Lady Cultivator - Chapter 114 - Accidentally Possessed by the Devil

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Chapter 114: Accidentally Possessed by the Devil

Translator: Cenniwdyl Editor: Caron_

“Time is permanent, space is the measure. The world is divided into Yin and Yang and possesses five elements.

Metal supports water, water supports wood, wood supports fire, fire supports soil, soil supports metal.

Metal subdues wood, wood subdues soil, soil subdues water, water subdues fire, fire subdues metal.

Metal meeting Yin points to vigor, that is urge; metal meeting Yang amasses thunder, that is lure.

Wood meeting Yin gives birth to energy, that is spirit; wood meeting Yang expels evil, that is breakthrough.

Water meeting Yin congeals into crystals, that is anomaly; water meeting Yang hoists clouds, that is fantasy.

Fire meeting Yin congregates souls, that is underworld; fire meeting Yang is inextinguishable, that is nirvana.

Soil meeting Yin is undying, that is peace; soil meeting Yang is strong, that is unbreakable.”

When she opened the Taiyuan Record, that was written in the introduction. It discussed beings of the Origin and the origin of Primal Chaos, the beginning of creation, the chaotic world up until the beginning of the primordial world, the separation of heaven and earth, the hiding of the sun and the moon, the alterations of the four seasons, the balance of the world, and time becoming constant. This Taiyuan Record revolved around “constant balance.”

Once she opened the Sunu Art of the Origin, she noticed the description in the introduction had been replaced. As Mo Tiange studied each line one by one, she couldn’t help but sigh. To a Foundation Building cultivator like her, Deification cultivators were equivalent to celestial beings. Zhong Muling didn’t have a Pure Yin Constitution, but merely by examining the way spiritual aura ran inside Mo Tiange’s body, he wrote the Sunu Art of the Origin in a way that made it seem like Mo Tiange was the one who created it; every little bit was in accordance with how her spiritual aura ran in her body. She only needed to read it for a moment to feel enlightened.

After she finished memorizing the contents, she tried to cultivate in the hut.

Upon sitting down cross-legged, she first moved her spiritual aura along her macrocosmic orbit then guided it slowly along her meridians. Her spiritual aura had completely turned into Yin spiritual aura, and now, she was just moving it along her meridians according to the tricks written in the Sunu Art of the Origin.

Her spiritual aura completed one whole cycle and returned to her dantian. All of a sudden, something seemed to have been triggered by that. She abruptly felt her meridians contracting and pain shot through her whole body.

Spiritual aura in the Virtual Sky World was dense. In just an instant, it seemed like a tremendous amount of it rushed towards her and entered her dantian. Since Mo Tiange knew this was normal, she slowly guided the spiritual aura towards her meridians, blending it with her own spiritual aura.

Under a tree outside the hut, Zhong Muling and Yuan Bao were sitting across each other, playing chess and chatting idly.

As he watched Zhong Muling occasionally glancing at the side hut, Yuan Bao mocked him, “Are you really going to be like this? We’re both here; if a problem really happens, are you still worried we won’t be able to save her?”

Zhong Muling curled his lips and said, “What kind of problem could happen? I created this cultivation technique based on the Law of Natural Changes; she can cultivate with this until the Nascent Soul realm and there still won’t be any problems.”

“Then what are you looking at?” Yuan Bao placed a piece on the board and said carelessly, “This girl seems to have rather good perception. I think you should let her grow without interfering. If she still can’t comprehend the cultivation technique even after you gave it to her, you shouldn’t pin any hopes on her.”

This evil suggestion was met with a glare by Zhong Muling. He said, “She’s a Foundation Building cultivator. You think she can have the same perception as us?”

“I didn’t say that,” Yuan Bao shamelessly said, “I won’t talk about myself, but before you formed your Gold Core, you had nobody helping you, right? She’s already an elite disciple of a prominent school, and she has her division’s elders. If that still isn’t enough, is she worthy of being trained? Making accomplishments can’t be done just by depending on one’s elders; the person’s natural endowments and nature also can’t be lacking or else they’ll be trapped in a bottleneck during a realm-breakthrough—Ay… I also had my own fill of this suffering before.” As he reached the end, his tone already became sincere.

Relying on good natural endowments, he cultivated until the Nascent Soul realm with ease. However, it took him a very long time to advance into the Deification realm. Although Mo Tiange’s natural endowments weren’t bad, her Pure Yin Constitution constrained her Spiritual Roots of the Origin. Furthermore, she herself wasn’t as good as Zhong Muling or Yuan Bao so presumably, in the future, she would encounter a lot more ordeals.

Upon hearing Yuan Bao’s words, Zhong Muling also fell silent.

The two of them continued their chess game in silence for a while before Yuan Bao once again said, “It’s been several days since we came to the Celestial Pole. How about we go back to Yunzhong and take a look around?”

“Oh…” Zhong Muling mumbled indecisively for a moment. He then said, “All right, if there aren’t any problems with this girl’s cultivation technique, we’ll go back to Yunzhong after we finish here. We can also go looking for that old codger, Han Quan, to play while we’re at it.”

Yuan Bao cackled once he heard this name. He said, “Good idea! His Phoenix-Tailed Bird is about to shed its feathers. We’ll go and make some profits!”

“Hmph! You’re the one who wants to make profits, okay? That bird’s feathers are useless to me.”

“Ay… Can you not be so blunt?! Anyway, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. We’ve known each other for such a long time. Do we still have to divide our things into yours and mine?”

“Scram!” Zhong Muling glowered at him and said, “Which things are you using that aren’t mine? You’re just spewing insincere, flowery nonsense!”

“Oh, if you don’t like it, I won’t say such flowery nonsense anymore. In the future, I’ll just directly use your things.”

“You—” With a wave, a square seal appeared in Zhong Muling’s hands. In a flash, the seal swelled until it was as big as a small mountain and dove directly towards Yuan Bao.

Yuan Bao’s figure disappeared and reappeared 1,000 feet away from his original spot. ‘BOOM!’ With a loud noise, the medicinal field nearby was pounded into a pulp. Meanwhile, Yuan Bao was completely unharmed.

“You know…” Yuan Bao just wanted to talk, but Zhong Muling made a beckoning gesture, summoning the square seal back to his hand then he redirected it towards Yuan Bao again.

Startled, Yuan Bao hurriedly groped around his waist. A tiny square shield appeared in his hand. It was blown by the wind and became large, completely blocking Zhong Muling’s square seal.

“You know—” In the middle of his spiritual power fight against Zhong Muling, Yuan Bao exerted a lot of effort to say, “Aren’t you afraid that these spiritual aura fluctuations are too big… that little girl’s cultivation will be disrupted… and she might be possessed by the devil?”

Zhong Muling was alarmed and immediately recalled the square seal before he disappeared from the sight.

“Huff…” Yuan Bao sighed. He then muttered to himself, “This boy… His cultivation level rose too quickly. I’ll really have to expend some energy if I want to defeat him now. Alas, he’ll surpass me sooner or later…” His tone was extremely relaxed, completely devoid of the hardships he showed when he fought Zhong Muling. In other words, his cultivation level was a lot higher than Zhong Muling’s.

At that moment, Zhong Muling was inside a hut, frowning as if he had a severe headache. On the praying mat, Mo Tiange laid askew, completely unconscious.

How could she, a tiny little Foundation Building cultivator, endure the spiritual aura pressure that was emitted when two Deification cultivators fought? If her body didn’t possess a Pure Yin Constitution, her whole cultivation process might’ve been wasted. Nonetheless, her situation was still far from good—although her cultivation level wasn’t affected, under the effect of their spiritual powers, she had totally lost control over her spiritual aura. Right now, all her meridians were destroyed, and her dantian was also heavily damaged.

“This is troublesome…”Zhong Muling pondered for a moment then thought aloud, “Consider yourself lucky. Now I have no choice but to help you reconstruct your dantian and mend your meridians. I might as well use Five-Spirit Fruit to change your muscles and wash your marrow.”

Mo Tiange naturally didn’t know what Five-Spirit Fruit was. It was a spiritual plant that grew in the beginning of the world. One tree was separated into five elements, and five fruits became one, thus it was called the Five-Spirit Fruit. It took 10,000 years to sprout, 10,000 years to branch, 10,000 years to become a tree, 10,000 more to bloom, and another 10,000 to bear fruit; a total of 50,000 years was needed just to get one fruit. It was also considered a rarity even in the Distant Past era.

The Virtual Sky World imitated spiritual aura as well as the environment of the Distant Past era. When he obtained this Virtual Sky World, there were two of these fruits growing inside it. Now, one of them had ripened.

Thinking about this, Zhong Muling felt that his heart was aching. This fruit hasn’t even warmed my hands, but it’s going to be used for someone else! Everything is that damned prick’s fault!

Unfortunately, that damned prick’s boisterous voice once again appeared in his ears and said, “Aling, someone entered the Illusory Sky Formation!”

Wei Jiasi opened her eyes with confusion. The previous scene was still etched in her mind; five demonic beasts came to attack her at once, yet her Water Spirit Flag was already broken and she only had several other spirit tools left. She thought she was going to die, but she didn’t. Right now, there was nothing in front of her aside from endless trees that seemed to be moving backward.

Moving backward? Startled, she raised her head, and right after she did so, she was utterly dumbfounded. A long time passed before she finally found her voice again and said, “Martial… Martial Uncle…”

Qin Xi nodded. Seeing as she had woken up, he stopped and put her down from his hold.

For a moment, Wei Jiasi didn’t know how she was feeling. There was only one thought in her mind: Martial Uncle! Martial Uncle came to save us!

“Second Martial Sister? Second Martial Sister!”

Wei Jiasi immediately fixed her expression. She turned around and saw Luo Fengxue rushing over from somewhere not too far away.

Upon seeing that Wei Jiasi was unscathed, Luo Fengxue’s anxiety turned into happiness. She said, “You’re all right! Good! Second Martial Sister, I was scared to death! We’re lucky that Martial Uncle Shoujing was in the vicinity!”

Wei Jiasi didn’t have a chance to respond because Qin Xi faintly said, “That’ll do, Fengxue. I’ll send both of you back first.”

“Huh!?” Luo Fengxue was stunned for an instant but she then hurriedly said, “But Tiange’s missing…”

Qin Xi furrowed his brows. “En?”

Luo Fengxue explained, “We were originally with Tiange, but then I started talking to senior martial sister and Tiange was helping us keep watch in the area. In the end, those demonic beasts came. Senior martial sister told me to find Tiange and run back first, but I couldn’t find her.”

Qin Xi recalled that when he sensed the spiritual aura fluctuation, Luo Fengxue shouted “Tiange.” After thinking for a bit, he waved his hand, causing a flying cloud to appear under their feet. He said, “In the future, you mustn’t be this reckless! Come on, I’ll take you back first.”

“What about Tiange?” Luo Fengxue anxiously asked. This place is a jungle. If Tiange is left alone here…

Qin Xi said, “I have my own plans for her; you don’t have to worry.”

“Oh, all right…” Luo Fengxue answered in surprise. Martial Uncle has always looked after Tiange. He wouldn’t ignore her, right?

The flying cloud rose then flew towards Luoyan Cliff. The speed of Core Formation cultivators’ flying magic weapons was beyond fast. In just a short while, they had arrived at Luoyan Cliff.

Once he dropped off Wei Jiasi and Luo Fengxue, Qin Xi said, “You two can head back first. Fengxue, report to your master. Tell him I’m alright and that I’ll come back after I find Tiange.”

“Martial Uncle, you’re going to look for Tiange?” Luo Fengxue anxiously said while stepping towards him.

Qin Xi displayed a slight smile and said, “No need to worry, I have nothing to do now. You just need to go back and report to your master.”


Luo Fengxue couldn’t finish what she wanted to say since Qin Xi had redirected the flying clouds and flown away. In the end, she could only sigh. She was naturally worried about Tiange, but to have martial uncle, who just came back, looking for Tiange wasn’t a good idea, was it?

“Second Martial Sister?” Seeing how silent Wei Jiasi was, Luo Fengxue cautiously called out.

Wei Jiasi glanced at Luo Fengxue, shook her head and said, “I’m alright.”

Wei Jiasi looked like she had a lot on her mind, so Luo Fengxue naturally didn’t believe her. Luo Fengxue then sternly said, “Second Martial Sister, in any case, you mustn’t take the wrong path again.”

With a faint smile, Wei Jiasi said, “I know what you want to say. Don’t worry.” After she said this, she directly turned around and walked towards the large tent.

Luo Fengxue pondered something and then decided to follow her. She shouted, “Second Martial Sister, wait for me!”