Lady Cultivator - Chapter 115 - Five Spirits Cultivating Body

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Chapter 115: Five Spirits Cultivating Body

Translator: Cenniwdyl Editor: Caron_

Qin Xi watched his surroundings carefully. Everywhere he looked was a vast expanse of water that surged like a gathering storm, creating waves rising high to the sky. He stood above the ocean, like duckweeds among a strong tide, continuously blown by the raging spiritual aura. His whole body was aching.

Since even his Peak-Determining Lamp couldn’t pick up any abnormalities, he knew this was a very high-level formation and that its master was bound to be a Nascent Soul realm cultivator at the very least. However, he also knew the master of this place had no ill intentions. A few days ago, he fought against a seventh rank demonic beast. During that fight, although he managed to behead the demonic beast after exerting much strength, he also got injured. As luck would have it, he walked into this formation.

During the several days he was trapped here, the master of this place hadn’t done anything to him. The formation was only a trapping formation, not a killing formation. So, he simply calmed his heart then recuperated in this place. Once his injuries were healed, perhaps because the master was bored or perhaps because they considered him to be quite pleasing to the eye, they opened the formation and allowed him to leave.

However, the master indeed had no ill intentions toward him when he entered the formation by accident. Now that he had rushed into it intentionally, perhaps this trapping formation would turn into a killing formation.

When Qin Xi was still trying to come up with a plan, lightning struck from above. Qin Xi’s figure moved, fleeing 1,000 feet away in an instant. A cold sweat trickled down his body when he looked back.

The spot he was originally standing on had already become a billowing ocean which collided with a thunderbolt. There was a loud rumbling noise that shook the heavens and earth.

A part of his sleeve was charred.

As he expected, this formation had turned into a killing formation.

The last time he was inside, the formation only appeared either as an Illusory Formation or a Confounding Formation and didn’t cause any real injuries to him. But now, if he had moved one second slower, his fate probably would’ve been the same as his sleeve.

After taking quite a bit of time to think, Qin Xi finally closed his eyes and released his divine sense.

The ocean was everywhere… Qin Xi sighed with disappointment. His eyes dimmed. Sure enough, he couldn’t break this formation with his current abilities. What kind of person was the master of this place? He had seen his share of Nascent Soul cultivators’ formations, and he had even broken Nascent Soul cultivators’ restrictions using the Peak-Determining Lamp. If he was faced with an expert from the Nascent Soul realm, he might not have the ability to retaliate, but at least he was still able to do a few things. He had never been trampled all over like this before. It felt like he didn’t even have a chance at escaping.

He heaved another soft sigh. But soon afterward, he closed his eyes again and condensed his spiritual aura, summoning the Three Yang Real Fire Sword from inside his dantian. Its blade was covered with a raging fire and a dazzling golden light.

This Three Yang Real Fire Sword was his natal magic weapon. Back then, on his first adventure, he accidentally obtained a cultivation technique manual and the method to refine this sword; they were both originally a set. Seeing as the combination of those two yielded an amazing power, and since they were also compatible with his spiritual roots, he chose them as his natal magic weapon. After he formed his Gold Core, he went through countless difficulties and finally managed to refine this sword using Metal Spirit Real Fire. The creation of this sword had even triggered a thunderous storm. As it happened, a demonic beast riot also occurred that year. Relying on this sword, Qin Xi, who had just advanced to the Core Formation realm, became famous throughout west Kunwu. In fact, he felt that if there was enough spiritual aura present, he might even have the power to fight a Nascent Soul cultivator with this sword.

Now, being trapped inside this formation, he could sense the formidable power possessed by the master of this place. Right now, his cultivation level was only in the Core Formation realm, so he could only rely on this Three Yang Real Fire Sword to pull him through.

Lighting once again flashed across the sky, but Qin Xi remained still. The Three Yang Real Fire Sword floated in the air. With the support of his spiritual aura, the dazzling light around it brightened even more.

A thunderbolt finally struck. He raised his hand, causing the Three Yang Real Fire Sword to move in the air and crash against the thunderbolt. Its blade shook, but it still managed to stand its ground.

Watching this scene, Qin Xi made a hand seal. The Three Yang Real Fire Sword started to absorb the thunder. It stayed steady and unmoving while the thunderbolt slowly weakened. One was bright, one was dark; the intensity of the fire from Three Yang Real Fire Sword’s blade was becoming fiercer and the thunderbolt gradually died out.

When the thunderbolt finally disappeared, the Three Yang Real Fire Sword was just like an ardent sun, burning fiercely. It was so bright that it couldn’t be viewed up close. Qin Xi made another hand seal. A threatening momentum suddenly soared, almost cutting a hole in the sky.

Before long, Qin Xi’s complexion gradually turned pale. His spiritual aura seemed like it wouldn’t last long, but he couldn’t stop.

Metal supported thunder while fire subdued thunder; his Three Yang Real Fire Sword happened to have a metal body and fire appearance, so he first used fire to fight the thunderbolt then used metal to assist him in seizing its power. The thunder’s power wasn’t originally his, so he was barely able to control it. If he stopped now, he would be attacked by it. Right now, his Body-Refining Technique was still incomplete, if he was attacked by such a formidable heavenly thunder, even his skeleton wouldn’t be left!

“Uh-huh, this boy’s pretty good. He has the same elegance I had in the olden days!” At that moment, Yuan Bao was muttering to himself inside the Virtual Sky World. “Not bad, he’s a mere Core Formation cultivator, yet he dares to fight the Illusory Sky Formation using the principle of support and subdue between the five elements. Good! Considering how pleasing you are to the eye, I’ll play with you!”

Yuan Bao then flung his sleeve, instantly creating a dimensional crack in front of him into which he threw himself.

Meanwhile, Zhong Muling was helping Mo Tiange sit up. She sat into a cross-legged position. He placed one of his palms on top of her head while he took out a small jade case with his other hand.

Zhong Muling’s palm emitted an incomparably pure spiritual aura. This spiritual aura was neither Yin nor Yang; it consisted of all five elements, but it wasn’t a mixed spiritual aura. It seemed to be a new kind of spiritual aura, completely pure and extremely gentle. It easily entered Mo Tiange’s meridians and dantian, slowly fusing with them into one unit.

Under the nourishment of his spiritual aura, Mo Tiange seemed to regain her vitality quickly. Her pale face gradually regained its rosy color. Seeing as she was recovering, Zhong Muling waved his other hand, causing the jade case to open. Inside the case was a verdant branch with a human-like fruit attached to it.

It was said that when ginseng reached 1,000 years old, it could immediately transform into a human shape and become a ginseng baby. In fact, it was immortals’ plants that could transform into human shapes. In the cultivation world, ginseng was only a common plant that possessed immortals’ aura. There were numerous spiritual plants that possessed more spiritual aura than ginseng, but ginseng was indeed the closest breed to immortals’ plants. Thus, it could also grow into a human shape.

This Five-Spirit Fruit was an immortals’ fruit. Nowadays, these kinds of immortals’ fruits could no longer be found among humans. They only existed in spaces that imitated the Primal Chaos, like Virtual Sky Worlds. Nonetheless, there weren’t many known Virtual Sky Worlds, and among them, only this Virtual Sky World had Five-Spirit Fruits.

Zhong Muling levitated the Five-Spirit Fruit into the air. Recalling that it had only been a few days since he picked this fruit, resentment appeared on his face. But then his face became calm again in an instant. He was already a Deification cultivator, so his mood had long been tempered. Although this matter made him resentful, he could suppress that feeling in a flash.

The Five-Spirit Fruit was propped up by his spiritual aura. Covered by that pure spiritual aura, it slowly melted and turned into a transparent substance. He slowly raised the substance then inserted it into Mo Tiange’s mouth.

The essence of Five-Spirit Fruit entered her body and flowed along her meridians, causing every part it passed to regenerate. It then flowed into her dantian, bit by bit restoring the damaged parts of her dantian. Finally, it completely melted, fusing together with her dantian.

After a long time, Zhong Muling finally put his hand down and said softly, “A Five-Spirit Cultivating Body cannot be invaded by devil’s aura. With your Pure Yin body, as well as having your meridians reconstructed by the Five-Spirit Fruit, you won’t be possessed by devils from now on aside from Inner Demons during a realm-breakthrough. Let’s just consider this as me doing my part as your ancestor.”

Mo Tiange didn’t know how long it had been, but she finally woke up. She had a very strange dream. In her dream, she seemed to have returned to the beginning of the Primal Chaos, the era when the world was just created. There was a dense spiritual aura surrounding her. She greedily absorbed the spiritual aura and swallowed each spiritual plant she found. Both her meridians and dantian were rapidly growing and evolving, and her cultivation level progressed at an unfathomable speed…

Once she regained her train of thought, she realized there were bloodstains in front of her. Oh, right! She was cultivating when she suddenly felt a strong spiritual aura pressure. This spiritual aura pressure practically caused her to lose her ability to move. In the next second, she also lost control over her spiritual aura and it went crazy inside her meridians.

Terrified, she tried to stop cultivating, but the spiritual aura pressure pressed her down. Her whole body was in so much pain that she finally lost her consciousness.

Mo Tiange knew what she experienced was so-called “possession by the devil.” She couldn’t help but feel baffled. Martial Uncle Xuanyin said that due to her Pure Yin Constitution, a collision between Yin and Yang wouldn’t happen to her, so her chance of getting possessed by the devil was very small. What was that spiritual aura pressure? How could it have taken away her ability to resist and make her completely lose control over her spiritual aura?

But she immediately remembered a more important matter— I was possessed by the devil, so what about my cultivation? She hurriedly sat cross-legged and tested the spiritual aura inside her body. In the next second, she was dumbstruck. Not only was her cultivation was undamaged, but her cultivation level had even advanced to the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm!

After a moment of shock, Mo Tiange was now ecstatic. It had only been less than a year since she entered the Foundation Building realm. Let alone advancing to the middle stage, before this, her cultivation level was even stuck and didn’t show the slightest progress. Even the growth of her spiritual aura was so slow that it almost couldn’t be perceived. Somehow, she had suddenly advanced to the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm? How could she not be ecstatic?

Ye Jingwen, who reached the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm when he was forty years old was already considered a genius, but to advance into the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm in just half a year was simply unimaginable!

“You’re awake already?”

A voice appeared in her ears. It was Zhong Muling speaking to her using his divine sense. Knowing that her advancement into the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm must’ve been because this great ancestor’s doing, Mo Tiange felt very grateful to him. She answered respectfully, “Yes, Great Ancestor.”

“En, how are you?”

“Junior has entered the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm.” Although she maintained a calm temperament, Mo Tiange was still exhilarated inside.

Zhong Muling uttered a soft, disdainful snort then said, “I’m not asking about that. Try feeling your meridians and dantian.”

Mo Tiange was surprised but soon followed Zhong Muling’s instructions. She closed her eyes and ran her spiritual aura. Meridians… She hadn’t paid attention to it before, but now, she realized her meridians seemed to have gained elasticity. No matter how her spiritual aura pounded on them, they weren’t affected at all; no matter how she ran her spiritual aura, her meridians could accommodate it. Furthermore, her dantian seemed… like it could contain an unlimited amount of spiritual aura.

“Five-Spirit Fruit, hmph!” Although Zhong Muling still felt rather discontent, he said serenely to her, “I was careless. I forgot you were cultivating and mustn’t be disturbed, and I caused you to be possessed by the devil. I used Five-Spirit Fruit to help you reconstruct your meridians, changed your muscles and washed your marrow. In the future, you’ll never be possessed by the devil again—of course, this doesn’t include the Inner Demon you’ll face when you make a realm-breakthrough.”

Will never be possessed by the devil? When Mo Tiange regained her wits, she was even more ecstatic than before. This was an even bigger deal than quickly advancing into the middle stage of the Foundation Building realm. Never be possessed by the devil… doesn’t that mean I can now practice the Soul-Refining Art without any worries?

“For the kindness Great Ancestor has shown, junior really doesn’t know how to repay it…”

Zhong Muling said indifferently, “I’ve already become a deity, an existence that’s almost like a god in the human world. Would I ask for repayment? You’re my descendant, so I’m naturally willing to take care of you.”

“Yes, it’s junior who’s talked too much. Junior…will cultivate diligently and won’t fall short of Great Ancestor’s expectations.”

“En,” Zhong Muling answered shortly before continuing, “There’s another matter I wanted to talk to you about—when you were possessed by the devil, that boy surnamed Qin burst into the Illusory Sky Formation, saying that he came to find you. Seeing as he’s rather courageous, I let him stay. Do you want to see him?”