Lady Cultivator - Chapter 125 - Yu Clan's Decision

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Chapter 125: Yu Clan’s Decision

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A group of five stood on the mountaintop, looking towards the blazing summit of a mountain somewhere quite far away.

It was Mount Tianhuo, the headquarters of Danding School.

Right now, the fire on the summit was still blazing as fiercely as before, but the color was much darker. They were all just in the Foundation Building realm; with their divine sense, they couldn’t see what was happening, but they could see the demonic beasts crossing the sky not too far from them from time to time.

In the past two days, there hadn’t been any replies from the Sound-Transmitting Talismans sent by Han Qingyu and Clan Master Yu. They had already long been mentally prepared for this outcome.

The attacks on Danding School had already begun.

The people standing there – Mo Tiange, Han Qingyu, Lou Fengxue, Clan Master Yu and his wife – were all silent. This issue surpassed the scope of their abilities. Aside from waiting, there was nothing else they could do.

Actually, they could understand why those demonic beasts were so persistent in attacking Danding School. Danding School was the first and greatest cultivation group specializing in concocting medicinal pills in the entire Kunwu Mountain Range. At the same time, the demonic beasts lacked medicinal pills the most. Every time they left the southern forest and attacked cultivation groups in Kunwu Mountain Range, their intention was to steal medicinal pills. Once they got the opportunity, they would naturally focus their attacks on Danding School.

Nevertheless, Danding School wasn’t a force to be trifled with. Although it was only a bit bigger than ordinary medium-sized cultivation groups, it had three Nascent Soul grandmasters. Combined with the Great Mountain-Protecting Formation, magic weapons, and the like, those demonic beasts would have to exert a lot of strength if they wanted to successfully seize Danding School.

Presently, the people waiting there were torn between relief and worry. They felt relieved because the demonic beasts didn’t pay any attention to them and seemed to have no intentions of attacking them. Their worries sprouted because they were thinking about the worst that could happen to their families and friends if Danding School was ever under attack.

Their five minds were filled with worry, but none of them said anything.

Wei Jiasi wasn’t completely healed yet, so the two other Foundation Building cultivators from Yu Clan took responsibility for patrolling around. All of them were just Foundation Building cultivators; in this kind of war, their existences didn’t matter.

A long time passed before Han Qingyu finally spoke. “Let’s go back.”

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue glanced at each other and nodded.

Han Qingyu then turned around and said, “Clan Master Yu, we’re going to head back first. Please inform us if there are any new developments.”

With a very heavy expression on his face, Clan Master Yu absent-mindedly cupped his hands towards Han Qingyu.

Han Qingyu only shook her head and sighed. She then led Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue down the mountain.

Yu Clan depended on Danding School. Even some of Yu Clan’s cultivators were still inside Danding School. Clan Master Yu must’ve been far more anxious than the three of them. If Danding School fell from this demonic beasts’ attack, Yu Clan certainly wouldn’t fare much better. Even if Yu Clan didn’t get swallowed by the demonic beasts, they would certainly get bullied and humiliated if they didn’t have any support. Moreover, Yu Clan’s current Foundation Building cultivators were already very old…

As she dwelled upon that, Han Qingyu once again shook her head. Every cultivation group and clan had their own difficulties; Han Qingyu’s group was no exception. It would already be considered good if they could protect their own lives.

Upon returning to their residence, Mo Tiange once again entered her Virtual Sky World to cultivate.

Right now, the war had approached their doorstep. She had no interest whatsoever in concocting pills now. The little Inferno Beast she caught to provide her with Ardent Yang Real Fire was being raised in this Virtual Sky World. Thus, with the Inferno Beast accompanying her, she started practicing her Soul-Refining Art.

Because her Five-Spirits Cultivating Body couldn’t be invaded by the devil, she had no qualms about practicing the Soul-Refining Art. So, she directed all her energy into practicing for the next few days. At the moment, she had already cultivated her divine sense to the point where it could take on a rough corporeal form.

This was her hidden trump card. Perhaps even Martial Uncle Xuanyin, who gave her this cultivation technique, couldn’t imagine that she could make her divine sense take on a corporeal form so quickly. Bear in mind that every other person who practiced this art did so with fear and trepidation. It would’ve been impossible for them to reach the same accomplishments as her. Furthermore, after obtaining the Five-Spirits Cultivating Body, her primordial spirit was no longer as frail as it was before. In practicing the Soul-Refining Art, she could accomplish twice as much with half the effort. In today’s world, ordinary people would have to cultivate for several dozens of years before they could compare to her.

In fights of magical powers, magic tools, magic weapons, talismans, and the like each had their own adversary, so everyone had to remain vigilant even among friends. The reason why Mo Tiange considered the Soul-Refining Art her trump card was because presumably, nobody would think she could use her divine sense to injure others considering that she was only in the Foundation Building realm.

In the following days, aside from cultivating, Mo Tiange only came out to ask about the circumstances of the war with Danding School.

Their decision to stay quiet was indeed correct. Since Danding School had Nascent Soul cultivators, the demonic beasts would naturally wait until they had eighth rank demonic beasts and above before they dared to attack. Sure enough, from what they heard, the demonic beasts’ side indeed had three eighth rank and one ninth rank demonic beasts. On the other hand, Danding School only had three Nascent Soul cultivators in total—early stage Nascent Soul cultivators at that. The two sides weren’t equal, so their present situation in this war was extremely dire.

This mountain pass where Yu Clan was located was too close to Danding School. If it took Foundation Building cultivators about a day to get there from Danding School, Nascent Soul cultivators would only need several quarter hours. Because of the proximity, battles would occasionally spread to this area. Fortunately, the power of Mo Tiange’s modified Four Symbols Formation was tremendous. Lately, all cultivators from Yu Clan remained inside the Four Symbols Formation. It was only through activating the formation that they could keep themselves safe for a while.

However, their safety was, in the end, only temporary. If Danding School fell, Yu Clan would definitely be impacted. Even Mo Tiange and her martial sisters might be dragged down. Right now, they could only retain as much strength as possible. Besides, they weren’t Danding School’s disciples after all. Master Daoist Xuanyin was also there, and Xuanqing School would never abandon them.

Observing the situation, cultivating, waiting for an opportunity… One month passed by like that. After one month, the war had entered a stalemate. The demonic beasts appearing in the vicinity of Yu Clan’s territory increased day by day. In the end, they could no longer stay out of the war.

“Fellow Daoists, please take a seat.”

While Mo Tiange was still cultivating in the middle of the night, Yu Clan’s steward came to summon the four of them. All of them wondered in their hearts: Will something important be announced?

In a hall, moonstones emitted a gentle light that made it seem like daytime. All four Foundation Building cultivators of Yu Clan were sitting inside. Right after Clan Master Yu saw Mo Tiange’s group, he smiled and politely asked them to sit.

In all matters related to communicating with Yu Clan, Han Qingyu stepped forward and acted in charge. Hence, after Mo Tiange exchanged greetings with the people from Yu Clan, she merely sat on one of the guest’s seats and remained silent.

After some small talk, Han Qingyu straightforwardly asked, “Clan Master Yu, allow me to ask—was there something important meriting you rousing us in the middle of the night?”

Hesitation appeared on Clan Master Yu’s face. He glanced at Han Qingyu with a troubled look as if he was having trouble talking. Han Qingyu then smiled and said, “Although we don’t come from the same school, we’re currently in the same boat because of this situation. What is it that Clan Master Yu can’t say?”

Upon hearing what Han Qingyu said, the hesitation on Clan Master Yu’s face turned into determination. With a nod, he said, “Fellow Daoist Han is right. We’d better explain the situation clearly to Fellow Daoists.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Fellow Daoist Han must’ve already known that our Yu Clan is only a small cultivation clan that depends on Danding School. We have neither Core Formation cultivators nor strength. Currently, in Danding School, we only have two younger cultivators who have prospects of entering the Core Formation realm. We basically have nothing to be coveted by Demonic Beasts. I think… your master chose to send you to our Yu Clan because he wanted to protect the four of you from harm. Based on this, I believe all of you from Xuanqing School are considered to be disciples who’ll have bright futures.”

While he said that, in addition to looking at Han Qingyu, his gaze also fell on Mo Tiange. The cultivation level of this Clan Master Yu might be not remarkable, but he was very experienced. Han Qingyu was already in the late stage of the Formation Building realm. As an elite disciple, she would form her Gold Core sooner or later. Even if she didn’t necessarily succeed, she would still be better than ordinary disciples like them. As for Mo Tiange, she was still very young according to Han Qingyu. Despite her age, her cultivation level was already in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. Her future must be limitless.

“Presumably, the current developments have also extended beyond what you anticipated before. Although our Yu Clan is still safe, it is also in a precarious state. Right now, the number of battles occurring outside the formation is increasing. Occasionally, Danding School’s cultivators ask for our help. Our Yu Clan can’t turn a blind eye… Fellow Daoists, our Yu Clan will enter the war sooner or later. I also found out something today from an injured Danding School cultivator. One… one of our two younger cultivators residing in Danding School has fallen…”

When Clan Master Yu reached this part, a change finally appeared on his previously calm expression. Yu Clan only had two cultivators with prospects of entering the Core Formation realm. Now, they had lost one of them in this war. For Yu Clan, this was a gigantic loss. Furthermore, that person might’ve even been Clan Master Yu’s own descendant.

Clan Master Yu continued on: “This is our present situation. I’ve told the entire truth to Fellow Daoists.” He then fixed his expression. However, there was a hint of resoluteness in his expression as he said, “Since this catastrophe is unavoidable, our Yu Clan will be taking part in this war starting now!”

The four people in Mo Tiange’s group raised their heads. They looked at each other, but none of them said anything. Actually, none of them felt Yu Clan’s decision was strange. Yu Clan would be drawn into this war against demonic beasts sooner or later. It was actually Clan Master Yu’s resoluteness that made them feel strange.

Mo Tiange looked all around. When Madam Yu heard Clan Master Yu’s proclamation, she secretly gripped his hand. It was as if she was consoling him. The other two Foundation Building cultivators in Yu Clan were still looking at Clan Master Yu calmly. Obviously, they had nothing but approval for his decision.

Han Qingyu remained silent for a while before she finally raised her head and said with a smile, “We really admire everyone for making this decision.”

Clan Master Yu chuckled before he said sincerely, “But with this decision, we’re wasting your master’s painstaking efforts. Fellow Daoists originally came to our Yu Clan to help us protect our clansmen, but now, we’re dragging you into the water instead. I’m very ashamed about this, so I wanted to tell you about this matter truthfully. Fellow Daoists, considering your safety, we won’t stop you if you want to leave.”

This Clan Master Yu looked sincere and it didn’t seem at all like he was saying this just out of politeness. Nevertheless, this matter was of great importance, so Han Qingyu didn’t come up with a decision on the spot. She pondered for a while then said, “That being the case, could you please allow the four of us to discuss this first, Clan Master Yu?”

“Of course.” With a smile, Clan Master Yu said, “We’ll enter the war tomorrow. Fellow Daoists may head back and deliberate carefully. It wouldn’t be too late if you informed us of your decision tomorrow.”

“Then we’ll have to thank Clan Master Yu.” Han Qingyu stood up and bowed at Clan Master Yu, who hurriedly bowed back. He said, “That’s only fair.”

Mo Tiange could see that this Clan Master Yu was hoping they would stay because their strength far exceeded the strength of Yu Clan’s Foundation Building cultivators. However, the situation was unpredictable; even though Core Formation cultivators and even Nascent Soul cultivators had all participated in this war, this wasn’t any assurance. Furthermore, her group consisted of disciples from Xuanqing School; he couldn’t risk offending them.

The four sisters headed back to their small courtyard and gathered in Han Qingyu’s room. For a while, none of them spoke. Even the talkative Luo Fengxue seemed to have a lot on her mind.

After a long while, Han Qingyu finally raised her head and swept her gaze over the other three. She said, “All right, you can all say what’s on your mind. This is a pretty big deal; I won’t make a decision for you just because I’m the eldest martial sister. If you have any opinions, you can directly say it.”

“Eldest Martial Sister…” Luo Fengxue wanted to speak but hesitated.

Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue had been friends for several years, so when Mo Tiange saw Luo Fengxue’s conflicted expression, she already had a rough idea what Luo Fengxue wanted to say.

Han Qingyu said, “There’s just us in here. What is it you can’t say?”

“Well…” Glancing at Wei Jiasi and Mo Tiange, Luo Fengxue said, “Eldest Martial Sister, we’re not Danding School’s disciples. Moreover, the situation is pretty dangerous now. They certainly wouldn’t blame us even if we left.”

Han Qingyu nodded and said, “You’re right. Unlike the chivalrous people in this world, us cultivators don’t really view loyalty and self-sacrifice as important. Since we’re powerless to do anything significant anyway, we should leave.”

Upon obtaining affirmation from Han Qingyu, Luo Fengxue felt assured. She stared hopefully at Han Qingyu and asked, “Then we…”

Han Qingyu unexpectedly shook her head and said, “I was thinking something different. You think about it—the war has spread everywhere now. Even if we left this place, how do you propose we go back to Xuanqing School?”

Luo Fengxue was startled. She had never been good at fights of magical power, and she hoped she could distance herself from this war soon. However, Han Qingyu had a point.

“When we left Xuanqing School, we left on our master’s and martial uncle’s flying magic weapons. If we wanted to go back to Xuanqing School on our own, I’m afraid it’d take one to two months. Additionally, every area we need to pass on our way back is most likely engulfed in the war. How can we protect ourselves?”

Luo Fengxue couldn’t answer this question. She merely said, “Eldest Martial Sister… prefers to stay?”

Han Qingyu slowly shook her head and replied, “I don’t. I just can’t see a way to resolve this yet, so for now, I still have no decision.”

Luo Fengxue became silent.

Han Qingyu shifted her attention towards Wei Jiasi and asked, “Second Martial Sister, what do you think?”

In these past few days, Wei Jiasi’s cultivation level had returned to normal; it was just her complexion that remained pale. Even though she heard Han Qingyu’s question, it seemed like she was dazed and couldn’t regain her train of thought.

Han Qingyu called her again, “Second Martial Sister?”

When all three people’s gazes fell on her, Wei Jiasi finally snapped out of it, only to say one short sentence, “I’ll follow Eldest Martial Sister’s decision.”

Upon seeing Wei Jiasi’s current state, Han Qingyu could only sigh inwardly then she turned her attention towards Mo Tiange. She asked, “Tiange, what about you?”

Mo Tiange pondered for a long time before she answered, “Senior Martial Sister Han, I think we’d better stay and analyze the situation.”

“Stay?” Han Qingyu and Luo Fengxue glanced at each other before turning towards Mo Tiange.

With a nod, Mo Tiange said, “That’s right! Senior Martial Sisters, let me explain. I have confidence in Yu Clan’s Four Symbols Formation. Unless several cultivators in the Core Formation realm or higher attack it, it can’t be breached. Besides, Senior Martial Sister Han is here, planning and making decisions, Senior Martial Sister Luo is skilled at managing manpower, and I’m in charge of the formations—there’s a huge chance we’d be able to hold on.”

After sweeping a quick glance over the other three, Mo Tiange said, “Of course, doing so isn’t without risk. If this place is noticed by a high rank demonic beast and it attacks us, there’s a high chance we won’t be able to escape.”

Both Han Qingyu and Luo Fengxue were silent as if they were thinking. The apparent risk of Mo Tiange’s plan couldn’t be considered very high. Besides, aside from staying or leaving, they also had no better ideas. Anyway, trying to escape with their lives intact through this chaotic war was also difficult…

The first person to make up her mind was Han Qingyu. It only took a short moment of contemplating before she revealed a determined expression. She said, “Tiange, since you have this confidence, how about we stay?”

“Eldest Martial Sister!” Luo Fengxue exclaimed.

Han Qingyu turned towards her, gave her a small smile and said, “I’ve thought this through. If we want to protect our lives, we’d better do so with the help of Yu Clan. I know they’re not strong – the four of us could even exterminate their clan if we wanted to – but their clan has put down their roots here a long time ago; there might be some things we could take advantage of. Whether it’s us borrowing their people or us lending our people, both options are still far safer than being outside on our own.”

“But…” Luo Fengxue’s mind was a mess. It hadn’t been long since she built her foundation; moreover, she grew up inside a big, famous cultivation group. She had absolutely no interests in fights of magical power. Now that she was involved in this war, she was most confused about what to do in their group.

“Fengxue, don’t be afraid,” Han Qingyu softly comforted her. “You’ve never been involved in a war, so you’re not used to it. I and your second martial sister have gone through a demonic beast riot sixty years ago. In the beginning, we were just like you. After experiencing a lot, however, we slowly got accustomed to it. Have a bit more confidence in yourself! You’re a disciple of a prestigious school. In addition, you also have magic tools and magic weapons bestowed to you by master. You’re a lot stronger than most other people! What are you afraid of?”

After being comforted, Luo Fengxue actually calmed down.

Because Mo Tiange noticed Luo Fengxue’s present state, and more importantly, because she received a meaningful glance from Han Qingyu, she headed towards Luo Fengxue, held her hands, and said with a smile, “Senior Martial Sister Luo, you’re a senior martial sister. You can’t be worse than me.”

Upon hearing Mo Tiange’s words, a bitter smile appeared on Luo Fengxue’s face. She said, “Tiange, I’m going to tell you the truth. Previously, I… I didn’t think you were really competent. But, after going through this war, I finally realized how close-minded I was. I’ve underestimated others too much. A few days ago, it was you who told me not to worry. The past few days, you’ve also been much more cool-headed than me in handling things. I…”

“Senior Martial Sister Luo!” Seeing how Luo Fengxue became increasingly remorseful as she spoke, Mo Tiange immediately interrupted her and said, “Right now, the situation is like this. We’d better pull ourselves together.”

“Tiange’s right.” Han Qingyu was a very perceptive person. Upon seeing how Mo Tiange’s expression became heavier, she immediately knew Mo Tiange was probably reminded of something unpleasant. Thus, she directly changed the subject and said, “In addition, I still have another reason for staying here.”


Han Qingyu took out a Jade Slip and said, “Before we left, master told me that if an accident happened, I was to protect the three of you first then meet up with him.”

This time, even Wei Jiasi, who had been acting as if these matters didn’t have anything to do with her, was dumbfounded. All of them knew Han Qingyu had a steady temperament and was dependable. As the senior martial sister, she had always waited upon their master and worked hard without any complaints. She had also taken care of her junior martial siblings. Therefore, their master had always trusted her.

Wei Jiasi had never felt dissatisfied because she always perceived her eldest martial sister’s dependability to be unrelated to cultivation. What their master taught her eldest martial sister wasn’t any different from what he taught the rest of them.

But now, when Han Qingyu revealed their master’s secret instructions, Wei Jiasi was somewhat upset. As it turned out, not only had their master trusted their senior martial sister, but he even entrusted such a heavy responsibility to her. Wei Jiasi, as an inner disciple who had followed master for a long time just like her senior martial sister, actually didn’t have the slightest idea of these instructions…

Han Qingyu neither realized nor noticed Wei Jiasi’s dissatisfaction. She passed a Jade Slip to Wei Jiasi who then passed it to the others after viewing its contents. It was only after all three of them had seen the contents of the Jade Slip that Han Qingyu spoke. She said, “Master has long foreseen that this trip wouldn’t progress smoothly, so he gave me these instructions and let me do as I saw fit. Right now, I think what Tiange said makes sense. That being the case, we’d better do as master said.”

Mo Tiange and the two others didn’t say anything. The instructions Master Daoist Xuanyin left were very simple. They were to wait for an opportunity to find a place outside Danding School. If things became dangerous, they were to meet with other disciples there so they could preserve their strength.

Based on these instructions, he had obviously long predicted their journey to not go smoothly. He probably sent the four of them away so they wouldn’t be dragged into the war together. Sending them away displayed his care towards female disciples, but it also displayed his confidence in their ability to handle this matter.

“Senior Martial Sister Han…” A long while later, Mo Tiange slowly said, “Since that’s the case, let’s act according to Martial Uncle Xuanyin’s instructions. From what I see, it’s actually good that Yu Clan made that kind of decision. It would be better for us to borrow their space for the time being. Us and Yu Clan can depend on each other. If things don’t go well, it’ll be easy for us to escape. We’re all Foundation Building cultivators, after all.”

“En, what Tiange said is exactly what I’ve been thinking. Second Martial Sister, Fengxue, what do you think?”