Lady Cultivator - Chapter 119 - Yu Clan

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Chapter 119: Yu Clan

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Mo Tiange obtained several ancient pill recipes from Danding School. One was a recipe for Spirit-Gathering Pills, which were suitable to be used by Foundation Building cultivators. The other recipes were for Core Formation cultivators’ medicinal pills, such as Clear Sky Pill, Aura-Stabilizing Pill, Look-Preserving Pill, and even Longevity Pill.

The usefulness of this Spirit-Gathering Pill seemed ordinary, as if it was only a common medicinal pill Foundation Building cultivators used to increase their cultivation level, but in reality, the usefulness of this ancient pill recipe was higher than modern Soul-Strengthening Pills. The same principle also applied for Clear Sky Pills.

As for Aura-Stabilizing Pill, Look-Preserving Pill, and Longevity Pill, they were quite useful as well. Aura-Stabilizing Pills were a good panacea to nurse spiritual aura and were most suitable for people who had just been possessed by the devil. Even though Mo Tiange was no longer in danger of accidentally being possessed by the devil, having these pills ready for when she had to make a breakthrough into the next realm was still very useful.

Meanwhile, for Look-Preserving Pills and Longevity Pills, although their names and effects were the same as modern medicinal pills, their efficacy wasn’t the same. Modern Look-Preserving Pills could only preserve one’s looks for about ten years, but ancient Look-Preserving Pills could make one look youthful forever. Ancient Longevity Pills were also the same—instead of increasing one’s lifespan by 100 years like modern Longevity Pills, they could increase it by 500 years!

The efficacy of this Longevity Pill was too astonishing. An additional 500 years in a Core Formation’s lifespan was enough for them to advance from the Core Formation realm into the Nascent Soul realm. Perhaps it was even enough time for a Nascent Soul cultivator to reach the Deification realm! Nowadays, even Longevity Pills that increased lifespans by 100 years were sought after by Nascent Soul cultivators.

Mo Tiange couldn’t help but sigh inwardly; had she known she possessed such a unique treasure when Second Uncle was alive, she never would’ve let him pass away harboring so much unwillingness.

Furthermore, ever since she obtained the Virtual Sky World, the changes in the Virtual Sky World in the previous hundreds of thousands of years seemed to have flowed into her memory instantly. She was aware of each kind of spiritual plant inside it. Therefore, when she chose the pill recipes, she chose ones requiring ingredients she already had.

Luo Fengxue didn’t know about this. She only thought Mo Tiange had thrown away a lot of money to buy useless pill recipes and kept harping on it on their way back. Nevertheless, Luo Fengxue was a disciple of a famous school ever since she was a child and had received assistance from her master, so she was far richer than Mo Tiange. Thus, she didn’t think several thousand spirit stones were of any importance. After lecturing Mo Tiange for a while and realizing Mo Tiange didn’t care, she no longer said much about it.

Right after the two of them entered their temporary Immortal’s Cave, they saw Han Qingyu and Wei Jiasi sitting in the hall together, apparently waiting for them.

Upon seeing the two of them, Han Qingyu gladly said, “You both finally came back. Hurry up! We have to set off soon!”

“What?” Luo Fengxue asked with bewilderment, “Eldest Martial Sister, where are we going?”

Han Qingyu said, “We didn’t come to Danding School to play. Now that we’ve rested for several days, we should go and start killing monsters.”

“Oh…” What Han Qingyu said was right. Danding School had lost many of their disciples, so it was inexcusable if they, people who came to help, just sat and played around.

They didn’t have anything to prepare. After all, they weren’t mortals—everything they needed was already inside their Qiankun Bags. They could leave immediately.

A quarter of an hour later, the four of them left Mount Tianhuo with Han Qingyu leading the way.

When Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue were shopping, Master Daoist Xuanyin assigned them a task. He told Han Qingyu and Wei Jiasi to start their journey right after Mo Tiange and Luo Fengxue came back. On the road, Han Qingyu roughly explained their current task. As it turned out, there were low rank demonic beasts roaming around neighboring clans. Those clans were unable to hold on much longer, so they were sent to help.

As Foundation Building cultivators, the four of them could already be considered high level cultivators inside the current Danding School. Despite being one of the seven great cultivation groups, Danding School was different from Tiandao Sect and Xuanqing School. They were good at pill-concocting but their cultivation levels were relatively modest. The number of disciples they had was also just a bit more numerous than medium-sized cultivation groups. Now that they suffered such extensive damage, they had even fewer Foundation Building cultivators than before. Nevertheless, the demonic beasts they were battling were just first and second rank demonic beasts; beasts that fourth rank and higher were rarely seen. Thus, the danger ought to be minimal with the four of them working with cultivators from the school.

After half a day of flying in silence, they finally arrived at one sector of Mount Tianhuo. From far away, the four of them could already see houses extending into the distance.

A group of patrolling cultivators flew over.

This group of patrolling cultivators consisted of Aura Refining cultivators and a Foundation Building cultivator as their leader. The Foundation Building cultivator was only in the early stage; he looked like an old man and half his hair was already white. He obviously didn’t have very long to live. Usually, if a cultivation clan relied on a cultivation group, only the young and talented would remain inside that group while those who didn’t have many years left and had no prospects of advancing to the next realm would come back to their clans to educate the younger generations.

The cultivator flew towards them. He watched them attentively for a while before he cupped his hands as a greeting and said, “Fellow Daoists, may I ask who you are…”

Han Qingyu smiled. She took out an identity tablet and said, “Fellow Daoist, we’re Xuanqing School’s disciples ordered to help Danding School. We came to help you guys.”

The old man took the identity tablet. Once he verified it, his cautious look turned into surprise and excitement. He approached them and bowed repeatedly while saying, “Fellow Daoists of Xuanqing School, the matter is too important. I’m very sorry for offending you. I’m a cultivator of Yu Clan. I’ll report to the Clan Master now so he can come to see you. Please wait here for a moment.’

Han Qingyu made a “please” gesture. The cultivator then took out a Summoning Talisman and whispered a few words. The Summoning Talisman turned into a beam of light that shot towards one of the houses below.

Right when the Summoning Talisman disappeared, several fleeting lights instantly rose from below. When they came closer, Mo Tiange finally got a clear view of them. They were a middle-aged cultivator, a beautiful Madam, and an old man.

The middle-aged cultivator had the highest cultivation level among the three; he was in the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. He had long hair, a black beard and was wearing a Yin and Yang Daoist robe. He looked extremely imposing. The Madam and the old man were both in the early stage of the Foundation Building realm. The Madam looked gentle and elegant while the old man seemed completely ordinary.

As the three of them walked over, the middle-aged cultivator smilingly said from a distance, “Fairies, we’re honored by your presence. Please forgive us for not welcoming you sooner.”

Fairies? Mo Tiange felt a bit dizzy at being addressed like this. She knew female cultivators were sometimes addressed as “fairy,” but under normal circumstances, it was normally mortals who addressed them like that. The road to immortality had nothing to do with gender; consequently, both male and female cultivators usually addressed each other as “Fellow Daoist,” Calling them “fairies” on their first meeting showed the middle-aged cultivator’s intention of honoring them. However, she really wasn’t accustomed to being addressed like this.

Han Qingyu was completely unperturbed. She said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist doesn’t need to be polite. We’re all cultivators, so calling us ‘Fellow Daoist’ will suffice.”

Upon seeing how reasonably Han Qingyu was behaving, the middle-aged cultivator knew they weren’t proud or arrogant female cultivators. Thus, he smiled and said more sincerely, “Fellow Daoist is right. I’ll do as you said. Oh, I’m Yu Jingfeng, the Clan Master of Yu Clan. This is my wife, and this is Haitao, a senior brother from our clan.” The cultivator pointed at the two people by his side who saluted them as a response. When they finished making their salutations, the cultivator once again smiled and asked, “May I know Fellow Daoists’ names?”

Once Mo Tiange’s group returned their salutations, Han Qingyu answered, “I’m Han Qingyu of Xuanqing School. These are my junior martial sisters, Wei Jiasi, Luo Fengxue, and Mo Tiange.”

“So it’s Fellow Daoist Han, Fellow Daoist Wei, Fellow Daoist Luo and Fellow Daoist Mo. Fellow Daoists, all of you are young but your cultivation levels are high—worthy of respect and praise.”

Han Qingyu gracefully smiled and said, “Clan Master Yu doesn’t have to be courteous. Among us martial sisters, my two junior martial sisters indeed deserve this praise. I and Junior Martial Sister Wei, however, are already more than 100 years old. We’re not that great.”

Most cultivation techniques for female cultivators helped preserve their looks. Even if their cultivation techniques didn’t have that effect, they were able to take Look-Preserving Pills. Therefore, both Han Qingyu and We Jiasi still looked like they were in their twenties. Besides, of the two of them, one was in the middle stage and one was in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm; according to their lifespans, they should look like they were thirty years old at the most. Han Qingyu was being extremely modest.

Clan Master Yu was a quick thinker. After he heard Han Qingyu’s words, he waved his hand and said, “Eh… Fellow Daoist Han is too modest. Even if you and Fellow Daoist Wei are already more than 100 years old, your prospects are boundless. Fellow Daoist Han is already in the late stage of the Foundation Building realm. Furthermore, you’re also a disciple of a famous school, so perhaps one day, you’ll form your Gold Core and become a genuinely young talented disciple.”

“I really don’t deserve such praise.”

The two of them continued on—one heaped praise while one acted modest, causing Mo Tiange as a listener to feel very depressed. It was really lucky that Senior Martial Sister Han had this kind of patience. If it was her, although Mo Tiange would also try to be polite, she would end this kind of banter as soon as she could.

They spent another quarter hour continuing such talk. The Foundation Building cultivators in the patrolling group went to resume their patrol, yet these two still hadn’t finished their exchange of pleasantries. Fortunately, Madam Yu by Clan Master Yu’s side found a chance and interrupted. She said, “Husband, Fellow Daoists have just arrived. Why haven’t you asked them to come in and sit first?”

Clan Master Yu seemed to have a sudden realization. He said regretfully, “True, I got too carried away. Fortunately, you reminded me. Fellow Daoists, I’m truly sorry. Please come inside and sit.”

Han Qingyu smiled. Under Clan Master Yu’s lead, a group of people entered Yu Clan’s courtyard.

Clan Master Yu led the four of them into the hall. After both the hosts and the guests had taken their respective seats and tea was served, they finally discussed the real problem.

“I’m going to be honest with Fellow Daoists. Right now, the condition of my Yu Clan isn’t good. As disciples of a famous school, you should’ve already seen it yourself. The defense formations protecting Yu Clan aren’t the best. Moreover, there are only four Foundation Building cultivators in our clan. We’re just a small clan; our magic tools and medicinal pills also aren’t the highest quality. The last time those demonic beasts struck, my brother was injured, and both I and my wife lost our magic tools. With no other choice, we could only ask for help from the school. Luckily, you came in time.”

This time, Han Qingyu didn’t make any modest remarks. After pondering for a moment, she asked, “Clan Master Yu, how’s your strength now? Fellow Daoist Haitao is injured, so for the time being, his strength shouldn’t be counted. Do you and your wife still have other means of dealing with the enemy?”

Clan Master Yu nodded. He stroked his beard while muttering to himself for quite a while before he answered, “Although our useful magic tools were destroyed, we still have others, so we won’t have any problems fighting demonic beasts of the same realm as us. My brother is old and injured, so he presumably won’t be able to participate in the battle right away. We still have a nephew stationed outside. Although his cultivation level is lower than mine, he’s very good in fights of magical power. Even if he has to fight demonic beasts a realm higher than him, his odds of winning are quite high.”

“I see…” Han Qinyu hadn’t expected much from Yu Clan, so she wasn’t disappointed. She simply shifted her gaze towards the three of them and asked, “What do you think?”

Among the three of them, Wei Jiasi was the oldest in age and the highest in seniority, so she was the first to speak. “Eldest Martial Sister, I think there’s no problem. The two of us can fight together and Fengxue and Tiange also have some means. There won’t be any problems for them to fight against demonic beasts from the same realm as them.”

Luo Fengxue said, “Eldest Martial Sister, we can make some rearrangements with the cultivators from Yu Clan. Maybe the Aura Refining cultivators can also play a larger role.”

Mo Tiange pondered for a long time before speaking. “I can modify Yu Clan’s defense formations. That way, their defensive power should rise by half and add some means of attacking.”

Han Qingyu nodded with a smile. She also had the same thoughts. Wei Jiasi had always emphasized the importance of fights of magical powers, Luo Fengxue was good at management, while Mo Tiange’s forte was in formations; the three of them each focused on different things. As for herself, Han Qingyu had always been the eldest martial sister. She was good at leading everyone and making the final decision. The four of them had different characters, but they complemented each other. This was the reason why Master Daoist Xuanyin sent them out together.

The three members of Yu Clan were both surprised and happy to hear what they said. In this case, the arrival of Mo Tiange’s group wasn’t simply the addition of four more Foundation Building cultivators. This time, their Yu Clan might be saved.