Lady Cultivator - Chapter 116 - Meeting

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Chapter 116: Meeting

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Deification cultivators!

Qin Xi stared at the two men in front of him. His astonishment outweighed his wariness. Although he had heard from his master that Deification cultivators existed in this world, those old monsters had long gone into seclusion. It had been almost 1,000 years since someone saw one of them. He never expected he would see two of them at once!

Zhong Muling raised his head and stared at Qin Xi. He said with narrowed eyes, “Boy, a few days ago I was in a good mood and let you go. Why did you rush into the formation again today?”

Upon hearing this question, Qin Xi finally snapped out of his daze. He calmly saluted the two men and said, “Junior asks for Seniors’ forgiveness. Junior didn’t intend to rush into the formation; junior just came to look for someone.”

“Look for someone?” Yuan Bao scrutinized the robes Qin Xi was wearing and asked, “Whom are you looking for?”

Qin Xi respectfully answered, “Junior is a disciple of Xuanqing School and junior came to find a fellow disciple. Since junior has entered the formation without permission, junior hopes Seniors may show forgiveness.”

Yuan Bao and Zhong Muling glanced at each other; both understood what was going on.

Seeing as this person was willing to take the risk and rushed into the formation for his peer and since he had a respectful attitude without the slightest intention of fawning on them, Zhong Muling had quite a favorable impression of him. He softened his tone and said, “I have someone here, but I don’t know whether the person is the one you’re looking for. Tell me the name first.”

When Qin Xi heard this, he knew Mo Tiange was most likely there. Because he noticed that these two seniors were very amicable, he got straight to the point. “The person junior is looking for is named Mo Tiange. Is that the same person Senior knows of?”

The corners of Zhong Muling’s lips rose. He stared at Qin Xi with a contemplative look and said, “What’s your relationship with her that you’d be willing to brace this enormous danger just to save her?”

Qin Xi answered, “In our division, junior is her elder. Junior naturally would spare no efforts to save her.”

“Oh?” Zhong Muling cast a glance at him then waved his hand. A gold sword flew over and fell on his hand. He said, “Three Yang Real Fire Sword… Unexpectedly, someone really managed to refine it.”

Startled, Qin Xi asked, “Senior knows this sword?”

Zhong Muling grunted and waved his hand, tossing the Three Yang Real Fire Sword back to Qin Xi. “I saw it in a cultivation record before. You’re unexpectedly quite lucky; you actually managed to obtain this kind of Distant Past era’s magic weapon.”

Beside him, Yuan Bao chuckled and said, “Aling, compared to the Yang Spiritual Bead inside his body, this Three Yang Real Fire Sword is nothing. Tsk tsk, Yang Spiritual Bead… I really don’t know what kind of luck this boy has that he could actually obtain such an extraordinary treasure. If I had Yang Spiritual Bead, I wouldn’t have spent so much time trapped on the threshold of the Deification realm!” As he spoke, his gaze kept darting towards Qin Xi.

Despite Yuan Bao’s ill-intentioned gaze giving him goosebumps, Qin Xi knew he was nothing but an ant to a Deification cultivator; no matter what they wanted to do to him, he basically wouldn’t be able to resist with his current strength, so he quickly calmed down.

“Senior has sharp eyes. There is indeed a Yang Spiritual Bead inside junior’s body. Junior obtained it years ago. After so many years, Junior was finally able to merge it with junior’s body and use it.”

Qin Xi’s calmness surprised Yuan Bao, who then turned toward Zhong Muling and said with a chuckle, “Aling, his firm heart is comparable to yours.”

Zhong Muling faintly said, “Don’t assume that everyone is like you.”

Although his tone was faint, the contempt in his words was apparent. Yuan Bao naturally noticed it and instantly shouted, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything,” Zhong Muling said with a completely unperturbed expression. Without waiting for a comeback from Yuan Bao, he turned his head toward Qin Xi and said, “Little junior, out of respect for this Three Yang Real Fire Sword, I’ll let you see the person you were looking for if you leave this formation.”

Qin Xi didn’t have the chance to answer. Right after he finished speaking, Zhong Muling immediately waved his hand, disappearing along with Yuan Bao.

Qin Xi stared at the vast snowy glaciers before his eyes. His brows were furrowed. He wanted to heave a sigh, but he suddenly held his chest and vomited a mouthful of blood.

When Mo Tiange opened the door and caught sight of a man sitting cross-legged on the ground, she was completely dumbfounded.

“Senior Martial Brother Qin!”

She didn’t know that Zhong Muling, who was paying attention to the movements inside the small hut, was frowning. After a moment of shock, she directly rushed towards Qin Xi.

From the way Zhong Muling spoke, she originally thought the person who came for her was Martial Uncle Shoujing. At the time, she thought she could finally meet the famous Martial Uncle Shoujing who she had never seen before. To her surprise, however, it was actually Senior Martial Brother Qin!

Upon seeing Qin Xi, she felt both relieved and worried. She was relieved because Qin Xi was now in front of her and clearly wasn’t in a life-threatening situation. She felt worried because right now, he was motionless, his face was extremely pale, his eyes were closed, both his hands and feet were cold, and it seemed like he couldn’t hear her voice. Apparently, his injuries were rather heavy.

Mo Tiange grabbed his hands. Upon realizing how freezing cold they were, she instantly called out, “Great Ancestor! What’s wrong with Senior Martial Brother Qin?”

After a moment of silence, Zhong Muling’s voice emerged: “This boy just got his primordial aura injured inside the Illusory Sky Formation. You don’t have to worry. His two metal and fire spiritual roots both have Yang attributes. Coupled with the Yang Spiritual Bead inside his body, ice and snow cannot injure him. Right now, his muscles and veins are simply frozen; he’ll wake up on his own in a while.”

“Oh…” Having received assurance from Zhong Muling, Mo Tiange finally heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that Qin Xi was motionless, Mo Tiange deliberated for a bit then decided to sit next to him.

Qin Xi currently had his eyebrows covered with frost. Mo Tiange guessed that this was probably the effect created by an Ice-Confounding Formation, similar to the Desert-Confounding Formation she encountered. But why was Senior Martial Brother Qin here?

“Great Ancestor!” she called again.


“Could you perhaps help Senior Martial Brother Qin?”

Zhong Muling paused for a short while before he said impatiently, “So troublesome! He’ll be fine after he adjusts his breath for a while!”


“Shut up! You’re noisy! You just need to sit here quietly.”

“Oh…” Zhong Muling obviously wasn’t willing, so Mo Tiange didn’t dare to keep asking and just stood silently on the side, watching over Qin Xi.

In the past few days, she had received so many opportunities that she had temporarily forgotten about matters from the outside world. Now that she saw Qin Xi, she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened before she entered the formation. What happened to Luo Fengxue, who was talking to Senior Martial Sister Wei? Was Luo Fengxue able to convince Senior Martial Sister Wei? What would they do if Senior Martial Sister Wei wasn’t convinced? Were they all right?

Qin Xi’s eyelids trembled then his eyes slowly opened. The first thing he saw was a happy face smiling at him.

“Senior Martial Brother Qin, you finally woke up.”

Qin Xi once again closed his eyes. It was only after his breath gradually calmed down that he opened his eyes again. With a smile, he said, “Tiange, are you okay?”

There was a slight tremble in Mo Tiange’s heart upon hearing that the first thing Qin Xi said after waking up was inquiring about her. Nonetheless, with her usual expression, she smiled and said, “I’m okay. What about you?”

“I’m also okay. I just suffered some light injuries. I’ll be fine if I recuperate when we go back.”

While he looked all around with an inquisitive gaze, Qin Xi stood up while struggling and said, “This place is…” In a place with such dense spiritual aura, what kind of place was this? His Immortal’s Cave was located at a spot with the densest spiritual aura on Mount Taikang and it was even equipped with a high level Spirit-Gathering Formation, yet it was far inferior compared to this place.

“We’re in a Virtual Sky World.”

“Virtual Sky World?” Qin Xi frowned as he wondered where he had heard these words before.

Mo Tiange immediately said, “Senior Martial Brother Qin, you don’t have to think too much. This place is Senior Yuan Bao and my great ancestor’s Immortal’s Cave. There won’t be any problems for us.”

“Great ancestor?”

“Yes,” Mo Tiange nodded and continued to explain. “I was also shocked when I learned about it. My Great ancestor’s surname is Zhong, and his name is Muling. He’s also the master of this place.”

“…” The owner of this place… Could it be? Those two Deification seniors? Once he thought up to this point, Qin Xi’s gaze suddenly was filled with both astonishment and confusion. “Great ancestor” could mean her grandfather’s grandfather, but cultivators’ lifespans were rather long. They could have many generations of descendants, so “Great ancestor” was also used by direct, blood-related descendants to address ancestors who didn’t otherwise have a clear position in the family hierarchy. Does that mean one of those two Deification seniors has a direct blood relation to Mo Tiange?

The moment this idea popped in his mind, Qin Xi didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt upset. As he was sorting through his confusion, Mo Tiange spoke. “I’ll tell you the details after we get back. Senior Martial Brother Qin, are you really okay now?”

Qin Xi said with a smile, “I’m okay, don’t worry. I just need to adjust my breath for several days and my injuries will be fine. It’s you we need to worry about—are you injured?”

Mo Tiange laughed and said, “Not only am I not injured, but I even obtained a lot of benefits.”


Mo Tiange released her momentum while staring at Qin Xi with a smile. She then asked, “Senior Martial Brother Qin, what’s different about me?”

Qin Xi was shocked when he felt her momentum. He said, “You’ve entered the middle stage?”

“En.” Mo Tiange nodded cheerfully. She wasn’t ready to tell others about the Five-Spirit Fruit, but regarding obtaining the Art of the Origin and advancing into the middle stage, it definitely couldn’t be concealed if she returned to Xuanqing School, so it was better to talk about it directly.

She entered the Foundation Building realm less than a year ago but she’s already advanced into the middle stage now… Despite his own share of fated chances, Qin Xi was still amazed by Mo Tiange’s luck. However, when he thought about the two Deification cultivators, he also felt it was inevitable so he smiled and said, “To enter the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm at your current age… You could be considered the first one to achieve that in the entire Xuanqing School. En, if you’re diligent, it should be very possible for you to form your Gold Core within the next hundred years.”

“I wouldn’t dare to be confident that I can form my Gold Core, but I’ll consider your words a blessing. Hopefully, it’ll come true.” She then remembered something and said, “Right! Senior Martial Brother Qin, you… did you come to find me?”

“En.” Qin Xi nodded and continued to say, “I heard you went missing around here, so I came to check.”

“Really? Senior Martial Brother Qin, didn’t you go missing with Martial Uncle Shoujing? What about Martial Uncle Shoujing?”

Qin Xi was silent, but he soon said, “We’re all okay. It’s you that we’re worried about. You said this place is your great ancestor’s Immortal’s Cave—were you referring to one of the two seniors?”

Mo Tiange nodded and said apologetically, “Senior Martial Brother Qin, I’m really sorry. Had I known earlier, you wouldn’t have gotten injured…”

“Don’t worry.” Qin Xi shook his head and continued: “My injuries aren’t severe at all; you don’t have to be like this. By the way, what’s your plan now? Since your great ancestor is a Deification cultivator, are you… are you perhaps going to stay and live here?”

Shaking her head, Mo Tiange said, “Of course not—Senior Martial Brother Qin, you’ve just woken up. Why don’t you adjust your breath for a while? Anyway, some things require time to be discussed. After several days, we’ll head out together and then I can slowly tell you about them.”

Upon hearing her words, Qin Xi’s heart was set. He smiled and said, “All right. This place is overflowing with spiritual aura, so we definitely shouldn’t waste it. We’ll talk after we get back.”

“En, you should continue to recuperate. I won’t bother you any longer.”

Once Mo Tiange left the hut, Qin Xi finally fell on top of the praying mat. He didn’t have time to let out a relieved sigh because all of a sudden, a gale rushed over, leaving him with no time to react. His body was struck. The spiritual aura inside his body instantly surged out of control, causing him to once again vomit a mouthful of blood.

Zhong Muling’s voice emerged inside the hut: “What are you trying to do by hiding your identity from her? If you don’t explain clearly, don’t blame me for taking your life!”