple of Martial Uncle Qingyuan.”

The youngster’s eyes shifted around as he pondered. He then said, “Grandmaster Xuanyin was ordered to go back half a month ago; right now, he should be on Mount Taikang. As for grandmaster’s female disciples you mentioned, they should be Martial Uncle Han, Martial Uncle Wei, and Martial Uncle Luo, right?”

“Correct.” Mo Tiange nodded with a smile on her face. This kid is indeed quite knowledgeable.

“If Martial Uncle asks how they’re faring now, my answer is: not well. If Martial Uncle asks whether they’re alive or not, the answer is: alive.”

Mo Tiange was speechless. This kid really is a mischievous ghost! But, what does he mean by “not well”?

Apparently noticing her unspoken question, the youngster earnestly explained, “I heard what Martial Uncle said to Martial Uncle Kuang Zhu. I believe two years ago, Martial Uncle must’ve been together with the three martial uncles. Am I correct?” After he saw Mo Tiange nodding, he continued his explanation. “In the battle that year, Grandmaster Xuanyin managed to arrive in time so all three martial uncles were able to survive. However, the injuries Martial Uncle Wei and Martial Uncle Luo sustained were rather heavy; thus they were directly sent back to Mount Taikang. In fact, we were the ones who treated them back then. As for Martial Uncle Han, although she was alright at the time, I heard she was also injured several months ago.”

“Oh, I see…” Mo Tiange heaved a relieved sigh. It’s good they’re alive.

“The disciple of Grandmaster Qingyuan Martial Uncle mentioned, what’s his name?”

“His name is Ye Jingwen.”

“Martial Uncle Ye!?” the youngster chuckled and said, “What a coincidence! Lately, Martial Uncle Ye has been here with us. Martial Uncle will be able to see him soon.”