Lady Cultivator - Chapter 117 - The Virtual Sky World

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Chapter 117: The Virtual Sky World

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When Mo Tiange walked out of the hut, she noticed Zhong Muling was standing beside the pool with his hands behind his back, apparently thinking about something.

Mo Tiange softly walked towards him then saluted. “Great Ancestor.”

After a long while, Zhong Muling finally moved. He cast a glance at her and said, “You’ve been here for seven days, so you should leave now.”

“…” Mo Tiange nodded then replied, “Does Great Ancestor have any other instructions?”

“You have your own destiny. Why do you need me to instruct you?” he said indifferently before flinging his sleeve, causing a Qiankun Bag to appear on the wooden table beside them. “I’ve already re-refined your Spirit-Concealing Pendant. As long as you wear it, you’ll be all right even if you pretend to be a mortal.”

“Many thanks to Great Ancestor.” Mo Tiange bluntly accepted the Qiankun Bag. Her Breath-Concealing Technique was mediocre at best, so with this, she could live with more ease in the future.

However, aside from the pendant, the Qiankun Bag still contained a lot of other things.

“Great Ancestor, these are…”

“That Purple Wooden Furnace is the pill furnace I used years ago, it’s useless to me now. Since you’re learning how to concoct pills, I’m giving it to you. That silk handkerchief is a defensive magic weapon, but it can also be used to fly; I’ve already recorded the art to control it on a Jade Slip. The path of cultivation has to be walked on your own, so I can only help you to this extent. Whether you can advance into the Core Formation realm, Nascent Soul realm, or even Deification realm depends on your own skills.”

As Mo Tiange packed up all these things, realization dawned on her. The fate between her and this great ancestor could be considered at its end already. Deification cultivators like him could spend hundreds of years in Closed Door Meditation—he may not set foot in this place again within the next thousand years. Whether or not they could meet again in the future was uncertain.

“All right, I’ll see you both out.”


Zhong Muling raised his hand, causing a dot of light the size of a pea to emerge between his eyebrows. As he silently mouthed some incantations, the dot of light became brighter and brighter, gradually becoming a huge pearl before falling on his palm.

Mo Tiange’s gaze was glued to that pearl as a frown formed on her face.

Zhong Muling didn’t stop mouthing the incantations until eventually, a spell shot towards the pearl.

A huge dimensional crack suddenly appeared in the sky.


Mo Tiange wanted to say something, but before she got the chance, she saw a flash of darkness followed by brightness. Her figure vanished from the Virtual Sky World.

Mo Tiange raised her gaze and looked all around. She was on a mountaintop, and there was nothing around her. She had probably already left the Virtual Sky World.

She couldn’t help but sigh and lament wistfully; she still had something to ask Zhong Muling…


“Oh…” Mo Tiange turned around when she heard Qin Xi’s voice. Once she did, however, she was gobsmacked.

Qin Xi seemed to be standing rather unsteadily. His face was ashen and it was very obvious that his injuries hadn’t improved at all. Great ancestor said his injuries weren’t severe, so how did he end up like this?

“Senior Martial Brother Qin, are you all right?”

Qin Xi propped up his body, shook his head and said, “Let’s head back first.”

He didn’t explain any further and directly summoned his flying sword, pulling her onto it then flying towards Luoyan Cliff.

Zhong Muling was cautious. They were placed at a spot far from the forest.

Qin Xi’s expression was very grave. Mo Tiange’s gaze darted towards him, but she also said nothing.

In just a short while, they landed at the boundary of Luoyan Cliff.

Right after they landed, Qin Xi said, “Don’t mention this matter to anyone else. If anyone asks, just tell them I forbade you to say anything.”

“Oh, all right…” even though it seemed like he still wanted to say something, he didn’t. He just looked away without saying anything else.

As her gaze followed his figure, she suddenly thought he looked rather depressed.

But before she had the chance to say anything, the disciples in charge of patrolling came over. Soon after, the formation was opened and the two of them went inside.

After bidding farewell to Qin Xi, she continued on her way with a pensive look. The image of Zhong Muling opening the Virtual Sky Word lingered on her mind.

There was no one in the tent when she got back; even Luo Fengxue wasn’t there.

Mo Tiange sat on her seat. She thought for a long time before she fumbled in her Qiankun Bag and took something out from it. It was a pearl the size of a baby’s fist. It was brimming with spiritual aura and was extremely similar to Zhong Muling’s.

She obtained it from killing that man from An Clan on Mount Yunwu. Before today, she had never understood what it was for, so she had been keeping it in her Qiankun Bag without using it.

She didn’t know whether it was the same as Zhong Muling’s, but it looked quite similar to his. In addition to that, even the way its spiritual aura responded was also similar.

Zhong Muling’s pearl had been refined into his body and he used it to open the Virtual Sky World, so it was most likely a Virtual Sky World-related magic weapon. She wondered whether she could also obtain a Virtual Sky World with this thing in her hands.

Mo Tiange’s imagination couldn’t help but roam far and wide—how nice would it be if she could have an Immortal’s Cave she could carry around with her like the Virtual Sky World? In a place with such dense spiritual aura, all kinds of spiritual plants were bound to thrive. Moreover, she could bring it with her everywhere without having to fear being discovered by others.

The more she thought about it, the more unbearable the longing in her heart became. Unfortunately, just as she was about to ask for some clarification about the pearl, Zhong Muling sent her out of the Virtual Sky World. Now, she had no one to ask. Even though she had it, she could only sigh helplessly.

A moment of excitement followed by a moment of disappointment.

Mo Tiange was about to throw the pearl back into her Qiankun Bag when she suddenly remembered something Yuan Bao said.

One time when Yuan Bao was chatting with her, he told her the Virtual Sky World was a magic weapon that had a master. Unless its master’s primordial spirit had completely dissipated, nobody else could seize it. Furthermore, as long as it recognized a master, it would never escape.

As she thought about it, an idea suddenly crossed her mind. She gathered her spiritual aura and made a light slashing gesture with it, creating a light cut on her fingertip.

Blood started to flow and she dripped one drop of blood on the bead. The scarlet blood drop slowly sank into the glossy white pearl, gradually disappearing from its surface. All of a sudden, she felt a twinge in her head, and countless information invaded her mind in a flash.

She saw the wild Distant Past era; various beasts; and birds…

All kinds of spiritual objects, cultivators and demonic beasts…

Numerous writings, countless images…

All of it flashed before her eyes. She felt like she was personally experiencing all of it; it was as if someone had stuffed all of it into her head.


Mo Tiange didn’t know how much time had passed. Perhaps it had been a long time, or perhaps it had only been a while, but the pain in her head gradually faded. When she finally looked up, her eyes instantly widened.

She was now no longer in that tent on Luoyan Cliff. Rather, it was an unfamiliar place with dense spiritual aura.

Several bamboo huts could be seen hidden in the dense bamboo forest. A brook meandered into the distance. The gentle breeze carried the fragrance of spiritual plants into her nose.

A bamboo forest, huts, a brook, medicinal fields… She was ecstatic!

This is a Virtual Sky World! Must be a Virtual Sky World!

Mo Tiange immediately stood up from the ground and ran into one of the huts.

This hut seemed to have been abandoned for years; a thick layer of dust covered the entire floor, practically submerging everything inside the hut. Nevertheless, she simply cast a few spells and the room was spotless in an instant.

There were table and chairs made of spiritual bamboo, several praying mats scattered on the floor, and a shelf full of books in the corner of the room.

Mo Tiange softly made her way towards the bookshelf. She selected one of the books and opened it. It was written in some kind of ancient alphabet; it was written using spells and made of some kind of demonic beast’s skin which was pliable but strong. When she closed the book, she felt strange. She didn’t have the ability to read such an ancient alphabet, yet she could comprehend it merely by seeing it!

In fact, she could recognize everything in this room.

As she exited the hut and walked around the bamboo forest, she saw there were various spiritual objects all over the area. Trees, flowers, grasses, vines, and countless spiritual objects were crowded together. The grounds were completely covered with layer upon layer of leaves. She wondered how long this place had lived and grown on its own to create this kind of scenery.

Mo Tiange realized what had happened. The Virtual Sky World was a spatial magic weapon left behind from the Distant Past era. After it lost its master, no one understood what it was and it then fell into the possession of the man from the An Clan until it eventually fell into her hands. If she hadn’t coincidentally entered Zhong Muling’s Virtual Sky World, she might not have even realized she had a unique treasure in her hands until her death. How much were these spiritual panaceas grown for hundreds of thousands of years worth? Among them were spiritual plants more than 10,000 years old. Even if she just casually took one of them out, she would probably shock the entire Celestial Pole!

As she stroked a 10,000-year-old Seven Withered Grass with her hands, Mo Tiange sat on the ground. A stupid grin blossomed on her face. Ever since she entered the path of cultivation, she had gone through a lot of bad luck nut only a few fated chances. However, within the past few days, she had encountered a series of fated chances in a row which were hard for ordinary people to encounter in their entire lifetimes!

The Art of the Origin, Five-Spirit Cultivating Body, advice from Deification cultivators, gifts from her great ancestor, and even this Virtual Sky World! This really made her feel a surreal happiness.

But, these spiritual plants were real, this soil was real, those huts were real, and the spiritual aura was also real. With all this, would she still need to worry about her future?

After countless seconds ticked by, Mo Tiange gradually calmed down.

No matter how many spiritual treasures she had, she was still a Foundation Building cultivator. As long as her Law of Dao was incomplete, she still didn’t have the ability to protect herself.

Besides, the demonic beast riot was still going on, so protecting her life was still the priority.

With this mindset, Mo Tiange stood up and started to attentively examine this Virtual Sky World.

Every Virtual Sky World was different from each other. In Zhong Muling’s, there were wooden houses and pools but in this one, there were bamboo huts, a bamboo forest, and a brook. Nonetheless, the spiritual aura in both places was pretty much the same—both were dense.

In addition, her Virtual Sky World had an advantage compared to Zhong Muling’s—the spiritual plants and spiritual objects here were numerous. At the very least, they had been growing freely for several hundreds of thousands of years. Among them were countless 10,000-year-old spiritual plants. They continuously grew and reproduced, covering this medicinal field and causing it to expand to the point there was almost no free space left. On the other hand, Zhong Muling’s Virtual Sky World didn’t have this many spiritual plants. Perhaps it was because within the thousands of years since he became a Deification cultivator, he had used or harvested some of the spiritual plants.

As she scanned the endless medicinal field under the gentle breeze, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but think that this time, she had to learn about concocting pills whether she wanted to or not. Most of these spiritual plants couldn’t be taken outside. If she wanted to use them, she could only concoct pills by herself. Besides, with this many spiritual plants, would she still have to worry about wasting plants because of her insufficient talent?

Furthermore, she could start gathering as many ancient pill recipes as possible. In the cultivation world, although there were many ancient pill recipes remaining, most of them were useless because many of the spiritual plants required had long disappeared from the world. People couldn’t concoct any spiritual panaceas even if they had the recipe. However, she didn’t need to worry about this problem. The countless spiritual plants here must’ve been planted by the previous master of this Virtual Sky World; there must be some spiritual plants here that were commonly used for concocting pills. Even though the plant selection might be a bit lacking, being able to concoct several kinds of ancient medicinal pills was already enough for her.

As she thought about this, Mo Tiange couldn’t help but grin again. This was the first time she ever felt that her path of cultivation was a bright path.