Lady Cultivator - Chapter 121 - Monster's Aura

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Chapter 121: Monster’s Aura

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Mo Tiange stood on the mountain peak, staring at the thick forest below the cliff with a slight frown on her face.

This matter was a bit troublesome. The day they came, Yu Clan already said there was a demonic beast nearby. Several days ago, it fought Yu Clan and almost broken their defense formation. Presumably, it would reappear within several days.

Since then, she and Luo Fengxue had been staying with Yu Clan and preparing for future battle while Han Qingyu and Wei Jiasi exchanged news with Yu Clan to investigate the demonic beast situation.

This batch of demonic beasts seemed to be moving according to Yu Clan’s predictions. They seemed to be monitoring Yu Clan’s territory but they kept their distance. Sometimes, it seemed like they were going to come and attack, and other times, it seemed like they were going to retreat.

Yu Clan had too many mortals and low level cultivators. Han Qingyu thought they’d better not be the first to attack to avoid being divided and conquered—they didn’t want those in charge of attacking to be left with no support while leaving those in charge of taking care of things back at home with insufficient power.

On the contrary, Wei Jiasi thought low rank demonic beasts wouldn’t have that kind of wisdom. However, Han Qingyu said it was better to be safe than sorry.

Their original objective against the beasts was to protect; although it would be even better if they could annihilate those demonic beasts, the safety of Yu Clan was still more important.

Nevertheless, those demonic beasts hadn’t struck in the past few days.

Mo Tiange had already finished modifying Yu Clan’s defense formation. She didn’t think those demonic beasts would be able to break in. However, the problem now was that those demonic beasts were watching nearby but they were just out of reach. This feeling was really unbearable. Besides, they came because they were ordered to help—how could they continue to be held up there?

Today was her turn to patrol. Now that she was standing on this mountain peak, she sensed the presences of demonic beasts again. The momentum wasn’t powerful, but it was very thick. Furthermore, they seemed to be approaching her. After a moment of hesitation, she took out a Summoning Talisman, chanted something then waved her hand. A talisman flew down towards Yu Clan’s courtyard.

Before long, a beam of light rose from Yu Clan. Wei Jiasi flew over on a flying sword, asking indifferently, “What’s wrong?”

Wei Jiasi’s attitude towards her had never been good. Mo Tiange had long been accustomed to it and she also didn’t feel she needed to improve her relationship with Wei Jiasi. Thus, she also said faintly, “Senior Martial Sister Wei, take a look in that direction—they’ve shown up again.”

Wei Jiasi shifted her gaze. She stared for a while before she closed her eyes and stretched her divine sense forward. After a long time, she finally opened her eyes. Her expression was grave.

“What do you think, Senior Martial Sister Wei?”

According to Mo Tiange’s divine sense, there were at least five to six second and third rank demonic beasts.

Wei Jiasi frowned and said, “Go take a look.” Instead of getting off her flying sword, she directly transformed into a beam of light which flew directly towards the spot where the monster’s aura was coming from.

Upon seeing this, Mo Tiange helplessly shook her head, summoned the White Silk Handkerchief, stepped on it and chased after Wei Jiasi.

Mo Tiange flew down the mountain and into the forest. Her White Silk Handkerchief was bestowed by Zhong Muling; it was both a defensive weapon and a flying magic weapon. She hadn’t tested its defensive function yet, but its flying ability was indeed outstanding. It didn’t require much spiritual aura, and it was both quick and steady. From her experience, if she tried to flee with it, maybe only a few Foundation Building cultivators could catch up to her.

Besides, it had been some time since she entered the Foundation Building realm. She had taken the time to refine her magic tools and magic weapons especially after they went out to battle. Among those things was her Land-Fleeing Ruler, which even Zhong Muling praised as a good object. Even if she encountered something, she could flee a thousand miles in an instant; she would be in no danger.

But at this moment, Wei Jiasi’s expression was really ugly. Her flying magic tool was only a flying sword. Although it was bestowed by her master and was much better than common flying swords, there was nothing special about it. After entering the forest, it was affected by the terrain and the surroundings, and its flying speed was greatly reduced. Mo Tiange, on the other hand, flew steadily throughout and was extremely agile.

In Wei Jiasi’s mind, it had been more than eighty years since she entered the Foundation Building realm. Although she was currently trapped in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm, her comprehension of spiritual aura and cultivation techniques wasn’t ordinary. Yet, Mo Tiange was actually beating her! Even though she was only bested in terms of magic tools, Wei Jiasi still thought it was unbearable.

The forest interior was the domain of the demonic beasts. Long ago, only first rank demonic beasts resided here, but now, sometimes second and third rank demonic beasts also appeared. Weirdly, they hadn’t seen even a single demonic beast, not even a low rank one, on their way.

“Eh? Senior Martial Sister Wei!” Mo Tiange suddenly stopped and called out.

We Jiasi was feeling rather resentful, so she shouted unhappily, “What?”

“The monsters’ aura disappeared.”

Wei Jiasi was stunned, but she soon hastily expanded her divine sense. The desire to compete grew in her mind. Now that she had to be reminded of this kind of thing by Mo Tiange, she felt even angrier and more humiliated.

“Even though it disappeared, we still have to go and take a look at what’s going on.”

Upon hearing this overbearing remark, Mo Tiange secretly shook her head. She followed behind Wei Jiasi, moving towards their original destination.

She discovered from Luo Fengxue why Wei Jiasi hated her, but she still didn’t think she did anything wrong. As she pondered, she felt rather disappointed at Wei Jiasi. This Senior Martial Sister Wei was so caught up with her feelings but was unable to distinguish the reason. Even though Luo Fengxue talked to her, it would presumably still be hard for Wei Jiasi to make any progress in the future—this was the flaw of temperament.

While Mo Tiange was immersed in her own thoughts, the two of them finally reached their destination.

As she followed behind Wei Jiasi slowly, Mo Tiange quietly took out her Shuttle of Flying Apsara, got off the White Silk Handkerchief, and grasped both objects in her hands. She stepped lightly on the dried branches as she made her way forward.

All of a sudden, she made one wrong step. She felt herself floating before she then fell and rolled to the side.

At the same time, Wei Jiasi jumped high into the air.

A thunderbolt blasted the spot where they were originally standing.

Mo Tiange and Wei Jiasi glanced at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

With such formidable magic and the opponent’s ability to hide their presence, the two of them were unable to locate where the magic was cast. Their opponent really wasn’t simple, really unlike common second and third rank demonic beasts.

The two of them were vigilant as they stood back to back and summoned their magic tools.

Mo Tiange took out the White Silk Handkerchief and the Shuttle of Flying Apsara—one for defense and the other for attacking. Wei Jiasi took out several spiritual talismans and a tiny silver ring. Although her Water Spirit Flag had been destroyed, she was, after all, Master Daoist Xuanyin’s advanced inner disciple. How could she possibly be shabby? This Wish Ring was also a relatively powerful magic tool.

The two of them expanded their respective divine senses to survey their surroundings. Before long, both abruptly made moves at the same time. Wei Jiasi hurled her Wish Ring which then collided with a thunderbolt while Mo Tiange threw her White Silk Handkerchief which immediately transformed midair into lumps of bricks that fell in front of her, building a wall that obstructed another thunderbolt.

The difference between them was that Wei Jiasi was beaten a step back while Mo Tiange remained in place.

Wei Jiasi cast another glance at Mo Tiange as astonishment appeared in her eyes. She could naturally see that Mo Tiange had both magic tools and magic weapons. With how Mo Tiange’s magic tool was, Mo Tiange’s magic weapon was naturally better than hers; it was just that Wei Jiasi had never expected it to have this kind of ability. According to her estimates, those thunderbolts were definitely much more powerful than the magic of Foundation Building cultivators, so despite being powerful, she was still beaten back one step. However, Mo Tiange was unexpectedly having such an easy time!

A few days ago, when Mo Tiange came back after being missing for several days, they learned that Mo Tiange, who had just entered the early stage of the Foundation Building realm, had actually entered the middle stage in just a short while. This naturally made the people who knew her suspicious. However, their master decreed that they weren’t to inquire about this matter, so none of them asked anything further. Nevertheless, everyone knew she must’ve encountered some fated chances. This urged Wei Jiasi to be more hardworking than before.

However, Wei Jiasi’s studies on fights of magical power was rather deep, so she never expected that not only had Mo Tiange advanced into the next realm, but Mo Tiange was even stronger than her in fights of magical power.